Amy Moonlight’s Stinky Knickers

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I had the panty time of my life. I was assigned the task of photographing the Edinburgh Festival for a fashion magazine, and my accommodation had been sorted out for me by a friend. I climbed three flights of stone tenement steps to a black door numbered twenty-three and rang the bell. The door was opened by a beautiful creature, little more than five feet six in her five-inch heels and impish and pretty below her bob of short, platinum-blond toned hair. Her heels were toe-less, patent, red, platform sandals, and she wore a black leotard. The girly scalloped hems of her skimpy black knickers were peeping out and encircled the top of each of her powerful, toned and milky-white thighs.

“Hi, I’m Amy, you must be Paul?” she enquired.

“That’s me, nice to meet you”, I replied, hiding my delight that I had landed myself the sexiest little housemate a man could wish for.

Amy told me she was a dancer and was busy in the evenings, her days were spent at home, during which she seemed to be mainly confined to her room. Although I saw little of her, whenever our paths crossed in the house, the experience was always joyful. I was forever obliged to look away to avoid being seen to be obsessive about her. Her little body was so divine, and I had such a compulsion to investigate the tiny knickers that hugged her beautiful bum. I would do that at the very earliest convenience when she left the house.

The very first evening I was there I sneaked into Amy’s room some ten minutes after she had left the apartment. I had no right to be there and shook with fear and concern for where my obsessive, compulsive fetishes would lead me. I merely tugged open the four drawers of a chest next to her bed. I briefly glimpsed inside and was able to satisfy myself I was going to have a really naughty, kinky, fun panty party while I stayed with Amy. Then I fled her room with my mouth parched.

The following day, feeling horny, I took my breakfast back into my room and began to look at the girls available on my favourite cam girl site. My eye was caught by patent, red, platform sandals and a girl wearing a mask, she seemed strangely familiar. Her nick was MoonlightX. I was pretty sure that the hot chick full of lovense and wearing a red sweater and pleated white skirt was none other than my housemate Amy or at least a dead-ringer for her. I examined the girl thoroughly and noted a pink translucent wristwatch with an image of a slice of pizza on the face.

When she danced, the girl moved most creatively and individually, routinely showing her lingerie to maintain the interest of her audience. Her knickers were a silky black bikini with lacy panels over the hips, her bra was fire-station red.

She was the most beautiful little creature I had ever set eyes on with the most mischievous smile. Everything about her was naughty. I was immediately horny for her. I separated my balls and tied my shaft with a stocking that I always carry for the purpose. I started teasing myself into making a dirty mess for this sexy cam girl.

As the days went by I became more compelled to spend time with her. By week two of watching her, I had bought tokens and waited for the courage to go private with her, cam to cam. I would just show her my stiff cock and keep my face hidden and change my voice of course. The notion of wanking with my housemate and remaining anonymous was just too naughty to resist.

The following day when Amy was coming out the shower, I noticed she had a pink translucent wristwatch with an image of a slice of pizza decorating the face.

The first time I went private with MoonlightX I told her that I loved panties and stockings and nylons and feet drove me crazy and bahis şirketleri that whenever I went private with her I wanted her to tease me with her sexy lingerie. I made it clear that I longed to worship all the aromas and fragrance and exudates of her beautiful body.

Two days later I saw a red bra, a pair of black panties and white nylon stockings on the clothes drier. The very clothes MoonlightX had worn on cam previously. I had to sit down and take a deep breath when I thought about the possibility of getting my hands on her stinky knickers and hose. Those worn for her previous cam sesh and relegated to her laundry basket. I longed to be sniffing Amy’s dainty shaved cunt and delicate little toes in those abandoned garments as I tossed myself off for her while sharing her private room in her guise as my Mistress MoonlightX.

Onscreen, in her private room, My Mistress MoonlightX diddled herself with fingers and pointed her pert pierced nipples and petite little titties towards me. She told me I was a dirty little panty-puppy and her sweaty toe sucking slave boy as I had welcomed her to do.

When Amy saw me in the kitchen at tea-time she was suddenly taken back when she noticed the tattoo on my arm. It was of a skull coloured red on one side and blue on the other. She had seen the tattoo earlier in the day. It belonged to the guy that she knew as Gimpyhose that had recently begun to take her private and overwhelmed her with his beautiful soft-spoken Irish voice. Gimp told her everything about his uncontrollable desires to sniff her gusset and stocking sole at any opportunity. How curious that she should see the same tattoo twice on two different guys. Maybe a fashion that had passed her by. There was nothing Irish about Paul’s accent she thought.

Then arriving home after a night out on the town, in Amy’s company in the living room, I answered a call to a mate and callously spoke with an Irish accent for fun and identical to that one I used online with Amy. Amy noticed that I tried to cover up.

Gimp and Paul were one and the same guy, Amy just thought she was being ridiculous.

One evening, when Amy had left the apartment at the usual time I went into her room. I was feeling increasingly bold having witnessed that Amy never returned until the small hours. I had not entered there since the first night I had arrived at Amy’s apartment but now having smoked some spliff I was raring to go and explore Amy’s stuff.

I had an amazing time in her room, looking at her toys and role-play gear she had collected. Lots of leather straps and even a black strap-on in one of her bottom drawers. I licked the inner soles of all the heels she had enjoying their salty flavour and took every single pair of her knickers and nylons from her drawers and laid the entire lot on her bed. I stripped and I lay amongst all Amy’s stuff rolling in her soft, delicate nylon froth. Rising to my feet and sporting a raging boner I lifted the lid from her laundry basket and took a pair of soft black patterned nylon bikini panties and a pair of flesh-toned pantyhose from the laundry. I went back to my room with them.

I searched for Amy’s nick, MoonlightX. She was showing her curvaceous lower body encased in black pantyhose that looked like they were painted over her rolling curvaceous buttocks and fabulous thighs. The tiniest g-string panel sat over her adorable little quim. The front panty panel was a tiny V-shaped scrap of fine red synthetic mesh with embossed red heart motifs adorning it.

I pulled Amy’s stinky black patterned panties over my head and poked the sticky gusset to the back of my mouth and nibbled and slurped and adjusted my webcam to show only a view that bahis firmaları encompassed my hand tugging at my tackle and then I connected with MoonlightX and began to type,

“Hi, Mistress M, how are you?”

“Hi, Gimp, good ty, and you?”

“Good too, longing to be permitted to sniff your fragrance, Mistress M,” I said as I sniffed and licked at Amy’s knickers draped over my face and hidden from my Mistress’ view.

“Come in Gimp, help you relax before you go to sleep. Your submissive slave JOI therapy is well overdue and we need to address your raging panty obsession and your hunger for sniffing my salty toe cheese I suppose, come on in Gimp, don’t keep me waiting. Be a good little panty addict and wretched sissy boy.”

“Can you see me, Mistress?” I asked.

“Loud and clear, I love you to show your little pee-pee for me. I’m not surprised that with such a silly little cock you like to wear sissy panties. I can see where you’re coming from. Bye the way I love the skin-toned hose you’re wanking into, I have hose that colour too. I bet you wish you could be jerking your little clit into my hose don’t you, sniffing my body, my fanny and my toe sweat, Gimp.”

“Yes Mistress, it’s true what you say I wish I could be jerking my little clit into your hose and sniffing your body, your fanny and your toes, Mistress. Can we role play, please, Mistress?”

“Whatever you like Panty Perv.”

“Pretty please Mistress Moonlight I want to play, ‘Caught in your knickers.'”

“Okay, a caught in knickers story, Gimp Perv, what’s your role and what’s mine?”

“Okay Mistress let’s pretend you’re my roomie and whenever you leave your room I sneak into it and play with your intimate stuff and you find me in a compromising situation and do what you want with me, Mistress Moonlight.”

“Sounds good, mmmmmmmmmm. Come on in Gimp.”

“Here I come, Mistress.”

“What one earth do you think you are doing you filthy perv, you were sniffing my stinky knickers weren’t you, how dare you invade my privacy and perv my stuff.” I watched MoonlightX reproach me on screen whilst I chomped at the cream in the gusset of Amy’s flimsy black delicate knickers and rubbed my shaft up and down with her skin-toned nylon hose.

Mistress MoonlightX reached for her phone and began the pretense of a conversation with a girlfriend named Kamilla and swapped all the dirty details about the behaviour of the new roomie she had caught wearing her knickers.

“I couldn’t believe it either when I opened the door and saw his bound, swollen, purple and separated balls hanging out either side of the gusset of my lacy pink floral bikini. Nor that his shaft was so engorged that it had pushed beyond the elastic waistband and his bell-end was spluttering and spitting and was about to go off.”

“That’s right Kamilla, he can only cum with his balls bound like that, and he told me that if I hadn’t interrupted him he was going to sheath his fat shaft with a stinky nylon pop sock from my laundry and pretend that it was me tugging him to climax. Me directing his lot through the reinforced toe mesh whilst I said filthy things about him and the dirty things he likes to do with my stinky knickers and reproached him for being a perverse little panty-pup.”

“I asked him about his nylon thing and four hours later and in the presence of all my girlfriends from the gym we had him entirely bound and sheathed in pantyhose and we had him hanging from the ceiling by a bungee made of woven pantyhose, no kidding Kamilla.”

“No that’s what he wanted, it took a while to coerce it from him but little by little he spilt the beans. He loved humiliation and his ideal was to be mummified kaçak bahis siteleri with hose, hung up and used as a rack for storing dirty panties as well as to facilitate the cleaning of well worn gusset and nylon toe. That’s right Kamilla, with his tongue.”

“Please, please, please Mistress MoonlightX stop, or I’m going to lose my lot, the picture you’re painting for me drives me crazy but I want you to drag me over the edge and I long to hear you describe your personal attention to my ejaculation. Tell me how you make me come please Mistress?” I pleaded.

“That’s it Kamilla,” Amy continued with her fantasy conversation. “Well, quite a sight, entirely enclosed with dark brown pantyhose while his forearms were bound together with contrasting lighter hose which was also used to bind and tether his shaft and balls. Well, his cock and balls were hanging free from the crotchless hose but the girls had wrapped it and had knotted it and tethered it between his thighs so that it strained to stand upright. In fact being turned on was agony for him. The greater the pressure the greater the pain.”

“It was with him suffering that agony that I seductively slipped off one of my sweaty white stockings and filled his mouth with it. Then I pulled my soaking panties off and began to tickle tease his tense tethered shaft and testicles with them while I whispered to him that because he was a sissy boy he could only cum when he was wearing his sissy panties.”

“Yea Kamilla, I was telling him that he couldn’t come, he wasn’t wearing knicks, after all, only pantyhose, so I was forbidding him to come knowing that he couldn’t help himself and it was just a matter of time. I was going to make him feel guilty. The lasses from the gym were catcalling and demanding his mess.”

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, I said to him repeatedly and he lost it and shot his fucking lot into my sodden knickers. What’s that you say Kamilla, you’d love to have him clean your gusset and hose and hang your dirty knickers on him too. One day, who know’s. Okay Kamilla, must go, got things to do. Laters,” MoonlightX bid her fantasy friend Kamilla goodbye.

Amy put her phone down and continued,

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, Gimpy.”

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, Gimpy.”

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, Gimpy.”

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, Gimpy.”

“You can only cum when you’re wearing your sissy panties, Gimpy.”

“Make a goopy mess in your pretty panties for Mistress Moonlight, Gimpy.”

“Oh Mistress Moonlight, you fucking dirty fucking bitch, I’m fucking coming you fucking dirty fucking bitch, fuck you, fuck you Mistress Moonlight,” I uttered as I watched MoonlightX’s masked face filling the screen and taunting me as I groaned and whimpered and emptied my balls into the toe of Amy’s sweaty soiled flesh coloured pantyhose I held over my spurting bell-end.

I was drained and exhausted and totally overwhelmed by my virtureal sex with Amy, her alter ego Mistress Moonlight and their stinky knickers and hose. Mistress Moonlight was not wrong when she insisted I couldn’t cum unless I was wearing sissy panties. When I lost my lot into Amy’s sweaty nylon toe I was indeed wearing my sissy panties but my Mistress wouldn’t know that because my panty-bound face was not in cam.

“Love making my mess for you Mistress M, goodnight and see you very soon.”

“Night gimp, can’t wait for your next sissy tribute.X”

The result was that although my photographic record of the Edinburgh festival was rather scanty so where the saucy panties which Amy used extensively to decorate my cock as she compiled her own sissy photo archive that summer. She sure could make a big fat manly shaft look cosy and content in soft intimate feminine fabrics but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32