After Hours In The Office

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I have always felt that there is something naughty about sex. Not in the way that it is bad or wrong, you understand, but more that naughtiness has to be an integral part in order for it to be exciting. I am not sure this is necessarily normal, but it is the way I feel about it and judging by the number, variety and sheer weirdness of some fetishes, I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way. Why am I saying this? I guess I feel a bit guilty too. I am a dirty old man. But I do know what I like.

This young girl started working in the office. Only 18. Short blonde hair cut in a bob. 5’5 with a nice figure that was ever so slightly plump and nice legs, which got displayed often due to her liking for short skirts. Her breasts were not large and, depending upon what she wore, sometimes seemed non-existent. But generally, she wore a light white blouse that showed small firm breasts that could be cupped comfortably in one hand each … and I often thought of doing so.

I really was not planning anything when I asked if she wanted to do some overtime work one evening. There was some filing and cataloguing to do, which I knew would just get left if we would try to do it during the day. I also thought she’d appreciate a little extra money.

Of course, it also gave me an opportunity to chat to her and try to get to know her a bit better, which I was keen to do. During the day, in the busy office, she worked quietly, but there was little opportunity to do otherwise and she was probably reluctant, as the new girl, to join in the conversation of the older and more experienced staff. Socially, she still needed to find her position in their ranks.

Erica was a bit shy at first, but started to open up once she realised that I was genuinely interested. She told me about her family and her holidays and how she enjoyed horse riding. She told me about her first time on a horse, her blue eyes sparkling. She had actually found it rather frightening, but somehow she had to go back and try again. When she talked about something that made her happy, she became more animated, pulling faces, tossing her head and using her hands to illustrate what she was saying. When she talked like that, she changed from being quite pretty to becoming adorable.

‘Any boyfriends?’, I said, thinking to myself how lucky any guy would be.

‘Umm. No.’ she said, ‘No time really.’ she added, a bit lamely, I thought.

‘They don’t really seem that interested.’, she said, looking at me with some hint of a question in her expression. I guessed that she was fishing for a compliment or some kind of reassurance.

‘I can’t believe that.’, I said, moving a little closer and lightly brushing her hair back beside her head, gently. She looked up at me, obviously interested in what I might say next. She looked trusting and vulnerable.

‘You really are a very pretty young woman.’

‘Do you really think so?’, she simpered, blushing a little.

‘I really really think so. In fact, I know so. I was your age once and I know that, as a boy, you would certainly have turned my head.’

‘You would have asked me out?’

‘Of escort izmit course I would have done.’ I said, secretly amused and flattered by this strange need for reassurance from me. I was also feeling a bit annoyed. Here I was talking about myself in the past tense as if I had no real right to be thinking about myself involved with this lovely girl at my age, now. What I said next was partly out of anger rather than any other intent, trying to break the image of me as a sexless middle-aged gent, for me as well as for her.

‘Look’, I said ‘We’re both adults and perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this, but here I am with you and you’re so pretty and such lovely company, I will probably be thinking about you later.’

‘Later?’, she said and looked puzzled.

‘Later’, I said. ‘When I go home, I am going to think about you and your lovely young body when I jerk off.’

The reaction was electric. She jerked back, her eyes wide open and her mouth also. Obviously she was lost for words, but feeling that she needed to say something. All she could manage was a startled ‘Oh!’.

‘I’m sorry.’, I said ‘I’ve shocked you, but that’s the way it is. Are you ok?’ I spoke calmly hoping to reassure her, letting her know that we were just talking. Inside, I was shaking too. I had actually shocked myself.

‘Oh my!’, she said, her hand had fluttered to her throat as if she had trouble catching her breath. ‘I think so.’, she paused.

‘No ones ever said anything like that to me before. It makes me feel kind of funny. I find it difficult to believe you said that.’

‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have’ I said ‘but I wanted you to know just how attractive you are.’

‘Did you really mean that?’ she said, obviously a bit excited by the thought. She hadn’t moved any further away, but she hadn’t moved any closer, either. She was looking at me in a different way now. Suddenly I had been transformed from a boring middle-aged man into someone interesting and dangerous to know. I think she was loving it.

‘Most certainly’ I said, feeling very wicked. ‘Could I ask a favour?’

‘Ummm … that depends.’ She said, acting coyly.

The whole atmosphere of the conversation had changed. Now we were in new territory and the rules were clearly different. What could be dared? I suppose I could have backed off and played safe, but I just had to push a little further. In some ways I almost felt I owed it to her not to disappoint.

‘It would mean a lot to me if you would let me feel your cunt.’

She wasn’t so shaken this time by my crudeness. ‘That’s a nasty word, Sir! You’re trying to shock me.’

That was the first time she’d ever called me ‘Sir’. Either she was trying to remind me of our respective positions, or perhaps she was feeding some secret fantasy she had. I thought it was the latter. And she hadn’t said ‘No’.

‘Actually,’ I said, moving closer to her and slipping my right hand up under her skirt ‘what I am trying to do is slide my hand inside your panties.’

She didn’t move, but looked into my eyes and smiled as my hand pushed inside the elastic waistband of her panties. She closed her eyes and, as izmit escort my hand slipped down further, let out a small moan of anticipation. My fingers eased slowly through her soft pubic hair, over the soft crease of flesh marking the opening of her pussy to her lips.

She was sopping wet. Soft and yielding, like a swamp.

My hand explored her warm wet slippery folds. ‘Oh Sir!’, she said, as my finger slipped so easily up inside her, and then ‘Oh!’ as my finger found her clitty. She moved her hand down to cover mine , holding it in place.

‘That’s very naughty of you, Sir! You know you shouldn’t, but I do hope you’re not going to stop just yet.’

‘Sir’, she added, after a slight pause.

‘You have a lovely hot wet young pussy.’, I said ‘I want to taste it!’

‘Oh Sir! Really?’ She moved quickly and eagerly, slipping off her panties and hopping up onto the desk, lying back and holding her legs apart for me. Her pussy was wide open, the inner lips protruding, red and succulently glistening with her moisture.

‘Oh Sir!’, she said again … and wriggled her sweet little bottom in front of me on the desk. I had a kind of feeling that I’d been had.

She looked so beautiful and so shamelessly overcome by her needs. I moved my head between her thighs, sniffing her aroma and ever so slowly moving towards her open petals, letting her feel my warm breath first against her aroused flesh, letting her anticipate my lips and tongue. The scent of her arousal swamped my senses.

Her clitty protruded, swollen, engorged by blood. I couldn’t resist just flicking my tongue across the tip before licking down along between her pussylips. She tasted as good as she looked. I buried my face in her watermelon moisture, licking with my tongue deep up inside her. She moaned and writhed, grinding her open pussy against my face and lubricating freely. I moved back up to her clitty to take her little bud into my mouth and suckle on it. She moaned again and then let out a long sigh.

I would’ve enjoyed slowly bringing her to that first peak of pleasure using my mouth and tongue in that deep intimacy, but she was so far ahead of me. Her youthful aroused passion had taken her to that point, over and beyond, before I’d hardly started. Her breathing was heavy and punctuated with little gasps. Far from being in control, I felt the situation had taken over completely.

I pulled away from her juicy snatch and looked down at her. She had unbuttoned her blouse and somehow removed her bra. Her breasts were young firm and perky with dark pink suckable nipples contrasting most erotically with her pale flesh. The nipples were standing out erect, reminding me of my cock, now uncomfortably restricted. Erica moved one hand down between her legs, not wishing to allow the sensations she was getting to stop and watching as I undid my trousers.

I released my cock, thick and stiff with my lust for this young girl. With her watching I stroked it letting her see the full length and the thick purple head which I was going to use to open up her cunt even wider.

‘Oh My! Are you going to fuck me, Sir?’

I izmit kendi evi olan escort ignored the silly question moving my body over hers, my thighs between her thighs, placing my two hands on her two breasts, squeezing them, lifting the nipples up to my mouth to be sucked on. Licking and sucking on those sweet nubs made her moan again. Her hands moved away from her pussy between my legs where they encircled my cock. One hand then moved down to cradle my balls while the other started to feel along the length of the shaft.

‘Ooooh! I want your cock! Give me your cock! Fuck this little girl with your big cock, Sir!’

She pulled me towards her, eager to feel my thick cockhead filling her young pussy. My lips worked up from her breasts kissing and licking her up to her neck. My cock was nudging at the entrance to her slick cunt.

I moved my head away from the soft flesh of her neck so I could look into her face, seeing the change of expression as my cock entered her love tunnel for the first time. She was tight, but so incredibly lubricated that her hot pussy accepted my hardness easily, returning my intrusion with a tight hot slippery embrace gripping my cock so deliciously. Her mouth opened again, her eyes looking at me half-closed. My cock stretching her young pussy caused an almost inaudible gasp of pain, followed by a quiet moan of satisfaction.

I only had the head of my cock inside her. Shifting my weight behind me I pushed deeper inside her slippery tightness, her eyes opened wide now realising that I still had not entered her completely. There was no obstruction, other than her tightness, so perhaps she was not a virgin. I wondered if she had been playing a game with me – just who was seducing who, here?.

Her legs wrapped around me pulling me in as deep as I could go. My mouth moved to hers and she responded, holding me tightly against me, mashing her lips against mine, still moaning into my open mouth. My cock now fully inside her started to move back and forwards, slowly at first, in short steady movements and then speeding up the fuck rhythm building the friction between my hard broad cock and the gripping slimy embrace of her cunt muscles.

I had her where I wanted and now I just fucked her hard, my prick pounding in and out of her body. Taken over by my animal lust, I just rammed in and out of her, shaking her body with every thrust, making her tits jiggle, her hard nipples brushing against my chest.. Her cries started getting louder, keeping pace with my thrusts.

‘Uh, uh, uh, uhh, uhh … Uhhhh … I’m cummmming!’

I didn’t really care. My own load was full and ready. I rammed selfishly into her hot snatch knowing that I couldn’t help spurting deep inside her. I felt the swelling of my cock increasing the pressure on the walls of her vagina as my hot semen pumped up from my balls and spewed out deep inside her womb. I continued to fuck into her, still cumming, making sure she took all my cream inside her young cunt.

Exhausted, I pulled out of her, my cock wet and sticky from our combined juices, her pussy dribbled the same mixture. She lay on the desk, flushed, her pale flesh now a delicious pink, her clothes – those she was still wearing – in disarray. Breathless, she did not move, but she still made the effort to speak.

‘Oh, thank you, Sir!’

I think I am going to have to start working out!

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