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Alison is the daughter of a friend. There is a large age difference between us. She’s 40 and single. I’m 62 and divorced. I do business and accounting consulting work and get a nice pension from a former employer. Alison works as a graphic designer. We went out a few times in the past just for dinner. When I tried to romance her all I got was a few kisses and she would tell me that she wasn’t ready to go further.

This past spring I got stuck with an extra theater ticket from the local theater company for the musical South Pacific. I gave Alison a call and asked if she would like to join me. The show was on a Saturday evening. But Alison also wanted to go shopping at a new high end mall near me on Friday. “I can stay over on Friday and we’ll leave for the show from your place on Saturday.” It sounded great to me. I needed some dress shirts at Brooks Brothers anyway. Plus my daughter who lives with me would be away for the entire weekend. Alison could use her room.

Let me describe Alison. She about 5′ 7″, about 140 lbs, 36B, shapely, dark brown shoulder length hair, nice legs, beautiful brown eyes. There are curves were there should be curves. She is a very attractive package with a smile that lights up a room.

Friday finally came. I was up late on Thursday and again early Friday morning doing some last minute cleaning. I got some flowers for Alison’s room and some for the dining room table. My plan was to have Friday night dinner at my place. I made a chicken stir fry and before dinner I would pick up some Won Ton soup from the local Chinese restaurant. Alison finally arrived in her car about noon. I showed her the bedroom and got her situated. Alison looked fantastic with a nice skirt and blouse.

We drove over to the mall; Willow Run Mall. It’s about 20 minutes from my house. Alison helped me pick out some dress shirts. We walked around the mall. Alison took my hand. She then spotted a high end lingerie shop. She told me that we would meet in about ½ hour. Alison gave me a kiss. There is a book store on the same level. I went there and looked around. Before long my cell phone rang. Alison was done. We met and I noticed she had a few bags with her. I asked if she was going to model for me what was in the bags. She said “if I was a good boy I beşiktaş escort would get a show.”

We had lunch at the food court. After lunch we walked around and browsed the mall; holding hands and we kissed a few times.

Alison wanted to see the new Wood Allen move. There is a movie theater near my house. It’s an old fashioned one screen theater from the 1940’s. It’s cute. The name is the Savoy. I suggested that we leave the mall about 4PM and I would pick up the rest of the dinner on the way home. Alison agreed.

I heated up the sir fry while Alison set the table. She also got some wine from my fridge. We had our dinner, cleaned up and got ready to make the movie.

We got to the movie on time and had a nice time. I drove back to my house. Alison excused herself. I put on the TV to catch some news. Alison came back to the living room after a while. I looked up and Alison said “How do you like what I bought?” She was wearing a 3 piece pajama outfit in light blue; a low cut blouse, short panties and a robe with a tie. The robe was untied and the blouse showed all her beautiful assets. She sat next to me on the sofa and took off the robe. She said “I’m ready.” I put my hands under the blouse and began to feel her beautiful tits. Things heated up and I slipped my hand in her panties. Alison said “I know we both need this but not here. Let’s go to your room.”

I grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle of white wine. I took off my clothes while Alison sat on the bed waiting for me to finish. “Hurry up.” Alison said. I stripped down to my boxers. Alison playfully pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me. She held her arms up and I removed the blouse. I began to play and suck on her beautiful tits. I was like a hungry man with food. I couldn’t get enough of her beautiful tits. Alison came a few times. I gently pushed her off me, took off my briefs and put on a Rough Rider condom. With Alison’s help I slid the panties down her legs. Alison spread her legs as I got on top of her. We kissed a few times and Alison helped guide me in. She seemed lubricated so I didn’t use any lube. She was tight but after a few thrusts everything was fine. I continued to thrust. Alison came and a minute or so later taksim escort I did too. We cuddled for a while and I started to doze off. Alison woke me because she was cold so I got her one of my sweatshirts.

Saturday morning arrived. I got in the newspapers and fed my cats. It was very early and Alison was still sleeping. I got back into bed with her. Sometime later Alison woke me and said “how about we have some more fun? But no condom this time. I’m on birth control. I want to feel you not the condom.” That sounded like a winner to me. I slipped off my boxers and t-shirt. Alison took off the sweatshirt. She got on top of me and I started playing with her beautiful tits. She came and got off me. I quickly got on top of her and gently spread her legs with my hands. She started to help guide me in. But I stopped. She didn’t seem lubricated enough. I reached for the KY and put some on my penis and inside her pussy. I did not want to hurt her. I started to go in again and this time it seemed OK. After a few thrusts Alison came and so did I. There’s one thing about having sex with Alison. She is very noisy but I love it.

We both fell asleep after sex. I got up about 11AM and started making breakfast for the two of us. Just some scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Alison came up behind me and gave me a hug and a kiss. “I never had a guy cook for me.” We ate breakfast and Alison helped me cleanup. Alison showered. I was tempted to join her in the shower but I let her have her space.

The theater is at 8PM and our dinner reservations are at 5PM. We have to leave my place no later than 4PM. The restaurant is about a 10 minute walk from where I park. The theater is right across the street from the parking lot.

We both dressed and had a light lunch. Just some salads. Alison looked fantastic. She wore a black skirt and a colorful print top. I wore a sport jacket and some dress slacks.

We left early because I had heard on the radio there were some traffic issues. After parking we walked to the restaurant. The restaurant is named Dave’s. It’s high end diner food. Meatloaf is not just meatloaf. It’s Black Angus meatloaf. I had done some consulting work for them a while ago and I know the owners. nişantaşı escort Our table wasn’t ready yet so we waited at the bar with drinks. Before we knew it our table was ready. We ordered and the food which is cooked to order came out in a short time. Spending time with Alison so far this weekend has been great. Not just for sex but I found out more about her than I knew. She is not only pretty inside and out but also very bright and sweet.

The dinner was great. One of the owners spotted me and came over to talk. We finished up and took a short stroll to the theater window shopping along the way.

Arriving at the theater I found our seats. We got there a bit early. I told Alison about the musical. Some things she didn’t know or did not realize.

The show was fantastic. We both enjoyed it. I put on some jazz on the car stereo and drove home.

When we got back to my place Alison changed into another PJ outfit the same style as the first one. But this one was red. She looked fantastic I changed into my PJ’s too. We had some coffee and cake while listening to some jazz. After that we just cuddled while listening to the music. We talked a while. Alison wanted to know about the future. We came to an agreement to go along with things as they are. We would continue to date and just see what happens.

Sunday morning we got up, dressed and went to a nearby restaurant for brunch. Alison treated which was a surprise. After brunch Alison packed up. She had to get back home early to finish some work for Monday. I was unhappy to see her leave.

After this weekend we started a ritual. Usually Alison would come over after work on Friday and stay with me for the rest of the weekend; leaving to go back to her place after dinner on Sunday. We would have dinner at my place on Friday. Saturday Alison would finish some work or just relax and then in the evening we would go out; maybe to a movie, maybe to dinner or we would just stay home and relax. Each week Fridays couldn’t come fast enough. After about three months of dating, Alison was my “steady”. It may sound old fashioned but I gave her my college ring along with a 14K gold chain to wear around her neck.

I convinced her to give up her lease and move in with me. I helped her financially to buy out her lease. Initially her parents were not very happy with the difference in our ages but they finally came around.

She was surprised when I got her a lease on a new car. Her old one was in terrible shape and had very high mileage. I also surprised her with something else. This fall we’re going to Las Vegas for a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32