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Chapter 024 � Engage Brain Before Opening My Mouth



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Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Major, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman



Did I really promise R.A. a VIP suite for a weekend… DUH… He”ll have a long line at the door waiting admittance. My little imp is turning into a real nymphomaniac. (Note to self: Talk with Doc and the Chaplain about counseling?) I vaguely remember promising Logan and Alex parody but it had to be in a moment of stress and desperation. Oh, well… I”ll just make certain both VIP suites are stocked with extra, extra lubes. (Doc best be ready for a long line of people complaining about sore cocks and sore asses at Monday sick call.)


After so many weeks at Alert I imagine a large majority of men would be shacked up with their partners on their first weekend off alert. I know I”m looking forward to fucking Steven”s brains out every minute I can get him alone. He knows I”m going to destroy his ass and he wants it as much as I want to do it for him. (Yeah, there is a little hedonism in that decision!)


Jay actually came through this long alert better than the rest of the imps. He really feels secure here at Fort Connor and any thought about whether the men would actually protect him have been eliminated in his mind. He feels totally secure for the first time since he was abducted.


I know Noah and Hayao are locked away enjoying consensual sex but he is still my “little boy” I want to hold, cuddle, kiss and protect. I figure I probably have a year before he”ll feel too old to sit on my lap with his arms around my neck, hugging and kissing me. I best enjoy it while I can.


Repairing the Chapel has been a labor of love for the men and their acknowledgement of how much the Chaplain means to them. (Note to self: Keep reminding Luke and John how much the Chaplain means to Fort Connor. I”ll never approve him for a transfer!)


I need to make my thanks to the mess staff public so the men actually realize how fortunate they are to have men who will go above and beyond the call of duty for them when necessary. (They could have been eating MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) three meals a day instead of two.)


I was shocked when I heard the Master Sergeant in charge of the Mess made his staff eat MREs for breakfast and lunch so they also could know what the men were experiencing. Now I know why they put so much motivation into that one hot meal a day they served the soldiers. The Master Sergeant is definitely getting a letter of commendation in his file at his next evaluation.


What makes Fort Connor run so successfully is that the entire team from our newest private to Steven and me work as a team for the imps. Not only to protect them but also to teach them how to be the finest of young men and leaders of tomorrow.


I was shocked when R.A. showed up at Medical on Sunday morning with his ass burning like the fires of hell. He found out quickly he wasn”t the only one on base who felt sex deprived with our long Alert. I had to smile at Logan and Alex as they walked so funny to their first flag raising and then onto Mess. Steven and I just smiled at each other both of us knowing it was an experience that both Logan and Alex would laugh about later in life.


My remaining four imps acted responsibly with little to no adverse effect on their bodies. And, Yes… my little Noah jumped into my arms hugging and kissing his dad without embarrassment. Hayao just came to attention when he exited Noah”s bedroom and then scurried out of our quarters for morning formation.


Jay and Aiden walked hand in hand to our first morning formation as two lovers and the Jungle “Vine” was blazing with the improvement everyone was seeing in Jay. Jay was in love and that was a major accomplishment on his road to recovery. (I sure hope his father agrees. I best have Luke break it gently to Jay”s dad.) If Jay”s dad wants to appeal his son”s decision to stay at Fort Connor… have him take it up with Mama Bear (if he has the balls)!


Life and Love is returning to Fort Connor and I am never happier than when a couple enters my office asking my permission to marry. At the current rate of marriages around here R.A.”s pool of available bachelors to “seduce” is quickly being reduced. (Doc hasn”t had a case of STD [Sexually Transmitted Disease] to treat in over two years. The men just aren”t looking elsewhere for love in their lives.)


Shortly after the end of our Alert status men started missing small items from their quarters. Some of the items were of major personal importance so I asked security to set a trap and have one of our micro cameras installed so we could find who the culprit is. The first sergeant could barely contain himself when at our morning administrative meeting stated they had determined who the culprit was. I immediately said I wanted him brought up on charges and off this base immediately. The entire administrative staff lost control when the first sergeant turned on the digital projector and we saw a pack rate scurrying away with the shiny trinket we left out as bait. Fortunately, the first sergeant had a locator installed in it so it was going to be easy to find his “nest” and retrieve the lost articles. (I rescinded my order to court martial the pack rat and issued at “kill on site” order instead.) The entire staff lost control in laughter. We figure it must have stowed away on one of the boats that attacked us, survived when the boat was destroyed and swam ashore. The first sergeant put in an emergency order for a live trap and we resolved the problem quickly so I could rescind my “kill on site” order. The imps harassed me for weeks that I put out a “kill” order on a pack rat stating we needed a base mascot. (If we have one it definitely isn”t going to be a pack rat!)


I was happy when the sergeants reported all repairs to our base/home had been completed and hopefully the men could now return to a normal life and work schedule. I thanked them for all the hard work they had done but as far as the normal life goes that depends on who wants to attack us next.


Both “Worthington” and the Pentagon told us our security risk was extremely low at the moment. I still made certain we were well stocked with ammunition for every type of gun on this base. I required every man to recertify on his Glock and Uzi every sixty days. Shooting first and being accurate may very well save the individuals life.


I was happy to approve the promotion list submitted to me by the first sergeant even if it meant every squad would now be lead by a Master Sergeant. With what the men had endured and how professional they had acted every one deserved a promotion. In the end Fort Connor no longer had a private, they were all promoted to “Private First Class”. I knew I”d get flack from the Pentagon but so be it. They weren”t the ones being attacked by machine guns, mortars and cruise missiles.


Steven and I made the formal presentation to the squad leaders presenting them with their Master Sergeant stripes. We asked the new Master Sergeants to make the presentations to their men of their squad and the men were so surprised that every one of them received a one grade increase in rank. I congratulated them on their fine work and professionalism during our recent attacks. I made certain the Mess Staff and every support person on base received parody.


I ended up with a lot more sergeants, corporals bornova escort and private first class soldiers on base but they deserved it considering the hard work they had put forth. (To hell with Luke”s budget for once.)


The Mess staff prepared a special meal to celebrate the great news. The imps were all over Steven and me for not telling them about all the promotions. Yes, we can keep a secret. Only the First Sergeant, Captain Allen, Steven and I knew the results of the promotion evaluation and we can keep a secret even from our imps!


R.A. stuck his head in my office and informed me he was spending the night with Alpha squad so he could celebrate with them. (His way of telling me Alpha squad was going to fuck his brains out tonight.) I told him to make certain the new Master Sergeant was aware he was spending the night in case of an Alert. R.A. knew the risk of being hauled across the base butt ass naked if an alert was called. A risk his horny little self was more than willing to take. (Note to self: Quit procrastinating… follow up with Doc and the Chaplain about R.A. and his Nymphomania.)


Love abounded at Fort Connor that night and everyone celebrated the news of the promotions. The Chaplain would be recommended for his gold oak leaf and Doc would be recommended for his silver oak leaf at their next review. I”d like to recommend Captain Allen for a promotion to General but I”m certain the pentagon would kill that. Best I can do is a Major”s gold oak leaf but I see a Lt. Colonel silver oak leaf in his near future guaranteed.


Steven and I are more than content with our Colonel silver eagles and can never thank Luke enough for the trust and honor which came with them. I”m not looking forward to the day Randy and Adam retire even if there position comes with a silver star. I want them around for a long, long time.


The imps have been far too good for two long and I know when all that energy is finally released it is going to be the prank of the century. I just hope the men of Fort Connor are as ready for it as they are for the next incursion. Our men have a sense of humor and I know my imps will challenge it to the max. I just hope if it impacts Max he also has a sense of humor or the imps provide for an abundance of doggie treats. Only time will tell.


The imps being ever so inventive managed to swipe a commercial role of plastic cling wrap from stores and devised a plan to harass our soldiers. (You”d think they would have learned their lesson but apparently NOT!) While everyone was doing their normal work routine our imps skipped class and put clear cling wrap over the toilets of every unlocked room. (Men were trusting and we never have had a report of theft on base other than the pack rat.) The shock of men coming back to their quarters and sitting on their “throne” to “meditate” only to find their naked ass stuck to clear cling wrap. Everyone knew immediately who to blame and the retribution would indeed fit the crime.


Shortly before morning flag raising on Sunday our “black ops” team struck the imps quarters as OPS released all the secure locks… dragged our young imps out of bed, stripped them naked (which wasn”t very difficult in most cases) and proceeded to wrap them in clear plastic wrap and then hang them on the “Welcome to Fort Connor” gate of our base. Steven and I couldn”t stop laughing and everyone took plenty of pictures to remember this moment before I had to order them “cut down”. They complained bitterly to Steven and me at breakfast how could anyone intrude on their space and we just reminded them the punishment fit the crime. Live and learn!!!


I was surprised the person on whom it had the least effect was Jay. He just felt more like part of our group and accepted his fate with a smile on his face. But, I really doubted if he wanted his dad to see a picture of him naked, wrapped in clear plastic wrap hanging from our main gate. Luke, John, Billy Bob and Connor couldn”t stop laughing when I sent them the digital pics. Perhaps they will think twice before they try to prank the men again… Nah, not our imps!!!


It was getting close to summer break and I knew Luke and John had been tinkering with my budget when construction supplies started arriving and being stored behind the maintenance building. When I asked them what they were up to this year they simply answered: “Patience little one” in their less than professional “Yoda” impersonation.


Even the men were so curious as to what was happening and I let the Sergeants know when I knew they would know also. I was as much in the dark as they were and it was MY base. I don”t know who screamed the loudest the men or the imps when it was revealed it was for a recreation hall for the men and imps. The building was typical military construction but it contained every electronic arcade game made and even a small bowling alley… Even air conditioning. Talk about a boost to base morale. Luke and John had made 100+ soldiers and six imps extremely elated.


The imps were with their fathers at Camp Phoenix when the news of what the new construction was for reached their ears. They couldn”t wait to return and challenge every soldier on base to every game contained in it. Yes, our imps were competitive and damn good players.


Jay was having some difficulty in convincing his father to let him return to Fort Connor after summer break. Finally, Jay asked Luke and John for help and they pulled out the big guns and asked Mama Bear to talk with his father. As a “mother” talking with a “father” as what was best for their children Mama Bear was emphatic the good Fort Connor had done for her sons and was doing for her grandchildren. They loved Jay and keeping Jay away from his friends and a surrounding in which he feels secure isn”t going to help him become more secure. Just because you see improvement doesn”t me he is totally healed. “Father” couldn”t argue with this logic and reluctantly agreed to allow Jay to return to Fort Connor. Doc and the Chaplain were happy because they didn”t want to lose all the progress they had made helping Jay return to a normal healthy and happy teenager. The men of Fort Connor were still as dedicated as they had been the first day Jay arrived to help him heal from the trauma of his kidnapping and rape.


Alex and Noah were stolen from us by Luke and John and spent a large part of the summer at Camp Phoenix with the imps. In return, Steven and I stole Logan, Aiden and R.A. and combined with our two sons and a security detail were off to traumatize Disney World. Fortunately, Disney World security was used to having high profile guests and it was much easier than any of us expected. They assigned two of their security personnel to assist us and it actually was a pleasant experience for us adults and the imps had a fantastic time.


We returned to Camp Phoenix for a week so the imps could have some quality time with their fathers and yes Steven and I spoiled our two sons as much as we could also. The next time we got on a plane it was off to Fort Connor for another “year” of challenges which I knew the men and base was ready to face. I just hoped the men were ready for our exuberant imps which had so much energy stored from their summer break. Jay joined us later on the day we arrived back and the mess staff outdid themselves again on a celebratory meal welcoming THEIR imps back in residence.


Our imps learned the hard way the men showed them no consideration for allowing themselves to get out of shape during their summer break. I had no reports of pranks or anything negative about the imps they were just too exhausted after they finished PT, their class studies and homework they usually collapsed in bed.


I knew life was getting back to normal when Alex announced he was spending the night with Logan and Hayao showed up to spend the night in Noah”s room. I knew Jay and Aiden would be sharing the night together when R.A. asked permission to spend the night with “Delta” squad. (I sure hope he remembers the “fires of hell” from the last time he spent the night with a squad.)


Even though Logan was two years older than Alex and Jay was two years older than Aiden… just seeing the two look at each other there was little doubt they were in love. When it came to R.A. I still was greatly concerned and I knew what I was getting him when he finally finished high school… he was going to college with a “Condom Dispenser” fully stocked.


I still cherished every moment when Noah would jump into my arms, wrap his hands around my neck and kiss me. I knew he”d be my little boy regardless of his age and I knew what a great match he had in Hayao. I also knew if the two of them decided to marry I wanted Hayao out of the Army and in a safe and secure environment so he could enjoy life and a future with my son.


I knew life was back to normal when Steven came back into our bedroom sputtering he wanted to kill the imps. I smiled at him and asked what they did this time. “There is no hot water AGAIN” to which I roared. You are getting too soft perhaps I should give you some “field time” as temporary duty next summer. “YOU WOULDN”T DARE” was his reply and from the look on my face he knew how serious I was. He simmered down and admitted he guessed the pranks the imps played on him weren”t that bad.


I brought up maintenance on my com and asked them if they would fix the hot water in my quarters before I had to shower this morning. That really irked Steven as he quickly dressed and rushed out going imp hunting. There would be retribution and Steven would get even.


Fortunately, Steven simmered down before he opened the blast door to their quarters. He figured it would be best if he just let every return to normal and take his revenge when they least expected it. Yes, Steven was getting almost as devious as I am.


Before fall classes started I asked Jay to join me bostancı escort in my office and he asked what was up? He had to realize not every time I asked him to visit my office was because of him being in trouble. I told him I was so impressed with the advancements he was making with Doc and the Chaplain I felt it was time to start developing his muscle memory with our “gun” drill. (I sure didn”t see a smile on his face, although he did thank me for telling me rather than having him shot with a clip of blanks.) He had little doubts he”d have wet soggy clothes if I had.


We started it as part of his PT program before we started doing it unannounced anywhere on base by anyone. Jay was a fast learner and within a month the “acid test” was passed when he was face down in a plate of food in the mess. The men applauded him and he took it in good spirit. The imps helped him back to their quarters and a hot shower as Alex prepared a tray of food for him and delivered it to the bunker so Jay could eat.


We all knew this was for Jay”s safety and wasn”t done to hurt him or in retaliation or punishment. The men who had been struck by bullets in their ceramic vests didn”t want Jay to ever have that experience. Once he hit the ground he”d be covered by the nearest soldier if in a real “fire fight”. I guess it was time for Jay to be the practice “dummy” for Max so he had some idea of what to expect if his body armor had to protect him from a bullet. If Max was ordered to bring any of the imps “down” they didn”t stand a chance against a trained and dedicated war dog. Jay was surprised after Max brought him down and was given the command to pull him to safety the 75 pound dog could pull him by his vest across the exercise yard to a point of safety. Yes, Max was an underutilized asset and one we hoped never have to fully utilize.


Without warning a single shot rang out and struck Ssgt Rod knocking him to the ground unconscious. Max immediately covered Jay”s body with his as armed men came running from everywhere, OPS announcing intruder alert and the men formed a human shield around Jay. Only when Jay was fully protected by a group of men would Max relinquish his protection and head to comfort his “master”.


The drones immediately were overhead scanning with their optics to find the intruder. Imps were under lock down and it was now the role of the remaining men to find out who shot their “brother”. Even as secure as Fort Connor is we all knew a dedicated special ops soldier could potentially circumvent our security and gain access to our base. What shocked us is that the drone”s sensors couldn”t pick up any indication of an intruder doing multiple search patterns across our base. The results (or lack thereof) was baffling and the imps were on lock down and the base was at alert till we had the answer.


I headed off to medical to see how Ssgt. Rod was doing and if he had any idea of what happened and how he got shot. Fortunately, it was only a single 9mm round which knocked him unconscious. He”d be super sore but he now knew why we wore ballistic armor anytime we were not taking a shower. I praised him on how trained Max was and how he had protected Jay. I”d make certain he got plenty of praise and doggie treats for his fast response.


When we couldn”t locate an intruder after six hours of searching both by men and electronically by our drones I ordered security to check every firearm on base to see if there was one that had been fired. I couldn”t believe one of our men wanted to shoot Ssgt. Rod but I was running out of plausible scenarios. Twenty four hours later security advised they had checked every gun that fires a 9mm round and none indicated they had been fired recently.


I remember a quote from my youth and my love of Sherlock Holmes:


“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, 

however improbable, must be the truth”.


All that was left was the imps. I opened the blast door to the imps quarters and asked them to join me in their lounge. I simply asked: Does anyone have anything to tell me? Logan cringed and returned to his bedroom. When he returned from his bedroom he was holding a 9mm derringer in his hand. “Where did this come from I bellowed? Everyone in the room cringed. I took it from my fathers collections when we came back from summer break. I wanted to be able to protect myself and the first thing I did is shoot a good friend. Here, take it… I never want to see it again as tears streamed down his face.


I knew I would lose control if I disciplined Logan at that moment. I was just too angry to make a rational decision or to punish him. One thing is for certain… you get your sorry ass to medical and admit to Ssgt. Rod what you did and beg him to forgive you. I”ll deal with you later.


I returned to our quarters and cancelled the Alert. Steven knew I was seething and out of control. When I put a derringer down on my nightstand he asked where I found it I simply said one word: Logan! From the tone and my demeanor he knew I was too upset to deal with it at the moment.


I was so mad at Logan I wanted to put him in a bullet proof vest and let the men use him for live fire practice. Logan thought he was walking his last mile as he approached medical and asked Doc if he could see Ssgt. Rod. He was in tears as he confessed to Rod that he accidentally shot him. Rod tried to liven the atmosphere when he chided “I”m glad you are such a lousy shot”.


When Logan was done pouring out his heart to Ssgt. Rod he returned to our quarters to face Steven and me. He said he was ready to face any punishment he deserved. I informed him I was so angry I would hurt him if I spanked his ass. First) You are grounded for a month. No TV, no video games, nothing but PE, Class work, Mess Hall and your shower. Otherwise you are not to be seen or heard. Second) You have lost your gun privileges for six months. Third) I”ll leave it up to Ssgt. Rod what additional punishment you deserve and will receive. Right now, get out of my sight.


Logan was crushed and in tears. Steven had never seen me this angry or upset. I then had to tell Luke he could cancel his alert at Camp Phoenix and what had happened. I imagine father and son would be having a serious meeting of the minds over this incident. I sent the derringer (unloaded and with a security lock) back to Luke in the first secure mail the next morning. I wanted it out of my sight.


I think the worse punishment possible that Logan received is that when he walked in the mess hall it went totally quiet. No one invited him to have meals with them. No one would talk with him… even our Officers refused to converse with him at our table. He was totally ostracized. It wasn”t till a few weeks later Ssgt. Rod asked me if he could address our men. “Logan has been punished enough. He is one of us for better or worse. I”m the one who was shot and if I can forgive him and still love him the rest of you best get with the program.” To which he returned to his seat and his meal. The healing was beginning but it would take weeks before the men would trust Logan again. (Frankly I understood and didn”t blame them.)


Luke wasn”t quite so forgiving. On Luke”s next visit to Fort Connor he ended up in Logan”s bedroom and after a verbal reprimand for stealing from his father which was like a knife to the bone he was stripped naked, bent over his knee and his ass pounded raw by Luke”s hand. Logan slept on his stomach for days and knew he deserved what he had received. He had done something stupid and fortunately no one got seriously injured. Ssgt Rod had forgiven him but could Logan forgive himself. Aiden and R.A. were given explicit instruction they weren”t to offer Logan any support for his stupidity. It was devastating to them to see Logan so alone and in so much pain but it was a learning lesson for them also. We all knew the rules about “Guns” and Logan had broken one of the “Cardinal Rules” of Fort Connor.


It was a few days before Logan would even consider going to the pool. Even then, his ass glowed red but it felt so good to have the cool water soothing the feeling of raw flesh. Yes, Logan had been punished but could they forgive him for a stunt that nearly killed one of their “brothers”. It took almost the entire year before the men forgave Logan and accepted him back into their close knit circle as a friend and an imp.


Even Alex as much as he loved Logan was informed that he wasn”t allowed to socialize with Logan until this mess had blown over. It hurt Alex greatly to see his friend and lover in so much pain. Alex wanted to hold him in his arms and tell him he was still loved. Only time would tell if their friendship would stand the first challenge of their future together.


Alex was the first to burst into their living quarters after Ssgt. Rod addressed his fellow soldiers. He stripped Logan naked and begged him to make love to him. “I”ve missed you so much but I wasn”t allow to be with you or talk to you.” There first kiss was electrifying and they both knew how much their absence apart meant to cementing their future together and making them inseparable.


Slowly I was returning to my normal caring and romantic self. I had deprived Steven too much these last months. Steven understood but I had truly neglected him. Major Allen understood and when the dust had finally settled and everyone was on the path to healing he stealthily provided a romantic interlude for Steven and I.


Hayao and Noah were sent off to a VIP suite, Alex spent the night with Logan and both were informed our quarters were off limits till after Lunch on Sunday. I was in shock Friday night after retreat and dinner when I returned to our quarters to find soft romantic music, a multitude of glowing candles, a seafood tray to stimulate every erotic taste bud in our mouths, a massive amount buca escort of lube stocked in our night stand and a note signed by every member of staff that Steven and I were on lock down until Sunday lunch. I looked into the eyes of this man I loved so deeply and knew how much I had hurt him these past months. The only words to escape his lips was: “I love you so much”… I knew the honeymoon would never end with this man.


The mess staff over did it with delicious high end entr�es for us to feast on during our “lock down” and they always made certain a tube of Doc”s special ointment was on every tray delivered to us. These men of Fort Connor were so special to both of us and I was never prouder to be the leader of this “Band of Brothers”.


After over 40+ hours of love making Steven and I took a shower together and then limped out to join our men for Sunday lunch we received a raunchy round of applause and cat calls which made us both blush and smile at our friends. Even the imps and our sons could see the improvement in our attitude toward each other and Logan was so apologetic to have caused so much pain and discourse in our lives.


We hugged and kissed him in front of all the men present and they knew we could now return to loving Logan as much as we did before. He was back in full status with his “big brothers”. The clincher was when Max put his paws on Logans shoulders and gave him a wet sloppy kiss. We all knew it wouldn”t be long and the imps being the imps we would have a new challenge to face. They weren”t perfect but this screw up nearly tore apart the fabric of Fort Connor. It took the combined faith we had in one another to survive, endure and grow. It won”t be long and we”ll be required to face another challenge from our imps. Talk about a love/hate relationship!!!


Suddenly without warning a mortar shell explodes over the mess hall and a rain of steel pellets rained down upon the building. The men form a human shield over the imps as they rush them to the security of their panic room bunker. OPS advises all the sensors are green and no intrusion has been detected in our security zone. Ok, we”ll have to do this the old fashion way and send out a team of men to visually determine where these mortar rounds are coming from.


OPS automatically sounded a general Alpha Zulu alert which put every protected individual on/in lock down. (I sure hope Luke gave Mama Bears security team hazard pay. I”m definitely glad that isn”t part of my responsibilities) Luke is immediately on my com and I told OPS I”d call him back as soon as I could figure out what was happening.


One of my concerns was our sensors weren”t picking up any intruders or any danger. I brought up Connor and asked him to help and protect us. As he faded to oblivion I gave a big sigh of relief knowing I had the most powerful tool in the United States Arsenal in my hands to protect our imps and the men of Fort Connor. As sudden as it started it stopped. My smart phone showed Connor back in his residence and now it was up to the techs to pour over the data and figure out what happened. I brought Luke up to date and asked him to have the techs review Connor”s data first. He was the one who stopped whatever happened.


It took over a week of purging data and reviewing it to determine our old friends from the Motorcycle Gang was again trying to get even. Only this time they put out a “kill” order on Jay and anyone who got in their way. They might find that more difficult than expected. We went to full alert 24/7 till we had confirmation of this threat being terminated.


I had to wonder where they were getting all their military grade equipment they are using in attacking us. I added two additional armed soldiers locked in with the imps and Ssgt. Rod and Max. I sincerely doubted they could breach our security and the blast door to the imps quarters but if they did they were going to have one hell of a fire fight just to get to the blast door and an even bigger one if they managed to enter the imp”s bunker.


The question still remained why didn”t our sensors pick up anything. Apparently, they were lobbing these motors from outside our security zone. We didn”t pick them up till they were overhead and exploding. They really had access to some high tech military grade equipment.


The drones were recalibrated and the Phalanx guns recalibrated to start shooting at the furthest range possible. At over 6,000 rounds per minute and three of them firing that is the destructive power of 18,000 rounds of ammunition to down any mortar shell. I advised OPS even if the boat was outside of our security zone if they had visual confirmation of them firing on us use a drone/missile and blow them out of the water. OPS acknowledged “With pleasure sir”!


Within minutes of giving OPS the “kill” authorization I heard an explosion overhead and the screams of injured men. Fear raced through my mind but I wasn”t allowed the luxury of showing any emotion. I had to rally the men to protect our imps. Finally, which seemed like an eternity, OPS sounds off they have located and eliminated the threat with extreme prejudice. I thanked them and asked for a full report on my desk ASAP.


My next com was to Doc, I wanted to know who was injured and how serious. Doc came back saying Steven had been injured and I best get here quickly. My mind raced through the trauma of losing my first love Connor Williams. I quickly gave Major Allen tactical command of the base and rushed to Medical. Steven was a bloody mess of shrapnel wounds. His body armor absorbed much of the damage but his internal organs got one hell of a concussion from the impact.


“Can you handle it Doc or do you want me to order a MediVac”… I was in panic mode . Doc simply replied: “Right now we need to keep him quiet and extract all this shrapnel we can from his body. I”ll be the first to tell you if we need to transport him to a trauma center. I”ve handled far worse injuries in combat.”


The minute Adam and Randy heard Steven had been injured they were on Alpha Zulu One headed to Fort Connor. They wanted me to have the ability to be by the side of my partner and know our base was in good hands. Major Allen met them at the plane ramp, verified their credential and acknowledged Randy and Adam were taking operational control of Fort Connor till further notice. They wanted a status report as they headed off to OPS to talk with Luke and John and formulate a response to this intrusion.


Doc was picking shrapnel out of Steven for days, keeping him lightly sedated helped both Steven and myself. I was in no emotional shape to command this base till Steven was out of danger. Both Doc and I knew that blast concussion can cause internal injuries that might not surface for days. Steven wasn”t out of the woods. Finally, Adam and Randy came in and ordered me to get some sleep or they would have Doc sedate me. The choice was mine and reluctantly I climbed on the adjoining hospital bed. My head barely hit the pillow and I was asleep for 14 hours.


When I awoke Steven was conscious and harassing me “who was running the base”? Apparently not you I quipped back. We are going to have to develop your training so you can put your head between your legs in an emergency and we both laughed although laughing caused Steven a great deal of pain. Doc told me I could tell the men he was out of the woods but he wouldn”t be returning to duty for a couple of months. Time for my adjutant and first sergeant to really earn their keep as I take care of the man I love.


I had to quietly snicker when Doc told Steven he”d be picking shrapnel out of Steven”s ass for days and it would be most uncomfortable. After I harassed the hell out of him I was so proud for throwing himself on top of a soldier shielding him and taking the brunt of the exploding shell. I would have done the same for any of our men. It is just reflex as much as the muscle memory of the imps and gun drill.


The imps and our sons were crying their eyes out when I walked into their quarters and told them Steven would be fine. They”ll still be picking shrapnel out of him for a few days and we will go visit him as soon as Doc says it is OK. Right now the best thing you can do is get some rest, sleep and go back to a normal routine. (Much easier said than done!)


Randy and Adam were adamant that I was relieved of duty until Doc and the Chaplain cleared me. I was too emotionally involved at the moment which didn”t lead to clear decision making. I had to admit they were right and frankly my priority in life was being at Steven”s side and holding his hand supporting him through this ordeal.


When I went to see Steven the next day I was aghast at the bruising his body had sustained. Doc told me he was keeping track of Steven”s kidney function and if any problem arose he”d fly him out to a trauma center faster than I could pack a bag. Steven “loved” having a catheter up his penis and into his bladder but Doc was serious about tracking his kidney output. It definitely negated any chance I had to pleasure and make love to this wonderful man but his health had to come first.


Doc had some deep shrapnel to pick out of Steven”s ass but fortunately there was no nerve damage or blood vessel damage. He was just going to have some sexy scars to live with. I can dare him to show off his war wounds… Oh, I am evil. I can hear it how… “What did you do in the war grandpa”??? “Can I see where you got shot”? Oh, I truly am evil!!!


Doc said the kids can see him for 15 minutes, not one minute longer. All six of them plus Hayao walked with me into Steven”s room. Noah wanted to jump in bed with him but I grabbed his body midair as his feet left the ground. Steven wasn”t ready for another incoming “missile” even if it was his son. True to his word at 15 minutes Doc was at the door evicting the kids. The kids had no more left than Steven”s monitor started sounding weird and I heard Doc loudly yelling for a crash cart. People came running and I got forced out of the room. I don”t know what was happening but I knew it wasn”t good.





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