An Addict

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My name is Michael. I’m an attorney at a medium-sized firm in Los Angeles, focusing mostly on contract law. I’m 27 years old and I’m hoping to make partner by the time I’m 30. I’m 6′ tall, 195 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes. I’m told I’m a handsome man with a good body. I’ve not had a steady girlfriend in about 2 years now and I’m not really ready to have another go right now. I’m focusing on my career, or so I tell myself. In reality, I’m not sure I’m into women any more. When I masturbate, I usually start out looking at straight porn, but almost always end up looking at gay or TS porn. And I almost always fantasize about being the bottom. I’m not sure how I got like this or why, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I know, though, that I’m not sure I could ever go through with it in real life. I have purchased a few vibrators and dildos to use on myself, my favorite being a 7″ suction cupped cock that I like to stick to the shower stall and ride. It’s my favorite because its the one that ‘s most like the size of my own rod. No one knows this about me and I’d like to keep it that way.

I am also an addict. Well, sort of anyway. I have a cocaine problem. I really like it. A lot. I don’t do it every day or even during the week mostly, but when I do it I can only think of doing more. Once I start, it’s very difficult to stop. Most times, I’ll only stop when I run out. No one knows about this either, except my dealer.

My dealer is Roger. I’m pretty sure that he’s at least bi-sexual. I’ve seen men and women coming out of his bedroom with him when I’m over there scoring. About a week ago, I’d run out on one of my binges and I called him at about midnight Saturday night. He told me that he’d sell me more, but I had to blow him as well. I declined, but seriously thought about it for over an hour, even going as far as to get in my car with the intent of going over to Roger’s and sucking his cock for more cocaine. But, I chickened out and haven’t talked to him since. I was quite certain that I’d be calling on him in a few days, though. I just don’t know what I’d do if he told me to suck him off if I wanted coke from him. I hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

My boss is Mr. Jenkins. He’s an older, black man from Louisiana with a heavy accent. He’s a really cool guy and a lot of fun to work with. We’re not that large of a firm, so we all know each other pretty well. Mr. Jenkins’ assistant is a tall, thin, black guy of about 20 years old named Tommy. Mr. Jenkins and Tommy are almost inseparable.

Mr. Jenkins asked me to accompany him to Las Vegas for some work with a client. I was surprised because I usually run our side of the ship when he’s off someplace, but, hey, Vegas is Vegas and I enjoy going to the city that doesn’t sleep.

“It’ll be fun,” he told me. “The three of us would go up on Thursday, shmooze with the client on Friday, party it up Friday night, and be back Saturday afternoon!”

‘Three’ of us? Of course, he means Tommy is coming as well.

So, we piled into the airplane with the all the other travelers and off we went. We stayed at the MGM, which was OK. We ate dinner, played a little black jack, and turned in for the night.

The meeting with the client went as expected. I mostly stayed quiet and let Mr. Jenkins do the lion’s share of the talking. When we left the building, Mr. Jenkins put his arm around Tommy’s shoulder and declared “Well, we did it. I feel like celebrating! How about you, Michael? Feel like celebrating a little bit tonight?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. I had planned to somehow score an eight ball or so and gamble all night, but when the boss asks if you want to celebrate with him, you shouldn’t decline.

He smiled and released Tommy, then wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Oh,” he said with a broad grin, “a little of this, a little of that. It’ll be fun!”

I changed out of my suit in my hotel room and put on some jeans and a white oxford shirt, then we all met in the hotel lobby. We ate dinner, had lots of drinks, and then hit the tables. I was actually up a few hundred when the clock struck midnight. Mr. Jenkins headed up to his room and left Tommy and I to continue playing.

A short time later, Tommy leaned in close to me and whispered “Want to go upstairs and do some coke?”

I was shocked. I didn’t say anything for a minute, just stared at him. Then he said “Do ya? I’ve got some upstairs.”

I really didn’t want my colleagues to know about my habit, so my first thought was to say no. But, free coke is free coke, so I stood up and collected my chips. “Let’s go,” I told Tommy.

We made our way up to the upper floors and then we stopped and Tommy knocked on a door.

“You don’t have a key?” I asked him.

“Not my room,” he said and the door opened. There stood Mr. Jenkins in a white hotel bathrobe.

“Come on in,” Mr. Jenkins said and stood aside. I followed Tommy into the suite. I stopped in the middle of the room and I admired the view of Vegas through the huge window.

Mr. Jenkins isveçbahis yeni giriş slapped my shoulder as he walked by and said “Beautiful, isn’t it. I always love to get one of these suites when I come here. You want a drink?”

Tommy stood by the bar and said “I think we’d rather have something else, sir. “

“Of course, of course,” Mr. Jenkins said as he walked behind the bar. He reached down and pulled out a large mirror. My eyes went directly to the large pile of cocaine on it. He picked up his credit card and drew out three fat lines from the pile. Then he leaned in and snorted the first one.

Tommy took the straw from Mr. Jenkins and did his line. In almost a daze, I walked over to the bar and did mine. God, I love cocaine. I feel invincible when I do it. The feeling of euphoria and the tingling in my nose, all of it turns me on.

I handed the straw back to Mr. Jenkins and wiped my nose. “Wow,” I exclaimed. “I needed that.”

“Well, we have plenty,” Mr. Jenkins said as he drew out three more lines. “But, there are rules to this little party.”

“Rules?” I asked.

“Tommy knows the rules, don’t you Tommy?” Mr. Jenkins asked as he handed the straw to Tommy.

Tommy did his line, then walked around me and dropped to his knees before Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins opened his robe and revealed his nakedness. He had a small patch of hair on his chest and that was it. He had a small belly but was otherwise fit. Tommy immediately started to suck his cock. Mr. Jenkins looked at me.

“Yes, rules, Michael,” he said. “If you want more coke, you have to do as your told.” He picked up the straw and handed it to me. “If you want more, take off your clothes.”

I looked at the straw and the cocaine. God, I wanted to do that fat line in front of me. I took the straw, snorted my line and then looked at Mr. Jenkins. They were about three feet from me, Tommy on his knees, his hands behind his back, eye closed, dutifully sucking our boss’s now fully erect cock. I watched for several seconds and could feel my own cock starting to harden.

“Uh, Michael?” Mr. Jenkins said, snapping me back to life. I looked at him. “Your clothes are still on. If you want more, take off your clothes.”

“Oh, right,” I said and started to strip. When I was finally naked, Mr. Jenkins stepped back from Tommy, his cock exiting his mouth with an audible pop. My cock was about half hard as I watched Mr. Jenkins do a line of coke, then pull three more fat lines from the pile. He did the first line and handed the straw to Tommy. “Strip” he told him and Tommy inhaled his line, laid the straw in the mirror, and stripped quickly. Mr. Jenkins came around from the bar and took the robe off. Tommy immediately dropped and started to blow Mr. Jenkins again.

I looked over at the coke and deadly wanted more. I was about to reach for the straw when Mr. Jenkins beat me to it. He held out the straw and said “Jerk off while he blows me.”

I did mine line and then watched Tommy. I reached down and started to stroke myself as I watched, my cock rapidly hardening to its fullest.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” Mr. Jenkins asked. Tommy moaned softly as Mr. Jenkins began to thrust his hips. “He loves sucking cock, don’t you boy?”

Tommy mumbled. I continued to watch, beating my meat faster in anticipation.

Without warning, Mr. Jenkins stepped back and Tommy stood up. I stopped stroking myself as Mr. Jenkins drew out three lines. He did the first and then handed me the straw. I reached for it and just about as I was taking it, he pulled his hand back and smiled at me.

“You have to take his place, Michael.” Mr. Jenkins said and held out the straw to me again. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

I shook my head. I felt Tommy’s hand on my ass and it made me jump.

“No?” Mr. Jenkins asked. “Never?”

Tommy lightly massaged my ass as I reached out and took the straw. As I leaned forward and brought the straw up to my nose, I felt his hand slide into my ass crack. Truth be told, I was rather enjoying this. I have fantasized about having sex with another man many times in the past and now, I had the opportunity. And there was coke involved. It was like a perfect storm. I ripped the line quickly and stood up straight.

“Good?” Mr. Jenkins said. “Now, don’t be scared. Just think about the way you like to have your cock sucked, and do that. It’s easy and I think you’ll like it.”

Mr. Jenkins move around and stood beside the bar, watching me. His erection was slick with Tommy’s spit. “Let’s make it fun for you, Michael,” he said and grabbed the straw. He covered one end and picked up a little cocaine, then he applied that little bit to the head of his cock. He handed the straw to Tommy and he did his line.

“Don’t swallow it. Just let it dissolve in your mouth as you suck it,” Mr. Jenkins told me as I turned and dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock was right at my mouth level and I leaned in and let it slide past my lips. I could feel the isveçbahis giriş tingle of the coke as my saliva dissolved it and my mouth began to numb.

I’ve gotten plenty of blowjobs in my life and I always liked it when she concentrated on the head, teasing me, drawing it out, and letting me enjoy it. So, I closed my eyes and took about half his length in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, slowly pulling his cock toward the front of my mouth.

“That’s it,” I heard him say. “You want to play with his ass, Tommy?”

“Hell yea,” he said and I felt him kneel behind me. He lightly ran his hands over my ass cheeks and then up my crack. I moaned as I felt his hand touch my anus. I spread my legs a little wider allow him all the access he wanted. He rubbed up and down my crack, then reached under me and ran his hand over my erection.

I opened my eyes and let his cock pop from my mouth. l leaned forward slightly and licked his length. Tommy continued to toy with my ass and I felt him lean in and kiss between my shoulder blades. I reached up and took Mr. Jenkins’ cock in my hand and stroked it as I pointed it back at my mouth. My mouth was numb from the cocaine and I wondered if his cock felt the same way. As I slipped his cock head into my mouth, I felt Tommy’s tongue start to slide down my spine.

“He loves to eat ass,” Mr. Jenkins said as Tommy’s tongue reached the top of my ass crack. Then he stepped back and his cock fell from my mouth. Tommy stopped and stood up, leaving me on my knees.

I watched as Mr. Jenkins picked up the mirror and said “Let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we?” I stood up and followed them, my head spinning. The cocaine was only part of the reason for my head spinning. Sure, we’d done quite a bit in a short time and it was potent shit, but the real reason for feeling this way was I knew I was about to get fucked. And I was completely welcoming it. I’d dreamed of doing this for a long time and never had the opportunity. Now, I was just moments away. I wonder which one of them was going to fuck me? Both of them, maybe? Maybe I’d get to fuck one of the other guys? Mr. Jenkins? Nah, not him. He looks like someone who fucks, not get fucked. Tommy, then. I watched his toned ass shake as he walked to the bedroom. Yea, I wouldn’t mind fucking that.

We reached the bed and Mr. Jenkins put the mirror on the nightstand and drew out three lines. He handed the straw to Tommy and said “Eat his ass.” Tommy leaned in and did his line and stood up.

“Get on the bed, on all fours,” he told me and handed me the straw. I looked at Mr. Jenkins.

He nodded and said “Do it.”

I ripped my line, wiped my nose, handed the straw to Mr. Jenkins and slowly got on the bed, facing across it. Tommy’s hands were all over my ass, massaging it, as I heard Mr. Jenkins do his line.

“Face the front of the bed, Michael,” Mr. Jenkins told me. As I moved, Tommy moved with me. I lowered myself to my elbows and lifted my ass slightly as I faced the way I was told. I put my head on the mattress and spread my legs a little wider, leaning slightly back to put my ass in his face. I felt his tongue run up my ass crack as he reached up and pointed my cock toward the bed and began to stroke it. I moaned loudly as I felt his tongue run over my anus.

The bed shifted and I opened my eyes, just in time to see Mr. Jenkins sit directly in front of me. He spread his legs wide and scooted himself toward me. He reached down and pointed his cock at my face. “Open your mouth so I can fuck your face,” he said.

I sat up a little and opened wide. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I closed my lips around his shaft as he started to thrust in and out of my warm mouth.

“You like this, don’t you Michael,” Mr. Jenkins said.

I mumbled “Uh-huh” as Tommy ran his tongue along my ass crack.

“I knew you would,” Mr. Jenkins said. “I’ve been wanting to have a threesome for a long time now, I could just never find anyone who we both wanted to join us. ” Tommy licked my balls, running circles around them, then back up to my asshole. He concentrated on rimming me, and then pushed his tongue into my ass. “And then Tommy here had a good idea. He told me the other week that he’s been wanting to fuck you for a long time and I also have been eyeing you for a time myself.” A soft moan escaped me as the pleasure flowing from my ass and the feeling of his hard cock sliding into my mouth was getting to me. “Tommy, go get the lube.”

Tommy got up from the bed and returned a few seconds later. I heard the “pop” of the lube opening and then I felt it being poured onto my upturned ass. The chilliness of it made me shiver as it flowed over my asshole. Then Tommy began to finger me, spreading the lube around.

Mr. Jenkins slowed his pace down and said “Your getting me close. I’m going to cum in your mouth pretty soon if we keep this up. Would you like that?”

I mumbled again and looked up at him. He was watching me closely, then looked up at Tommy. “Put it isveçbahis güvenilirmi in him. I want to shoot my load as you’re fucking him.”

I felt the bed shift as Tommy got into position behind me. “Here we go,” I thought to myself. I wonder if this will feel different than my dildos do? Will I be able to tell the difference?

I felt Tommy’s cock at my opening and I tried to relax. He pushed in lightly, then stronger. I felt his cock enter me and my mouth opened and a loud moan escaped my lips.

I tried to say “Oh God,” but Mr. Jenkins kept thrusting his cock into my open mouth.

“That’s it,” Mr. Jenkins said. “Fuck him good. Be gentle at first, then give it to him.”

Fuck, it felt good. Tommy slid his cock into me about half way, then pulled out entirely. I sucked hard on Mr. Jenkins as he pushed back in again. He got about half way into me and pulled all the way out again. Mr. Jenkins started to thrust faster as Tommy pushed in again. This time, felt him push all the way in until his hips hit my ass. Held there for a second and then started to thrust slowly, pulling most of the way out, then all the way in again. After a few seconds, they got into a rhythm where Tommy would push me forward and then Mr. Jenkins would push me back. I took the hint and started to rock back and forth. Both men stopped and allowed me to do all the work. I started to rock faster as the fever started to build inside me. God, this was amazing. Tommy’s cock was bigger than my dildo and I could feel the heat of it inside me. He had filled me more than I ever thought possible and I wanted more. I started to buck back on him harder.

“Fuck yea,” Mr. Jenkins said. “Here it comes.”

His cock exploded into my mouth. The first jet was so strong it flew down my throat, causing me to choke on it. I pulled up from his cock as the second jet splashed onto my tongue, coating my mouth. His cock fell from my mouth as his come kept spraying out, landing all over my face. Mr. Jenkins jerked his cock as more and more cum hit me. I coughed a few times and looked up at him. He stopped stroking his cock and pushed it to my lips again. I opened wide and let his cock into my waiting mouth again. The taste of his cum seemed to coat my entire mouth as he slowly thrust his hips. Tommy kept fucking me slowly as I cleaned off Mr. Jenkins’ cock.

After a few seconds, Mr. Jenkins pulled his cock from my mouth and got off the bed. He walked over and stood by the side of the bed and said “Is he nice and tight, Tommy? Our little virgin?” I could feel the cum on my face and around my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked what I could from around my mouth.

“Fuck, he’s got a great ass,” I heard Tommy say. I’d been rocking back onto his cock when I felt his hands grip my hips and hold me still. Then he started to thrust harder.

“Look at you, Michael. You’ve got cum all over your face and a big cock in your ass. Is there anything better than that?” Mr. Jenkins taunting me like that making it all the better. “Do you like having that cock in your ass? Getting fucked like that?”

“Fuck, it feels good,” I said. I was not lying at all. It was marvelous and I wondered what had kept me from doing this sooner.

“Are you going to make him cum?” Mr. Jenkins asked.

“Yea,” I breathed and then lowered my head to the bed again. “Fuck me.”

“Oh, God,” Tommy said. He quickly pulled out of my ass and I felt his cum spray along my spine and all over my ass.

“That’s it,” Mr. Jenkins told him. “Get it all out. Spray it all over him.” I could feel Tommy jerking his cock as the last little bit of cum leaked out of his cock. I opened my eyes and I could see Mr. Jenkins bend over, like he was sucking Tommy, getting the last of the cum out.

Mr. Jenkins stood up and drew three more lines on the mirror. He did his line as I felt Tommy get up off the bed. I laid down, then rolled over and stood up. Mr. Jenkins handed the straw to Tommy. After he’d done his line, he handed the straw back to Mr. Jenkins.

“Get on the bed,” Mr. Jenkins told Tommy as he handed me the straw. I watched as Tommy climbed onto the bed and got on all fours. I noticed a little blue circle where is asshole should be. Did he have a butt plug in?

I leaned down and did my line and then handed the straw back to Mr. Jenkins. He capped one end of it and put a little cocaine in the straw, he walked over and removed the plug from Tommy’s ass, and then spread the little amount of cock into his gaping asshole. Then he turned to me.

“Fuck him,” he commanded. The plug had stretched his ass enough that it wasn’t closed all the way anymore. I grabbed the lube and poured it all over my cock and then got up on the bed. I was so charged up and aching to cum that I knew it wasn’t going to take very long.

I put my cock on his asshole and pushed in. Just as I thought, his ass had been stretched out by the plug. I felt very little resistance as I slide my entire length into him. He raised his head and moaned.

“He likes it slow. Give it to him nice and slow like,” Mr. Jenkins instructed. I grabbed Tommy’s hips and slowly started to fuck him. I was watching my cock slide in and out of his ass and I could still taste the cum in my mouth and feel it on my face and back. Fuck, did this feel good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32