Alex’s story: Antonia

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Alex was never a popular guy in high school. Whilst the other guys were running around chasing girls, playing football and being general dumb asses, Alex was more of a quieter less social guy. Although he had had a group of friends he hung out with, for the most part he kept to himself. As high school went on, he made more friends, all of which tended to be girls and all of whom he was very close to. It was this closeness to the opposite sex that would later be the reason he knew more about girls than other guys his age, both mentally and physically.

For the greater part, his friends were just that, however as he and his friends all reached the age of 18, the thoughts of sexual fulfilment slowly gained the better of them.

What follows is a series of fictional stories which involve Alex and his female friends.

Antonias story

Antonia and Alex shared a wonderful friendship, which had mainly formed around the fact that they both enjoyed fooling around and taking life a little less seriously.

Antonia always saw Alex as a friend and even if she did see him as something more, she never dared show it in fear of retribution from her friends (remember, Alex was not a popular guy). Aside from this she had a boyfriend of 1 year who she valued a lot despite knowing he was a possessive bastard. The twist to this story is that Antonia’s boyfriend hated Alex believing that Alex liked Antonia and that she liked him in return. You could understand his fear, after all, most of the times when he could not get in contact with her she was talking to Alex over the phone or talking with him privately somewhere within the school. Although it was never discussed, both Alex and Antonia felt the sexual tension between each other and it was Alex’s feeling for Antonia that would make him act.

Antonia was a short girl, 5’7, and at 17, bared nice breasts, a slim figure, and beautiful tanned skin that would make any guy loose himself in a second. Her perfume was a pleasant fruity floral aroma that always tended to distract Alex when they casually hugged.

It was during izmit rus escort the holidays of his final year at high school that the sexual tension between the two was finally broken. After Antonia’s boyfriend had left her alone for a night, she decided to call Alex and the two went to see a movie. What struck Alex’s strange is that Antonia acted like never before. She was very flirty and touchy-feely and throughout the night joked about sex and Alex’s physical appearance. Although this sort of conversation was normal within his group of friends it struck him strange when after a few moments of silence she Antonia asked Alex about his penis size.

“Where is this coming from”, he asked, slightly shocked yet felling aroused and strangely eager to answer the question

“Well, I don’t know, but I’ve generally wondered these sort things about my guy friends”, she replied blushing, “Don’t worry forget I even asked it”, and she turned away

Alex did not want the evening to turn awkward so he decided to tell her hoping that if she knew he did not mind, shed not feel embarrasses.

“7 and a half inches”, he said smiling to her before adding, “if you must know…”

Antonia turned and gave him a strange look before asking, “wow, you’ve actually measured it haven’t you?”

“Well, you know us guys, always eager to know how long our ego is”

“Well then” Antonia said smiling, “perhaps you’ll need to show me some time because I think your full of crap”, and the two laughed.

A good 30 min passed, during which many more jokes were exchanged, before Antonia received two calls, one from her Boy friend telling her he was staying the night at his friends and the other from her parents telling her they can’t pick her up as they were heading to a party.

“Don’t worry”, Alex said when she started asking how she was going to get home, “you can catch the bus with me and then I’ll walk you home”

“But your house is far from mine”, she replied, “How are you going to get home afterwards?”

“I’ll walk”, said Alex simply, and with that they izmit escort caught the bus to her house.

About 1 hour later, they arrived at the foot of Antonia’s door and they exchanged goodbye hugs. Alex loved getting hugs from Antonia because she always pressed firm breasts against his chest. However this time he felt something different. They were harder than usual and when they parted he caught a quick glimps of her nipples protruding through her bra and her shirt.

“Ehem”, Antonia said as she pushed Alexs head up a little taking his gaze of her breasts.

“Sorry”, he said looking away for a moment before her voice caught his attention again

“You know it’s not really late, and we do have the house to our selves” she said, smiling, “Do you wanna come in for a little bit and have a few drinks, perhaps watch another movie?”

Alex felt the growing bulge in his pants give an approving jerk and with that he agreed, walking into her house.

Three hours passed and as the movie they were watching finished, Alex found himself on Antonia’s couch , her head on his shoulder and both clearly under the influence of several drinks each.

“I think it will be safer if I call a taxi home”, said Alex standing to his feet only to feel a little light footed

“ Or you could stay the night here, Mum just texted me to say she and dad won’t be back till midday tomorrow”

Alex was shocked at this suggesting and although the thought of her boyfriend wanting to kill him the next day crossed his mind, the thought was quickly eliminated from his mind when he found Antonia sitting on his lap.

“Errr… Antonia….” he said

“Shut up” she answered and she bent over to reach the remote

Alex had no idea why she was sitting on his lap, but he did not care, the thought of her pussy being so close to his Penis made him instantly hard and the sight of Antonia’s red thong sticking out from her pants as she bent over made him almost blow his cream then and there.

As Antonia turned the TV off she turned to ask if Alex wanted another drink, to which he merely kocaeli escort nodded, too occupied with keeping his cock under control. Upon her return she sat down on his lap again and wriggled her way into a comfortable position, whilst letting out, what Alex took to be, faint moans.
“She’s enjoying it”, he thought, and with that he took the beer she handed to him in one hand and placed the other on her thigh, running it up and down.

Antonia turned slowly and looked at him, giving him a strange look as if to say “What are you doing”

“Sorry”, Alex mumbled and he stood up forcing her to stand up as well.

“Don’t say sorry” she said, almost in a whisper as she pushed Alex back down onto the couch and straddled him, before lowering her head and allowing her lips to meet with his.

She tasted sweet, and as their tounges met he felt her press her chest against his, whilst his cock grew to its full size and poked her pussy.

As they kissed Alex felt Antonia grind her pants against his and her breath become more shallow. They broke apart and Antonia pulled at her shirt revealing her red bra that allowed her breast to be almost clearly visible.

His many fantasies with Antonia were finally coming true as she climbed off him and kneeled before him, unzipping his pants and pulling them off. His erect cock barely contained in his underwear, she pulled them off, in what appeared to be a desperate sexual rage. She lowered her head and looked Alex in the eyes, her’s filled with lust, and she slowly started kissing his shaft causing his pre-cum to slowly leak out and run down his balls.

She licked it all up and then took the head of his cock in her mouth and started giving him what felt like the best blowjob he had ever had. Alex could not believe his luck. Six hours earlier they were laughing about his penis size and now he had his best friend sucking his seed from his cock.

“Are you ok Alex?”, she said, stopping for a moment to lick her lips and take a deep breath

“Oh babe yeah, but… if you don’t stop, I’ll come any moment”, he said, feeling more pre-cum pour from his dick.

“Oh well, we don’t want that just yet”, she said and as she stood she pulled him up off the couch and led him to her room…


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