Amazon Discipline

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Agathe the Golden, shaking her full bodied blond mane, stood looking at Akantha tied between the two columns that stood in the center of the Council room, a leather gag in her mouth to keep her quiet. The ever insubordinate red headed Akantha, even now trying to speak through the gag…the latest incident came about as a result of Akantha’s insubordinate behavior and the striking of another Amazon who was also her superior, and it was now time she face justice! Amazon law required a fitting punishment in an attempt correct the penitent…or in this case Akantha, who was always a penitent. Though Akantha looked innocent in her simple knee length white chiton, held together by brass brooches on her shoulders, with a purple braid holding it securely at her waist and a pair of simple sandals. Over the past several months, Agathe had grown tired of Akantha’s constant violation of both the law and inability to show common courtesy and respect to those above her, insults and name calling without thought to consequences. Her slapping a superior was just last straw.

Time to teach the fiery redhead a lesson that she would not easily forget, thought Agathe… though her lips formed a grin, in anticipation of what that lesson would be and whether it would have a lasting effect. The others on the council after a quiet discussion, allowed Agathe to make the decision on how to punish Akantha…as a reward for the many times that her friend had fell short of her responsibilities…and Agathe decided she would get her own pleasure as part of her reward.

Reaching out Agathe grabbed Akantha’s hair in her fist, holding it firmly and lifted her head up…yanking off the gag…”Do you know why you are here?”

Akantha gasped out…”Because I was insubordinate and after calling Isobel a slattern, I struck her across her face…all of this because I refused her order to make another sweet dish for the banquet…Isobel didn’t like it that I wouldn’t be cowed by her…nor would I bend to her will…and so I threw my dessert at her feet…it was when she refused to compensate me for my time and efforts…that was when I struck her”

Agathe cut her off…”Do you not know when to keep silent, or when to show respect those who are your superiors?!”

“But I was justified and…”

Agathe tightened her fist harder yanking upwards so that Akantha was standing on the tips of her toes while still being chained to the columns…”If you say another word or interrupt me…I will gag you again and add to your punishment! The council has placed me in charge of punishing you properly, so you should be concerned about that and realize what that will entail. Look at me and nod your head if you understand!”

Akantha nodded her head, standing on her tip toes in front of Agathe…her eyes making their way up from the straps crisscrossing her sandals to her calves…up her bare legs and thighs…flickering along the edge of her uneven hem on her soft leather skirt that ended right below her pussy, occasionally giving Akantha a glimpse of her leather perizoma, when she moved. She licked her lips as her eyes moved further up over Agathe’s bare stomach before she hit the bottom edge of her leather bra, crisscrossed with straps over her midriff and breasts to hold her back sheath for her sword. Akantha’s eyes crept over the mounds of Agathe’s voluptuous breasts, then over her full lips…seeing Agathe’s smirk made her eyes open wide in surprise as she looked up to meet her eyes. She nodded the tiny bit that Agathe allowed her head freedom to! Unconsciously Akantha darted her tongue out to lick her own lips.

“Hmmm…” Agathe thought “How interesting! Well…she has my attention now! She will soon learn what that means!”

Letting go of Akantha’s’s hair…Agathe released her from the column restraints letting her take a moment to rest on the ground, after all she had been restrained there for many hours. Agathe reached behind her for two pairs of leather cuffs and a leather collar. She tossed them past Akantha’s feet to her right. “Put those on so we can get started! And make sure they are on tight!”

Akantha stared down at the cuffs and collar…noticing the metal rings attached in various places on each of the cuffs and the collar. She twisted around on all fours, ass towards Agathe and crawled to get them. Agathe stood behind her staring at the underside of Akantha’s ass, being revealed by the hem of her chiton riding up and down as she moved…giving Agathe glimpses of Akantha’s white cloth perizoma. Agathe could see the sides of Akantha’s ample breasts revealed in the open arm holes…watching them sway as Akantha moved to retrieve the cuffs and collar.

Akantha sat back on her haunches fastening the cuffs on her ankles first…yanking hard to make sure the strap fit in the tightest hole. She then attached one to her left wrist…trying her best to make it tight…biting her lip to not make a noise when she struggled. It still seemed a little loose so she hoped for the best. Quickly…afraid that Agathe kocaeli escort would get impatient with her lack of speed…she attached the second cuff to her right wrist…having the same problems. Slow tears started trickling down her cheeks from her frustration and not knowing how she would be punished. She knew Agathe’s reputation for being harsh…but she also felt a tingle of excitement of what was in store for her.

Finally holding the collar by the hand, Akantha brushed her hair to one side and raised her eyes staring Agathe in the face while she attached it. Tying the last leather lace in place, she shuddered closing her eyes…knowing she was now at Agathe’s mercy and that the punishment would begin soon.

Turning, Agathe reaches behind her and throws a pair of leather boots at Akantha’s feet. “Put them on and make sure they are tight! You’ll need them!”

Akantha slips off her sandals. Kicking them away, she grabs the boots, easing them up her calves and over her thighs. Reaching behind them, she ties them as tight as she can. Standing on her feet, she feels a hardness in the sole as she stands and hears a faint sound of metal when she raises and drops her foot to the ground. Lifting her foot and looking down, Akantha sees a horseshoe attached to the bottoms of the boots. Eyes widening, her gaze flies up to meet Agathe’s.

Agathe strides towards Akantha…thick leather laces in hand. Grabbing one arm, she catches Akantha and twists her arm behind her plastering her back against her front. Grabbing the other arm, she quickly ties one of the laces through a set of rings binding her arms behind her.

Grabbing Akantha by her hair hard enough to arch her back and catch her breath, Agathe whispers in her ear…”I’ve been looking forward to this!”

Swinging her around by her hair so they are face to face, Agathe smiles as she says…”I almost hope you will disobey my commands, just so I can gag you!”

Akantha’s eyes open wide in panic and she blurts out…”No!”…gasping when she realizes what she has done.

Agathe laughs out loud and says “Perfect!”

Letting go of Akantha’s hair, Agathe walks to a nearby table grabbing up a leather horse bit and bridle. As she moves closer, Akantha sees that it’s been modified to fit a human mouth and there is a leather phallus attached to its center…but it is indeed a bit and bridle.

Akantha’s eyes open wide and her mouth begins to form words like she’s about to plead. Agathe cuts her off by saying…”You really don’t want to see what other accessories I will add if you say anything or move! But please do…I will enjoy outfitting you!”

Akantha sees that Agathe is completely serious and bites hard on her bottom lip making indentations. She stands still…hoping she doesn’t faint.

Agathe stops at arms length, grabs a ring on her collar and pulls her forward. Placing the phallus right outside Akantha’s mouth…nudging it against her lips to gain entrance…Agathe slides it in slowly watching it disappear between those full lips, inch by inch…finally stopping lodged halfway in…Akantha’s teeth clamp on the leather bit! Grabbing the leather straps on either side, Agathe moves behind her…sweeping up her hair and fastening it with a leather tie…she securely fastens the bridle to the back of Akantha’s head.

Agathe chuckles softly as she sees Akantha’s chest rising and falling rapidly…wondering if she can master her fear of the unknown. Grabbing a set of reins, she clips them to either side of the rings on the bridle. Reins in hand, she starts striding out of the hall…leaving Akantha to stumble and fall in behind her.

Akantha looks bewildered as she follows…not knowing what to make of being treated like a horse…unable to communicate, much like an animal. She grips the bit firmly in her teeth and tries her best to walk with a smooth gait to keep the leather phallus in her mouth from going in deeper.

Her look of horror deepens when she realizes that Agathe plans to take her outside and walk her through town. ‘No’…she screams, the words muffled by the phallus between her lips…”she wouldn’t do this to me”. She jerks back on the bit and bridle…pulling the reins taut in Agathe’s hands…she just glances back, grips the reins tighter, and picks up her pace as she tugs harder, forcing Akantha to follow along behind her until she crosses the doorway and enters courtyard to where Agathe’s horse, is waiting!!

Attaching the reins behind her to the front of her horses bridle, Agathe stops in front of Akantha, and loosens the brooches holding her dress to her shoulders…watching the material pool down to stop at the braid under her breasts. She gives the braid a good yank, allowing the braid and chiton to fall to the road. Taking a knife from her bag, Agathe cut the ties at Akantha’s side to let her perizoma drop to the ground to join her other clothing. Left only in the boots, she shudders and gasps making her breasts sway…the sun gleaming down on their pale fullness…the kocaeli escort bayan wind causing her nipples to harden and grow pinker to match the color in her cheeks.

Agathe crosses over to the saddle bag and pulls a crystal phallus with horsehair mounted on the end of it attached to a waist harness…making it look like a horse’s tail. Caressing the tail, she starts stroking the phallus with an inquisitive look on her face. Reaching into the bag again, she pulls out a small vial and crosses to stand behind Akantha.

Pushing against her shoulder blades, Agathe forces Akantha to lean over until she is bent at the waist…hands tied resting at the base of her spine…breasts dangling temptingly under her…swaying back and forth. Uncapping the bottle, Agathe puts a little of the oil on her fingers and smoothes it into the crack of Akantha’s ass, pushing slowly inward until she’s right at the opening…spreading oil around her puckered hole. Lubing the phallus thoroughly by running it up and down between her oiled fingers, Agathe runs it lightly up and down the crack of Akantha’s ass…until the head of the phallus is poised right against her opening. Agathe trickles a little of the oil down Akantha’s ass until it hits the phallus…then slowly starts pressing it in…inch by inch.

Feeling the pressure, Akantha begins moaning and moving backwards as she feels the smooth cool phallus open her up and penetrate her. She willingly backs up onto it wanting it inside her faster…but Agathe has decided to take her time. She places her other hand on Akantha’s shoulder to hold her still as she twists the phallus and slides it into her…seeing the final bit of the phallus disappear into her ass up to the hair and hearing her gasp and twist against it…making the horsetail brush her ass and the back of her thighs.

Agathe grabs up the straps of the waist harness dangling from it…knowing it will secure the phallus deep inside of Akantha.

Akantha feels the jolt with the strap tightening around her waist…pressing into her stomach like a belt. Another strap coming up between her legs…it slips between her pussy lips to press against her clit. Her body jerks in surprise at the bumps on the strap pressing into her…feeling the strap tighten to the waist one making it come up hard to rub against her clit with every movement she makes. She moves her legs up and down moaning at the torturous pleasure of the strap kissing her clit no matter what she does.

Agathe moves to stand in front of Akantha…reaches forward, grabbing her by her nipples she forces her to stand up straight…twisting them sharply and pulling them out as far as they will stretch…making Akantha moan hard and deep. Releasing her her nipples Agathe draws her hand back, and slaps Akantha across her breasts and nipples sharply several times in succession until she leaves light red handprints on them. Akantha’s breasts heave violently up and down like she’s just run a race. Agathe smiles again and thinks…”she has no idea what I plan to do to her”!

Reaching into a leather pouch, Agathe pulls out a set of nipple clamps with a chain attaching them and weighted bells at the end. Gathering up one breast in her hand, she pinches Akantha’s nipple hard…making her throw her head back and close her eyes at the sensation. Twisting and pulling them out, Agathe pulls a nipple out to a small hard point before attaching the clamp…teeth covered by thin leather…the bite of it causing Akantha to shriek…resisting the urge to pull away. Gathering up the second breast, Agathe repeats the same action…making Akantha moan long and hard this time…breath shuddering…chest heaving faster…making the bells jingle…the chain between them rocking.

Agathe leaps into the saddle and reaches behind her leg to pull a long thin leather paddle from the holder there…she tells Akantha…”You will be trotting ahead of me…head held up high and knees up, through town to the grove by the pond on the west side. I will be urging you forward by tapping your ass the entire way with my paddle. If you drop your head, slow down or stumble, or are disobedient, I will paddle you harder instead of urging you along. A combination of any of those together and I will stop my horse, drag that phallus out of your ass, coat it in a special formula and shove it back into your ass. You will feel like you are burning from the inside out and will be very miserable the entire way to the grove. I would suggest you avoid letting that happen…now move!”

Akantha straightens up feeling the phallus rock deeper inside of her dragging another moan and small cry to her lips. She starts to take her first step forward but being unused to wearing the bridle and the distraction of her ass being stuffed by the phallus, she stumbles a little while starting the journey. The paddle whooshes through the air landing a hard smack on the underside of her left cheek…turning it a bright red. Stumbling a second time from the blow of the paddle, izmit sınırsız escort it snakes out and smacks her hard under her right cheek leaving a matching mark.

Akantha concentrates, making the third step smoother and sensing the horse slowly following behind her. A soft tap of the paddle lands on one cheek then the other. She thinks…”I can do this”…concentrating on just putting one foot in front of the other…taps of the paddle alternating from one cheek to the other as she moves, gathering speed. The sounds of her trotting sounding like little pony hooves striking the ground…making her want to toss her head and hair like one. The little bells on the clamps jingling with every movement…pulling on her nipples…keeping them taut and sensitive.

Not aware of what she is doing and wanting to make sure she is doing it right, Akantha drops her head to watch the road she is trotting on and focuses on her steps. This time the paddle sings out and smacks both cheeks one after the other, harder than before until she manages to lift her head up. Akantha starts worrying thinking that she already has two strikes for messing up…she worries that she’ll get into more trouble. Over and over in her head, she repeats Agathe’s instructions to the rhythm of the paddle tapping her ass cheeks firmly…left then right…making the harder strikes of the paddle burn hotter.

The walk to the grove feels like it takes forever. It feels like her legs were lead weights…her ass sore from gripping around the crystal phallus…her breasts sweaty and heavy bouncing up and down while she trotted along, the bells ringing…

Agathe was enjoying the view from atop her horse…loving the sway of Akantha’s ass, wrapped around the horse’s tail making her look like the cutest little horse…the red blotches left by the paddle seeming to highlight her ass…she enjoys seeing her almost jump when the paddle strikes…lifting her up and forward…letting Agathe know how sensitive her ass was getting. Akantha’s nipples rock hard because of the clamps…her breasts glistening with sweart from her exertions…such a pretty sight…but she doesn’t realize how far we still have to go.

Seeing the grove finally come into sight, Akantha lunges forward unexpectedly forgetting to keep her pace steady dragging the horse’s head forward. The horse reacts by tossing its head back hard, making Akantha stumble and almost fall backwards. She gasps in a mixture of shock and pleasure, as the crystal phallus plunges deeper inside her than it had been.

Not wasting a minute, Agathe leaps from the horses back with a small vile on hand. Shoving Akantha forward with a hard push to her shoulder blades, she unhooks the strap between her legs and releases the phallus from its holder. Grasping the tail hard, Agathe pulls the crystal phallus out of Akantha’s ass in one motion…making her moan at the roughness and the feel of the horsehair brushing against the marks left by the paddle. Agathe pours the liquid onto the phallus…rubbing it up and down quickly. She rubs the liquid on the inside of the dangling strap before inserting two liquid coated fingers slowly into Akantha…rubbing and twisting to coat the inside of her ass before pushing the phallus back in with one long stroke. Running the strap between her legs and over her pussy lips once more to settle right back on her clit, Agathe attaches the strap back on to the waist harness giving it an extra hard yank as she finishes securing it.

Akantha moans loudly over the phallus in her mouth…surprised at the phallus penetrating her ass again bringing with it a hot stinging heat like the liniment used on sore muscles. She tries to keep still as it gets hotter and hotter but finally ends up almost jogging in place while clenching and unclenching her ass. The strap between her legs also sending burning flames through her pussy and clit. Her wailing behind the bit continuing as it gets more and more uncomfortable.

Agathe climbs back onto her saddle and shouts at her…”You better not dare let that phallus and tail droop from your ass…grip it tightly so it’s raised! I want you to go to the fallen tree in the center of the grove. We are almost there so move!”

Akantha’s tears roll down her cheeks but she nods…not being able to stop hopping and shaking her ass or wiggling her pussy to and fro trying to make the heat subside. She starts walking again but tries trotting faster…anything to alleviate or sooth the burning sensation…though it was just making it worse. She repeats to herself…You can do it! Just a little more!

After what feels like an eternity, Akantha finally stops right by the fallen tree and collapses onto it…rubbing vigorously against it to try to stop the burn…exacerbating the biting pain left by the paddle as the rough bark abrades her cheeks…tears pouring down her face onto her breasts and nipples from the constant torment.

Agathe dismounts and watches Akantha a moment thinking…”I wonder if she’s starting to understand that this is just the beginning of her punishment”. Her eyes take in the sight of her heaving breasts…nipples rock hard and a pretty shade of pink highlighted by the clamps…her pussy so wet that her juices run down her thighs, despite all her distress.

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