Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 07

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When Gerry arrived I felt quite nervous. The night would end with the two of us coming back here and having sex. Like I said Gerry was cute but that was all. After our last meeting I wouldn’t have touched him with a bargepole, but this was purely about sex to get my house back in my name only.

He looked smart in a pair of beige trousers, which made his ass look good, and a light blue shirt that clung to his muscular frame. His brown hair was cut short, and although he had a few acne scars on his cheeks, I knew he was a hit with the girls.

“Ready then?” he asked confidently.

I nodded.

Not even a ‘you look nice’ or any kind comment at all.

We went out and got into a car he had borrowed to pick me up. I saw the curtain twitch out of the corner of my eye. I bet Jeff was hard already!

I drank quite quickly to start with. I just wanted to get to the giggly stage as fast as possibly, though I didn’t really think I would. We had met up with a friend of Gerry’s, he wasn’t an army guy but he seemed nice. He was 6’4″ tall with short black hair, slim with grey/blue eyes, and really big hands.

We were joined later on by a couple of girls; they seemed to be moving in on Gerry. I was getting quite miffed and was considering going home. One started to kiss him and I thought about getting my coat. But to my surprise he pushed her away.

“Sorry girls I’m with Mandy tonight,” he said, and wagged his finger beckoning me to him.

For some reason I moved close to him, and his hand went round my waist. He kissed me real hard, and maybe because of the booze I responded more than I thought I would. I felt a little short of breath afterwards, and got a cold stare from both girls, and they left.

It had suddenly changed the mood. John his mate disappeared to get fresh drinks. And I ended up on Gerry’s arm the rest of the night. He started making comments about what he wanted to do to me. They were crude comments but something clicked inside of me, as he whispered how he was going to fuck my brains out, and then tease my husband about marrying a right slut, my pussy became wetter and wetter!

I was looking at all the faces in the pub. All these people laughing and joking, some just talking, and several men eyeing up the talent, I felt even more aroused. What if they could hear all the disgusting things Gerry was whispering to me? At some stage his hand had gone from groping my ass over my tight green skirt, to actually going up my skirt and doing the same!

I tried to pull his hand out but he wouldn’t let me.

“Hey you’ve been letting me do that for a few seconds, so don’t get all coy now,” he hissed in my ear.

So I didn’t I let him maul at my ass for the next few minutes. I saw the girl watchers in the corner (hugging their pints since god knows when), nudge each other and point at the girl in the tight green skirt, letting her boyfriend have a feel of her ass! I went to the loo a few minutes later and I had to walk past the ‘wallflower boys’ they gave me those little shy looks. I just winked at them which had then acting all nervous.

When I came back I slipped my arm round Gerry’s waist and gave him a sloppy kiss then squeezed his ass. I just looked over my shoulder at my watchers and smiled sexily.

In the taxi Gerry was all over me and by this time I was ready!

He pinned me against the wall outside my house and kissed me passionately. His hand was up the front of my skirt dragging the hem up with it. He was pinching and pulling at my pussy lips and I was getting even hotter. Several times I tried to get his hand down but to be honest it was only half hearted. That was until I heard next doors dog bark. There stood Mr Green with his eyes fixed to exposed tights and panties. I pushed Gerry away and fumbled for the keys. As the door opened I looked back to see Mr Green with a dirty grin on his face.

I soon forgot about him as Gerry dragged me into the living room. He was all over me again.

He pulled my tights down and my panties with them. Then I felt my skirt being unzipped. All this time he jabbed his tongue into my mouth and I was getting a good feel of his cock!

“You better go and see hubby, I’ll get us some drinks,” he panted.

I went to pull my skirt up but he just yanked it to my ankles.

“Take it off and don’t pull your tights and knickers up. I want the old man to see your hot pussy.”

I smiled liking his idea, even if he was being crude.

“And don’t let him touch you, you got that tart,” he groaned, giving my pussy a little poke with his finger.

I grabbed his hand bursa yabancı escort and pressed it to my fanny holding it there for a while. I groaned as he fingered me.

He let me go and I walked or rather stumbled to the door. The feel of my panties and tights pulled down to the tops of my thighs gave me quite a sexy feeling.

I opened the door to Jeff’s room and flicked on the light switch. He squinted at the light trying to get accustomed to the brightness. I just stood in the doorway for a while. I saw his eyes flick to my pussy. He looked shocked at first, but he was soon trying to sit himself up to get a better look.

I walked into the room and stood a few feet away from the bed.

“Look at her and how wet she is. I thought you would like to see how ready I am for Gerry.”

I looked deep into his eyes as I ran a finger slowly on my pussy.

“Is she nice and wet?” I asked softly.

“Yes,” he panted in reply.

I let out a long low sexy groan as I wiped my wet finger into my fanny hair.

“She is so hot too, you know I can feel her twitching, and opening up inside, waiting for his cock,” I purred, and then gave a sexy laugh.

I could see his hand moving slightly under the sheets.

“Do you want to touch her, and feel for yourself?” I said, narrowing my eyes and pouting.

He nodded slowly and licked his lips nervously. His eyes danced from my face to my pussy. He didn’t know whether to watch my teasing finger, which was moving slowly around my blonde pussy hair, or stare at my mouth so he could watch the words as they dribbled sexily from my red painted lips.

I took half a step closer.

“You know she is so hot, I bet just one of your shaking fingers would trip me over the edge. Would you like to make me, come?” I whispered slowly.

He panted hard, again licking his dry lips.

“Yes, Pl, please,” he blurted out.

“OH, I could come on your finger; you could suck it all night long. Would you like to do that for me?”

“Yeah,” he croaked.

“Really?” I asked, in an encouraging excited tone.

“Oh fuck yes,” he panted.

I took another half step to the bed, and opened my legs slightly. I ran both my index fingers along each side of my pussy lips. His eyes opened wide, and he was now glued to my fingers.

“Can I please touch you?” he panted.

“Do you really, really want to?” I asked, in a gasping tone.

I could see his whole body seemed to be trembling with lust because he was so turned on. My fingers worked slowly as they continued to tease him. I was feather light with my touch, so slight I could feel the folds of my fanny as the moved like long grass in the wind.

I opened my eyes wide.

“I’ve shown you mine, I think you should show me yours don’t you?” I breathed.

I watched him move his bad arm away with his other hand. The covers slowly pulled back and there was his hard cock.

“You know you really aren’t a bad size, most wimps have tiny little dicks so I hear. I mean he used to fit in me so, so snug. But look at her now all pink and puffy. She has moved on from that, she doesn’t love him anymore.”

My words were very slow and very deliberate. I would pout and mock him slightly. He seemed to be held under my spell; every now and then one word would seem to have an extra effect on him. I didn’t really think I had it in me to arouse him so much.

“She wants something bigger, not much, but something that will make her, pout. So do you really want touch her, more than anything else in the world?” I hissed.

He nodded, and it was now I was aware of the beads of sweat on his brow.

He stretched his hand out grunting a little. He was about 6 inches away at full stretch. His fingers were shaking, trembling with excitement.

“Do you want me to move a little closer?” I whispered.

“Yes, please,” he answered, with a little whimpering voice.

I moved slightly not even half the distance. I could see his eyes just gazing lustfully between my legs. He could see my blonde pussy hair that pointed straight to my pink lips, and the treasure of my fanny. She was no more than 4 inches from his stretching fingers. I could hear his breathing like he was becoming frustrated.

“I, I can’t reach,” he whimpered.

“Try harder. I’ll suck you for a little while if you can touch me,” I purred.

He stretched further but still he was a couple of inches short. I took a step back. His eyes looked up full of confusion.

“Please,” he panted.

“Gerry is calling me, he wants me, and he bursa sınırsız escort wants to fuck me.”

I took another step back, and just stared into his eyes. His body was quaking now he looked so frustrated. He could see his chance disappearing. Another step back and his hand slowly withdrew.

“She wants him. I have to take her to him.”

I was stood at the doorway now, as Gerry called again.

“Sweet dreams,” I said, as I flicked the light off.

I coughed on the whisky drinking down in two quick gulps. It burned my throat a little. Gerry watched with a grin.

“Take me to bed,” I pleaded.

He took my hand and we went into the hall.

“How is he?” Gerry asked looking at the door.

“Who cares?” I replied, knowing Jeff would hear it.

I clung to Gerry’s back as he fed his cock into me. I was groaning and holding him tight. His cock moved in and out of my juiced pussy.

“Harder! Harder!” I moaned in his ear.

He pushed in deep with every sharp thrust. I could hear the bed creaking loudly. I knew Jeff would be able to hear it too as his bedroom was right below us. This spurred me on to be more audible. My pants and groans would have been loud enough to get Jeff excited. I began to shudder but for some reason I just couldn’t come.

Gerry was close now and breathing in my ear. He called me a sexy bitch and other such words. Then out of the blue he kissed me full on the lips.

I was quite shocked by this; I thought I was just a fuck!

“Oh god I love you,” he mumbled.

I looked at his face. His eyes were closed tight. He didn’t mean that, he couldn’t have meant it. He was just turned on, but why say that at all?

I felt his cock twitch and he began to shake. There it was he mumbled it again!

“Do you really?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t blow his top.

He just opened his eyes and looked down at me. He groaned and panted hard but he didn’t speak.

Slowly he began to calm down. He was spent now. His head nuzzled into my neck and he kissed me gently just below my ear. There was silence for awhile, and then he got up. He looked a little weary.

“Are you alright? Are you going to be sick?” I asked.

He stopped on his way to the bathroom, and shook his head but he didn’t speak.

“Do you love me Gerry?” I asked nervously.

When he came back he started to dress.

“You can stay the night if you want?” I asked in hope.

He didn’t answer; in fact he seemed to speed up. I sat back against the pillows.

Yes I was just a fuck!

Again the next morning nothing was said about last night. I had managed to get into the role of whore in the night, and nurse during the day with little transition between the two. It was something that worried me until I made myself stop thinking about it.

I had to keep focused on the bigger picture, my house!

I answered the door a few days later. I ran my fingers through my hair hoping I didn’t look too dishevelled.

“Hi Marcus, be quiet your dad is asleep,” I whispered.

He followed me into the kitchen.

“He has only just gone to sleep. I’ll make us a cup of tea; do you want something to eat?”

“Oh Jesus stop twittering on.”

“Sorry I’m just pleased to see you,” I said, feeling a little hurt.

I heard Jeff call, “Amanda is that Marcus?”

They talked for an hour or so in Jeff’s room. Then Marcus appeared in the kitchen. I saw his reflection in the mirror. He was watching me, or rather my legs. I had spent the day teasing Jeff in a short orange skirt that came to mid thigh. I had black opaque tights on and black high heels. I wore my see-through black blouse with a lacy black bra underneath.

I pretended not to see him for awhile. Then our eyes caught each other in the mirror. I swallowed feeling a little embarrassed.

“Dad wants to go for a walk down by the river; he said we could have tea in the pub.”

“Ok well I’ll get him up.”

He grabbed my arm as I went to walk past him.

“I’ve done that,” he said.

I watched his eyes they looked deep into mine. He let go as my mind went back to the night he pinned me against the wall.

“OK, I’ll go and get changed.”

“Why you look OK?” he said, just staring into my eyes.

“I’ve got a hole in my tights, and this skirt is a little flimsy,” I mumbled.

“So?” he hissed.

“Well it’s windy out.”

“Look dad is ready now. Here put these on,” he said, grabbing a pair of honey coloured tights from the washing basket.

I went upstairs and changed görükle escort my tights. I fixed my make-up in a few minutes.

“Come in,” I answered, to the knock on my bedroom door.

“Dad wants you to wear your orange shoes.”

I swallowed, “They re a little too high they have a 5 inch, heel.”

“He said he bought them for you and you haven’t worn them once, he said they would look nice with the skirt.”

I looked at what he was staring at on the bed. I saw my pink panties that I had worn yesterday. I could feel my face going red.

“OK I’ll be down in a minute,” I said rather rushed.

He looked at me, and then at my panties that I swiped off the bed.

I put my orange shoes on which made me a lot taller. I saw my legs in the mirror they seemed to go on forever!

I went to the toilet and when I wiped myself I couldn’t believe how wet I was!

I saw two pairs of eyes watching my legs descend the stairs. Jeff looked quite guilty about leering at me. But Marcus just looked cool and confident. His eyes flicked up to my face. I couldn’t help it I just gave him a little coy smile. We walked along the river bank and for some reason Marcus wanted to push Jeff in the wheelchair, even though it had a motor. I was very conscious of my high heels clicking along the tarmac path. I looked down at my legs and my little orange skirt that flicked about in the wind.

Two men passed and quite openly gave my legs a quick glance. I turned my head away and looked at Marcus. He had a half smile on his face.

“Enjoy that did you?” he whispered.

I turned away annoyed by his comment.

We sat in the Pub and had our meal. Marcus was teasing the young waitress. At one point he asked her out. I felt sorry for her.

“I don’t think you should have asked her that,” I said quietly.

“God Amanda he is only having some fun.”

I saw a grin between Jeff and Marcus. It seemed to annoy me even more.

“She is working, she shouldn’t have to put up with that,” I hissed quietly.

She came back with the bill and handed Marcus a slip of paper. She gave him a smile then left.

“You little stud,” Jeff said with a grin.

“See if you don’t ask you don’t get,” Marcus said, with a little glance at me.

“You are not going to phone her?” I asked in shock.

“Go on son you fill your boots,” Jeff said.

Dave Jeff’s decorator friend was playing darts; he seemed rather drunk but soon came over. He talked to Jeff and Marcus while I went to the loo. When I came back he put his arm round me like he usually did.

“So how are you sexy legs,” he said in a joking manner.

Marcus just stared at me with a ‘get out of that one’ look on his face. I felt Dave’s hand slip to my backside and he gave it two quick pats. I could feel myself cringing, as both Jeff and Marcus seemed to be enjoying my embarrassment.

“So how about a game of darts with the boys Marcus?”

“No but Amanda might like to.”

I gave Marcus a filth look. But try as I did Dave wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I was very aware of my short skirt riding up my thighs as I bent over picking up all the darts I kept dropping. At one point I heard a gasp and a chuckle, from two of Dave’s friends. Several times I glanced at Marcus; he was watching every move I made. I saw him talking to the waitress at one point, and he seemed to be touching her elbow for quite awhile.

“I’m not very good at this Dave why don’t you help me?”

I looked down at Jeff and Marcus as Dave grabbed my hips. I knew what this would be doing to Jeff. But I was more interested in teaching my stepson a lesson.

I giggled just for the watching men as Dave moved my hips round. He was stood behind me now, and as my ass swivelled I felt his groin rub across it.

“Shame we’re not playing pool,” he whispered in my ear, “in that short skirt you would hardily keep yourself covered.”

My fingers trembled on the dart. I could hardily hold it let alone throw it!

“Amanda we are going home now.”

I smiled inside at Marcus calling me back. It wasn’t that I was jealous of him flirting with the waitress. I was just making a point, though after so many white wines, which point, had escaped me for the moment!

Marcus handed me a large wine. Now I really was confused.

“I’ll put dad to bed before I leave. He said you can stay and enjoy yourself. Or you can come home now.”

I knew he was deliberately testing me, and the look on his face dared me to stay.

“Come on then,” he said with a smirk.

He was so bloody sure I wouldn’t stay. I wanted to wipe that smug grin off of his face once and for all.

I lowered my head.

“I’m sorry Dave I’m not really any good at darts,” I said.

I looked at Marcus, and his grinned widened.

“But maybe you could teach me how to play pool now?” I said watching my stepson’s face.

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