A Weekend with Sandy

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The day had started like most others – I woke up, showered, and had toast with coffee for breakfast, but, unlike most days, my stomach was a swirling mass of butterflies and my mind full of uncertainty. As I sat, slowly eating, I thought of the day ahead whilst my coffee sat untouched, cold and uninviting.

I had been separated for seven months, but I had been emotionally adrift for the last two years of our marriage. Coming to the conclusion that it was over had taken time and had been a painful journey, one that had started in my heart and led me to the stark realisation that life without love is not a life at all, but just an existence for its own purpose.

Leaving the marital home, finding somewhere to live, organising a lease, finding a housemate to share costs with and finally moving out had kept me busy. With my focus on starting a new life for myself, I had no time to think of women, romance and love, but with my life now settling into a routine, my body had started to remind me of the need to satisfy its physical and emotional desires.

I had met Sandy online by chance, through a friend, and we had struck up a connection. Although she was younger than me by half, we enjoyed discovering each other’s likes and turnoffs, laughing at the way of the world and turning lonely evenings into enjoyable nocturnal fun. Our chats had progressed from discovering each other to sexual innuendo that had stirred the embers of my lust and we had gone as far as exchanging photos that only helped to fuel my desire.

Today I was going to meet my online friend.

I fired up the trustworthy Yamaha, slipped my helmet and gloves on and as I headed off I wondered what the day would bring. The sun shone down and warmed me as I rode, and the butterflies settled as I became one with the bike and the road. As I hit the highway I cruised contentedly with the whine of the engine singing in my ears.

We had arranged to meet in Geelong to ensure our privacy and to keep away from the prying eyes of the “locals”. I had booked a room in the Nireeda Apartments and had arranged to meet Sandy at the railway station.

I arrived at the station early, entered through its arched doorways and ordered a coffee as I sat at the beşiktaş escort bayan café. I sat and sipped the bitter brew watching the commuters walking to and from the platforms, waiting nervously for Sandy to arrive.

The butterflies returned with a vengeance, smashing against the inside of my stomach, as if trying to batter their way out of this ridiculous situation, or maybe just be free of the poorly made coffee. My doubts returned – here I was, arranging not just a date with a woman I’d never met, but a night with a beautiful young woman who I had only ever met online and one who could have her pick of men in her home town. What was I thinking?

In the midst of my doubts, I looked up to see her ambling from the platform. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched her searching, walking towards me with an easy confidence. Wearing RM Williams jeans, a buttoned shirt and open coat with suede boots, she looked relaxed, her hair catching the afternoon sun streaming in from the platform behind her which only added to her beauty.

Sandy was about 5’8″ and stood tall with a strength and purpose to her movements that caught your attention. It was at that moment our eyes met. My coffee forgotten, I moved towards her, captured by her smile, and as we met, she dropped her canvas bag to the ground and flung herself around me.

Instantly all my doubts were pushed away as I smelt her lightly perfumed hair. It gently touched my face, and I felt her athletic body pushing up against me. We separated and stood smiling, our eyes appraising each other, matching what we knew against what we saw.

I scooped her bag up into my hands and as we headed out past the Gothic, cast iron columns, we chatted about our journey and smiled each time our eyes met. We left the station and headed to the hotel.

I had packed a spare helmet in the saddlebags and as Sandy put it on I again admired her beauty and stunning physique. From her mousy blonde hair to the gentle swell of her breasts, down to a narrow waist, long legs and beautifully crafted boots, I felt my face break into a smile and my cock start to stir in my jeans.

As I started the bike, Sandy placed her arms around me and I felt her hands reach between my beşiktaş escort legs and squeeze my now stiffening member. I jumped sharply, or my cock did, I couldn’t tell which, and again I marvelled at this young woman’s confidence.

It was a short ride to the hotel and we entered the small lobby, signed in, and, to the curious stare of the receptionist, headed to our room.

I entered the neat, simply decorated room and dropped the bags at the foot of the queen sized bed, hearing the door latch shut and turned to see Sandy almost upon me. Before I could react, she had reached out and firmly pushed me with both hands in my chest and I toppled back over the bags to land firmly on the bed. Laughing at my awkwardness, she removed her coat and threw it behind her. Laying there, laughing with her, I waited to see what this amazing woman would do next.

With a wicked grin and sparkle in her brown eyes, she reached for the hem of her shirt and peeled it up, over her lithe body to expose her firm torso and 10C breasts. The black bra she wore perfectly highlighted their full shape and the lace trim brought out her feminine beauty even more.

I sat up with my legs dangling over the edge of the bed, but with a quick movement, Sandy put her boots to good use and, placing the sole gently against my chest, she pushed me sharply back down again. The blood was now rushing to my cock and it strained against my pants, striving to be released. Sandy looked at the bulge it created and smiled, pleased with herself, telling me to stay where I was. Who was I to argue!

Sandy now turned away from me, giving me a glimpse for the first time of her shapely arse, contoured perfectly by her tight fitting jeans. She bent down and slipped off her boots off before straightening slowly. I lay there enjoying her beauty and heard her belt and zipper being loosened. My heart thumped in my chest and ears and time seemed to slow down as I anticipated her next action. Hooking her thumbs into the waist of her jeans, she tantalizingly wiggled them down until they pooled around her ankles.

The matching black, lacy, panties hugged her arse and her shapely legs, which joined with perfection to exposed cheeks. Turning towards me, she stood – a gorgeous, perfect woman.

Sandy slid up onto the bed, her legs either side of mine. My mind was almost at melting point as her delicate perfume assailed my nostrils and her beauty transfixed my eyes. I felt her hand under my chin as she lifted my head and I saw her smiling at me. Barely a word had been spoken and there seemed no need to start using them now.

She leaned closer, our eyes locked as if for the first time and we kissed. Her soft lips moulded with mine and as I closed my eyes our mouths opened and my tongue sought hers in a sudden, desperate need of heated passion.

How long we stayed like this I do not know, but I suddenly became aware of the room again and of a second source of heat as Sandy ground her pussy against my encased cock. Already our moans filled the room.

Suddenly Sandy broke our embrace and looked at me. Her wicked grin returned and she slid her body up my chest until my arms were pinned by her powerful legs to my side. I looked between her legs to see a dark, wet spot on her panties and the sweet smell of her juices assailed my nostrils. Again my cock kicked, straining like a rodeo horse to be free but my rider was too skilled and I submitted to her demands.

She pushed her pussy onto my face and I delighted in tasting her sweetness. My tongue was licking and pushing against the fabric of her panties, as I revelled in the sounds of her pleasure and the taste of her. Bending my face forward, I pushed her panties aside, and ran my nose along her pussy, driving her lips apart and rubbing along her most intimate place.

Sandy ground herself against me, and my mouth was covered by her. I struggled for breath but what use was air when heaven lay above?

I lay pinned as she had her way, seeking her own heaven, as I lapped at her gate, seeking to meet her there.

I felt her legs tighten as her muscles contracted and heard her breath coming in ragged gasps. We both pushed harder into each other as I felt one last contraction and my dear lover let out a guttural moan that filled my ears. As if opening the floodgates her juices soaked and ran over my face and into my eager mouth. I drank deep, not wanting to waste any of her precious nectar.

Sliding off me Sandy kissed me deeply, tasting us both as she slowly recovered from her orgasm.

Nestling next to me, we both lay still, unwilling to break the bond we had just made…

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