After the Gloryhole

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It had been a week since I had the chance to meet my three new friends in the video arcade. We were to meet again Friday after I had gotten off work. We would meet at Dubs, a favorite neighborhood sports bar, restaurant. I had my doubts whether any of them would show. But I was sure going to.

After one of the longest evenings of work I could remember, I got to the bar as quickly as I could. The three young men hadn’t yet showed, so I found a conspicuous table and ordered a drink. The waitress had no more than sat my drink on my table when Randy, Chad and Joe appeared at the entrance. They looked over the few people in the bar and when they spotted me, they quickly came and sat with me.

We exchanged pleasantries and talked about ourselves while we waited for the waitress to take their orders. I offered to buy the first round, which they readily accepted. Unfortunately, Randy was not yet old enough to drink, so he ordered a Dr. Pepper. “A man after my own heart,” I mused.

“Oh?” he inquired. “Do you like Dr. Pepper?”

“Yes. My drink of choice wherever I go,” I held my glass up in salutation.

For the next hour, we simply got to know each other. As it turned out, all three of the young men were students at the university. They met as freshmen and have been tight since. They were a little shocked, but not put off to know that I was a factory worker and 50 years old. They, then explained to me they had never even entertained such actions as we were apparently to partake. When I had given Randy the hand job in the video arcade the week before, it had gotten them curious. They had not done anything with each other but were anxious to experiment.

About eleven thirty, Joe suggested we get out of this place and into some mischief. We agreed to meet at their apartment, as they lived in town and I live half an hour away. They came in the same vehicle, so I offered to let one ride with me. Chad asked, “Do you mind if I go with you?”

“I don’t mind at all,” I answered.

“Follow me. I drive a red Grand Prix,” Joe said. It took just ten minutes to get across town to their apartment. In the short time we were in my truck, Chad had already gotten a hard-on and pulled it out for me to see. It was not nearly as big as Randy’s, but respectable in size and very alluring. I took the opportunity to give his sweet meat a gentle stroke.

Once at the apartment we sat and chatted for a short time. I sat on the couch with Randy. Joe and Chad on a love seat across the room. The sexual tension was a little unnerving. Finally, Randy asked, “So… How do we get this started?”

“Well,” I said. “Since I seem to have the most experience, I will get it started. First, let me say; I will not kiss any of you guys. Unless you want me to.”

“You have already kissed me once,” Interrupted Randy. “So, you can kiss me again. I liked it.”

“Okay, then.” I pulled Randy to me and kissed him quick and gentle at first. I opened my mouth slightly and kissed him again, but with more pressure. My tongue snaked into his curiously willing mouth. Our tongues played against each other as the heat started to build between us. My hand was on his thigh and working higher into his crotch. It found the object of my desire. His large cock already at straining at his slacks. I pulled his zipper down and put my hand in his fly and sought out his throbbing member. As I pulled the large prize from its prison, I looked to the other two and said, “It is best to familiarize yourself with the penis you intend to… well… you know.”

I tempobet yeni giriş pulled Randy’s cock back to near his stomach and studied the underside. I had jacked this cock before, so it was just for purposes of my demonstration. I traced a line from the base where his bag started to the underside of the velvety head. I wrapped my fingers around the smooth shaft and gave it a couple slow tugs. I let it go and brought the hand to my nose. “You can sniff the hand you stroked him with. It will give you some indication of what his cleaning habits are. And, I can tell you, Randy, that you wash regularly. And if you are apprehensive about the taste… If you don’t feel comfortable taking his dick in your mouth without knowing what it tastes like… Simply lick your hand. The flavor will be lighter, but similar.” I licked my palm and yes could taste his saltiness.

“What are we looking for, when we study the dick?” asked Chad.

“Signs of an unhealthy partner, mostly. Blisters, weeping sores, warts.” I said. “If you want, you can sniff and taste yourself.”

Chad wasted no time in trying that. He unfastened his trousers, pulled his cock out and stroked it several times. It too was hard. He sniffed his palm, then licked it. “The smell is kind of strong and musky and the taste follows the smell. Kind of salty, too. But it’s not that bad.”

“So do you think you could try somebody else? Like Joe?” I asked.

“Yes. I think I can.” He readily pulled Joe’s open and freed his cock. He stroked it a couple times. “Wow,” he marveled. “I can feel his pulse. I never pay attention when I am jacking myself. It feels strange.” He moved to sniff Joe’s prick directly. “Oh, the aroma is stronger. It gets me hot.” Chad touched his tongue to the tip of Joe’s meat stick. He savored the flavor for a few seconds. Once satisfied with the new experience, he took the head of Joe’s cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the end. Joe thew his head back and allowed the sensation to overtake him.

I was confident that they could do for themselves, so I refocused my attention to Randy. I lowered my open mouth over his still fantastically stiff rod. The taste I was craving for so long was there in my mouth. I closed my lips around his hard shank just under the crown. I sucked just the head as I stroked the length of the shaft with one hand. I stroked his balls with my free hand. I kept that up for a couple minutes, then began to take as much of his cock as I could. I gagged as I got about three quarters in my throat. I pulled back to the top to catch my breath and to keep from choking.

Once I had recovered from the first attempt, I swallowed as much as I could muster again. When I got to my limit, I stopped and swallowed. The contraction in my throat caused Randy to moan lightly. He moved both his hands to the back of my head to keep me from pulling away from his heated pole. I repeated the motion for several minutes. Each time I swallowed on his cock, he moaned louder.

I tried also to keep an eye on the other two young men. I watched them out the corner of my watering eyes. What I could make out, was Joe was now sucking Chad’s beautiful dick. I adjusted my timing to coincide with his. The moans coming from Randy and Chad seemed to be in completely in harmony with each other. As I returned my full attention to Randy, his balls sent an invitation to suck harder. A large drop of precum oozed from the tip and coated my tongue with its tantalizing salty flavor. I knew the young man was about to blow so I increased the pace tempobet giriş with my hands and sucked him with more fervor. Randy’s pants and grunts marked the beginning of his excited orgasm. He grabbed two hands full of hair and pulled my face down to bury his superheated tool deeper in my throat. I relaxed as much as I could to overcome the need to gag.

Randy hollered and bucked as he shot his hot load to my waiting stomach. I swallowed as much as I could. The rest flowed out my mouth and landed on his spasming ball sack. Once he came as much as was going to, he pulled free of my oral cavity and collapsed on the couch. I took the opportunity o lick his leftover cum from his crotch.

I sat beside Randy on the couch and watched as Joe was bringing Chad off. Joe pulled away as soon as Chad began his orgasm. Chad shot most of his wad across Joe’s face. Some found its way into his mouth. He contemplated the taste. When he found that it wasn’t really that bad, he ran his tongue around his lips to get as much as he could. What he couldn’t get, he wiped with a tissue from a box on the end table next to the love seat where he was sitting.

After Randy recovered from his orgasm, he stood and pulled me to my feet in front of himself. He kissed me full, probing my cum sticky mouth with his tongue. “Come with me,” he said as he broke the kiss.

He lead me to his bedroom and to the lone queen-sized bed in the middle of the room. He started pulling at my clothes. I needed no further instruction. I helped him undress myself. When I was naked, I helped Randy finish getting naked as well.

Randy pushed me down onto the bed and laid next to me. “It is my turn to suck you,” he said.

“We could have done that out there,” I said.

“I guess I am a little self conscious about my friends seeing me do this. I was thinking maybe we could try a sixty-nine. The bed will be a lot more comfortable for that.”

“I can get into that.” I quickly spun around so we were face to crotch. Randy’s cock was again hard as a rock. He didn’t wait for me to give any words of encouragement. He opened his mouth, tilted his head and sucked me sideways. The feeling was incredible as he wrapped his tongue around my cock. “Wow. Where did you learn that?”

Randy stopped long enough to say, “My ex used to do it this way. She was afraid I would cum in her mouth so to avoid that she would suck me me sideways.” He resumed his oral exploration, alternating between the sideways and a normal in the mouth blow job. I mimicked his actions with my mouth. I did however dare to push the edge to see how far he would allow me to go. I ran my index finger from his balls to his a taint and around his asshole. He announced his approval by opening his legs to ease access. I caressed his light brown pucker, tracing my finger gently around the perimeter. As I got more into what I was doing to Randy and he was allowing it, I pressed the tip of my finger at the virgin hole.

Randy continued to suck my cock. He did, however, open his mouth and suck me as deep into his inexperienced hole. I let him slip from my own mouth momentarily while I licked two fingers and got them slick with my saliva. I replaced his sweet cock in my mouth and slathered my spit around his little asshole. I pressed one finger slightly more aggressively than before until the tip slipped passed the tight ring of muscle. He moaned loudly, but didn’t move away. I pressed more and soon my finger was knuckle deep. I held my hand still for a few seconds, allowing him to become accustomed tempobet güvenilirmi to my probing digit.

A few seconds later, Randy started fucking his cock into my throat. I took this as a sign he was ready for more. I slowly moved my finger out of his asshole, just to the first knuckle, then slid it back in. I repeated this motion several times, when I felt he was ready for another finger. As I pulled nearly out, I position my second finger at the hole and gently pressed both in this time. Randy moaned louder on my prick. His voice acting like a vibrator sent a thrill through my core.

I let his cock slip from my mouth as I licked it from the head to the newly invaded hole I was fingering. I licked around my fingers to lube them a little more before I returned to the top to continue my oral worship.

We sucked each other for a few minutes, when I heard the door open. Joe and Chad entered and quietly laid on the bed next to us. Joe moved close to me and licked and sucked the base of Randy’s cock while I lapped away at the head. Chad saw what I was doing to Randy’s asshole and moved in to lick my asshole. I was more than happy to let him and opened my legs to give him full access. When he had gotten my ass sufficiently wet and ready, he carefully slid two fingers in me and began massaging my prostate. The feeling was so intense that I began to moan and buck uncontrollably.

“Oh, he likes that, eh?” Chad observed. He pulled his fingers from inside me and left the bed. I had no idea where he went or why, until he came back. He smeared my asshole with some lube and I heard him slipping a condom over his cock. My heart began to race. I knew I was finally going to get fucked by one of these fine young men. In a few seconds, I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my ass. I reached back to guide him in and with a little pressure, he had invaded my nether hole. I put my hand on his hip to signal to him that he needed to slow down and let me adjust.

Once I had acclimated to the meat now invading my body, I moved my hand to Chad’s butt and pulled him deeper into myself. He slowly started to moved in and out. The feeling went from slightly painful to incredibly erotic in just a few seconds. My cock started to twitch violently in Randy’s mouth with every thrust from Chad. My fingers and mouth pistoned in opposition to each other as I was trying to bring him to the edge as fast as he and Chad were getting me there.

I didn’t know whether Joe was getting off with us, but was about to find out. Randy began to moan and thrash as he was about to explode in my mouth. I was quickly approaching my point of no return as well. Chad was pounding my ass with reckless abandon. He was rapidly building to his own crescendo. The moans became very loud and the bed groaned and thumped with our impending orgasms.

I am not sure who came first, Randy or I, but we were very close. I shot most of my load into Randy’s mouth, while he shot more than I could handle into mine. Joe eagerly lapped up the cum I could not swallow. Chad fucked me harder with very thrust and finally drained his balls into my bowel. I felt every spasm his hot hard cock made and also felt every string of spunk he deposited deep inside me. Let me not forget Joe. He was jacking his fine penis while he helped me get Randy off. He quickly moved to Randy’s face and shot his wad on his face and in his mouth. I wasn’t going to let the cum on Randy’s face go to waste. I licked off every bit of it.

We all collapsed in a heap of sweaty spent man flesh. When I had recovered, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I came back into the room, all the men were sound asleep. I found a pad of paper and a pen and left a note for them on the bedside table. It read: “Thanks boys for a great time. We’ll have to do it again… SOON.”

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