An Enlightened Family Pt. 01

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The story of an enlightened family….. Father. Daughter, grand-daughters and uni friend.

This is tied to Gramps enlightenment series. So it might be advisable to read those first but this is a story that can be read independently.

All characters are over the age of 18.

Waking at 7.30 to two phones both ringing.

Patsy answers one ‘So you have decided to return my calls…… Where have you been?’

James answers the other ‘OK, we will pop back up later, probably about 10 ish……. Have everything ready and tell Lauren I will have a look at the shelf when we get there…. If she reports it to maintenance they will charge her….. Sounds like it just needs screwing up.’

Both kissing Nicky as she slowly wakes up, kissing each other Patsy and James both smile as they remember the day long long ago.

James skips breakfast with Larry but leaves a message.

Patsy looks around to say goodbye to Laurence but can’t see him.

Nicky just smiles knowingly as she thinks of the fun she can have with her mum and Grampa.

**** **** **** ****

Pulling into the Car Park James sees Sian and Michelle heading up the side of the building ‘Where are you off to?’

‘We got to pick up our Uni admission passes, it is alphabetical so we have to go now as we are C and D……. Lauren got to wait until the W’s…… We won’t be long…… Lauren is still in the room if you want to go and look at her shelf, she knows you are coming…….. Mum why don’t you and Nicky come with us?’ Sian splutters.

‘OK, is your stuff ready to go back?’ James enquires as Patsy and Nicky jump out of the car.

‘Yeah it is just by our bedroom door….. 4 bags and 2 cases.’

**** **** **** ****

Knocking on the outer door James calls ‘Lauren, you decent?’

‘Yeah, come in.’

James walks in ‘Where is this shelf then?’

Pointing towards the wall Lauren’s bathrobe falls open to reveal she has panties on but nothing else and her tits are swinging free with hard pointed nipples jutting out. ‘Oops, sorry!’ Lauren simpers as she notices James look and smile.

‘No worries…… I like to see a nice curvy figure.’ James mumbles.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ Lauren lifts an eyebrow as she lets her robe fall open again. ‘Well I like older men looking at me and touching me.’

Gulping James stammers ‘Well I fit the first category and would very much like to fulfil the second part….. but the others will be here soon.’

‘You can have a quick feel and a nibble though.’ Lauren coaxes him as she lifts her tits up for his inspection.

‘Be rude not to.’ James responds as he pulls her towards him, kisses her and weighs her breasts in his hands, scraping a thumbnail across each nipple.

‘Oh, Mr………’ Lauren falters searching for his name.

‘You can call me Grampa or James if you want to.’

‘Oh thank you so much…….. Do I get the same privileges as the other granddaughters?’ Lauren chuckles as she reaches down to cup his balls.

‘I don’t know what you mean.’

‘Sian and Michelle said you had fucked them in the car yesterday.’

‘They wanted to.’ James cries pushing Lauren away.

‘Well can I get a fucking sometime? I know we can’t now, but it appears we only live about 10 miles apart and I could really do with a nice older man to enjoy my body.’ Lauren coos as she grasps his erection through his trousers and leans in to kiss him once again.

‘It would be my pleasure……. I haven’t have tits like that to enjoy since my Gwen passed.’ James confides as he once again weighs her ample bosom in his hands.

Hearing voices they pull apart and Lauren ties her robe tight around her, James looks at the shelf and tightens a screw up.

‘I look forward to when I can enjoy your ministrations.’ Lauren whispers ‘Sian said I wouldn’t be disappointed.’

**** **** **** ****

Collecting the stuff to take back home James skips up and down the stairs thinking how lovely his life had just become.

**** **** **** ****

Patsy detaching herself from the girls as they return to the accommodation block takes the card Laurence had given her last night after tongue and finger fucking her to a much needed orgasm. Just a shame he hadn’t allowed her to repay the favour by letting her blow him, his cock had felt huge through his trousers as she had tried to undo his belt and zipper, if only the security light hadn’t been triggered. Most probably by an animal as she had found her dad sleeping and Nicky in the shower when entering their lodge. But now she knew James, her father, was definitely up for some sexual fun with her and her daughters, it wasn’t so bad, especially as Mike, her husband seems to be going through a mid-life crisis.

Seeing the mobile number on the card and hoping it was a direct line straight to Laurence, she dialled it.

Not recognising the number as his phone rang, but being stood by the reception desk at King’s Resort he answers it politely and professionally. ‘Good morning, Laurence şişli escort Kingman speaking.’

Patsy sighing ‘Oh god it is your personal number’ Feeling flushed and her pussy becoming moist ‘This is Patsy, from the Hot Tub last night……… Sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye this morning….. I did look for you but thought it best not to ask to see you.’

‘Yes, I did hope to see you before you left this morning……. You could have asked at the front desk, they would have rung through to my lodge or paged me.’

‘I didn’t want to cause a problem, the staff might tell your wife that a strange woman wanted to see you.’

‘You are far from strange, to be honest in this game there are all sorts that ask to talk to me.’ Chuckling as he replies. ‘as for the other part. That is not an issue as there isn’t one.’

Feeling flustered ‘Oh I didn’t know that…….I just wanted to thank you for making me feel nice last night.’

‘It was my pleasure. We try to cater for our guests requirements.’

‘Oh so you often get to do that …….. Do you??’

‘No, definitely not…….. it was most definitely my pleasure.’

‘Just a shame I couldn’t repay the favour…….. It must have been an animal to trigger the light as both Dad and Nicky were indoors when I got in.’

‘No problem….. another opportunity will arise at a later date!!!’ Laurence croons, knowing full well Nicky had seen him between her mother’s thighs.

‘Well, I have to go now I can see my Dad getting back in the car…… Bye.’ Patsy cuts the call before he can answer and feels the moisture from her pussy drenching her pubic bush, as she has no underwear on she needed to be careful.

**** **** **** ****

‘So who is riding shotgun today?’ James asks as he rubs his hands together walking to the car and catches a whiff of the body lotion Lauren obviously rubs on her body.

‘I will…… Nicky can get some sleep for an hour or two.’ Patsy pipes up as she approaches the car.

‘Awww mum that’s not fair, I wanted to ride up front with Grampa.’ Nicky huffs.

‘You spent enough time with Gramps last night.’ Patsy mutters as she pushes Nicky to the rear door.

‘Now now ladies……. You can both ride up front if you want and I will chill in the back.’ James teases.

‘Or mum can drive and you can join me in back.’ Nicky purrs quickly flashing her bum at him.

‘Not a chance missy, we did all the driving yesterday.’ Patsy squeals. ‘I need to talk to Gramps anyway …. So get in the back and have a snooze.’

Nicky realises that nothing can be done whilst driving, but if she sits behind Gramps she can diddle herself and Gramps can occasionally see her as he checks the rear-view mirror.

‘OK….. But I want to be up front after we stop for lunch.’

‘That sounds like a plan.’ James utters as he looks in the mirror and can see what Nicky is doing, altering the mirror angle slightly so that he can see her better. Leaning across to get his driving glasses from the glove box and getting a whiff of the unmistakable aroma of an excited pussy. ‘So was that Mike on the phone?’

‘No, I spoke to him earlier…… he has to extend his time away ….. There are some problems with the installation so he is popping home to get more clothes and will phone me later.’ Patsy sighs both about Mike collecting more clothes while she is away and also remembering the call with Laurence…… She is totally surprised when James flicks her skirt open and cups her bush.

‘So this is all for me then is it?’ James whispers as he feels the moistness and is surprised she is also commando. ‘You really enjoyed last night didn’t you?……… We have wasted so much time……. The girls said that it was normal for Mike to fuck them regularly……… Why did you never ask me? …….. It has been so long since that night many years ago.’

‘It wasn’t easy with Mum around…….. She was so strict……. I have dreamed of you fucking me again ever since that night…….. But we can’t talk about it now with ‘Big-Ears’ in the back.’ Patsy whispers back as she pulls his hand tight to her and feels his finger slide into her.’

Sitting back up ‘Right let’s get this show on the road’ James utters as he licks his fingers that had just been in his daughter and starts the car, looks in the mirror and sees his grand-daughter opening herself to his view and pinching her nipple through her blouse.

Patsy goes to close her skirt flap back but James shakes his head and casually rests his hand on her thigh and strokes her outer lips with his little finger, she opens her legs a bit more and moves the seat back to allow him better access. About an hour into the drive she leans across, supposedly to check the fuel gauge on the dashboard but allowing her to run her fingers up and down his erection that she had noticed wasn’t diminishing at all. In doing so she also catches sight of what Nicky is doing in the back seat, not feeling so guilty that she is the one with the mecidiyeköy escort fingers hovering around her mound….

Whispering in his ear ‘Now I am confused is it Nicky’s pussy or mine causing this.’ As she fondles his erection.

‘Both, I love a beautiful hairy fanny and can’t wait to spend more time with both of these.’ As he twists his wrist a bit to push 2 fingers deep into her pussy ‘But you gotta stop that or I am going to cream the insides of my trousers .’

‘Why don’t you come off of the motorway, find a nice quiet spot and you can fuck me whilst I lick her pussy.’ Looking over at her daughter who is in rapture with her eyes closed ‘That way then we can all get some much needed relief…… she can’t complain ….. you fucked her last night…….. I need cock now.’

‘My god you are a horny bitch today……. I like the way you are thinking though,’

Seeing there is a junction in 10 miles he tries to think if he knows anywhere that they can make it happen, it has to be well away from anyone else.

Feeling the car climbing an exit road Nicky opens her eyes ‘Are we stopping for lunch?’

‘We are but not the lunch you are thinking of.’ James chuckles.

‘Patsy, have a look and see what is around the next junction to see if there is woods or an area where there won’t be much traffic.’ James mutters as he thinks of how the last 24 hours has turned everything upside down in his world.

Opening her map app on her phone Patsy finds where they are and starts looking for a likely spot…. ‘Dad can I ask you a question?’

‘Of course you can.’

‘Well it is two, three or maybe even more questions…… but you might not want to answer.’

‘The only way to find out is to ask.’

Looking at her phone she tries to find somewhere quiet. ‘Take the 3rd exit off of the roundabout and then I think there is a big woody forestry area with a visitor’s car park which hopefully might be large and quiet so that we can park up well away from prying eyes.’

Nicky, sitting back up in the back seat of the car, smiles at her Grampa as she catches his eye in the rear-view mirror, shuffles forwards and wraps her arms loosely around his shoulders and trails a finger covered in her pussy juice across his lips. Resting her head on his shoulder she can see into his lap and can see how excited he is judging by the bulge in his trousers. She nibbles his ear gently and whispers ‘I really wish I could feel your cock sliding into my body again ….. I so loved last night but was really surprised that mum joined us.’

‘Nicola, sit back and let Grampa drive.’ Patsy scolds.

‘I am only showing Grampa how much I like being here with you both.’

‘Now, now girls, let’s not spoil the weekend……… but mum is right Nicky, I need to concentrate or we might not stay on the road……… sit back for a few minutes so we can all talk, or something safely.’

Nicky sits back and notices the surroundings are looking more countrified and wonders where they could possibly be going.

‘So what was it you wanted to know?’

Leaning closer so Nicky can’t hear what she is saying and also to show James her phone screen to see if her thoughts are right re the forestry area a short distance ahead. ‘This, the sort of place you are thinking about?’

Quickly looking ‘As long as there is a quiet corner we can slide into it should be perfect……. I can stand outside the car with the backdoor open, that way I can watch out for anyone approaching.’

‘Dad……… Are you sure this is what you want?……… Apart from that one amazing evening all those years ago you have never shown any interest in repeating it.’ Patsy stutters.

Looking quickly at her to make sure she isn’t having a crisis of conscience James responds ‘Oh sweet young lady, that evening was and has been a highlight of my life, but I wasn’t sure if it was just the fact we were both slightly frustrated with Mum and let things go too far……… I know it is illegal, but as long as we both wanted it and want it again it can be our secret.’

‘But, all those years that Mum kept you restricted…….. How did you manage?’

Holding, his right hand up off of the steering wheel ‘Meet Pam.’

‘Oh Dad, you are so funny…….. As long as you aren’t regretting letting the girls push you down a route that you don’t want to go.’

‘It is more like, as long as you don’t think me perverted and twisted for taking a chance on what was on offer……. It didn’t seem so bad once all three assured me that they had had sex with Mike.’

‘Since he has also fucked Sian and Michelle he seems to have gone off of me. It was OK when it was just Nicky, but now he has a multitude of young tight pussy to cater to his wishes.’ A tear runs down her cheek as she says this. ‘Also, since Mum has passed it is like he isn’t scared of anyone anymore……… I think he might be having an affair if I am totally honest.’

Putting his left arm around her and pulling her slightly escort istanbul further towards him, James lightly kisses her on her head. ‘I know it isn’t the same but if you want to explore what we can do then my sweet daughter I will be totally made up.’

‘I do love you Dad, and in more ways than is probably normal.’ She quickly strokes her hand up across his crotch. ‘I think the entrance to the forest is coming up on the left in about 1/2 a mile.

Turning in and driving down the approach road James smiles as he sees the car-park open up in front of him……. A toilet block with vending machines full of snacks and a lot of quiet nooks to reverse into…… Pulling up in front of the building 1) To use the facilities and get bottles of water and snacks. 2) To check it isn’t a ‘Manned’ rest stop.

‘Why are we stopping here instead of services on the motorway?’ Nicky asks looking around.

Winking at Patsy, James looks over the back of his seat ‘Mum and I decided we might need to stretch our legs in natural surroundings.’

‘Ugh….. I will stay in the car then!!’ Nicky responds disgustedly.

‘Don’t be a missog, you might enjoy it.’ James chuckles as he looks around. ‘I think we can park over there after using the toilets etc.’

Walking towards the building James takes the opportunity to squeeze both of their arses, Patsy over her skirt but because of her shorter skirt with Nicky he actually encounters her skin.

Patsy’s phone pings as she closes the cubicle door, she hitches her skirt up to sit on the toilet and opens her messages ‘Hi Patsy, I just thought I would send you a quick message…….. I have just spoken to Lauren. She said that Sian told her it was fine to send a bag of her stuff back down with you……. Cheeky mare I know, but it gives us chance to see each other again ……… Hoping that is what you want……. Laurence’

She quickly replies ‘Oh, that is perfect……… I have been thinking about you a lot since last night……… I will text you or ring you later to arrange something…… Patsy xx’ She pops her phone back in her bag, reels off some paper to dry herself and immediately realises her nipples are erect and sensitive…….. Pinching first one and then the other she strokes her pussy lips and smiles broadly.

‘Mum, why does Grampa want to go for a walk here, can’t we just go home and walk there?’ Nicky pleads.

Leaning in just in case anyone else is in earshot ‘You crazy girl, Grampa has been watching you fiddling with yourself and has also been craftily teasing me ever since we left those 2 this morning. After last night he is as horny as can be………. So he is going to fuck me whilst I do something I have only ever done 3 times.’ Patsy whispers.

Jaw swinging ‘You have already fucked Grampa 3 times?’ Nicky squeals ‘How? When? Where?’

‘Shush!!!!! …….. No, I am going to eat your pussy, if you are up for it, whilst Grampa fucks me…… It will be a quickie but we all need it I think.’ Patsy growls.

‘Oh, why can I not be the one getting fucked?’

‘You had him last night you greedy mare!!!!’

‘Can I lick your pussy and his balls as well?’ Nicky pleads, thinking of how great it will be to have her mother tasting her juices.

‘Sounds like a plan if we can manage to find a quiet spot……….. If not then it will have to wait until we get home.’


‘I can’t wait to see you again ……….. make it midweek and I can spend a bit of time showing you around if you like……. Larry xx’ immediately Patsy can feel a tingle in her core.

‘Is that Gramps asking where we are?’

‘Umm, yeah…… Come on let’s see if Gramps is loaded up with snacks……. Need to check those bags and see what they have sent back down with us.’

Walking outside and seeing James walking back from where he suggested parking smiling Patsy realises she is shortly going to be feeling something she hasn’t felt for well over 20 years. James clicks the locks on the car once he sees them and Patsy immediately dives in the boot to check out the bags…….. So happy to find two towels, one bath sheet that can go under Nicky and one hand towel so they can wipe themselves if necessary ……. Not having underwear on means the fluids will just keep leaking if they aren’t careful. Cloth seats are not the best when having sex in a car!!!!

Coming up behind her ‘What are you looking for?’ James asks as he places one hand on her lower back and sneaks the other one around to craftily cup a breast… Seeing the towels he immediately guesses the reasoning…… Looking through the gap, ‘You ready to enjoy nature then Nicola?’

‘Oh yes’ she purrs as she cups her tits through her blouse, teasing the nipples to hard points.

‘Dad, someone might see.’ Patsy squeals as she also cops a feel of his cock.

‘There doesn’t appear to be too many about…… There are 3 cars over that end, probably hikers or birdwatchers off out for the day….. It isn’t signposted from the motorway so you gotta know it is here.’

‘I got us some water and some crisps etc …… plus there is a coffee machine if you want……. Then we can pull over there and just give ourselves 10 minutes to be sure we are OK.’

‘Are you thinking this is not a good idea Dad?’

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