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Sexy Neighbour Aunty

Hi Readers, I’m a fan for this page. Have read many stories, and now have got a chance to pen down my story in it. Myself Sachin, doing my engineering in Pune. Age 21, with good body and looks.

Coming to the story, the heroine of this story is the Neighbour aunty. This all happened last month, I won’t elaborate much, will tell the readers in short. Her name is Alka, age 34, she is housewife and her husband works as manager who will be mostly on tours. Which was a plus point to me. She has a son of 12 and 5 years, who is a friend of mine too. Though she maintains her figure. Her states come around 34-30-34. My mom is a close friend of Alka Aunty as of when they got shifted to this area.

I used to see her whenever she comes to our home and spend her free times with mom. Alka aunty always used to wear saree which makes any person to take a look at her. I used to masturbate thinking of her. I visit their house to deliver things made by mother, I used to enjoy watching her ass and navel parts. Alka aunty was close to me too, and never scold or refuse when I hold her hand or hug her at occasions. We used to talk about each other’s problems also, by which I got to know that she hasn’t had sex for more than a year.

I wished to seduce her. For my luck my parents had to go to native for 2 long weeks. For which I refused telling the reason of classes in college.

Alka aunty told my mom that she will take care of me.

I wanted to make use of this time as her husband also was not there. My parents had left and I went to college as usual. Didn’t want to start that day itself, by eve when I came home got refreshed and went to her house. Alka aunty was helping her son to wrote his homework. Alka aunty was sitting on the floor, her saree was crushed such that I could see her boobs through it. Alka aunty saw me noticing her but didn’t cover herself.

Then Alka aunty asked me whether she could do me some coffee.

I said ok.

And also her son went out to play with his friends. No one was there in home other than two of us. I was bit hesitant to take it further, but acquired courage went casino siteleri into the kitchen. Seeing her ass and navel my dick started to grow. Alka aunty turned suddenly saw my dick standing through pants and gave a naughty smile. I came back to hall, she served me coffee.

While drinking Alka aunty asked me whether I like her or not.

I replied yes normally everyone likes you.

Then her next question shocked me, she asked me why your dick had raised few min ago.

I didn’t reply at all.

Alka aunty said she has also crossed my age and she knows how guys feel by that age.

I enquired how she know about it.

Alka aunty said her younger brother used to get dick hard when he sees beautiful girls.

Then I agreed that seeing her beauty of ass and navel only I got it.

Alka aunty laughed for a while.

And I also said her I used to masturbate thinking of her.

Alka aunty suddenly stopped the smile and went inside the kitchen. I went in and enquired why she suddenly changed.

Alka aunty replied its nothing and told me to go home and come back for dinner. I left to my home.

I thought it’s over, I can’t seduce her and all I thought. Then went to her home for dinner around 8:30. When I rang the bell, Alka aunty opened the door and I was stunned to see her in a very romantic saree. Alka aunty was talking normally didn’t even show about the incident happened eve.

I asked where was her son, Alka aunty told he has slept off. I was in heavens, we both had dinner and came back to watch tv for a while. We were sitting close to each other. Alka aunty was holding the remote, I wantedly held her hand and told I wanted the remote but didn’t take the hand for a while. Alka aunty asked what happened for which I said I got electrocuted by touching her hands. Alka aunty asked are you flirting with me. I asked is there any mistake if I did so. Alka aunty smiled for that also. And let me to get more closer to her. Alka aunty enquired whether I had call the next day, I asked why are you asking about it. Alka aunty replied she felt lonely, I said I have call, I could see her güvenilir casino face go down.

Then I said as I have good % of attendance I don’t need to go, she turned happy but asked is there no prob for me in doing so. I held her face & told no prob for me dear. Alka aunty was happy hearing the word dear. Then we went to sleep, as soon as I came home I masturbated thinking what had happened that day.

The next day I eagerly waited for her cal. I saw from the Windows, her son going to school. After which I went to her house. Alka aunty by then was dressed up in an attractive saree., I told her that she has a good taste of selecting sarees. I acted as if I got hiccups and asked her for water. As Alka aunty walked to get it I could see her navel and also windowed jacket through which I came to know she wasn’t wearing bra. I got aroused a lot.

Alka aunty got me water., I asked her whether she like me? For which Alka aunty replied that she liked me from the beginning. I was feeling lucky, I asked what time her son might return I came Alka aunty told, today was his last exam and he would be taken to her mother’s house by her mother. I came to know about her thoughts also. Alka aunty told she will be alone for a week. I was seriously happy, I pulled her close holding her hips. I told my intentions to get to her. Alka aunty asked me to promise not to Tel anyone about this. I clearly got green signal. I held her face and slowly kissed her lips and was lip locked for 15min.

Then Alka aunty said she wants to do in bedroom. I carried her and placed her on bed, I held her navel and squeezed it. Alka aunty moaned for it. I slid her saree down and kissed her neck and I could feel her hot breath coming. I slowly caressed her boobs and removed her jacket and bra. I saw her huge melons. I sucked it for a while by then she removed my t shirt, I pulled her closer and gave a tight hug. I wontedly put the fan at high speed. Alka aunty pulled my pants down and started to give blow job. I was in heaven., after 15-20min I said her that I’m going to cum. Alka aunty took all the cum in her mouth itself.

I started to canlı casino pull her underwear, her cunt hairs were shaved and an aroma attracted me towards it. I started licking her cunt and also started tonguing. Alka aunty started to moan uhhmmm. Uhhmm., said her husband never used to do this and al. Alka aunty held by head between her thighs. Alka aunty cummed after 10min, it was like a sweet nectar. Alka aunty said she couldn’t wait and told me to fuck her.

I would have kissed her a lot, hearing this I took my 5inch dick and placed in front of her cunt, started to jerk of slowly as it has been days it was tight. I started it slowly though so that she can have a complete pleasure. Alka aunty liked that, then gradually increased my pace with which her moans also increased, ahhmm ahhmm ufff uffff…. Fuck me harder. Fuck me Sachin fuck this Alka fuckk mee… y then it was 20min., I said I’m about to cum, she said to cum inside her itself. Both came at the same time. I fell on her body, Alka aunty thanked me and said she had never had such pleasure with her husband. In seconds my dick gained its strength and made her sit in doggy style and fucked her in her ass. Alka aunty also said she had never tried this. So I gave more pleasure as she could enjoy it.

I cummed inside her, we both were tired and slept off. Woke up after an hour., it was 1pm already.

Alka aunty told to have lunch with her.

I said on one condition that she shouldn’t wear anything and should be nude.

Alka aunty agreed to it, we had lunch together NUDE. I was seeing her nude, still I wasn’t completely satisfied. Started off with second session where I wanted to have more pleasure now. We tried out diff positions.

By then it was evening. We took bath together. Alka aunty thanked me for such a good sex.

I was happy that I lost my virginity finally. And I told her that.

Alka aunty laughed and said don’t lie to me, beginners won’t be such understandable.

I swore to her that this was my first.

Alka aunty was glad that she helped me with that. I slept with her in her house that night obviously NUDE. I left for college the next day. By afternoon I couldn’t sit in college. I called her to ask whether she was in home.

Alka aunty hearing that laughed and said me to come quickly.

I rushed home and fucked her. We had many such encounters, it’s been a month. I still fuck her.

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