An Indian Widow’s Choice Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: The Morning After

Slowly Monee woke up in the dim light of early morning, she stirred and then in the dim light she saw me holding her tightly in my arms and sound asleep quietly. She petted my cheeks lovingly and look down, seeing that my cock still buried in her.

Blushed, she slowly get off me and making a loud popping sound when my bulbous cock head pulled out her pussy. Monee bits her lower lips as she felt the emptiness of her cunt and her swollen puffy labia, then she lay down next to me, looking at me sleeping peacefully, unlike the young beast that made passionate love and fuck her to wild abandon last night.

Slowly, her hands trailed down her navel, then to her crotch, she was filled to the rim, so full after the wild love last night, and she knew it as a woman that she stands a chance so high to be impregnated after last night.

Just when she trailed down that thought, I mumbled something in my sleep, and turned, my long hands hugging to her while my legs tangled wit hers.

Monee smiled, ¡§What a big boy he still is,¡¨ and carefully moved away under my hands and legs, then she pressed her huge soft brown tits to my lips, instinctively I begin to suckle in my sleep.

Monee moaned slightly, feeling my teeth nibbling and sucking, her eyes grow misty as her hands trembling, moving down and take my semi erect cock into her hands and begin to stroke me again.

Her touch was gentle, and soothing, but her breath grow shallow as I suckled harder and harder in my sleep, seemingly in good dreams I pressed harder on her chest and suckled on her insistently.

Monee felt her body burned with lust again, her moans became louder as her hands busying themselves with my cock.

¡§Mmm mmm¡¨ I slowly woke up, find myself suck on her big tits while she gives my cock a nice hand job.

I lift my face and smiled at her, she lowered her eyes and said softly yet in a small voice, ¡§Good morning my, my,¡¨ she stopped dead in the water as she struggles to find a proper way to address me.

Her mind is working fast as she tries to find a proper way to address me, but finding her in a quite embarrassing position. Her face flushed as she rests her head against my broad shoulders.

A smile curled upon my lips as I pull her even closer to me and pressed my now hard like steel cock against her plump bottom, Monee gasped, feeling the heat radiating from my shift and into her skin.

I smiled, in a quite naughty way, and have her face between my muscular legs while I hold a fistful of her silky hair. Monee was confused as to what I intend to do in a position like this, but she soon found that out from me.

I licked my lips and said, ¡§Suck me Monee, suck me hard,¡¨ in a demanding and dominating tone.

Her mind raced, she had never sucked Ankara bayan escort a cock before, it was considered very, very slutty thing to do in India, and her rigid upbringing did nothing to help her in things that of sexual matter.

So slowly she bends down, and takes my raging cock in her hands, and begins to lick along my thick shaft. I let out a moan, closed my eyes as I enjoy her wet soft tongue licking all over my cock. Then she opened her luscious full lips, and kissed the tip of my cock before she slowly takes my cock into her hot wet mouth.

I pressed her head down a bit and she swallowed half of my angrily cock into her mouth, she almost gagged but manage keep on sucking. I moaned loudly as she begins to bob her head up and down on my shaft and using her tongue to lick all over my shaft.

Her face was reddish with shyness as she sucked on my cock, but the submissiveness in her blood dominated her thoughts as she begins to behave like a devoted Indian wife and servant.

My cock throbbed with her tongue and mouth working hard on it, and I groaned louder and louder, feeling myself getting more swollen by the seconds. I brush my fingers through her silken oiled hair as she bobbing her head up and down on my cock; she is inexperienced but nevertheless doing all that she can to please me.

Her tongue is soft and wet as she licked me and her mouth so hot and inviting, swallow my cock whole into her mouth, trying to milk my shaft. I held on her hands with mine and slowly thrusting my cock upward to pound her mouth, Monee looked up, and in her eyes I read a motherly glance and submissiveness as she dutifully sucked my cock.

I moaned loudly as Monee carefully nibbling my cock head, stimulating my body and sending electrics up my spine and making me moan loudly. My big balls tightened as I groaned, and then I grit my teeth, erupting all inside her hot mouth, though surprised, she quickly begin to swallow all the hot seeds splashing against the back of her throat.

I keep on cumming for a good 30 seconds, and then I let out a sign as my cock slowly become semi erect. Monee begin to lick and suck me clean with her tongue again, savoring the taste of my man seeds in her mouth and nostril.

Slowly we both catch our breath again and then take a quick shower together, Monee now wipe her body full with bathing cream and then use her body like a wash cloth to clean me under the shower, and I never let go of any chance to give her ample tits a squeeze or toying with the thick dense jungle of her pussy.

Just when we wipe ourselves dry, my stomach growled, I laughed, ¡§Oh my, looks like I need to eat something quickly, my belly is complaining about my all work and no eat policy.¡¨

Monee laughed, and then blushed as she remembers all too clear what kind of ¡§JOB¡¨ Escort bayan Ankara I have been doing on her. After dressed myself in a short and t shirt, I walked with Monee to her room and watched her changed into a soft forest green sari with an embroidery blouse the soft color of cream. ]

I pick up a fresh petticoat and walk over to Monee and helping her getting it on her, she said something soft in Hindi that I do not quite comprehend, and when I asked, Monee just smiled softly and said it was of an offering of gratitude to her gods, but I caught a glimmer in her eyes that it was not a prayer and something more sensual.

Her thoughts were sweet as I help Monee get on her petticoat, and did not give up a chance to rub her clit with my fingers.

Monee moaned softly and said in her exotic accented tone that I should get to work after she cook me breakfast then she should begin to do some clean up in the family room.

I reminded Monee that today is Saturday, and I do not work on Saturdays, then I wrap my long arms around her waist, and nuzzling her neck, whispering and licking her ear, ¡§What do you say we have some more.¡¨

Monee gasped, and insisted half in Hindi and half in her broken English that it is not beneficial for a young man to be so, so indulgent in sex without any rest, but she shyly said with her head resting against my shoulder that if I so wishes, I can have her tonight.

¡§Awwww¡¨ I whined and she petted my cheeks like a mother, and I read from her soft sensual brown eyes, ¡§Be a good boy.¡¨

Following her, we get into the kitchen/dining room and I stretched a bit, and pour myself a cup of cold milk and while I am gulping it down, I keep my eyes hungrily on her very ample tits, imagining what it would be like to drink milk from her big fat nipples.

Monee smiled and feel her heart lightens, she picked out 4 eggs, some fresh mushrooms which she slices into small pieces, then she begin to pan fry the mushrooms with the scrambled eggs. While she busied herself with the eggs, I place some toast in the toaster and heat it, taking out strawberry jam and butter from the fridge and place them on the large dining table.

Then I go and pull the curtain aside, letting the bright sun shine through the windows, the house feels warm and welcoming, and the aroma of sizzling mushroom omelet in the frying pan is making me drooling with great appetite.

¡§Ding¡¨ I take the toast out of the toaster and apply jams and butter evenly on the toast and then cut away the hardened sides with a dull bread knife.

The kitchen is pained with a very soft forest green, just like the sari she is wearing now, and as I looked, in the bright sunshine, she looks like an exotic goddess of the forest, ¡§A very naked goddess in my arms,¡¨ I almost said out loud when Bayan escort Ankara I feel the familiar stirring in my shorts.

I take a deep breath and calmed myself, just in time to smiled at Monee when she place a plate of mushroom omelet on the dining table and sit next to me.

Today she did not wear her bindi, maang, nor did she have mangal sutra on, in addition, she let her hair fell loosely on her back as well, they shine like the finest satin and silk combine together. I swallowed hard, and grinned, for indeed my choice had been right.

¡§Steve, the breakfast is ready for you sir,¡¨ Monee, seeing me lose in thought caught my attention back on food again.

I smiled brightly and begin to eat with her. Monee ate slowly and was always ready to serve my needs and wants. Monee on the other hand, whenever her hips moved, the sanity pad rubs against her hairy pussy, and she could not help but to think about my cock plunging deep into her body, and plowing her so hard last night.

¡§It is my fate,¡¨ she thinks to herself, ¡§I, I have no chastity left, and, and my, my future now lies with him, my, oh my husband and lord.¡¨

Startled even to herself that she would recognize me as her lord and husband, Monee quickly finished eating and cleaned up the table, trying to contemplate her new recognitions.

After breakfast I pick out a book from my collections and sit on the back door bench, feeling the sun shines down on the garden as I begin to read the book. Monee paced around in her room after she had cleaned up the kitchen, her hands constantly press against her belly, thinking what if, what if she is with child, what will she do.

No, it is not possible, no man is that potent, but can it be. ¡§No,¡¨ she said to herself, it is not possible, we just had, had once, no man is that potent, can he. But it would not be so bad, carrying his children, had she not asked the gods to bestow children in her barren womb.

But her family, oh how can she face them now. How can she ever hope of return to her home and family if they had learned of such shameless act. Was it not the duty of every married woman to protect her chastity and honor her husband.

But here she is, giving up her chastity and acted out of lust in the bed of a young man with the age only of her younger brother, and even submissively recognize him as her new lord and husband, UNTHINKABLE.

This is an act of madness, Monee finally faces the fact that her actions would and will still be condemned in her village and she will be disowned and denounced of any honor as a woman.

Dismayed, Monee slowly pace down the wooden stairs, and looking out the window, I was there, sitting and reading.

She bit her lips, and decided that she is here, and that I ¡§have¡¨ her, it is not her place to think of those things, all she needs is to be all I wish her to be, and that is her duty now.

And if it will give her some small happiness, then let it be this way for her feelings for me intense and her previous life offered nothing but harshness and loneliness.

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