Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Sophie awoke first, once again interrupting Dennis’ afternoon nap. Not that she had much choice this time – she had slept peacefully snuggled naked on his lap, his satisfied cock half deflated, warm between their bellies, her head tucked neatly between his shoulder and neck, her teeny twenty year old weight easily balanced on his middle aged chest.

The couch creaked softly as Sophie wriggled, purring kittenishly, savouring the feel of that half turgid organ on her flesh. She raised her head enough to see his eyes open, slowly, first just narrow slits; then half way; and finally wide, his expression equally elastic as Dennis struggled to process what had happened to him that afternoon.

He had started out grabbing a quick nap on his living room couch during a rare quiet interlude while both his sons, and their many chums, were not at the house. He had thought he was dreaming that soft feminine hands and lips were toying with his cock, but had awoken to find Sophie, his son’s platonic school mate, on her knees finishing sucking his cock until she blew not just his load but also his mind.

She had climbed on the couch, insisting that he return the favour and eat her pussy, regardless of the risk that someone might see them. Finally, before they dozed off, she had ridden him cowgirl style, until eventually, after she had ridden him to more waves of glory, his seed pumped deep into her young womanly womb, the wisdom of a condom foregone in their passionate moment.

“I think it’s time that my ass is no longer virgin, don’t you?” Sophie whispered in her most girlish tone.

The devil within Dennis grinned, recalling the young woman’s earlier offer. The more practical angel side of his personality warned that if Sophie was here, others would be around too, and if not here already, soon would arrive. These youngsters travelled in gaggles of giggles.

His cock of course only heard the devil speak. It throbbed in joyful anticipation, each heart beat and breath pumping more blood down to fill the shaft. That meant Dennis had less oxygen to supply to his angelic self-restraint.

“I know I said we should shower first,” Sophie continued, “but after that nap, I’m way too horny to bother, and just get sweaty again. And I can tell that your cock is ready for it.”

Sophie rotated her hips, grinding her pelvis appreciatively along Dennis’ growing man meat. Her mouth widened into a grin.

“Hooray!” she shouted, oblivious to any risk of being heard.

She threw her arms high above the couch, bringing them down behind Dennis, drawing her face to his. Her lips parted as their mouths met, her tongue pushing deep passed his teeth, thrusting in the fucking motion she wanted Dennis to initiate. She tasted so sweet that Dennis wished that he could just kiss her all afternoon. His cock, however, had other ideas. It quickly swelled to full mast, its hardness obvious to her as she slid along his body. Sophie responded by grinding her hips harder against his groin. Once again Dennis had to wonder if this whole afternoon was a dream, but he no longer cared. He just wanted to fuck this angel in the ass.

He could feel her cunt moistening quickly, ready to resume where they had left off. He guessed that the nap had been brief, not only because the sun was still streaming through the front window, but because he was sure that the creaminess flowing out of her love canal and coating his weapon was not just her wetness, but must also still include the remnants of his earlier deposit.

Sophie’s hips raised up, almanbahis şikayet and she moved her left arm down along his body until she could grasp his cock just above the root, angling it upwards. She wriggled, trying to guide it to her ass hole. He could feel his tip sliding along her perineum, and poking into her rosebud, but her sphincter refused to co-operate. It remained resolutely shut tight, no matter how hard Sophie tried to push her weight down onto Dennis’ massive offering. Even Dennis lifting his hips up off the cushion to try to add more movement failed to generate sufficient force.

Dennis rolled his body slightly, allowing his hand to fit between the sweaty bodies. The next time Sophie lowered against his cock, his fingers grazed her ass hole. Though he was far from an expert about anal sex, to him it seemed well lubricated. Inserting a finger pleased Sophie, who meowed like a kitten as she ground her ass down onto that digit.

She threw her head back, sinking her thighs as low as she could, trapping his hand, forcing his finger as deep into her bowel as he could reach. She paused for a moment, and twitched her hips first right, then left. With a deep sigh, Sophie dropped her upper body forward, which settled him even deeper inside her. As her diamond hard nipples carved a path along Dennis’ chest, he felt her abdominal muscles, and whatever those muscles in the ass were, dancing an exotic rhythm around his finger. This just made him wish that it was his cock. Any ambivalence or uncertainty he had felt about fucking Sophie’s tender young virginal ass had vanished. He was all in.

“Heavenly,” the young woman sighed, lost in her own dream world.

For a fleeting moment, he feared that Sophie, on the other hand, would extract all the anal pleasure she required just from the manual intrusion. He wondered whether he should try to slip his erection into her cunt, giving her a sort of double penetration, and providing him with a receptacle for the great gobs of goo he could feel gathering in his balls. He could not help grinning to himself that it was pretty good for an older guy like him to get off three times in one afternoon. No sooner did that thought occur to Denis than he had to admit to himself that it was the enthusiastic company more than his stamina which deserved the credit. Whatever satisfied her would be just fine for Dennis, who found himself wondering whether his afternoon was a one time impulse for Sophie, or whether they might fuck in the future.

“Still just foreplay though,” Sophie said, with a new, suddenly serious, edge to her voice. “I don’t think it counts as ass fucking unless there is an actual cock in the ass, and I don’t want to be some sort of half assed technical anal virgin still. If I’m going to be an anal slut, now is the time to start properly.”

Dennis watched Sophie’s pretty brow wrinkle. His cock did not flag during this pause. It seemed to trust the young woman’s wisdom and lust. She had been in the driver’s seat throughout, and he, especially his cock, was pleased to be along for the ride. The feeling of her pubic region rubbing against the hair of his belly was like icing on the cake.

He did not have to wait long before the room lit up as Sophie’s lips spread into a grin and her eyes danced with excitement.

“I know this was supposed to be your lazy afternoon on the couch,” she enthused, “but if you get up off the couch, I can bend over it and you can try to fuck my ass from behind. I bet that would work.”

She was so excited by her own almanbahis canlı casino suggestion that her body bounced up off his and settled back against his flesh, bobbling his cock and trapping it against her belly in the process.

There was no way that Dennis could say no to this angel.

“Fucking your terrific ass will be better than any afternoon nap I have ever had,” he answered.

Sophie had jumped up effortlessly before the words were even out of his mouth. Her right hand grasped his left wrist, helping him lever his bulk up off the cushions in a much more deliberate process. As he stood there, his dream state was disrupted by the realization that he was upright in his living room, shorts puddled around his ankles, his steely member unsheathed. The reflection of sunlight off the wall above the couch warned Dennis that anybody could be watching.

Any momentary doubt vanished as soon as Dennis saw that Sophie, gloriously naked, her body so fresh it looked unblemished, turned and bent, her hands up on the back of the couch, her ass presented to him. Her feet were just far enough apart that the curves of her buttocks framed her labia, which still shone brightly with the mix of her lubrication and his deposit. Sophie wriggled slightly and shifted, opening just a bit further, her rosebud anus winking at him, still not fully exposed.

Dennis stood there, bending down so he could see Sophie’s nipples dangling, stiff as if she were cold in spite of the warm summer air. She was just well enough endowed that the mounds shifted with each breath. Just looking at the young beauty made his cock ache. He stepped closer, his fingers reaching automatically between her shapely thighs, feeling her shudder as they grazed upward toward her cunt. The wetness was dripping from her snatch, her inner legs wet at least halfway to her wobbly knees.

“Spread your legs, show me what a slut you really are,” Dennis growled, getting totally into the character he somehow knew that Sophie needed him to play in order for her to surrender fully to her desires.

Sophie’s feet shifted just enough to spread her labia wide, begging him to touch her. The aggressor was now ready to submit, to be used, but as much for her own pleasure as for his.

“Please, fill me. Use me like your little fuck toy,” she gasped, though Dennis thought he caught her suppressing a giggle, which inspired him to gently swat her ass. That did make her bark laughter before her sigh of joy.

“Use my ass as a cheap fuck hole. Teach it that it has more important work to do than just pushing out shit.”

Sophie wriggled her hips then. Dennis noted once again how perfect her ass really was, and smiled knowing that he was doing mankind a huge favour by initiating her into anal sex. She was correct that not fucking an ass that enticing would be a waste.

Dennis teased Sophie’s labia with his fingers, his thumb gently grazing her engorged clit, watching her hips thrust back toward him, presenting herself for fucking in a primeval fashion.

“Hurry, please,” she begged. “My ass is long past being due for a good fucking.”

He rubbed his fingers deep in her cunt, making sure that the wetness was dripping off of them. Swiftly, he pulled them back and up, using his other hand to part her buttocks fully. He barely paused an instant to admire that rosebud, open, begging to be fucked as much as Sophie had said. His hips moved toward the inviting target without willful thought, his cock harder than it had been in ages. Ass fucking almanbahis casino was not completely new to him, but he certainly had never fucked one which as ripe.

“Are you ready to get that hungry ass filled?” he asked.

Her response was a simple sigh and a positive shake of her head.

Dennis pressed the head of his fat cock against Sophie’s well lubricated hole as he pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible. He felt her wobble slightly, almost losing her balance as his energy pushed her toward the couch.

“I wish I could see your dick as it slips inside my ass hole,” Sophie breathed.

“The mirror. Side wall.” Dennis grunted in response, one hand moving from her hip to turn her face so that her wish was granted.

As she grinned, watching her final orifice being deflowered, her delicate pink ring began to stretch around the invading cock, As the head sank past that last barrier, Dennis could feel her sphincter tighten reflexively around his shaft, and she gasped lightly, expressing pleasure, not pain.

He pressed relentlessly forward, confident that they had enough wetness to allow him to sink his full length deep into her bowel in a single stroke, his balls slapping against the wetness of her cunt right where it was running down the back of her thighs.

“So good, it feels so good,” Sophie moaned as Dennis slowly began thrusting, pulling his cock out of her depths only about an inch, and then burying it again. Then he would pull two inches out, and thrust harder. Each stroke was that much longer, that much harder.

“Looks as great as it feels too,” she groaned, her ass thrusting back to add force to the fucking, using the arms stretched out to the back of the couch for leverage.

At the same time, her muscles – the abs, the gluts, the sphincter – all started responding, squeezing and then relaxing, milking his cock. Dennis was glad that he had already climaxed twice this afternoon, which meant he did not come again too quickly for Sophie to have a good fucking as she lost her anal virginity. He watched one girly hand lift off the back of the couch. As it disappeared under her body, he knew that Sophie was playing with her own clit, working herself toward yet another orgasm.

“Fuck me hard!” she screamed so loud that if anybody was outside the house, they would have no doubt that Dennis was fucking his son’s young friend.

“Come in my ass” Sophie begged through waves of climax, “show me how much your fat cock loves fucking my tight young ass”.

Dennis leaned further forward, until Sophie could feel his weight as he forcefully grunted against her, his organ throbbing pre-orgasmically within her tight passage. He reached beneath her, each of his hands roughly grasping one of her dangling tits, his fingers trapping her nipples, pinching them. Using her boobs as handles, Dennis rocked both of them, their flesh truly joined as one. “I can feel your balls tightening, so you must be close,” Sophie moaned. “Please, I can’t take much more…”

Dennis did not respond, unless you consider animal grunts to be a reply. His cock remained locked inside her ass the entire time, and he continued fucking her harder and harder.

Once again seizing control, the young woman slid her hand from her aching clit, reaching beneath her body. As soon as her nails grazed his scrotum, Dennis exploded, flooding her anus with great gobs of goo.

“Yessssss…..” Sophie screamed even louder, matching Dennis’ climax with one more of her own. She pushed back from the couch almost to an upright position, but he was still fucking his last drops into her ass.

They collapsed exhausted onto the cushions, laughing and smiling. Without further ado, they dozed off yet again, Sophie still nude, his flaccid cock still trapped in her poop chute.

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