A Visit

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It had been eight years since we last saw our father. Our mother and him went through a nasty divorce on account of his cheating. At least that’s what she told us, we never put much faith in her. A fancy and expensive lawyer made sure he wouldn’t get to see any of us anymore. My two little sisters and I were heartbroken, of course. So there was some anxiety as I drove my sisters and myself down to the place where he said he now lived. Out of the blue, I got a call saying he was finally back on his feet and he’d love to see us sometime. Mom wouldn’t have it, but what could she do now that we were adults? My sisters agreed to meet him, though with some trepidation.

As we entered the suburbs where dad supposedly lived now, we noted the quality of the houses. Modern, expensive bungalow type houses. The kind you’d imagine a bigwig accountant or something to own as a vacation home, a retreat from his luxurious downtown apartment. When we found the address, I parked in the oversized driveway. As we stepped out of the car and noted the hot summertime weather here, the front door opened, and there stood our father. Instead of the sad human being our mother led us to expect, he looked as handsome as he did all those years ago. A bit of gray in his hair, but still. Tall, dark and handsome would probably be the phrase the ladies would use. He beamed at us as we walked up to greet him, and, at a loss for words, hugged every one of us. Somewhat awkwardly we hugged back and I decided to be brave.

“Hey, dad. Wow, feels weird saying that…”

“No kidding, son-uh…Jimmy…well, Jim now, I suppose…and Lizzie and Maria. My, you three grew up nicely!”

He looked each of us up and down. Lizzie, the youngest, short and thin. Petite might be a more flattering word. Reddish-blond hair cut short, a small face with the brightest eyes and smile you ever saw. Toned body, she keeps in shape. Not too big in the chest area, probably B-cups, maybe large A’s, I don’t know.

Maria, the middle one. A bit taller, little more plump. Curvy in all the right places without being fat. Guessing she took after mom with that. Same reddish-blond hair, down to her shoulders. Same bright eyes, not the same smile. More like the scowling-type. Bigger chest, probably C-cups. Nice handfuls, I’d imagine.

And then there’s me, the oldest. About as tall as Maria, on the thin side. Black hair, taking after my dad on that one. And, from what I’m told, the same bright eyes. Guess it runs in the family.

“Wow, eight years sure do a lot, don’t they…”

“Well, Lizzie here was only 12 when you and mom divorced, so she was bound to look a bit different.”, I said. Maria piped, trying to lighten the mood.

“I don’t know, still looks like a stick to me!”

Dad and me chuckled as Lizzie punched Maria in the arm.

“Guess some things don’t ever change, huh kids? Come on, let’s go inside.”

We entered the vast open space. Living room, kitchen off to the side, almost everything in one large room, at the other end a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows looking over the backyard. All the furniture top-of-the-line, expensive stuff. As he sat us down on the couches in the middle of the lordbahis güvenilirmi room, we couldn’t help but notice the large pool in the backyard. How the hell did he do this? My sisters were also curious, I could tell. When he poured each of us a drink and sat down with us, Maria spoke up.

“Dad…how? All this, I mean…what happened?”

“Well, hon-…I mean, Maria…quite frankly, I worked my ass off. When your mother and I separated, well, that didn’t leave me in a very good state. But some friends of mine pulled me through, I helped them with some numbers in return, and they found me a job as an accountant. Short version of the story, I worked my way up, and here I am. I suppose I should’ve called sooner…but I wasn’t ready, I think…and your mom, well…you know she wouldn’t agree. So I asked some friends to get one your numbers, but even then…well it was scary. Took me a year to finally work up the courage to call you. I’m sorry…I understand if you’re angry, I do…I just…”

Lizzie put his hand in hers and smiled at him. Even Maria turned her frown upside down for once.

“It’s okay, dad. I think we’re all just happy to see you’re doing well again.”, Lizzie said.

We all agreed. I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Seems like there should be more drama here…you know, reality tv screaming matches and such.”

They thankfully laughed at my stupid comment. For the next few hours we caught up, and he explained at length what had happened in those eight years. None of us asked exactly what happened between mom and dad, maybe out of fear of depressing him, maybe because we didn’t really care. We had our father again, that was all that mattered.

When there was finally a silence in our conversation, Lizzie stood up and walked over to windows looking over the backyard and the pool.

“Dad, could we go in the pool? I mean, I’d like a refreshing dip about now. This heat is killing me.”

I noticed our dad got a little embarrassed.

“Uh, yeah, honey, I guess you could…I mean, it’s all yours…”

I spoke up.

“What’s wrong, dad? You seem a little touchy.”

“Well, it’s just that…I don’t actually own any swimwear. I like to relax there, myself, plus I live here on my own. So I don’t think I can join you.”

We three looked at each other and shrugged.

“Well, it’s not like we thought to bring swimwear…what did you wanna do, Lizzie? Guess we could go into town and get some…”

She pouted a bit.

“Nah, I wanna swim now…who cares, haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before?”

With that she stripped down in front of us, walked outside and eased herself down in the pool, leaving the rest of us a bit shocked. After a moment’s silence, I stood up and followed her example, stripping down and gesturing dad and Maria to follow.

“Eh, what the hell…”, she said as she stood up and joined me in nakedness. Dad followed suit and together we walked out to find Lizzie lounging in the large pool, probably big enough for ten people to comfortably sit in.

“Come in! Water’s nice!”

Dad sat down next to Lizzie, me and Maria sat across from lordbahis yeni giriş them. I noticed dad was ‘excited’ and as Lizzie cuddled up to him, he got more so. She noticed and chuckled.

“Wow, dad! Little inappropriate, don’t you think?”

She playfully slapped his arm, while dad got beet red.

“Sorry, kids…it’s been a while and now I’ve got a naked woman lying against me. I’d tell it you were my daughter, but it has a one-track mind, ya know?”

The long, fat cock now stood up straight under the water. Probably 8 inches or so, about the same as me.

“Guess I got something other than my hair color from you, dad!”

He laughed nervously.

“Well, anyway…I’m sorry kids, still a lot of stress here. I’ll get out of the pool and leave you to enjoy, okay?”

He started to move, but Lizzie wouldn’t let him.

“It’s fine, dad. We get it. Don’t worry about it.”

We each nodded. Hell, my own anatomy reacted much the same way, as Maria sadistically noted.

“Besides, you’re not the only one who’s got wood.”

The girls laughed as dad and me went red.

Another hour went by quickly as we talked and relaxed. My dick had softened a little in the meantime, dad’s had not. Lizzie looked at intently as she huddled up against him, his arm around her.

Her hand slowly went across his thigh, up his leg and over his stomach, moving down towards the base of his cock. Dad pretended not to notice, but then she touched the shaft and rubbed down towards the balls and up again across the entire length. She gripped his cock tenderly with her little hand as dad froze.

“Uh…honey! You can’t do that! What…?”

She smiled as she looked at the thick cock in her hand.

“Relax, dad. I just wanna help you relieve some stress. It’s okay.”

Dad looked over at us, both of us somewhat shocked to say the least. Maria and I exchanged glances.

“Well, if she wants to do it…”, Maria said.

I shrugged. Dad seemed to mull it over some, but I guess his other head took over as he just relaxed and enjoyed the hand stroking his cock. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as Lizzie slowly jacked off our father under the water, not three feet across from me. My own cock reacted as she sure looked like she knew what she was doing, one hand massaging his balls, the other rubbing the entire shaft in slow strokes, paying special attention to the underside of its circumcised head each time. I grabbed my own cock and was rock hard in moments, jacking off under the water. Maria punched me in the arm, and I glanced over.


“So what’s that hand doing between your legs, sis?”

She smiled as she moaned in pleasure from her own touch. Lizzie noticed us enjoying the scenery and chuckled, giving us a thumbs up. She released her grip on dad’s cock.

“Sit up on the edge dad.”

He did so, Lizzie seating herself in between his legs. One hand held his cock, the other went down to her pussy while she kissed and licked the cock she came from, before slowly and sensually taking him in her mouth. She sure seemed an expert in pleasing her men and never broke eye contact while lordbahis giriş going down on him. I nudged Maria.

“Our little sister really knows how to give a blowjob, doesn’t she?”

“Hmm…she has to, of course…they’re not gonna want her for her tits!”

She chuckled.

“By that logic, you’d be horrible at sucking cock.”

She punched me in the arm.

“Oooh…mmm…haven’t had any complaints…”

I motioned towards my raging member.

“Care to prove it?”

“Oooh…dude! You’re my brother…”

I stood up, standing over her with my cock right in her face.

“Not any more wrong than Lizzie blowing dad, right?”

She grinned and kissed the tip.

“Well, it is a nice cock, at least.”

Her hand never left her pussy while the other grabbed my cock and guided it into her mouth. More forceful and rough than Lizzie, but I like my blowjobs that way. I laughed. Eight years we don’t see dad, then within hours he’s getting a blowjob from his daughter and I from my sister. I looked over at the two, where it was clear dad wasn’t going to last long. Lizzie looked him deep in the eyes as she held his cock to her chin and kept jerking.

“Come on daddy, cum…release all that stress…let your little girl help you…don’t worry, daddy, just cum…”

He grunted loudly as the first thick ropes of cum left his cock and landed on his daughter’s face. His orgasm seemed to last forever as he kept grunting, covering Lizzie’s face. I felt myself getting close under the expert ministrations of my sister’s mouth.

“Gonna cum soon, sis…”

She just nodded in reply and kept sucking. A few seconds later, I emptied my balls into her throat, stream after stream, while she kept the tip in her mouth and looked me in the eyes. Damn, that really is the kicker to making me cum from a blowjob. Every last bit of cum she got from me. She let of my cock, opening her mouth to show me my load, then swallowed it all, never breaking eye contact.


“Still no complaints, sis…damn…”

She grinned in response.

Lizzie came over and lay down next to her on one side, while I sat down on the other. She giggled and pointed at her face, absolutely covered in cum.

“Look how much stress daddy had, sis!”

Maria licked some of it up and swallowed. Dad, meanwhile, lay down next to Lizzie, looking completely spent.

“Wow, dad…been a while, hasn’t it?” she said.

Dad could only grunt yes in reply. The girls each gave the other a helping hand and soon brought each other to new heights of forbidden pleasure. Loud moans rang out in the backyard as they came on the other’s hand.

For a while we lay there, motionless, resting. Lizzie never bothered to clean dad’s cum on her face, and actually seemed to really enjoy it. Her hands soon found dad’s cock again, and she massaged the soft member.

“Honey, I think you took care of all that stress…damn, I can’t believe I let you do that. I mean, it’s incest…”

Maria piped up, chuckling to herself.

“Well, technically not. The definition of incest actually means sex…as in cock in pussy, hell , anal wouldn’t even count…so we’re just a really loving family!”

We all laughed a bit at that one. Lizzie looked at dad’s cock and saw her hands were slowly getting him hard again. She sat on top of our father and kept rubbing his cock. Lovingly, she gazed into her father’s eyes.

“Wanna make it incest, daddy?”

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