A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 04

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Crystal couldn’t sleep. She tried but her mind couldn’t stray far from the image of her brother’s cock leaking all that thick cum. Crystal rolled over and tossed around but after hours of trying to sleep with no success she pulled on a pair of pants and threw on a shirt and hurried down the hall and opened the closet door which led to the basement door.

She twisted and turned the door handle until the bolt came out with a thunderous clang. She waited a moment before going in just in case her mom might wake up. Crystal opened the door and stood in the doorway and looked at the massive beast of fur and muscle. She watched its fur rise and fall as it breathed deeply in slumber. Crystal snuck across the floor and picked up the camera and hurried back out.

She closed the door and relocked it and pulled out her phone and dialed out.

“Hey Riley. Can we meet?”

“It’s two in the morning Crystal.” Riley said sleepily.

“I have the pictures…and footage.”

“I’ll meet you at the park down the street. Be there in ten.” Riley said and hung up. Crystal walked out of the house and jogged down the street. The park was in the middle of a well lit area surrounded by houses.

She waited on the park bench just under the lamplight. Riley pulled up in her small two person white car and flashed her lights. Crystal got up and hopped into the passenger seat. Riley was dressed in a pair of men’s pajama pants and a tank top which had a few white stains on it that looked fresh.

“Let me see.” Riley said and grabbed the camera and quickly hit the play button. Riley’s eyes quickly went wide as she looked at Damian’s naked body.

Crystal watched the video with open eyes and both women couldn’t help but feel aroused. The primal sounds of him grunting and growling caused them to feel warm and tingly. Riley’s wide eyes went wider as she watched Crystal mount Damian and start to fuck him until she orgasmed. Riley was hardly aware of Crystal in the next seat as she started fingering her pussy and breathing heavily.

Riley’s fingers worked faster as she watched the thick strings of cum drool out of Damian’s canine like cock.

“Oh shit.” Riley huffed as she started working her pussy and clitoris until she couldn’t hold back any longer. Riley let out a soft whine as she orgasmed and then the video stopped. Crystal tried not to look at her best friend who had just masturbated in front of her but she too felt the urge to cum.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that in front of you.” Riley said apologetically.

“It’s okay. I get it.” Crystal blushed.

“Is that really him?” Riley asked.

“It really is.” Crystal replied.

“So that form? That’s-“

“The true form of the Fenrir gene. Only those with the Fenrir gene can exceed beyond the limits of the average werewolf.” Crystal said.

“But he can control it any other time right?” Riley asked.

“Mostly yes. If he gives too much control over to the primal essence of the wolf then it takes him over instead.” Crystal explained. “Damian explained it like this…it’s like balancing scales. Put too much weight on either side and the scales will be off balance.”

“That’s terrifying.” Riley admitted. “That’s why he doesn’t use his wolf too often right?”


“But I’ve seen him turn into a regular sized wolf before.” Riley said.

“On the half moon he can turn into a lycanthrope or werewolf.”

“A lycanthrope is a bipedal wolf right? More man than wolf?” Riley asked.

“Exactly.” Crystal replied.

“And the werewolf is more wolf than man?”

“You got it.”

“So on the new moon he becomes a Fenrir? And on a full moon?” Riley asked.

“He becomes queenbet güvenilirmi a Loup-garou. Basically a massive lycanthrope with an insatiable thirst for blood and sex.” Crystal said.

“So why is it that you can’t become a wolf?” Riley asked.

“The shifter gene comes out differently in everyone. Some become wolves, others birds and me…” she closed her eyes and tapped into her primal essence. Her brown hair rolled over her skin and she quickly shrank out of her clothes and practically vanished. Then from out of the collapsed clothes poked the head of a very soft furred brown cat.

Crystal purred loudly and gave a loud ‘meow’ and then put her paws on the window. Riley stroked Crystal’s fur once before she opened the door and let Crystal out.

“See you tomorrow.” Riley said.

Crystal turned her head and made a soft cat sound and took off down the street and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Riley hit the replay button on the video and started masturbating one more time before going home.

Damian woke up with a massive headache, an empty stomach and a stiff body. His hands slipped out of the chains easily in his human form. Scattered around him were his teeth and nails that he had shed the night before. Droplets of dried blood were tossed about on the marred concrete.

However when he turned back into his human form, his fur and claws and fangs simply burned away as though it had never existed at all. Damian stumbled up the stairs and fell onto the couch and sank into it. As he sank into the couch, naked and blood stained he felt relieved to know he had at least two weeks before he had to prepare for the next lunar phase. However, after each lunar phase he always awoke feeling stronger and refreshed and more connected to his primal essence.

A part of him wondered what it would be like to let his wolf truly run free for a night. As he continued to lay on the couch he barely registered the steps of his mother as she walked down the steps.

“Damian?” She asked.

He jumped up and grabbed a couch cushion and covered himself.

“Sorry mom, Umm…good morning.”

Susanne felt relieved to see her son healthy and back to normal. In the back of her mind she always worried that one night after a lunar phase, he might not turn back; just like he did…just like-

“You okay mom?” Damian asked.

She looked up at him and shook away her thoughts. As she did, a new set of thoughts crept into her mind. Thoughts that brought a wave of guilt and arousal.

“Are you feeling okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just about to go shower.” He replied.

“I’ll get breakfast ready, go shower.” She said.

“Thanks mom.” He said and hurried up the stairs.

Susanne lifted up her nightgown and slid a hand between her thighs.

Her pussy was dripping. All she could think about was how much she wanted him. Susanne wanted to feel her son. To taste him. To touch him.

“I have to tell him.” She said out loud.

“Tell who what?”

Susanne turned around to find Crystal right behind her.

“Don’t scare me like that.” Susanne gasped. “Thank you for taking care of your brother. I know normally I do it but the app I used kind of needed an update.”

“It’s okay. I umm…was kind of glad to see it.” Crystal admitted. Susanne frowned questioningly at her daughter. “I’ve never seen the full thing before and it helps me understand it more you know?”

“Oh. I suppose that’s true.” Susanne nodded. “Are you alright after seeing it all last night?”

Crystal thought back and the image of his massive canine cock dripping with sperm flashed through her mind.

“I’m queenbet yeni giriş fine mom. Don’t worry.” She smiled.

“Are you going to work today?”

“Yeah. I have to finish paperwork at the hospital. I’m sure my boss will be pissed at me for leaving the computer unlocked.” Susanne sighed. “How about you?”

“I’ll stay with Damian for the day. Just to make sure he is all good.”

Susanne felt a stir in her pussy and she was sure that she had just had a micro-orgasm at the thought of staying with her son all day.

“Okay. I’ll go get dressed then.” She said and hurried upstairs. On her way up she passed the bathroom door which was cracked open and inside stood Damian. He stood naked and muscular and tall in front of the mirror. Susanne stopped and watched her son through the crack in the door and without even realizing it she had started masturbating. ‘Oh god Damian. I want you so bad’ she huffed silently as she started stroking her pussy.

Susanne imagined that it was Damian who was touching her and running his hands between her labia. Susanne brought herself to the fastest climax and with a quick pinch of her clitoris she orgasmed. From between her legs she watched a thick trickle of cervical cum drop to the carpet. She hurried to her room and shut the door. Damian hopped into the shower and scrubbed off the blood that had dried onto his skin during his transformation.

As he washed away the blood, his mind drifted to his last thoughts. Images of the girl in the stall flashed through his mind. Images of her legs spread open and the clear coat of cum that had covered her pink pussy after masturbating. The images were quickly accompanied by emotions. Damian remembered how badly he wanted to fuck her.

How pure her body smelled of fear and arousal. That memory cascaded over his senses and triggered his wolf.

‘No! Stop! I…Dammit no!’ Damian snarled but his thoughts of fucking that helpless girl who had robbed the store brought out the primal in him. His heart pounded and his veins bulged and his skin tore far easier than it had the night before. With ease he shifted into werewolf form and scrambled out of the shower.

Crystal waited until she heard her mom pack up her things from the kitchen and hurry out the front door. The nicest perk about having the shifter gene was the enhanced senses. She could hear the foot steps of a spider on the wall when she fully tapped into her primal essence. Once the house was clear she walked out wearing only a lacy skirt.

She walked up the stairs and pushed open the door with a sly smile. Steam rolled up and over the side of the tub and along the floor and across the carpet. Crystal stopped as she saw the reflection of Damian in the clouded mirror. Even in his smallest werewolf form he stood four feet tall and seven feet long.

His fur was bristled and long. His bright blue eyes burned like illuminated sapphires and his fangs dripped with saliva. Crystal wasn’t sure if Damian was behind those eyes or if it was his wolf. She got her answer as Damian slowly walked up to her and stuffed his snout between her legs and began licking.

“That’s a good boy.” She said as she stroked his fur behind his ear. She loved how much surface area his tongue covered. He got her clitoris and her whole pussy with each lick.

“Oh yes Damian. Oh yes…keep going.” Crystal whined. Quickly her climax climbed higher until she was gripping his head to stay standing. “Oh yes! I’m cumming Damian! I’m cumming!” She moaned.

Damian licked up the cum that drooled out of her pussy. Damian shifted his weight and redistributed Crystal’s balance with a nudge of his head until she was on the ground queenbet giriş on her back. Damian stepped over her and until his growling snout was directly over her lips. Crystal had never really realized how truly fearsome and handsome her brother’s primal wolf was. She reached across and took hold of his thick canine penis.

In human form his cock was easily seven inches long and in wolf form it was about the same. The only difference was that it didn’t look human and the testicles had turned into a large bulbous knot. Damian, on all four stepped forward and Crystal guided his bright red cock into her pussy. As soon as his cock entered her pussy and parted her labia she felt an instant pressure. It was the kind of pressure that wasn’t merely physical.

It was a connection that she couldn’t quite comprehend but then again she didn’t really need to. Damian let out a low pleased growl as his cock slid into his sister’s pussy and then back out. Damian started fucking her pussy in his primal wolf form. Crystal couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her brother’s canine cock inside her.

She moaned every time the tip of his cock hit her cervix.

“Oh fuck yes Damian! Fuck me!” She shouted.

Damian widened his stance and then he pushed his enter cock in along with the large knot. Crystal’s eyes went wide as she felt the knot open her pussy. It had felt like a soft plug had just opened up her pussy.

“Fuck! That knot is huge!” Crystal moaned.

Damian began fucking her pussy with his knotted cock and quickly he felt the pressure surround his penis. Crystal couldn’t prevent her hips from pushing back as he pushed forward, plunging his cock deeper until it left her with the feeling of her cervix being torn in two. Damian growled and in that snarl Crystal knew he was at his limit. She looked up at him and as his large muscular primal form towered over her she felt so small and almost frail beneath him.

“Cum for me brother.” Crystal whined. “Here.” She said and pulled herself out from beneath him, turned over onto her hands and knees and bent low. To the world it was simply a position called doggy style. To Damian, to his primal essence; it was the ultimate form of submission. Damian walked forward, got up on his hind legs and shoved his cock straight into her sore pussy.

“Holy fuck!” She screamed as Damian began pounding her pussy harder and harder. She could feel his large knot stretch her vaginal opening each time and she could sense the urgency as he pounded her. Damian growled and snarled as he ferociously fucked his sister from behind in an immediate need to cum. His knot burned with the need to release and his cock throbbed each time it pressed against her swollen cervix.

Crystal felt his large knot stiffen and then his cock expanded inside of her.

“Oh fuck me Damian. Cum inside me!”

Damian barely even heard her words as he became lost in his desperate need to unleash and relieve himself. Damian dug his claws into her hips piercing her skin as he plunged forward thrusting his cock as deep as he could and filling her pussy up.

Crystal screamed as his claws sank into her skin but her pain was overwhelmed with pleasure as she felt his warm sperm fill up inside her. Damian let loose a wild howl of triumph. Crystal pushed back against him as he pushed inside her. His canine cock remained stiff and hard as he continued released load after load of canine cum. After a few minutes he stepped off and Crystal turned around and looked at his swollen bright red cock and knot.

She slid onto her back and wrapped her hands around his cock and started pumping.

Each time she caressed his knot and stroked his cock she was rewarded with a small load of thick milky cum. It oozed out from his cock and landed in her open mouth. Damian’s growl of pleasure rumbled from his chest each time she coaxed cum from his cock. After several more minutes his cock began to shrink and she watched it disappear inside his fur.

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