A Walk in the Park Ch. 02

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If anyone had asked me about my sexual orientation before I met Carly I would have answered ‘straight’ without a moment’s hesitation, but after our encounter in the park I had to admit to being more than a little bisexual. I’ve wondered since why I had never recognised that aspect of myself before, because it must always have been there – and presumably Carly spotted it, but then maybe she was more attuned to it. Carly wasn’t bi, she was out and out gay, and she’d deliberately set about seducing me when I’d been stood up by my boyfriend and so when I was at my most vulnerable – not that I’m complaining.

I’d been sitting in a cafe having just decided that my boyfriend was definitely now my ex-boyfriend and as a result I was feeling lonely and depressed. Then this blonde spiky haired tomboy had joined in conversation with me, lifting me from my gloom. She eventually asked if I minded if she walked back to college across the park with me, on the grounds of descending darkness and mutual safety. I realised afterwards that was simply an excuse to get into my company, among other things. Maybe Carly sensed the latent bi streak in me, or maybe she just chanced her arm, but whichever it was, it worked and an unexpected embrace turned into a sudden kiss, and that kiss became the full on session that made me happily aware of my own tendencies. Afterwards I had gone home shocked but delighted at having found that my love life didn’t need now to rely solely on perfidious men. My new lover promised that we would meet again, often, and enjoy more girl-on-girl loving, and I looked forward to it. No, I’ll correct that. I didn’t just look forward to it, I longed for it. But it didn’t quite work out that way.

I’d given Carly my number but the expected call never came and my calls to her phone were never answered, nor in fact did I ever see her around. It was as if she had dropped out of existence altogether, either that or she had become extremely adept at avoiding me. She had seemed so enthusiastic about us meeting again and then she had let me down in the most cold-blooded manner. Girls, it seemed, could be as treacherous as men. It seemed to me that I had been offered the most wonderful pleasure, only to have it snatched way before I’d even had the chance to taste it properly. But I would taste it, I promised myself bitterly, I definitely would. And if it couldn’t be with Carly, then it would be with some other girl. I could be cold-blooded too.

But I had fallen under Carly’s spell and I would have given anything for us to continue together, so much so that I took to sitting in that same cafe at roughly the same time each evening in the hope that I might chance upon her again. If we couldn’t pick up where we left of, I reasoned, then at least I might find out why I’d been dropped so callously. For over two weeks I sat there each evening, sipping coffee and gazing morosely at the entrance, waiting and hoping until it became obvious that she wouldn’t be there that night either, and then I’d wander back across the park feeling lost and abandoned, especially when I passed the spot where we had shared that fateful kiss. Eventually one day I came to recognize that Carly wouldn’t ever be putting in an appearance and so I decided to cut my losses and consign her to the same waste bin that contained my former boyfriend. I downed my coffee and set off back to college along that same damned path.

At first I walked back slowly, meandering along, head down, immersed in my own melancholy and ignoring everything around me. But then I gave myself a mental shake, put on a confident air that I barely felt and deliberately picked up my pace. That way, I figured, if by any chance Carly saw me she wouldn’t realise the misery she had caused. I suspected she probably wouldn’t care anyway, but I wasn’t going to give her the chance.

I almost marched along the path then, resolutely determined that I was taking that walk for the very last time, and it wasn’t long before I was approaching that spot again. But this time, as I rounded a curve in the path I found that I was catching up with another solitary girl. My heart leapt as, just for a moment, I thought it was Carly, but it wasn’t and disappointment quickly replaced excitement. I blamed my mistake on the fading light but in my heart I knew it was really wishful thinking. This girl was nothing like Carly, taller and slimmer, skinny really, with long straw coloured hair hanging loosely down her back. She wore a white top and faded blue jeans, a much more rational outfit than Carly’s mismatched attire, and she didn’t walk with the same devil may care attitude that Carly had displayed either.

I scuffed my feet deliberately as I came up behind her, trying not to catch her unawares. The result was exactly what I didn’t expect. She looked around sharply, jumped noticeably and clapped her hand to her mouth in shock. I didn’t think I’d seen her before, but she clearly recognised me.

‘Oh my god.’ She gasped out. ‘It’s you.’

I had bahis şirketleri intended just overtaking her and walking on, but that reaction astounded me so much that I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her in surprise.

‘Have we met?’ I asked, feeling certain that we hadn’t. I wasn’t in the mood for this sort of thing.

‘No.’ The girl shook her head, still staring wide eyed at me in apparent bewilderment. ‘Well, yes. I mean no. Well, sort of.’

‘Go on.’ I prompted, frowning in confusion. ‘What sort of sort of?’

She just stared at me as if unsure what to say and I took advantage of this pause to look her over. She was thin, there was no doubting that, and pale too, but it seemed to suit her, making her look like the heroine in some Victorian gothic novel – you know the sort, the kind of heroine who is locked away by some domineering husband and never gets to see the light of day. Having said that, she was quite attractive in a strange elfin kind of way. She looked to be a year or two older than myself, but her awkward movements belied that, making her look like a gangly teenager, and a flat-chested one at that.

‘We haven’t actually met, but I’ve seen you.’ The girl stuttered out, easing the confusion not at all. ‘But you didn’t see me when I saw you.’

‘Where was that?’ I asked, thinking it the quickest way to make sense of things.

‘Here.’ She said after a pause. ‘Well, I heard you actually. So I didn’t see you, not at first anyway.’

A dreadful thought formed in my mind. ‘Here’ was near where Carly and I made love that night.

‘When was this?’

‘Two or three weeks ago.’

Adrenalin began to pump. ‘Right here?’

‘Well a little bit further along and in the park itself, but yes. You were with a blonde girl.’

‘You spied on us.’ I stated flatly, knowing what the answer would be and with anger replacing confusion.

‘I didn’t intend to.’ She was sounding worried now. ‘I was walking home like today and I heard you – I think it was you – and I thought it was somebody in trouble, and I went to see if they were all right. Then I saw what was happening.’

I remembered my far from silent first orgasm that day and I could see how it might be interpreted. Perhaps the girl was right to investigate, but even so she shouldn’t have spied on us.

‘So then you just stayed and watched us?’ I asked sharply.

The girl nodded. ‘Yes.’


‘Because I’d never seen two girls together before.’ There was a sudden note of defiance in her voice. ‘And because I enjoyed it.’

‘Not another bloody lesbian.’ It was supposed to reflect my surprise, but it just came out sounding sarcastic. But maybe that was because I was still feeling annoyed with Carly, the only lesbian I’d encountered so far in my life.

‘No, not another bloody lesbian.’ The girl raised her voice. ‘I’ve never been with a girl. In fact I thought I’d be put off by seeing two girls together, but I wasn’t.’

‘So you hid and watched, and then went home and masturbated I take it?’ This time I was intending to be sarcastic. I wasn’t quite as angry as I felt I should be, but I was far from pleased. I felt resentful, because I’d only ever had one lesbian experience and the knowledge that this girl had seen us kind of spoiled it.

‘No.’ The girl cocked her head slightly to one side and then looked me directly in the eye. ‘Actually I did that while I watched.’

That remark caught me totally off guard, and then a series of fascinating images raced through my mind as I tried to picture how she did it. In the end I just had to ask. ‘How?’

She looked at me as if I shouldn’t be asking such things.

‘Come on.’ I told her, still irritated. ‘You saw what we were doing, and now I want to know what you were doing.’

She paused, deciding what to say. ‘I knelt behind a bush and pushed my jeans down a bit.’

That summoned a very attractive image into my mind, and I drew a sharp breath as I pictured her playing with herself with her eyes glued to us. Even so, I wasn’t happy that someone had shared that very personal moment without our knowledge. It occurred to me that if we’d known we’d got an audience it might even have been more erotic.

‘And did it get you off?’ I was curious now as well as angry, and I couldn’t prevent my voice betraying it.

The girl gave a little embarrassed smile. ‘Yes. I came at nearly the same time as your blonde friend.’

To my amazement I realised that I was getting turned on. I found myself looking hard at my voyeur companion and wondering if she would react as I had, if I made the same sudden advances to her that Carly had made to me. Startled by what was going through my mind I pushed the unwelcome thought away. It had to be said though that the girl was very attractive, slim and athletic, with a pleasant happy face and kissable lips, very kissable lips. I felt my body reacting to my thoughts and I tried to push them away again, but they simply came bahis firmaları back. There was getting to be more than curiosity that was making me continue the conversation.

‘Were you wishing that one of us was you?’

There was another long pause before she admitted. ‘Not at first I didn’t, but after seeing what you were doing to each other I did.’

‘So, even though you’re straight, watching us made you want to try sex with a girl, is that what you’re saying?’ I asked, perhaps instinctively testing the waters.

‘Yes. It looked so sexy that I started to get jealous. I’ve never touched a girl, but I wanted to join in with you two.’

At least that would have made it fair; watching us surreptitiously was like illicitly stealing part of our pleasure. The thought of coming on to her like Carly had to me came back into the forefront of my mind; maybe I could steal some pleasure back. I had unconsciously already made the decision. If this stranger wanted to know what touching a girl was like, I wanted to let her find out.

‘Do you still want to do it with a girl?’

It was a deliberately leading question and I knew it. The words had come out almost unbidden and I was surprised with myself that I’d had the bottle to make such an obvious approach. Now I waited for the expected rebuff. There was what seemed an unending silence as she considered my meaning before her serious grey eyes looked across into mine.

‘I might chicken out.’

‘No you won’t.’ I assured her, “because I won’t let you” I added to myself. I was getting more excited and turned on at the thought. In a way I suppose I was also turning the tables on Carly. She had been the predator and I had been her prey, now this girl was mine. I looked around, carefully peering up and down the path, and then took her hand, pulling her off the path and into the park.

‘Let’s go behind that big clump of bushes.’ I said, my voice sounding suddenly shaky. ‘What’s your name?’


It seemed to suit her delicate, waiflike appearance.

‘I’m Leanne.’ I told her.

I walked quickly, pulling Freya with me, trying to get out of sight before we were seen. I could feel the long grass swishing against my bare legs and catching my loose summer skirt, but it would help hide us from prying eyes. It wasn’t quite dark yet but the day was fading into twilight, just as it had been with Carly, and maybe that was giving me a degree of confidence, but I still wanted to get to where we couldn’t be seen because I still felt shy about acknowledging that girls attracted me. It seemed that Freya felt the same, because she glanced around her and licked her lips nervously as we went hand in hand across the grass.

‘Don’t be scared.’ I told her, at the same time wondering why I wasn’t feeling as nervous as she was. Maybe, I smiled to myself, it was because I could lay claim to being the more experienced of us, if only just.

‘I’m not.’ Freya told her. ‘I’m just not sure what to do.’

‘Don’t worry, I do.’ I lied, taking unfair advantage of my supposedly greater experience.

When we reached our goal the bushes seemed much thicker and the clump larger than it had seemed from a distance and being hidden behind it was almost like entering a different world. It was as if we were cut off from the real world in a silent place where any breeze had died and the still evening air was warm on our skins. I looked around, noticing that there was nowhere for anyone to hide within range. If anyone wanted to spy on us this time, then they would have to do it without the benefit of cover. I smiled to myself, feeling safe and secure, and very, very randy. Now I could continue on from the point that Carly had brought me to. I sat on the grass and indicated for Freya to join me.

‘Do you still want to touch a girl?’ I repeated my question, just to be sure.

Freya nodded and licked her lips again. She was nervous, but I could see the lust in her eyes.

I lay back on the grass, trying to look composed but with my heart hammering frantically. ‘Then touch me.’

It’s not usually in my nature to be so direct, but I had been craving the touch of another girl ever since that single experience with Carly. But Freya didn’t seem to mind; in fact her expression said that she was happy that someone else was taking the lead. She moved to kneel beside me and reached out tentatively, resting a hand gently on my thigh, touching me so softly that I could hardly feel it through the thin fabric of my skirt. I smiled encouragingly and closed my eyes, wanting to just feel what Freya wanted to do to me.

For what seemed like ages I felt nothing, but then Freya’s hand moved, gently sliding towards my knee until hesitant fingertips could hook my skirt and begin to push it along my thigh. I heard myself breathe deeply in anticipation, longing for the fingers to reach the top of my leg. But the sigh was misunderstood and the exploring fingers immediately paused, Freya seemed unsure if kaçak bahis siteleri it was a sound of discontent.

‘You’re doing fine.’ I whispered urgently, my eyes still closed.

She began again, gentle fingers pushing my skirt higher and higher with just the fingertips skating lightly over my bare flesh. I could feel the evening air on my legs, cool on my heated skin. Then the movement stopped again, but this time it was because my skirt had been pushed right up and the fingertips were resting on the edge of my panties. I could feel my heart beginning to hammer even harder and my breathing get faster with excitement, just from wondering what Freya would do now. I didn’t really mind what she did, I was getting an incredible thrill just thinking about it. I opened my legs a little to prove my willingness.

There was a long pause and then Freya placed her whole hand flat on the skin of my inner thigh, and just softly stroked my leg, down to my knee and back to the top. It felt good and I wanted her to go on. I wasn’t sure if she was nervous about going further or just wanted to extend the pleasure, and so I just spread my legs a little further apart and murmured encouragement.

For a few minutes it was all Freya did, stroke the inside of my leg as if getting herself accustomed to the feel of another girl’s skin, but then one time when she reached the top of my leg she stopped, her hand resting on the inside of my thigh with the edge of her finger just making contact with my panties. I held my breath, knowing instinctively that she was screwing up her courage to take things on. I knew the confusion that was going through her mind, the mix of hunger and trepidation, because I remembered just how I felt when I first touched Carly. I desperately wanted to tell her “yes, it’s ok, do it.”, but I held back, scared that it might have the opposite effect. Then, without any urging from me, Freya placed her hand lightly over my pussy, hardly moving but very gently rubbing me through my panties. I deliberately moaned very quietly, just to let her know that I was enjoying her uncertain touch and that I wanted it to increase.

Once again Freya paused, as if to build up her nerve, softly massaging me for a minute or two before suddenly moving on again. Now she ran her fingertips up and down the length of my pussy, letting her nails drag down the front of my cotton panties and sending tiny vibrations buzzing through my flesh, the same way that I had those two weeks ago when I explored Carly. I looked up at Freya’s face, seeing a look of eager concentration before she glanced down, meeting my gaze with a quick shy smile and then returning her concentration to where her fingers were moving between my legs.

God, it was beautiful, but I wanted more, needed more. I could feel my pussy wet and puffy with arousal, and needing much more deliberate attention. I felt like grabbing her hand and pushing it under my panties. Suddenly I could take no more and raised my hand in a signal for Freya to stop. She instantly pulled away and gazed down at me looking worried.

‘Wait.’ I gasped, raising my hips from the grass so that I could hook my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and push them down, working them over my feet and tossing the carelessly to one side.

‘You said you wanted to touch a girl, not her underwear.’ I told Freya, rather unfairly, my need overcoming any inhibitions.

I lay back and opened my legs again, excitedly aware that my naked pussy would now be shining wetly in the evening light, fully accessible for Freya to explore. With any luck, I thought, she would experiment without being told how to, trying whatever she thought would please another woman as she played with one of her own sex for the first time. Somehow I rather liked the idea that someone nearly as innocent and inexperienced as me would unwittingly help us both find out what worked.

Inevitably Freya hesitated, frustratingly gazing at my pussy without actually doing anything. “Come on,” I felt like shouting “You’re the one who wanted to touch, or is looking all you’re good for?” I said no such thing, of course, but I needed to be touched properly, to be played with, made to orgasm, and not just stared at. Perhaps my thoughts were a little unjust, perhaps I was taking it out on Freya because she had watched Carly and I, and then Carly had let me down. Perhaps I was using her to get a kind of proxy revenge, I don’t know, but I do know I wanted her to stop staring and get on with it.

I saw expressions chase each other across Freya’s face as she built up her courage, and then she finally reached out for me, searching for my opening with two fingers and then sliding them deep inside me as soon as she found it. I gasped with sudden pleasure as I felt them slip into me, pushing in as far as they could, wriggling and probing inside me. I hadn’t expected her to go straight for the jugular, so to speak, I thought she’d probably play with my slit for a while before going up inside me, but I wasn’t complaining. Then, as she fingered me she looked at my face as if to be sure of my approval. I nodded and pushed back against her fingers.

‘God, yes.’ I gasped. ‘I like that.’ I did too; it was just what I needed.

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