A Tropical Paradise

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*** I can not thank Ravenna933 enough for all the editing help and suggestions on how to improve this story ***


She walked up to my bar and settled in at the same spot for the third night in a row. One of those ladies that you notice at once. There was something mesmerizing in the way she moved. The best I can describe it is like the grace of a wild animal married with the precision of a machine.

“The usual?”


Mixing her a Manhattan, I mentally retraced the last two evenings: she always wore stylish conservative tops and baggy pants. Not what you would call a resort attire. Not for the slim stunning girl she was. We would have a very pleasant chat over a couple of cocktails and then she would retire way too early, especially if you consider the island time.

“Here you go. Having fun in the tropics?”

That was a dumb thing to say, then again what was the last time you’ve heard a Shakespearean line from a bartender?


Slow evening at a beach bar. I felt like keeping the conversation going even if it would cost me a tip.

“What have you been up to, if you don’t mind me asking? I have not seen you at the beach or by the pool…”

She smiled back:

“Not much really… Mainly enjoying either a new book or the view…”

She sipped her drink and looked me straight in the eyes: “I love swimming, but it is just too crowded for me here.”

“I know what you mean, for a boutique resort, we are somewhat busy this week…”

I bit my tongue… Fucking corporate training. It really gets to you that they want me to please a customer.

She kept looking at me as she smiled at me softly: “My name is Sandy, by the way, and I did not mean to be rude: you have plenty of space on the beach. I guess I was just thinking about a total and complete solitude.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Sandy. I’m Mike. Forget what I just said… There are quite a few quiet spots on the North Shore that are worth checking out. You’d need a car to get there though.”

“That’s too bad, since driving is a bit of a problem for me”, Sandy smiled in an odd way and pointed at her right leg.

“Oh, sorry, if your leg bothers you, I had no idea.”

“No worries. Something that is not there can not bother, can it?”

I could not believe this quiet half-hint, half-confession. For as long as I could remember myself I always had that almost non-existent dream of meeting a one legged girl. Really odd for the mainstream way of thinking. Not what I qualify as a fetish (I had a few of them). Could this be the case, or did I just misunderstand what she said? That certainly would explain the way she moved, her attire with the baggy pants and all that.

Sandy smiled awkwardly again “Can you get me a shot of Tequila?”

I poured somewhere between two and seven fingers of Patron. Lets just say the glass was bahis şirketleri not half empty.

“On the house. And sorry, again, that I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Thank you and don’t be silly, Mike!”

Sandy sipped her tequila. Paused. Paused and sipped again. All the while never taking her eyes off me.

“Say, those beaches on the North Shore. Do you think you can help me find one of them?”

“I thought you’d never ask, I’m about done here…”

“So am I.”

It did not take me more than a minute to throw my bow-tie and apron in the corner, grab the keys and step outside. Sandy was standing on the deck, nursing what was left of that tequila.

“Ready to hit the road?”

She smiled and all of a sudden reached out for a hug. And a kiss. One of those kisses that lasted a moment or two. Or until tequila wears off… Sandy’s tongue gingerly explored my mouth. Even if I could, I would not resist. The sweet taste of tequila and something salty…

Without saying a word Sandy took my hand and lead me down the pier. Towards what looked like a modest cruise ship. I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea. I guess they still call those things “yachts” even though they lost their masts and sails at least half a century ago.

“Like I said, driving is a bit of a problem for me, hence the boat.”

No one was there to welcome us on board, and I got the feeling she liked it that way. Low key. She dropped her sandals, struggling with the right one a bit. I leaned to help. The plastic foot was cold to a touch. My half guess and her half hint were both right: Sandy indeed was a one-legged princess. A rogue wave rocked the boat slightly and I instinctively grabbed her ankle. Metal. My heart skipped a beat or maybe an eternity. She noticed my excited awkwardness and smiled:

“Does not seem like it bothers you.”

I stood up and reached for another kiss: “Just the opposite.”

This kiss lasted longer while our hands started exploring. Sandy’s body was perfectly athletic without being “overdone”. Despite all her conservative baggy outfits it did not seem like she cared for any underwear. I would not complain either way.

Sandy reached for my hand again:

“Up, up and away!”

She led me up the stairs. Literally one step at a time. Half way up she paused and caught me watching her:

“I forgot to tell you, we have many rules on this boat. The first one: no clothing is allowed on the top deck”

She ditched her seemingly conservative top and turned half way. Her breasts were absolutely perfect all the way around. A true gentleman would never ignore an invitation from a lady, so I reached out for another kiss. Traced my way from her mouth to her beautifully firm breast. Left, then right. Nipples were tiny and pointy, with a hint of salt again. Maybe it was the ocean wind…

It took me two seconds to get rid bahis firmaları of my shirt. My shorts took a bit longer as they had to fight my dick on the way down. And that is the thing about my dick: he does not like to lose a fight.

“Fair is fair, right?” She smiled and pulled the waistband string. Baggy pants no more. Hello to the most gorgeous butt. No panties is always a plus. And legs that could not have possibly been any longer or more straight. And when I say legs, I mean the leg. Left one. The counterpart was a beauty in its own way: plastic and metal.

Sandy took a couple more steps toward the upper deck. Full step with the left leg and the prosthetic sister could just follow up, but not pass. Most elegant and erotic acrobatics, not a bit of struggle. Sandy had almost made it all the way to the top. Turned around and sat down on the last step. Held her legs together as a proper lady would, and rested elbows on her knees.

“My favorite view… ” as she looked towards a back of the boat. Whatever the fuck the hind side of the ship is named in nautical terms.

“Hard to argue!”

I settled a couple of steps lower as a proper modern gentleman would. Facing in the opposite direction, of course. Placing my hands on her knees. The prosthetic one felt so odd compared to the soft left one. I traced my way up her thighs. Delicate velvet skin on one side and plastic on the other. What a fascinating contrast. Pushed the knees apart ever so slowly. No resistance.

“Now, that’s a view worth real admiration!”

Her pussy lips were completely hairless and very narrow. If you only get a glimpse of Sandy’s crotch one may think her pussy is glued shut. Believe me, it is not. A tiny drop of dew, then another one. I had to reach out for a taste, slowly sliding my tongue up and down so the lips would open up. She tasted like a paradise, as I knew she would. Pushed my tongue a bit deeper. Sandy moaned and slowly lowered her body back, laid on the floor.

“Whatever you do, don’t stop!”

Of course I did not. Sandy wrapped her legs around my neck. A rather unusual sensation to be hugged by the softest flesh on one side and cold plastic on the other. I loved it.

As i reached with my fingers to help my mouth; seconds, minutes or centuries flew by and I felt her first orgasm. The intensity was enormous and I swear the boat rocked. I would not dare to stop there: my middle finger is good at two things: getting me into your usual bar fight and finding a g-spot. Deep vibrations kept surging through her body as I continued to explore the dark, beautiful and dangerous places. Sandy surfaced from her trip long enough to say;

“Dude, you have to fuck me before I pass out”.

As a true gentleman I had to oblige.

Those pussy lips that seemed completely shut a moment ago opened up with a silky smooth welcome. As I gently pushed my dick in her, it just kaçak bahis siteleri felt like entering the heavens. Sandy cried out in pleasure. It could have been one thrust or a thousand, but eventually my lips reached her mouth again as she struggled to breath and we both came at the exact same moment. Look it up in a world record book: that shit never happens on the first date!

We emerged from the short coma that followed a “lights out” moment.

“What the fuck was that?” The most beautiful girl in the world inquired. “And can we please get inside before I pass out for real?”

“You are welcome, and certainly, madam” I withdrew my dick (feeling like it needed a 100,000 mile overhaul), stood up and offered the lady a hand.

Sandy got up just fine, grabbed my hand, and lead me through the sliding doors towards what looked like a modest contemporary palace with a bed in it. “I need to take my leg off before I wash up, do you think you can handle that on the first date?”

“Only if I can help you…”

I reached out half guessing half following her hints, pushed on something, pulled on another thing and the plastic slowly slipped down from her hip revealing what was left of her leg. Which was not too short or too long, just right (as if I know anything about stumps). It looked absolutely perfect and incredibly erotic. Firm yet delicate muscles, seemingly different compared to the lean left leg. About half way between the hip and knee the right leg ended, skin was pulled back and there she had several scars all going in different directions. One of those scars went up her inner thigh almost reaching to her pussy. I explored that unusual beauty with my fingers and lips as she held onto my shoulders for balance. There was such a contrast between smooth and soft skin of the front of her leg and rough and bumpy scar tissue on the back. Yet all together it somehow made for a perfect and most sexy picture.

“You are absolutely the most beautiful girl I have ever met” I whispered as my kisses again followed up her body, not missing a single part, arriving slowly at her mouth. I gently lifted Sandy from the floor, kissed her again and carried her into the shower. Not that she needed to be carried, but because I wanted. Her stump rested against my elbow and Sandy moved it a bit side to side as it to thank me for the gesture. I knew I wanted to have another round with her, but she felt completely exhausted and I decided not to push my luck. Instead I put her down in the shower, she hopped a bit to regain the balance. We helped each other with soap and sponges. Despite the exhaustion I’m sure I felt her come again, this time softly and delicately and her knee weakened as she almost collapsed on the floor.

All rinsed off and dried up I stepped to the bedroom and watched every part of Sandy’s body move so elegantly as she hopped to the bed: “I have not had a man spooning with me in a very long time, do you think we can change that?” Of course we did. Sandy fell asleep almost immediately, but before she did, she managed to whisper: “Sleep tight, my love. You will need all your strength tomorrow”.

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