A Wager

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John barely heard the notification on his phone above the music and the noisy crowd in the bar. He flipped the phone over and cursed as he read the message.

Hi John, something’s come up, sorry gotta cancel tonight.

Great, John thought. He was used to Steve being late, so he’d grabbed a booth and made himself comfortable with a beer… followed by another beer. Now Steve wasn’t going to show up at all. He’d walked down to the bar in the rain for nothing.

Well, he couldn’t do anything about it. He might as well sit back and enjoy the beer and the music. He enjoyed people-watching; he’d appreciate an eyeful of the girls up at the bar. Then it would be home and Netflix for him.

He raised his glass and tilted the last of his beer down his neck. As he set the empty glass down, a full pint was set down in front of him. A man slid into the other side of the booth with a drink of his own.

“I hope you don’t mind. I saw you sitting here and the bartender is a friend of mine. This one’s on me.”

“Very generous, thanks,” John said warily. He wasn’t accustomed to strangers buying him drinks but if this guy was a friend of Jake’s, he was probably okay. John didn’t know the bartender very well, but Jake had always seemed like a stand-up guy any time he talked to him.

John introduced himself and the stranger smiled.

“I’m Derek.” John took Derek’s proffered hand and gave it a shake. Derek’s grip was strong and he held on a second longer than felt right to John, but John quickly forgot about that.

Derek was a handsome, powerfully-built man of about six feet. He was probably between twenty-five (John’s own age) and thirty. He had a full head of straight brown hair and a well-groomed reddish beard. His blue eyes were bright and he had a penetrating gaze.

“How about this rain?” Derek said.

John nodded. “Yeah.”

Not a natural conversationalist, John was happy to let Derek steer the discussion. They soon moved on from the weather and explored the shallows of sports, entertainment and politics. All the while, John drank deeply of the pint before him, and then, when that was finished, the next and the next and the next which Derek insisted on getting each time.

“Don’t worry,” Derek said. “I’m coming into some money, so I can afford it.”

Who was John to argue? Steve may have bailed on him for the night, but at least he was making a new friend. Bonding over beer.

So it went, and before John knew it, it was midnight. They had exhausted many topics and several pints each. He felt a little woozy. He was about to call it a night and head for home, but Derek, with those watchful eyes, anticipated and forestalled him.

“There’s something I wanted to run by you, John.”

“What’s zat?” John slurred. He had half-risen from his seat; now he slid back down with a dull thump.

“That last pint I grabbed at the bar… I was talking to Jake for a minute.”


“He made me a little wager.”


“Yes. He bet me that I couldn’t get you to suck my cock within an hour.”

“Oh,” John said slowly. “Wait, what?”

“You heard right.” Derek checked the time on his phone. “If you’re polishing my knob within forty-two minutes, I stand to make some money.”

John sputtered and flushed scarlet. “But I’m not gay!”

“Neither am I, John. It’s just a blowjob. And nobody’s saying you’re gay. Jake and I are like that, we make bets. Sometimes, the crazier the wager, the better.”

I should get up and go now, John thought. Those beers were hitting him a lot harder than normal. Geez, how many have I had?

“I’m sorry you’re going to miss out on that money.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be too sure of that.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“I could tell the minute I saw you that you’re a broad-minded fella. You’re soft-spoken and polite. In our conversations, your views came across as fairly liberal. I watched you watching people in here. Actually, since you eyed the men as much as the women, I thought you might be gay. Or bi. You’re at least curious. If you’re not gay, I’ll bet that your curiosity extends to wondering how the other half lives.”

John’s thoughts were scattered. On one hand, he was receptive to Derek’s compliments, but he knew that he was working against him. John knew he was not gay, but what he dare not tell Derek was the truth: he was curious. He was rarely attracted to men, but he couldn’t deny that it happened. His true loyalty was always going to be pussy, but sometimes he wondered about cock.

But curious is one thing, doing is another.

“Like I shaid,” John slurred again. “You made a mishtake.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it. I see it in your eyes, just a flicker before you look away when I mention it.”

By avoiding eye contact, John was doing nothing to help his argument.

No, John thought. this is not an argument. I’m not doing it. It’s as simple as that.

“Be honest with me. Have you ever given a man head before?”

“No. Have you?”

“Yes. I lost a bet.”

John’s mind moved slowly, klasbahis yeni giriş finally registering surprise when he figured it out. “Jake?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I didn’t want to, but I never welsh on a bet.”

“What was it like?” John blurted out the question without thinking. What was wrong with him?

“Ah, there, you see? Curious!”

John sneered and growled an unconvincing denial.

“Well, it was an experience. A man instinctively knows how to give another man pleasure, so it’s a matter of finding a technique and a rhythm that works for you and not letting your jaw tense up too much. And keep your teeth behind your lips.”

John had asked about the experience and instead got pointers.

“Well,” John said. He was tripping over his words and had to speak slowly. “it’s… been an interesting discussion. Let’s… not do this again.”

He attempted to stand, but he lost his balance half-way up and fell back into his seat.

“What the fuck, there’s no way I’m this drunk on just a few beers.”

“No, of course not,” said Derek. “As I said, I never welsh on a bet. However, on occasion I have been known to cheat a little.”

“You drugged me!”

“Yes. If you look at your glass, you’ll see an odourless, tasteless powdery residue at the bottom. I don’t even know what the stuff’s called–I don’t think it has a street name yet–but administered in tiny doses over a few hours, it intensifies the effects of alcohol, causing stupor, followed by a state in which the victim–sorry to call you a victim–becomes extremely susceptible to suggestion.”


“Yes, I see it’s working.”

John wanted to call out for help, but it came out a hoarse whisper. Even if he did manage to cry out, who would hear him over the music? And who would help him? This late on a week night, the bar was almost empty. A barmaid was wiping down the tables at the other end of the establishment. Two lesbians were making out in front of Jake at the bar and there was an old man at a corner table who looked like he was in worse shape than John was.

John’s world tilted and he nearly fell out of the booth.

“I think you need to lie down, John.”

Derek got up and came around the table, reaching down toward John. John reached up without thinking and took the offered assistance. Derek pulled John to his feet and put his arm around him, guiding him toward a door at the back of the bar. It was slow-going, but John kept putting one foot in front of the other.

Derek opened the door and they passed through. It was an office. A few chairs sat empty around a large old oak desk. On the other side of the room was a battered old couch. Above the couch was an old framed print of a naked woman reclining on a settee.

“Relax, John. Just let it all go,” Derek said as he helped John take a seat on the couch.

“Trying… to remember. You’re… Derek.”

“That’s right.”

“You… drugged me.”

“Right again.”

“You wanted me to do something.”

“Correct. And right about now, you should be feeling amenable to my requests.”

“You can’t make me… something.”

“Nobody’s going to make you do anything, John. I’m going to make a request, that’s all. It’s important that we keep that clear. You’re not going to do anything here tonight that you don’t agree to do.”

John remembered now. He tried to meet Derek’s eyes, but the piercing stare unmanned him.

“John. Touch your nose.”

“With which hand?”

“Good question. Let’s try your right, then your left.”

John obeyed instantly, if a little clumsily. Derek smiled.

“Now, John, I want you to stand up.”

John stood up. He was shaky, but gaining strength every second. But he hadn’t meant to stand up, had he? Why had he done it then? Could it be true? Could Derek really have given him a drug that robs him of his will to resist? Surely not… John had never heard of a street drug that could do that. Moments ago, he had felt too drunk to walk, but that effect was passing and he was becoming more alert.

“I see what you’re thinking, John, but as you can see, you are my obedient servant.”

“No,” John said.

“Take off your jacket.”

“No,” John said as he took off his jacket.

“Now your shirt.”

John felt an impotent surge of panic. His returning alertness only made him more keenly aware of what was happening to him; it did not give him a will to resist. He was doing everything he was instructed to do without any thought of opposition.

“That’s great, John. Now, take off the rest of your clothes.”

Within seconds, John was naked and blushing furiously.

“Now, John, you are a naked man standing before a virtual stranger. How do you feel? Vulnerable? Exposed?”

“Yes,” John said, looking at Derek’s shoes.

“But you are also very aroused.”


“I think you are. Look at your dick.”

As soon as Derek said it, John felt the stiffening in his cock as it slowly became engorged with blood, twitching its way to full erection. John’s klasbahis giriş heart rate had increased. His breathing became shallow. He flushed slightly and a sweat broke out across his forehead.

“Yes, I definitely think you are aroused,” said Derek. “I’m aroused too. My cock is hard in my pants and I want you to blow me. Will you?”

Now John didn’t even try to say no. He just dropped to his knees before Derek in total submission.

“Very good,” said Derek, pulling out his phone and thumbing the video record button. “And before you begin, one more time, are you being forced to do this?”

John wanted to cry out that he was being compelled, but in truth, he had no will to speak out. Damn, what drug could do this to him?

“No, I’m not being forced to do this.”

“Good, that’s on the record.”

Inwardly, John moaned. His total surrender was recorded now.

He unbuttoned Derek’s pants, pulled the fly, yanked the pants and boxers down and began to lick around Derek’s groin.

There was a click. John looked up and saw Derek holding his phone toward him again. He had taken a picture.

“Don’t worry, John. That’s not for public consumption. That’s just going in a text to Jake, a kind of time-stamped record of proof. I just won a bet… with three minutes to spare. And I have your recorded confession that your actions are unforced.”

John looked back to his work.

He was doing it, he was really doing it. Giving a man head.

Well, not exactly, not yet. Right now he was sucking one of Derek’s balls. His nose was nestled in the man’s pubic hair. He had a sweet musky scent. John licked his way up from Derek’s testicles to the bottom of his dick. He let his tongue traipse the six inches from the root of his cock to the tip, making Derek inhale sharply.

Then, remembering the pointers he’d been given by Derek earlier, John hid his teeth behind his lips and closed his mouth over the end of Derek’s cock.

Locking lips on the sensitive flesh, John began to slide his mouth down over the organ, only stopping when his nose touched Derek’s bush. Then he slid back to the tip and involved his tongue in matters. He swirled it over the sensitive head of the cock, teasing out a salty hint of pre-cum. He swallowed Derek’s member again, starting a rhythm of sucking and licking which he maintained first for several seconds and then minutes.

“Well, damn,” said a new voice. “The bar is closed and this is where all the action is.”

Derek paused in his ministrations long enough to look over his shoulder. The bartender, Jake.

“Don’t stop, John,” Derek said casually and John unthinkingly returned to his labours.

“I’ve got to give you credit, dude. I didn’t think you could break this one from straight boy to cocksucker in an hour.”

“Honestly, he’s a natural. I’m getting into this blowjob. He has skills.”

Strangely, John felt a thrill of pride. John might have been robbed of his free will but there was a strange dignity to be found in good performance. He hadn’t yet admitted that he was enjoying what he was doing, but his cock remained rock hard.

“Hmm… I wonder if cocksucking is all he’s good for,” Jake mused. “I’ll bet…”

“Oh, no,” Derek interrupted. “I don’t think I’ll take that bet.”

They both laughed and John sensed money changing hands. “Well, you won this bet fair and square,” Jake said to Derek. Then he leaned over to address the kneeling man.

“Now, John,” Jake said. “We’re going to try something new.”

John was listening but nobody told him to stop, so he continued to lavish his oral attentions on Derek. He heard Jake unzipping his fly.

Oh my God, thought John as he began to guess what would happen next.

Jake wandered over to his desk and opened a drawer.

A moment later, Derek was seated on the couch and John was on his knees in front of him, still lapping at his dick hungrily. And Jake was standing behind him. Derek was enjoying John’s work, but he ordered him to stop for a question.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, John?”

“N… No.”

“Wait, let’s do this right.” Derek took out his phone and thumbed the video camera on. “Nobody is forcing you, John. Will you let Jake fuck your ass?”

John could find no strength to resist and his cock twitched again at the suggestion. He couldn’t deny his curiosity. Sucking cock had not proven to be anything but a pleasurable experience…

“Yessss,” John moaned.

“Did you hear that, Jake? I think he nearly came just at the idea of getting fucked.” Derek turned the camera off. He had his record of consent and that’s all he wanted. He didn’t get off on watching old conquests. It was always the next one that mattered.

John resumed his duties on Derek’s cock, working hard to make him moan. Behind him, he felt a cold substance touch his ass. It warmed to his skin as it was rubbed into the crack of his ass and into his anus.


John groaned again and again with pleasure as first one finger, then two and then three fingers pushed klasbahis güvenilirmi into his sphincter over a matter of minutes. The groans were barely muffled by the flesh in his mouth.

“Sounds pretty willing to me,” Jake said as he fingered John’s asshole. “And, man, is he tight! How do you want it, John? Latex or raw?”

“Fuck me raw!” John gasped, trying to catch his breath. He was giving head with gusto and it left him nearly breathless.

“Now that’s what I call broke,” said Jake.

“Do I have the touch or what?” Derek laughed.

“You’ll have to show me how you do it sometime.”

Jake had lubed up his cock and was preparing for insertion. “This is going to hurt a little at first, but you’re going to get used to it quick. Then it will start to feel good, and you’ll be completely turned out.”

Turned out? John pondered what this could mean only briefly, because a moment later there was an intruder at his back door. The finger work had loosened him up a little and the spongy knob of flesh began to penetrate his sphincter. John took a sharp breath but he kept his nose to the grind despite the distraction. His head was bobbing up and down over Derek’s cock now and John could tell by the sound of Derek’s breathing that he was enjoying it. Never stopping, John looked up into the eyes of his seducer. Derek smiled triumphantly before letting his head flop back with ecstasy as John continued working his cock.

A sharp pain shot through his intestines and John cried out, though once again the sound was mostly absorbed by the skin and muscle in his mouth.

“I’m in,” Jake announced. “By God, he is tight!”

The worst of the pain passed quickly, diminishing to a feeling of discomfort. But more than that he felt… full. Then the intruding cock began to move slowly in and out of his ass and the pain returned. But already there was a growing sensation. John knew about the prostate, the male g-spot, but his had never been stimulated before. Now for the first time he was getting a hint of what the fuss was all about.

John imagined how he must look spit-roasted between two other men and he felt his cock swinging back and forth to the beat with which he was being fucked. Within moments, that rhythm set the metre with which John’s head bobbed over Derek’s cock. The pleasure of the three men became synchronized.

And John could not deny it even to himself. There was great pleasure in having his ass and mouth full of cock. His curiosity had been fulfilled, even if he had not made the decision to do so. He had been robbed of his will and made a toy for these two virile men.

Jake’s thrusts were gradually speeding up and so the cadence changed again. John was thrusting back in time with Jake’s accelerating movements while increasing the tempo of his own cocksucking.

Eventually, matters came to a head.

Derek stood up in front of John and gave his cock three quick pulls. Then, groaning with pleasure, he ejaculated, blowing his load all over John’s face, hair and open mouth. It’s bitter taste was not unpleasant. With semen in his hair and his eyes, he felt like a truly well-used slut.

This, combined with the stimulation from the fucking of his ass, sent a thrill of erotic pleasure through him, and a second later, untouched and unloved, his cock exploded into orgasm. String after string of cum burst across the floor in front of him and he cried out in pleasure.

Jake was likewise lost in pleasure, grunting as he continued to heave himself at John’s ass. The force of John’s orgasm caused undulations in his rectum, adding a new ripple of sensation to Jake’s experience.

“Oh, that did it,” Jake groaned. “I’m gonna come!”

Jake pulled out of John’s arse. John collapsed and rolled onto his back just in time to take Jake’s huge load on his chest and face. He lay in a puddle of his own cum, with semen drying on his face and in his hair as a fresh fusillade of sperm coated his chest.

He didn’t feel inebriated at all anymore. He felt a strange elation. He lay there in a haze of afterglow.

Derek and Jake had already buttoned up their pants. Derek came over to John and looked down at him.

“John, this is over. The bar is closed. It’s time to go home.”

John felt strangely bereft.

“What do you want to do, John? Cuddle?”

John wasn’t sure what he wanted. He had some unanswered questions. Derek’s comment about cuddling had been cold and unfriendly.

“Do you have a towel?”

“No,” Jake said. “The barmaid already cleaned the rest room after the bar closed, so you can’t use that.”

John could imagine how he looked, encrusted with drying cum.

Derek shrugged. “Walk of shame, John. Time-honoured tradition of sluts everywhere.”

John felt betrayed by the man he thought earlier in the evening might be a new friend. It was alright though. He had his clothes, and his jacket had a hood. There wouldn’t be anybody out in the rain at this hour on a week night. His apartment had a private entrance. He would not be seen.

He pulled on his socks and underwear as Derek explained something to him.

“Remember, we have your consents recorded, just in case you don’t see this for the fun time it was. The police won’t be interested in your complaints once they see those videos and the snapshots I took of you sucking on my dick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32