Adult Bookstore Evening

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I am 21 years old. I’m completely straight acting but I classify myself secretly as bi. I’ve had sex with plenty of women and been in long lasting relationships with a few girls, as well as had a few gay hookups when I felt bold enough. This particular evening I was hanging around my apartment bored and kind of horny and I was tired of internet porn so I decided I’d ride downtown to the adult bookstore and see whats going on, watch some porn maybe. So I jumped in the car and took the 20 minute drive down there and found a parking spot.

I walked in, it was a pretty busy night there, about a dozen people in there. I looked around at some of the videos for sale and some of the sex toys. Looking at this stuff was already getting me more excited plus I had a few guys checking me out. I figured at this point I’d go to one of the private booths and watch a little porn.

I found an open booth that happened to have a gloryhole and closed the door and had a seat. I put a few bucks in and decided that given the atmosphere I’d check out a gay porn. As the video started up with two college guys sucking each others cocks I began to play with mine. I watched the video of them getting off as I stroked my hard 8 inch cock, and as the guys began to have anal sex I heard some commotion in the booth next to me. I looked süpertotobet yeni giriş over to see a finger poking around the hole. I leaned over to peak through and stuck my finger through the hole. To my surprise, the guy in the next booth stuck his erect cock through the hole right as I leaned down. It was a nice looking dick. It was similar to mine, white about 7.5 inches, no hair around the base. I took it in my hand and began stoking him off.

I looked over at the video for a second and saw the guys fucking doggy style and that really put me in the mood. I then leaned in at that point and took the head of the strangers cock into my mouth. I dropped down to my knees as I eagerly swallowed this bulging cock deeper down my throat. I knew now that I was hungry for dick as my head bobbed back and forth sucking on this piece of man meat. The room was filled with sounds of the gay porn playing behind me, the heavy breathing of the guy on the other side of the wall, and the slurping sounds of me slobbering on this guys cock. The thought of me, a guy who everyone thought was straight, on my knees blowing a random guys cock really turned me on. What would my friends think if they saw me on my knees taking a big cock deep in my throat and jerking off. I went back and forth licking up and down his süpertotobet giriş shaft and taking his meat down my throat while jerking off for several minutes when all of a sudden he exploded with a rush of cum. A lot of it went straight into my mouth and I then pulled back and jerked him off with my mouth open, catching the rest of it. As he finished cumming, he pulled out of the gloryhole and I finished jerking myself off and came all over the wall with the gloryhole. I then zipped up and wiped the remaining cum off my face and decided to head out.

After I exited the store, I was walking through the parking garage to my car when I heard someone whistle. I looked over to see a nicely dressed, clean cut black guy, roughly college aged.

“Whats up man?” he asked.

“Not too much, just heading out.” I said.

“Were you here looking for some fun?” he then asked me.

“Yeah… and I had a good time.” I responded to his questions, wondering what he was interested in.

“Me too man. You wanna have a quickie?” he suggested.

“Sure, why not.” I said as I walked over to him. we was standing against an SUV and we both walked behind it. He then unzipped and pulled out his very nice dick; at least 8 inches. He was already hard as I dropped to my knees right there in the süpertotobet güvenilirmi parking deck and took him into my mouth. I unzipped my pants and took out my dick and started playing with myself as he grabbed the back of my head and started throat fucking me. I sucked as hard as I could as he drove his hard cock deep down my throat. My dick was rock hard as I slobbered all over him and he forcefully fucked my mouth. Then, without warning, my mouth filled up with juices as she shot his load deep in my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it but some seeped out the corners of my mouth and onto my face as he still held my head deep around his shaft. After a couple seconds he released and I pulled off and gave his head a couple of licks to clean him off.

He then helped me to my feet and pushed me against the back of the car as he got to his knees and began sucking me off. I leaned there in total bliss as he worshiped my cock, which was already throbbing since I had been playing with it the whole time. Within a minute I unleashed my second load of the night, right into his awaiting mouth. He sucked me hard as he swallowed my sperm and I could hardly stand at that point as I was slouched on the bumper of his car.

He stood up and smiled and we zipped up and said our goodbyes. I continued to walk to my car, passing a couple people on the way. Some of them seemed to be looking at me but I was in my own world at that point so I didn’t pay much attention to them. I got in my car and glanced in the mirror and noticed I still had his cum on my face. “Whoops!” I said to myself with a smile as I whipped it off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32