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Chapter 219 � Our Friendly Adversary



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Alexander Bradley � 1st Lieutenant � U.S. Army � Aide to General Erling

Allen Robert Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Arkyn Erling – Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Douglas VanDyke � Son of the Vice-President of the United States

Enapay Perez – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Jamie Williams � Partner of Douglas VanDyke

John Phineas Roberts � Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Aiden they seem to be wearing more and more medals. Few can compare with BG considering all his military awards he received for combat actions, his knighthood and his Victoria Cross. Yes, our Gurkha stud was the envy of every Ambassador and military professional in attendance which made Aaron beam with pride of HIS Gurkha.


Leave it to the Israeli to throw a party that would go down in the annals of Washington politics as the fiasco of the season. Cheap Caviar, Cheaper Champagne and watered down booze. Half way through the evening the Israeli Ambassador asked Shawn and me if we would join him in his study. We were surprised to see a young officer wearing the rank of a Lieutenant General in the IDF. The Ambassador informed us the formal announcement would be made in a few weeks but the General is to be appointed to head MOSSAD.


Alpha Zulu had minimal contact with the IDF or Mossad since the death of the Leib family. So, our interest was piqued as to why this clandestine meeting with us was necessitated. I also realized why POTUS had all but commanded us to attend this party.


Cordially shaking hands with the General we asked how we might help Mossad. The relationship between our agencies had diminished since the death of the Leibs and I/we hoped we could renew our friendship and remove any existing barriers.


The General was cordial and pledged his support for our two governments and agencies to work cooperatively. To this end, Mossad has for years tried to infiltrate the Illuminati and we finally have an agent sitting on the board that is running the operations. We have access to information even before it becomes policy and forwarded to the many diverse groups claiming allegiance to it.


Of immediate concern is to advise you the young man in prison for shooting your son was a victim of a high tech plot to kill Aaron. His father sacrificed his son to prove his allegiance to the Illuminati. Aaron”s life is still in danger and we were happy to learn of the conspiracy so we would continue to provide Aaron with a protector of unequaled abilities.


Now to share with you why… whether it is truth or fiction there is a rumor which originated out of the Vatican that the Pope”s dying words to your son was he would be the person to bring all the major religions together and bring peace to the world. As this can”t be denied because of the “Seal of the Confessional” … the rumor has developed a life of its own and the Illuminati considers Aaron a threat to their goal of world domination.


Looking at the results of your sons” grades and tests at Harvard it is obvious he is destined for greatness. Whatever Israel and or the Mossad can do to assist Alpha Zulu or you two fathers personally… you only need ask.


POTUS was going to have a coronary when we debriefed him in the morning. Time to see if the Worthington B&B has rooms available for the night. POTUS is going to want this debrief FACE TO FACE!


As we contacted Gloria, she chastised us for even asking if she had room for us for the night. Aaron was bitching to the MAX over why with American Technology we can”t make an Ambassador Uniform that BREATHES! This uniform is like wearing a pressure cooker all evening. Shawn and I only laughed at our son and told him: “Welcome to our world”!


We contacted POTUS before calling it a night and he simply asked us to join him for a working breakfast at the White House. 0800 if you two aren”t exhausted from your night on the town. After all, you aren”t getting any younger. (We will get even for that last comment!)


A long hot shower and why wasn”t I surprised to find our Army dress uniforms hanging outside of our door when we arose at 0500 hours. Yes, our Command Master Sergeant is so proactive it surprises even me at time. He even packed up casual clothes for our son and BG. We decided to let them sleep in or whatever they were planning on doing with the extra time. (We fathers aren”t that old and naive.)


As we fathers joined POTUS and his partner for an early breakfast in their private quarters… we had a question before we started business… When did our son become an Ambassador? Both POTUS and his partner had big smiles as he casually commented miracles do happen especially when one has a majority in both houses of Congress.


POTUS was in disbelief at the news we shared with him. We had no reason to doubt Mossad and of immediate concern to us as fathers was knowing an innocent young man was in prison due to no fault of his own. POTUS assured us he would have the situation corrected with the Governor of Massachusetts yet this morning. It might take a few days for his release, but it would be done quietly and under a gag order to protect the asset Mossad had in the hierarchy of the Illuminati.


As we discussed what to do about Aaron… if we increased his security much more than we currently have he will go AWOL. We fathers had already been warned. At the moment… BG is the secret weapon both POTUS and we fathers have to protect our son even from himself.


Aaron had yet to make up his mind whether to return to Harvard for a graduate degree or to simply enter the business world of Worthington Industries. POTUS assured us he would be having a sit down and “heart to heart” with Mama Bear and we all would be encouraging Aaron to return to school and complete his Ph.D.


We Generals tried not to micro-manage the operations of the Castle but as fathers we needed the assurance of knowing there was in place a protection plan like none ever had been before. Yes, we knew Aaron would be livid if he knew of his fathers intervention but we are his fathers… he can chew our asses all he wants just so he is alive and able to do so.


Even we didn”t know what the late Pope had shared with our son so we had no idea if the rumors had any validity but they definitely had a life of their own. Even if Aaron broke confidence and informed the public of what had been shared, it would only feed the rumor mill and give more credence to the rumor which was now circulating.


Little did we fathers know that shortly Aaron would be following in the footsteps of his idol Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman. Aaron finished a 2 year Ph.D. in International Law in one year in addition to his participation in the Harvard Law Review. Damn, the kid needed to take some time to enjoy his youth… so all of his friends and family conspired to give him a graduation present for which he couldn”t say NO. A 30 day Sun and Sand vacation in our Virgin Island Penthouse. POTUS assured us SecDef would have military assets assembled to provide overwhelming support if Aaron was threatened. Even with there being a new Governor in place the history of Alpha Zulu and HIS island had been shared with him by his predecessors. Yes, the revenue generated by this luxury five star hotel definitely made it possible for his budget to be balanced but he was always concerned when anyone of notability stayed in the Penthouse for any period of time.


We were proud parents as we attended the graduation of Aaron at Harvard sitting with the Worthington in the guest VIP section. Our beşevler escort son was graduating Suma cum laud and wasn”t smiling. When we fathers asked why he was so unhappy he only complained he wanted to have a perfect grade point average like his hero Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman. Dale graduated with a 4.0 gpa and mine is a 3.95 gpa. Shawn and I just hugged our son and told him how much he was loved even if he had graduated with a 3.0 gpa… The exasperation from his mouth was: DADS!


We were all shocked when security advised us there was a VIP arriving at the Castle shortly requesting access to our son. To our surprise, POTUS arrived shortly and warmly congratulated Aaron on his accomplishments. Handing Aaron his Presidential Breast Badge he hoped Aaron would wear it proudly on his graduation robes. Most of Aaron”s friends knew who his fathers were so expected to see our six stars adorning his graduation robes, but most were in shock to see the badge of the President joining it out of the love POTUS had for our special imp.


POTUS was the commencement speaker for the graduation and as expected encouraged the students present to share their talents and abilities in service to their government. Knowing the comments were directed specifically to Aaron, we fathers only hoped he got the message.


As we all gathered in the Worthington Penthouse as we arrived back in Washington… the graduation celebration seemed to go on all night. Finally, around 0300 hours Aaron and BG called it a night and I do believe they adjourned to their bedroom to SLEEP!


We gathered the next morning for a 1000 hour brunch, we informed our new “brainiac” that his graduation present was a 30 day vacation in our Virgin Island get-a-way. You have an hour to pack your bags and get to the airfield. Worthington Actual is being fueled for your trip and your security detail arrived to assure us fathers you would be protected even from yourselves!


As BG was hesitant wondering what he would be doing while Aaron was on vacation… we fathers smiled and only commented do we have to draw you a map. Get packed… unless you want to spend thirty days at Fort Connor and have a calloused hand. (Even a dark skinned Gurkha can blush!)


Arriving in St. Thomas that evening they were met by their security detail and made a quick trip to their hotel Penthouse. The first thing their security detail did was to assure the couple they weren”t here to keep them from having fun. Just let us know what you are doing and where you are going with a few hours notice so we can protect you. Try to “break out” and go native and you”ll find yourselves in handcuffs and leg irons on a fast trip back to Fort Connor. (Yup, fathers can be intimidating especially when they have the highest rank in the United States Military.)


After a few days of frolicking in the surf, Aaron and BG were invited to dinner with the Islands Governor. Of course, suit and tie for Aaron with a full dress uniform for BG. The guests present were all over BG commenting on the beautiful scabbard he wore. Aaron was just happy to be BG”s +1 for the evening. (The Governor was just happy that no bullets had been fired around his island… YET!)


The happy couple returned to their Penthouse and retired for the evening. Asking BG how he enjoyed himself… BG only commented he would have enjoyed a diet of snake over the food served that evening. (Aaron was laughing uncontrollably!)


Halfway through their vacation our two lovers found themselves enjoying the carnal bliss of two imps in love when their security suddenly started pounding on their door. “You have five minutes to dress then we are out of here. MOVE IT!


Apparently, the safety net SecDef had set around the island had picked up a diesel sub heading toward St. Thomas. POTUS and SecDef were as protective as Aaron”s fathers and ordered a nuclear sub to surface close to the island and commandeered the Governors private launch to shuttle Aaron and BG out to it. So much for the rest of their vacation…


The Captain of the submarine warmly welcomed his guests and settled them into VIP quarters. We will run submerged until we reach Grotton Connecticut. POTUS has arranged for military security and air transportation for you to return to Washington. “Mr. Ambassador, we both work for the same man… your cooperation will be most appreciated!”


There were a few raised eyes as BG settled into the same room with Aaron for the trip. Aaron accepted POTUS could ruin his vacation, but he wouldn”t allow the man to ruin his life. BG was fast becoming more than a lover or a fling… Aaron was slowing accepting this man as the man who would share his life and future.


Finally, arriving in Washington the couple settled into Mama Bear”s Penthouse to face whatever reality they would be required to accept. Without warning OPS announces: POTUS on a secure com for you. “Aaron, sorry to have cut your vacation short… would you join us at the White House Friday evening for dinner. 0800 and formal dress attire please. Many thanks!”


Why wasn”t Aaron surprised to see his fathers walk in the Penthouse the next evening. OK, what is POTUS up to this time. Two smiling fathers only commented their son would just have to wait till Friday night to find out. Until then, forget we are in the military… we are just your fathers who love you very much.


As BG headed for the shower to prepare for bed… Aaron asked if he could have a father and son chat. Of course… anytime you are ready. There is no time like the present and BG will stay in the shower till he is as wrinkled as a prune. One of the drawbacks of being in special ops is never having hot water when one is on patrol.


As they sat quietly in the Great Room of the Penthouse… Aaron didn”t know how to start the conversation. Dads… I”m having feelings for BG that go far beyond him being my protector. I feel like I”m cheating on Aiden and his memory. This is far more than a teenage hormonal fling… I think I”m falling in love with him.


We fathers held our son securely and told him it took guts to be so open with us. If the role were reversed and Aiden had been the one to survive, would you want him to be celibate the rest of his life. “No, Never!!!” OK, then… you have your answer. Follow your heart and I have a feeling BG doesn”t know how to express his true feelings about you to you.


As Aaron headed off to bed that night he was terrified of what he faced. BG was all too intuitive and only wanted to know what was troubling Aaron. Aaron broke into tears as he cried out he was in love with BG and wanted them to be bound as a married couple. BG wrapped his strong arms around Aaron and as his tongue massaged Aaron”s tonsils the odor of cum permeated the room as both of their balls exploded at the same time. Yes, these two were in love and the thought of being married only excited the hell out of BG.


The next morning as the fathers sat enjoying brunch with the two love birds they happily announced they were planning on being married. The fathers looked at the two and only commented before they got too excited you might as well hear the bad news from us. BG you are a representative of the Queen of England and Aaron you are an Ambassador at Large for POTUS. These both have political ramifications well beyond what would be required for a normal wedding. Don”t be surprised when you break the news to POTUS he passes out. And any thought you have of a small friends and family wedding is non-existent.


Gloria arrived home from the office early and Aaron and BG were ecstatic to share with her the news of their pending marriage. Gloria only smiled and commented to make certain POTUS has had his second scotch of the evening before you break this on him. And, if you don”t let me buy your wedding rings, I”ll cross you off the holiday invitations to Camp Phoenix. What could we say… it was so insignificant but the “Thank you” was from our hearts.


As we all shared Gloria”s Limousine for a trip to the White House that evening… Gloria was in full CEO “Mama Bear” formal attire blazing with diamonds… even POTUS was impressed. Tonight was Shawn and my night to offer our arms and be her escort for dinner at the White House.


As we all gathered in the Oval Office enjoying a great 20 year old single malt Scotch whiskey… POTUS said our guest of honor had yet to arrive. As POTUS was sipping on his second Scotch of the evening… Gloria nodded to Aaron and BG to break the news to our Commander in Chief. “Mr. President… we have some great news to share with you. BG accepted my proposal, and we soon will be bound in marriage for all eternity!” POTUS chocked on his Scotch and then asked for another DOUBLE, NEAT!


Turning to Gloria and then to us fathers, POTUS only asked if we had shared with our sons the ramifications of this event in their lives. The last time this happened we filled the National Cathedral with guests for the event. And, considering BG status with the British diplomatic corps and as a close friend of the Queen… and you Aaron as my Ambassador… eloping isn”t an option.


Turning to Gloria… POTUS asked if she would have the Worthington Head of Protocol set up a meeting with the White House Head of Protocol, the Defense Department Head of Protocol and the State Department Head of Protocol as soon as they can match up beylikdüzü escort their schedule.


As POTUS was nursing his third Scotch of the evening our Guest of Honor arrived… The Chief Justice of the United States. As we all adjourned for a palatial White House dinner we wondered what POTUS was up to THIS TIME!


After dinner as we all adjourned back to the Oval Office to enjoy some great 100 year old aged Brandy… POTUS turned the floor over to the Chief Justice. “Aaron, I have an opening in my staff for a clerk and I”m offering it to you if you will accept?”


As our son sat with this blank look on his face and nothing escaping from his mouth… both Shawn and I nudged him back to reality as he muttered… “Yes, Thank you Mr. Chief Justice… I”m extremely honored Mr. Chief Justice… whatever I can do to serve you and the people of the United States Mr. Chief Justice.” POTUS only smiled and commented a simple “YES” would have sufficed.


We fathers only quipped: “One more invitation to the wedding ceremony”! The Chief Justice inquired: “Who was getting married”? Our two blushing “brides” were babbling as they tried to mutter they were. (Oh, Kids… now we know why sex is what keeps newlyweds together the first year of their marriage.)


It was well past our normal time to call it a day when we arrived back at the Penthouse from our meeting with POTUS. Gloria advised everyone brunch was at 1000 hours and even we Generals were ordered to sleep in on Saturday morning. We all had plenty to discuss after we enjoy a good brunch.


As we sat fully stuffed from an unending assortment of culinary treats for breakfast… we all sipped our coffee and/or fruit juice as Gloria started the “debrief”. Aaron, you”ll be working long hours at the Supreme Court and I”m certain BG will remain as your security as well as your partner. There is more than enough room in the Penthouse for you and I”ll appreciate the company as my sons and their partners never seem to visit enough.


Besides, you”ll need to be contacted expediently as the Protocol officers will have hundreds of questions which will need your input and approval. First of which is when do you want this to happen and to make certain the National Cathedral is available.


You two imps have two assignments for today. 1 is go to the secure URL for my Jeweler and pick out your wedding bands. There are no price tags and price isn”t of concern… just please select what your heart desires. 2 is I need three choices for a wedding date to give to the Protocol Officers to reserve the National Cathedral. This will be a wedding like Washington hasn”t seen in years. Anyone who is anyone in Politics, Military, Diplomatic Corps, Ambassadors, and/or a power broker will need to be invited. And, of course… a little Senior Imp by the name of Hikaru who started all of this you might want to consider as Aaron”s best man. BG if you have someone special you want as your best man, let me know so I can use whatever strings necessary to make it happen.


Now… off you go and I don”t want to see or hear from you till you have your assignments completed. Your fathers and I are going to enjoy the peace and quiet which is rare around here.


Few people knew our two proactive imps had completed the Chaplains premarital classes prior to leaving for Harvard and grad school. They wanted to know all the expectations of two committed individuals not knowing who it would be in their future lives they would want as their partner. Yes, the lottery pool at Fort Connor had grown huge over the years waiting for our two imps to admit they had feelings for each other, and the Generals were happy considering the money that would be turned over to the Worthington Foundation to benefit homeless imps.


Finally, around 1800 hours Mama Bear was knocking at the bedroom door of our two imps and simply told them they had an hour to shower and make themselves presentable for dinner. This was a full family gathering and even Tokugawa and his family were invited in addition to Luke, Daan, John and Melech.


As the family gathered for dinner… Mama Bear said grace and then informed the group of two legged walking stomachs before they started to devour their food there was a special announcement to be made. Asking Aaron and BG which of them wanted to share the good news… Aaron rose and informed his good friends that yesterday BG accepted his proposal to be his partner in life and eternity. Everyone erupted in praise until Luke opened his mouth with the comment: “Now can we eat”? (There is always one in every family!)


As the evening progressed and Aaron shared with them the offer he had received from the Chief Justice to clerk for him… Everyone was both impressed and supportive of his acceptance of such a unique opportunity. Mama Bear only smiled and wondered how much of Aarons future would follow the footsteps of Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman.


We fathers only smiled at Mama Bear knowing the thought in her mind. How would our sons look naked and entwined being shown in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool…? Definitely time to buy plenty of copies to save for our future grandkids so we can embarrass the hell out of our son. Little did we know how soon our thoughts would become reality.


We fathers had to chuckle when Gloria told us of the first challenge given to our children by the Protocol officers… Pope Dominic, Cardinal Emmanuel and the Archbishop of Canterbury have all volunteered to officiate at the ceremony. Considering Aaron worked for the Chief Justice of the United States he indeed had a diplomatic problem that needed a lot of tact to resolve.


Finally, Aaron suggested to BG why not let all three co-officiate the religious portion of the service and the Chief Justice can do the civil side of our marriage. So, our wedding will be a few minutes longer… but, it definitely solves a lot of political headaches.


At least that was until POTUS demanded a command performance of Aaron and BG in the Oval Office. “The British Ambassador was just here commenting the Queen had yet to receive her invitation to your wedding?” Unless you two want to spend your honeymoon on a bread and water diet in the stockade at Fort Connor I suggest you correct the oversight immediately!”


As Aaron and BG returned to the Penthouse, they only commented to Gloria that Aaron had never seen POTUS so upset before. Gloria only smiled and commented… “Been there, done that and it isn”t a pleasant experience”!


To say security was tight for our son”s wedding at the National Cathedral would be an understatement. It would be an assassin”s perfect storm. A world class smorgasbord of diplomates and heads of states from every country in the free world. Even we Generals were in shock when Aaron told us the Queen RSVP with a +1 for the wedding. That meant officials from every member of the British Commonwealth would also be in attendance. This set the stage for a standing room only wedding with the National Cathedral packed beyond capacity.


DC Metro Police provided crowd control, the 101st Airborne provided the first line of security… The Secret Service and Diplomatic Security provided the next level and Alpha Zulu had the final barrier assuring everyone was who they claimed to be and in no way presented any danger to anyone. I”ll still never understand how each person got out of their vehicle at the correct time and then escorted to their correct seat. The Protocol Officers were truly the unknown heroes of this monumental moment in the lives of Aaron and BG.


When we heard the all too familiar sound of Hail to the Chief, we knew the moment of truth had arrived. POTUS escorted Pope Domonic down the center aisle followed by Cardinal Emmanuel, the Archbishop of Canterbury and finally the Chief Justice of the United States.


We Generals stood behind Aaron and BG and “gave them away”… Hikaru was so proud to be the Best Man for Aaron and to our surprise the Queen”s grandson graciously offered to be the Best Man for BG. Surprisingly, it took longer to seat all of the guests than it did for the complete wedding service. The fun began in the evening when Aaron and BG had countless wedding receptions given both at the White House, the Marriott Ballroom by Mama Bear and by numerous foreign dignitaries at their embassies around Washington.


The surprise of the evening was when at the White House reception POTUS announced the British Ambassador had an announcement to make. As the room quieted till you could hear a pin drop, the British Ambassador announced on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, BG would become a Knight of the Garter at the June investitures. Aaron would receive a Knighthood at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace followed by a State Dinner for our newlyweds. (Boy, no one saw that coming!) Both Aaron and BG thanked the Ambassador and to express to the Queen their thanks for the high honors given to them.


Tonight was a night for the newlyweds and the Queen remained at the British Embassy so as not to detract from these two special imps. To the surprise of everyone present when BG received his investiture the British Government flew BG”s parents in from Nepal for the ceremony. The praise BG received from his parents were more important to him than all the awards he had received from the Military and from Her Majesty bilecik escort the Queen. Aaron was happy to finally meet the parents of the man he loved. They truly welcomed Aaron into their family, finally as they had been unable due to health to attending their wedding.


Gradually, Aaron”s life returned to normal and he returned to his role as a clerk for the Chief Justice of the United States. But our Generals were still in for a surprise and everyone in on the conspiracy wasn”t leaking it to them. Finally, the moment came when Aaron and BG had to admit the truth to their fathers.


After a wonderful Marriott Prime Rib Dinner and making certain the General had at least two pieces of Raspberry Cheesecake to satisfy his sweet tooth… the family gathered in the Great Room as two embarrassed imps tried to break the ice and admit their deception to their fathers.


Dads… we have done something that we hope you will approve. BG and I are in the running for the current “Hunks of Washington” calendar and if we win the prize money will go to the Worthington Foundation to help needy orphans.


Before you get to upset… My boss the Chief Justice, POTUS, SecDef, the Joint Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, the British Prime Minister and even the Queen signed off before we committed ourselves.


We know we have made the top 12 couples and if we are lucky enough to be the Centerfold of the edition, someone best be ready to resuscitate the Worthington Foundation Director. It will be millions of dollars to help orphans. And, besides, BG and I have nothing to be ashamed of about our bodies. I married a hunk I”m definitely proud to have as my +1 at any event.


We fathers knew whether we approved of what our sons had done it was their lives and they definitely had their hearts in the right place. All we could do now is support them however possible. As the announcement of the finalists had been on the Allen show for years it was no surprise when we were invited to attend the live broadcast.


As we fathers were introduced as the two highest ranking officers in the United States Military we were asked how we felt about our sons baring it all for charity. “Our sons have always supported any endeavor than helped orphans… whoever wins and are the centerfold… the real winners are the charities the monetary winnings will benefit.”


As the big screen behind us suddenly showed an uncensored pic of Aaron hanging naked from the flagpole at Fort Connor, we father only commented many a world leader, diplomat, politician and power broker have hung from our flagpoles and have no one but themselves to blame for it happening. It seems to be a rite of passage before any imp is allowed entrance into the imp mafia. In all the years Fort Connor has existed we didn”t know of any imp who felt abused hanging naked from the top of our flagpole at sunrise. Most accepted the fact the retaliation given by the men of Alpha Zulu was well deserved and long overdue. Our son was no exception.


As the big screen slowly faded to the calendar page for June… it showed Aaron and BG in all their naked glory with the vital areas of their bodies discretely covered by fig leaves. As Aaron and BG joined us on stage, the rest of the calendar hunks joined them. All the young men were in agreement whoever ended up being the centerfold the charities they represented were the true winners.


Allen announced the moment of truth had arrived and now to name the top three couples to vie for this year”s centerfold… Mr. December, Mr. March and Mr. June… Aaron and BG made the top three. The nine couples who didn”t end up in consideration for the centerfold… each would receive $10,000.00 USD for their charity. The three sets of finalists would receive no less than $50,000.00 USD for their Charity and the Centerfold winner would receive $250,000.00 from the Magazine and an additional $250,000.00 from Allen”s foundation for its charity.


As Allen gave the studio audience and its national TV audience the instruction as to how to cast their ballot… each ballot cast would cost $1.00 USD and all the processing fees had been waived by the credit card companies. Every dollar would go directly to the charity each couple represented. The winning couple would be announced in one week. Tune in for the results.


As the cameras faded to give the website to cast ballots, we fathers were so proud of our sons. BG only hoped the Queen had a sense of humor and didn”t defrock him from his knighthood.


The seven days seemed endless as Aaron and BG waited to see how much they had done to help the orphans supported by the Worthington Foundation. Finally, the moment of truth arrived and as we fathers sat pensively in the audience the show”s theme music announced the moment of truth.


As the show”s logo faded from the big screen the screen shot for each of the three sets of finalists rotated on the big screen. Allen announced a special guest to make this years presentations: The President of the United States. To a mass of electronic trumpets playing Hail to the Chief POTUS entered and sat talking with Allen. POTUS emphasized whoever won and became this year”s centerfold, again he emphasized the real winner are the charities each couple is representing.


Allen was elated to announce this year”s ballots reached an all-time high. Over 10,000,000 ballots were cast and that meant the three charities who split the $10,000,000.00 USD based upon the number of ballots received by each couple.


In addition to the $50,000.00 USD award by the magazine the 3rd place runner up had 1,125,000 ballots cast which means their charity would receive $1,175,000.00 USD. The 2nd place runner up had 2,750,000 ballots cast and their charity would receive, $2,800,000.00. The winning couple who will grace the centerfold of this years Hunks magazine had received an all time record of 6,125,000 ballots and when combined with the monetary award from the Magazine and from Allen”s foundation their charity will receive $6,725,000.00 USD.


The winner and centerfold for this year”s Hunks of Washington Calendar are Mr. June. (Mama Bear immediately dispatched medical personal to the foundation office to resuscitate its Executive Director.)


As Aaron and BG shook hands with the couple for December and March… the six young men sat and talked with POTUS and Allen. All six young men were in agreement it was the charities who were the true winners. Allen then introduced the Chief Justice of the United States who wanted to comment on the actions of his clerk.


As the Chief Justice entered and was seated next to POTUS… both men were doing far too much smiling. The Chief Justice told Allen he was sorry to have such an unpleasant task to do at this wonderful moment that has benefited so many orphans… but, he had to discharge Aaron as his clerk. (The look of terror was all too apparent on Aaron”s face as he clutched BG”s hand.)


Before any further conversation could be made the phone on the Big Screen started ringing and the crowd chanted “ANSWER” repeatedly. As POTUS and the Chief Justice sat smiling like Cheshire cats, we Generals knew something major was about to happen.


As Allen answer the phone the voice on the other end asked for Aaron Munro Walsh-Berrill. As Allen asked who was calling the voice announced it was the Governor of the Great State of Nevada.


“Mr. Governor, this is Aaron Munro, the adopted son of Generals Walsh and Berrill… how can I be of service?”


The great state of Nevada is asking you to fill the unexpired term of our recently departed Senior member of the House of Representatives. If you will accept, it will be my great pleasure to appoint you to fulfill the remainder of his term of office.


The studio audience was in complete silence as we all awaited Aaron”s reply. Aaron finally spoke: “Mr. Governor… I can never repay the people who have contributed to my life and made this day possible. I would be proud and it would be my privilege to serve the Great State of Nevada.” (The audience roared its approval and it seemed unending even with the floor staff of the show attempting to quiet it down.) The Governor thanked Aaron and advised his staff would be in contact shortly to work out Aaron”s transition from his Supreme Court position.


Allen closed out the show announcing to both the studio audience and the TV audience a limited (10 copies) edition framed and signed copy of this year”s Centerfold would be on all the national auction sites for bid or a “BUY IT NOW” for $250,000.00 USD per copy. All the auction sites were waiving their fees so the money would go directly to the charity being sponsored. The Worthington Foundation Executive Director fainted again when he learned all ten copies sold at the “Buy It Now” price of $250,000.00 USD giving the foundation an additional $2,500,000.00 USD to help needy orphans.


The magazine”s normal run of 5,000,000 copies sold out before the final copy was printed. They immediately ordered an additional 2,500,000 copies which sold out in a matter of weeks. Aaron was somewhat embarrassed when he entered his new office in the Rayburn House Office Building to see numerous copies of the current “Hunks of Washington DC” magazine conservatively hiding on/in the desk of both male and female employees.


BG said it best when he told Aaron to let them drool and lust to their hearts content. He was the one who got to share Aaron”s bed every night and no picture could compete with what they shared.







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