A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 55

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A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 55

By Leslie Jones

[You can read this story without having read the previous chapters, although you might read Ch. 44, which contains a recap of earlier parts of this saga. After you’ve read it, you might wish to return to read earlier chapters as you will then have greater understanding of the characters. This story features severe disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use one of her characters.]

Jamie did surprise both Janet and Eleanor by producing a strong clever proposal. She had graduated with a magna degree from the top college in the Republic, the Women’s Elite University. Eleanor had first reviewed her proposal, which was simple yet eclectic: she designed what she called “comfy panties that do everything for you.” These panties would be made from Tencel microfiber that would make a women feel wonderfully comfortable wearing them yet provide strong protection when worn during a woman’s period as well as absorbing urinary leaks.

Eleanor then had her work up a cost analysis of how much it would take to make these multifunctional underpants. She was surprised that by taking advantage of the developments in providing panties performing each of these functions, they could produce these at a reasonable price.

She transmitted Jamie’s proposal along with her own positive analysis of it, including her cost projection. Her transmittal memo informed Janet that this was among the top submissions from the creative staff: maybe even the best.

Soon thereafter, Janet conducted a meeting at headquarters with Eleanor and all the creative staff attending. Eleanor announced the three finalists for best project proposal, and Janet then declared that Jamie’s was adjudged the top submission.

Jamie was worrying about the reception her idea would receive. She thought it was a good one that took advantage of earlier successful products made by Goose Cookers as well as others. But she also feared that it could be seen as derivative and unimaginative. She was wrong on the latter possible reaction because practicality was a criterion for project viability that the company always paid great attention to achieving.

Janet asked Jamie to come up to the front. Then she spoke very plainly to the group:

“I do have both a presentation to make and a confession. Jamie designed the best project proposal, in the view of the three senior staff who reviewed the entire array of ideas,” Janet began. “For that she wins our great appreciation and further reward in terms of her pay level review, but I also want to apologize for subjecting her to disciplining for what were in retrospect acceptable if provocative statements made at a recent meeting. Jamie, I apologize and admit that you have put paid to any indication I gave that I doubted your obviously superb abilities.”

She went over to Jamie and gave her a deep hug and a kiss on her lips.

Jamie could only respond that she appreciated Janet’s recognizing that Jamie had only been seriously raising a question when Eleanor had presented the challenge to the creative group. Eleanor rose from the front table to confirm that she agreed entirely with Janet and lauded Jamie’s perseverance. She added that Jamie had more than overcome previous skepticism about her contributions to the company and she hoped Jamie would stay on and add to her already significant accomplishment.

The group applauded Jamie’s award. Afterward, there was a small reception for the entire creative group. Eleanor and Janet both were of the view that the challenge had proven successful, in that everyone submitting an idea had produced something worth serious consideration.

Later that week, Eleanor received a message from Janet to plan to attend a special meeting at headquarters the following week. When she arrived at her visiting office–the one she still maintained for her frequent visits to headquarters from the capital–there was a note on her desk in a sealed envelope. It was from Janet. When she opened it, she saw that she was asked to attend a meeting at 4 P.M. that day in Room D-100. Eleanor knew that that was the discipline office and wondered what was in store.

When she arrived there, she was ushered into the meeting room by Nina, one of the disciplinarians, and the one who had disciplined Jamie severely at what turned out to be Janet’s instance. Sitting in the room were Janet, Jamie, and Roberta, who was chief of the discipline office.

Roberta was chairing the meeting, which was something of a surprise to Eleanor.

“I’ve been asked by Janet to preside at this occasion,” Roberta said. “Janet feels she overreacted to Jamie’s behaviors and thus has requested that she, Janet, be disciplined accordingly. Jamie has been invited to witness this since she was the wronged party and Eleanor is here in her capacity as head of the creative group. kaçak iddaa I will ask Nina to now take charge of the proceedings.”

It was clear to Eleanor that Nina was not entirely comfortable with being told to discipline the woman who ran and owned the company. But she obeyed the orders Roberta had given her and Janet and Eleanor had confirmed.

“Janet,” Nina then intoned, “you will now raise your skirt and take down your panties to your knees.”

Janet stood and complied with the order. She lifted her stylish navy pleated skirt above her waist and then put her thumbs in the waistband of her delicate pale blue briefs.

Nina sat on a sturdy wooden armless chair and patted her lap, signaling Janet to lie across Nina’s small lap. Janet assumed this embarrassing position and very quickly, Nina began spanking her bare bottom cheeks. Seeing this happen, that the woman who had ordered Jamie’s severe punishment getting spanked by the very same disciplinarian, made Jamie feel very privileged and frightened.

Nina kept spanking Janet until her bottom was quite rosy and then pale red. She then ordered Janet to stand and bend across a table and grasp the other side. Janet now had her legs spread as she grasped the far side of the table. Through her legs, the onlookers could see her vulva and anus, as well as the plenteous hair that was visible through her legs.

Roberta came over and blatantly ran her finger between Janet’s legs. “She is obviously aroused by this disciplining,” she announced to the group, who felt the shame that Janet had brought on herself by submitting to this session. Nina now stood behind Janet and instructed her to count the strokes as Nina caned her.

“You will count the stroke and ask me for another,” Nina said without emotion.

Then she drew back the cane and walloped Janet’s red bottom. Janet let out a small scream but managed to utter, “One..Please may I have another, Miss Nina.”

Nina did not respond to the request but delivered another stinging stroke to Janet’s bottom and Janet duly counted and requested another. Four more strong strokes followed. Then Nina stated to Roberta, “Miss Roberta, the caning is completed.”

Roberta then put on plastic gloves and took a glassine package from the drawer on the credenza next to the caning table. She opened it and placed its contents–a bunch of stinging nettles–into the crotch of Janet’s panties. She then took a carved ginger fig from the drawer, put a dab of lube on its tip, and inserted it into Janet’s puckered anus. She then pulled up Janet’s panties with the nettles in the crotch.

Then Roberta directed Janet to stand in the corner facing it with her panties up. The group was going to witness Janet’s discomfort as the nettles stung her most sensitive flesh between her legs and the fig released its stinging liquid inside her anal ring.

Jamie was overwhelmed with emotion at the severe punishment now visited upon Janet at the boss’s own request. She was happy that Janet was being disciplined for her behavior toward Jamie, but she still feared that this might not bode well for her in the long run.

Janet was now obviously in distress from the ginger fig and the nettles. She was moving her bottom in reaction to the stinging she was experiencing. Much to her dismay, she was unable to keep from releasing her urinary sphincter and her pee noisily filled her nettle-filled panty crotch and then dripped from it in what became a steady yellow stream.

This was surely a supreme humiliation for the highly adept executive vice president. Having disgraced herself by peeing her panties, Janet now was horrified to realize that she was about to eject the fig from her rectum through her anus. The cause was a relentless progression of a bowel movement that the fig had stirred, and which Janet could not control with her legs held widely apart.

She let out a little cry as she expelled the fig, and it was followed by the creation of an obvious bulge that showed as a brown lump through her white panties. Jamie was stupefied as she realized that Janet had been humiliated far more completely than anything Jamie had experienced that embarrassed her.

Roberta now came over to Janet and quietly escorted her from the room to the rest room. Once there she carefully helped Janet step out of her bulging panties and took them, filled with the nettles as crumpled by Janet’s large brown smelly turd, and deposited them in a closed waste container. Then she took a cloth and cream and first wiped Janet’s rear and between her legs with a soothing dose of water, followed by the cream which she softly applied to Janet’s bottom and to her vulva.

Roberta was aroused herself by this extraordinary punishment of the company’s most powerful executive. She told Janet she had been uncommonly brave in submitting to this painful and shameful treatment. After she had finished assisting Janet and helping her step into a fresh pair of white cotton panties, Janet smiled and thanked her for doing her kaçak bahis duty.

“I hired you and your staff to provide exactly the services I requested,” she said. “So don’t fret that I will regard you, Nina, or your office with distaste. You are both excellent professionals.”

Roberta became surprising overwhelmed by emotion. She thanked Janet and then kissed her boss on the lips. Janet responded by hugging her. They then returned to the room where Eleanor, Nina, and Jamie were waiting.

Roberta announced that the disciplining had been completed and that the subject had behaved with aplomb. She thanked Nina for her performing the major part of the disciplining. Then Janet managed to thank all of them for witnessing her punishment. Jamie was overcome and told Janet she had such admiration for her.

Eleanor had been hesitant to raise an issue that had been dogging her. She felt that she had also been responsible for Jamie’s being sent originally to the disciplinary program for a series of sessions.

“Before we end this, I feel there’s some unfinished business,” Eleanor spoke up.

As everyone turned to look at her, she stood and added, “I was principally responsible for enrolling Jamie in a regular program with this office. It arose from her questioning me in a way that at the time appeared rude but in retrospect, should have merely been treated as a difficult question. With your permission,” she said, turning to Janet, “I’d like Roberta to devise and implement some disciplining right now for me. As some of you are aware, I’m all too familiar with discipline in my life, but I feel this time it is deserved.”

Jamie was moved to say something.

“If I can just say something before Eleanor is disciplined,” she began, “I did feel that my question was a problematic one and I wouldn’t have asked it if I had thought about it. Eleanor appears to be sincere in wanting to accept her share of responsibility for my series of punishment sessions, and I am willing to accept her apology and her offer to be disciplined.”

Janet said she had no comment on the matter except that she hadn’t asked Eleanor to do this. Roberta then stood and asked Eleanor to step forward. Then Roberta told Eleanor to lift her skirt above her waist and bend over the table and grasp the other side.

Eleanor realized she was going to be caned, probably severely.

Roberta then walked behind Eleanor when bent over and reached down to lower Eleanor’s panties. Eleanor was wearing rather flashy panties–purple and green stripes and patterns. There were quiet murmurs as they were pulled down.

All eyes now focused on Roberta picking up a cane and on Eleanor’s bared bottom. Roberta swished the cane and she loomed larger standing over Eleanor’s bent-over frame. She lay the cane on Eleanor’s bared bottom, drew it back and fired three quick sharp strokes that had Eleanor screaming.

Then Roberta waited for what seemed a long time. She lay the cane lower and delivered another three strokes on the sensitive area between bottom and thigh. This time Eleanor almost broke position when she screamed out. Jamie felt responsible now and had almost forgotten her own punishment.

Roberta then announced that the disciplining had been completed. She took Janet and Eleanor by the hand to help them out and to get Janet who was still reeling back to her office. The others watched them leave on their own and then Jamie quietly left the discipline office, too.

When Eleanor escorted an obviously-shaken Janet to her office and closed and locked the door, she told Janet she was incredibly impressed by Janet’s fortitude.

“You subjected yourself to a disciplining that my wife might have delivered,” Eleanor told her. “I felt horribly upset for you yet amazingly overwhelmed by your willingness to submit to this treatment so as to show your remorse.” She apologized for being so formal and held Janet in her arms and kissed her deeply.

“Are you going to be o.k. now?” she asked her boss.

Janet smiled, thanked her, and asked her to accompany her to Janet’s apartment. They took the private executive elevator from the top floor, the seventh, to the exclusive garage. Then Janet got in the car, and Eleanor went to the passenger seat, and Janet drove them slowly but efficiently to her apartment where she used her remote to open her garage, parked the car, shut the garage door, and took Eleanor up on her private elevator to her lavish apartment.

Eleanor had been there before and knew Janet enjoyed being given oral service. She asked Janet if she could give her pleasuring and Janet nodded with a smile. She sat in her favorite chair and Eleanor knelt in front of her, went under Janet’s skirt, had her raise her bottom so Eleanor could dexterously remove her panties, and then apply her tongue to Janet’s wet pussy.

Eleanor found that she enjoyed licking Janet’s labia and teasing her clit. She also used her fingers lightly on Janet’s anal opening, and softly pushed one finger inside illegal bahis Janet’s anus. It emerged with a smudge of Janet’s fecal residue and Eleanor lifted it to her face, smelt it, and licked her finger clean.

She kept savoring Janet’s pussy and gradually felt Janet rising to an orgasm. When that occurred, she rose and took Janet in her arms and hugged her and kissed her deeply.

Janet stood, pulled up her panties, and thanked Eleanor for being such a support.

“I almost got beyond my capacity there,” she admitted. “I thought I owed it to Jamie, and I will leave it to her as to whether she decides to tell other staff about what happened.”

“I’m quite happy that you feel like taking the cane for being partly responsible for what happened,” Janet added. “And you have such good reason not to submit to this kind of thing.”

“You did what you were supposed to do.,” Janet went on, “Jamie had misbehaved. It was I who overreacted. To think that I had her disciplined for letting people see her panties!”

“That’s why I stepped up today,” Eleanor chimed in. “I was the person who reacted to Jamie first.”

“I need a shower to wake me up and clean me off,” Janet said brightly. “Want to join me?”

Eleanor grinned and followed her into her bedroom where they disrobed. Janet led her to her well-outfitted bathroom where they dropped their robes and stepped into the shower. They soaped each other, gently touching their bottoms, and Janet smiled as she hugged Eleanor in the spray and gently poked her finger into Eleanor’s bottom. Eleanor liked the poke because it relieved her from the soreness outside on her bottom. She decided to do the same thing to Janet who laughed and thanked her.

Before finishing the shower, Janet told Eleanor she was going to pee. Eleanor joyfully joined her and their pee streams facing each other intersected.

Janet laughingly told Eleanor that she always liked to pee in the shower. “It’s so naughty and yet so harmless,” she said, “and I at least feel that I’m not as stodgy as all that.”

“You were right about Jamie,” Eleanor then said calmly. “She was letting herself appear and look like a slut. I’ve been called one often enough to appreciate the feeling.”

“You were punished wrongly,” she told Janet, “and far more severely than Jamie was.”

“I feel sore, of course,” Janet admitted, “but I’d like to order in dinner and then ask you to stay with me if you would be so obliging.”

Eleanor smiled and said she would be delighted. She asked Janet if she had been home lately and seen her family.

“I spent last weekend with them and feel somewhat cut off,” she responded. “They are growing up–my girls–largely without me. I mean it when I say that I’m going to take leave now and spend it at home.”

Eleanor took her in her arms and hugged her and pressed her breasts against Janet’s through both their bras. Janet excused herself for a moment and telephoned a restaurant to have a feast–in quality not quantity–sent over. It arrived within a half hour and Janet called down to the front desk of her complex and told them to allow the delivery person to bring it up.

It was a special kind of dinner and strengthened the bond between Janet and Eleanor. They knelt on each side of a low table Janet had and were eating on their knees. They left off all their clothing below their waists, so their tops barely concealed their pudenda and the hair on their exposed mons.

After they ate, Eleanor suggested that they apply some more cream to their bottoms. It still hurt a little when applied but then they felt better.

“I’m glad it was just Roberta and Nina there, and yes, Jamie, who saw me lose it,” Janet said slowly. “Eleanor, darling, I’ve never done anything close to first peeing my panties, expelling that awful fig, and then making a doody in my panties. What a mess! We both may not feel all that wonderful about Roberta, but she did what we asked her to do. And she was so sweet in giving me a pair of panties!”

They cleaned up quickly and went back to Janet’s bedroom exhausted. So, they crawled under the covers and hugged each other some more and touched each other delicately, avoiding their bottoms. Soon they were asleep.

* * * *

Eleanor finished her work at headquarters early and was on a late afternoon flight back to the capital. Annette decided to meet her at the airport in her own car, so Eleanor saw her when she stepped out of the terminal and climbed in happily.

“To what do I owe this grand gesture?” she asked gaily.

“Oh, just because I love you and I missed you,” Annette admitted.

Eleanor reached over and kissed her before they pulled out of the reserved space Annette occupied. Normally she had a driver, but this wasn’t official.

They reached their apartment and after parking in their garage and taking their elevator right upstairs, they embraced for real. Eleanor warned Annette not to touch her bottom.

“What happened to you?” Annette then asked. Eleanor went over exactly what transpired, ending with her stepping up to be disciplined.

“That was above and beyond,” Annette opined, “but I love you for doing it. It was very wonderful of you.”

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