An Elevator Encounter

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An Elevator Encounter

Leaving work one afternoon I found myself stuck in an elevator with a young nursing mother. It had stopped between floors. We sat in opposite corners facing one another and had been there for hours. She was beginning to look uncomfortable.

After some time, she said it had now been way too long since she nursed or pumped, and her “glands” were now so overfull they were becoming painful. “Do you think you could…?”

“Um.” Drink her milk? I dunno.

It just didn’t seem right. But she was clearly becoming more and more uncomfortable as time went by she. At one point she winced, closed her eyes, and leaned over to her right side, clearly in pain, so I finally agreed. I approached and she lifted her shirt, then pulled up the right side of her nursing bra to expose a breast. A surprisingly large one – but oh right, the titty fairy’s come ’cause she’s breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding me, now.

Yeah. Awkward.

So I crouched down and opened wide, taking her areola into my mouth, created a little vacuum, forming a seal. bursa escort She started a little.

I opened wide and sucked a bit, and the odd-tasting milk squirted out in tiny jets. It tasted surprisingly good (I’d tasted breast milk before and it wasn’t all that, but this was really tasty.)

It took several sucks to get enough to swallow but I kept at it. After several gulp-downs, she gently pushed my head back.

I released my latch while she covered back up and raised the other side of the bra. So I get to do it twice, lucky me.

I latched onto her other side and suckled, drinking several mouthfuls again before she indicated I should stop. She pulled the bra down and put her shirt back in place, thanking me and sitting back in obvious relief.

After a while, she spoke up again. “Look, we’ve had some real trouble getting the baby to nurse well. She just – won’t eat, unless…”

I looked at her questioningly.

“…unless, well…unless I’ve been drinking cum. Normally I give my husband head about this time of day so she’ll bursa escort bayan take her dinner. I really don’t want to have trouble feeding her tonight – do you think I could…?”

“Uhh, um – ok. I think.” So I laid down on the elevator floor. She came over and undid my jeans, pulled down my undershorts, and exposed my penis. She played with it for a minute to get me hard, then took me in her mouth and sucked on me slowly, pulling upward.

She opened wide and bent down, taking more of me in, then pulled back, sucking hard, then glommed back onto me. Opening her throat and taking me all the way down, she touched her nose to my pubic hair as I felt her take in my entire shaft. Then sucking hard again as she pulled back, lingering and licking around the head, she opened up and engulfed me again. There started to be a predatory tinge to her method.

She obviously got a lot of practice at this. It wasn’t long before I shot a load directly down her throat. She immediately pulled back so I could cum in her mouth. She kept working escort bursa me with her mouth, and I coated her tonsils with a couple good spurts, then continued pumping semen into her mouth as she sucked up and down, milking me for all I was worth. Pulling and grasping on my balls probably didn’t hurt.

I laid back, spent, but she put a hand on my stomach and said (muffled), “Don’t clamp down,” and she got back to work. Her technique was good, sucking hard now as she came up toward the tip, as if to say, “Just a bit more now, come on.” I fought back the discomfort, and soon pumed out two desperate spurts as a second coming.

Satisfied, she came up to just the head and squeezed her finger up my urethra from bottom to top, getting it all out, and sucked a little at the tip to make sure she got everything I had to give. She pulled off carefully, making sure she didn’t leave any behind on my cockhead, then pulled up my jeans and settled back on her side of the elevator.

Panting from the best head I’d had in a long time, I watched as she swallowed slowly, a bit at a time, obviously relishing the flavor. Then she shot me an impish glance. “How ’bout a kiss?”

She laughed hard at the look on my face. “Just kidding!” Suddenly I got it, what had made her breast milk taste so good.

Next time I’ll take the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32