A Trip to the Store

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Big Dick

This is part one of a two part storyline. Each part is a story in of itself but each might not please everyone’s personal taste, so I chose to separate them.

Please let me know what you think. I enjoy reading all feedback. Also don’t forget to vote for me. I appreciate your reading and voting on this and any of my previous and future works. Jane)

The time has come my master when you trust me enough to leave the hotel room. We have just experienced a glorious few hours of pure animal fucking. As I lay there on the bed almost exhausted you tell me it is time to dress.

“Bra and panties are not required tonight my slut.”

The no panties is fine with me but the no bra bothers me as my boobs are to big to go without. I dress as you request when I see that ‘move it’ look in your eye.

The dress you choose for me to wear is deep blue to bring out the blue of my eyes. It is sleeveless and has 20 buttons down the front. The waist is high so it hold my boobs up.

I am not too uncomfortable with the look. You inspect me when I stand before you and tell me to unbutton top three buttons. This opens the top to show a lot of cleavage and I am so pleased you enjoy them enough to want to display them.

“Where are we going master?” I ask.

All you reply is ‘out’, You take the keys to my car and hotel room and I follow you out the door. While standing by the car, a couple are getting out of theirs… you turn me towards them and bend down. Unbuttoning the bottom seven buttons so now only ten hold the dress together.

The couple stares mesmerized as you slide your hand up under my dress and slip a finger into my wetness. A couple of quick in and outs make me moan. I miss that finger when you remove it from me.

They watch as you bring it to your lips. I see the strangers tongue subconsciously lick his lips as he watches you clean the pussy juice from your finger.

I am sure they noticed my shaved pussy but you are not finished yet. You drag the front of the dress down and expose a nipple to suck. My moan is audible to all when your teeth clamp down on it for a quick bite. When you release it you look at me.

“Thank you my master” is my response to your eyes.

You unlock my door and I slide in, sneaking another peak at the still staring couple. He is very obviously aroused and I think the woman he is with is in for a wonderful time.

You start the car and my head disappears from view immediately. Your cock is semi hard for me when I unzip your slacks and my mouth surrounds the head. I am sure they know what I am doing and I smile as I begin to suck as you back up far enough for them to see inside the vehicle.

Reaching around me you slide the shifter into drive and we are on our way.

Your hand strokes my hair almost absentmindedly. I love your hands on me and it encourages me to lick and suck you completely. I do not know where we are headed but you pull my hair a tug to let me know we have arrived.

“Do you not want me to finish my master?”

“Not necessary now. You will, when the time is right.”

I lift slowly in the seat and let the blood flow back to my head. I notice we are in a grocery store parking lot.


“Just a little shopping trip.”

We walk in hand in hand in the front door. I am a little self-conscience. In this lighting my dress is a little see through. Not a whole lot, but my nipples are stimulated enough from sucking you to be hard enough to be seen. My mind races to what you are looking for.

I sub conscientiously wish I liked whipped cream. I smile thinking what I could do with an aerosol can of that.

“We are not here for me, my slut”

It amazes me how you just know what I am thinking. Am I so transparent?

We bypass dairy and head to the fruit/vegetable department. You stop and tell me “go wild” I look at you just a little confused. You walk around and stop in front of the zucchinis… you lift a huge one.

“Imagine this in your cunt”

Oh my god! My legs begin to shake almanbahis as well as my hands. The one you chose is huge. I begin to panic.

“You decide what you want me to use in your ass slut. Don’t you dare get reserved now. I know you want it… you know you want it… NOW CHOOSE!”

I walk to the zucchinis and I do choose one. About 6″ in length… the wide end is about an inch. You nod your approval. We walk to carrots. Again I hear you say,


Your words are loud enough to catch the attention of the woman next to me. I search through the carrots and find one similar to size of the zucchini. I hear you say,


I search again for one a little wider.

“Suck it”

I close my eyes and slide it between my lips. Sucking loudly, the woman huffs and walks off. You laugh and I turn a bit red faced but I continue sucking.


I remove the carrot from my mouth and add it to the zucchini.

“Choose something else” you tell me over your shoulder as you walk away from me.

I walk around the produce department. The selection is not vast but there are many things of all shapes and sizes. There is squash but all to curvy. Cucumbers, that are all very thin and way too small. They would get lost inside me. I giggle at that thought. But I sober immediately when the ears of corn come into view. My mind soars.

I can imagine it sliding in and out of me but am I that brave? Would you think me weird? Would it excite you to use it on me? I pick one up and peel the silk from it. It is tapered just right to fit inside a body.

The length is almost perfect. The girth of it wider than your marvelous cock and since you fill me completely. Would this corn hurt me? I imagine not. I stroke it almost lovingly. But I return it to the pile. I see the huffing women watching me and I smile at her.

I search for you but do not see you yet. I move on looking for the next item. I pass the potatoes, the eggplants and asparagus. The parsnips are very similar in shape and size to the carrot but I cannot find one to interest me.

I am spending too much time and I know it. I begin to worry where you went. I continue into the fruits and as I pass the strawberries I remember the taste of you as I poured the strawberry flavored oil onto your cock when you first arrived at the hotel. How we both loved when I licked and sucked you to total completeness. Your sweet cum much sweeter with the taste of the berries.

I wonder if you would use one on my nipples? Biting the sweet fruit and letting the juice drip onto my hard nipple. Then lick it clean with your tongue. Hard to imagine but my nipples are straining even harder against my dress. I have never been so turned on in a grocery store before.

All the fruits are not acceptable until I come to the bananas. Most are to yellow and to soft. But I find a nice one that is sort of greenish and very firm. The curve was not excessive. I add it to my pile and walk back to the spot you left me in knowing that is where you will find me.

I look again at the corn. Now why would the corn be weird and the banana would not? I weigh the options. I wonder what my master would want me to do. I know as sure as I am breathing of what I want.

I put the banana back and reach for the corn.

“Good girl”

I hear your voice in my ear. I turn quickly and see you behind me. You hand me a carnation and I know why I love you so.

“I watched your struggle and you did it on your own Jane.”

I sniff the carnation deeply as I lean into your embrace.

“Can you imagine me sliding it in and out of your cunt as I slide into your ass?”

The visual imagine has my body shaking and my pussy dripping. I can feel it sliding down my inner thigh. I can smell me. Can you?

We walk together to the checkout and as we pass the restrooms I ask you,

“Master May I use the restroom?”

“No slut. I want you dripping wet!”

I accept your answer but I am not happy about it. It is a very uncomfortable almanbahis yeni giriş feeling having pussy juices dripping down your leg. I just know that it will leave a spot on the back of my dress when I sit. As you pay for the items, I stand by your side.

The huffing woman is seen again. I wonder what she thinks. Probably what I would have before I met you my master. That I am a slut. How right she is. I am a slut! I chose to be one for David. Only for him and I love it and him completely.

The carnation fragrance fills my senses as we walk outside. When we reach the car you turn me so I am facing it.

“Put your hands up on the car my slut”

I hold the luggage bar and just know something good is going to happen. Damn here comes that woman again. I feel you lift the back of my dress so my ass is exposed and I feel the zucchini pressed against my ass.

It is smaller than my plug so it takes no effort to insert it. But you do tease me with it. Sliding it in and out until just as she passes you slam it in deep. We both hear her gasp of shock as she watches it disappear in my ass. You slap each cheek once for her benefit and once for my pleasure. I turn and say loud enough for her to hear

“Thank you my master”

She mutters under her voice and shakes her head and practically runs to her car. You open the car door and I gingerly lift my dress, as I know my pussy will be drenched for sure and sit on one hip facing you. I unlock your door and you get in. I reach to unzip you but you stop me. You start the car and I hear you:

“Talk to me”

I tell you how the zucchini fills my ass and how my pussy is dripping.

“Tell me about the woman”

I tell you of how she didn’t like watching me suck the carrot. How she watched as I chose the corn. How I just know she was probably just jealous about the zucchini entering my ass. How I bet she just wished it were she. You are pleased with my words.

“Are we headed back to the hotel my master?”

“Not yet slut”

We pull into a small Italian restaurant and you help me from the car. I am concerned about my predicament but you are my master and in total control. I follow you inside. The hostess walks us to the table of your choice and you watch as I settle in my chair gently. The zucchini was not hurting, but was uncomfortable to sit on directly. I wiggle slightly to make it bearable.

You order us a bottle of wine and ask me what I would like.

“You choose please, my master, I enjoy all pasta dishes”

Our wine arrives and you order for us. I notice you seem to be moving the tablecloth a little each time you lift your glass. I center our condiments and silver and wonder what you are up to. You opted to sit across from me instead of beside me and when I feel your foot on my leg I now know why. Your foot is bare. I know now why you moved the cloth. I reach down and lift the edge of my dress.

“Good girl” I hear.

I wonder how I will be able to stand this without everyone knowing. When the waitress brings our salads your toe touches my pussy lips. I jump a little and it catches her eye. Between the trip to the grocery store, the huffing woman, and the zucchini in my ass, it will not take much to bring me over the edge.

“Eat slut”

Food. Food will gag me but I do as you say. The lettuce is crisp and the cucumbers fresh.

“Couldn’t find a good cucumber could you slut?”

I burst out in laughter.

“No my master… all to small. I was worried they would get lost inside me.”

“Imagine the fun trying to suck it back out though slut!”

“Damn I wish now I had chosen one.” I hear laughter. You are laughing at my words. Oh my god! Did I say them out loud? Shit! I didn’t mean to!

“Not to worry, we will find other ways to satisfy you! Tell me how you ass feels.”

” It feels full my master. Not as full as when your cock is in it. But still enough to know I know it is there. While I am sitting here I feel it pressing on the backside of my womb. almanbahis giriş Not uncomfortable but I know while your foot caresses my pussy lips the minute you touch my clit I will cum. Does that please you my master?”

“Very much but I do not wish you to cum yet. So when I do touch your clit you will not allow yourself to cum until I command it”

This worries me. I know I am so close. How will I not allow nature to takes its course? But I know it will displease you so I will do my absolute best to not anger you. Knowing my punishment will be severe and instant.

“Spread opens your legs slut”

The waitress arrives at that moment and we hear her shocked gasp at your words. I giggle. We have shocked so many people on this trip.

“Yes my master.” Is my reply as she sets our food down with a thump! Is she angry? Shocked? Jealous? I have no way of knowing. The lasagna is tempting to look at but your toes spreading my lips have taken all my attention from it. I try not to draw attention but I do push against your foot a bit. You are calmly eating your dinner and I marvel at that. To be foot fucking your slut in the middle of a restaurant and able to eat is marvelous.

My hand is shaking as I lift my fork. A new waitress comes by and asks if all is acceptable. You nod and she refills your glass of wine and I shake my head no as she turns to fill mine. Our eyes meet and I know mine are glazed with desire. “She knows” I think and I close my eyes to the knowledge.

Your big toe slides into my pussy and oh my god my mind fogs. I cannot think. I cannot move. I allow it to enter me and fuck my pussy. In. Out. Deeper each thrust. I concentrate on not screaming. Concentrating on not moaning out loud. My meal is forgotten. I whimper. I don’t know how much longer I can hold this.

Since you are not a mean master you sense my need. And you move your toe to my clit. You rub it a couple of times and through the fog of my passion I hear “Cum”. I let loose and I care not for who notices. My body is subtle but definitely moving. My hand covers my mouth and i bite hard on my knuckle to keep from screaming outloud.

My head drops and the waves begin to crash over me. My whole body quakes! But soon the shivering starts to recede and my climax is ending. I do not notice when you remove your foot. I notice nothing for quite a few minutes.

The waitress had come and removed our plates and a fresh glass of tea was placed in front of me. When I notice it I gulp it down like I haven’t had a drink in days. I sit up straighter and whisper,

“Thank you my master”

“You did well my slut. You may use the restroom. We no longer have need of the zucchini.”

I am rather pleased to hear that. My legs are rather wobbly as I walk to the restroom. I am sure all eyes are on me but keep my eyes down and walked straight. I clean myself up and removed the well-used vegetable. I hear the outside door open and I am embarrassed to come out of the stall. A voice drifts to me and I recognize the voice of our second waitress.

“You are rather lucky to have such a kind master. Mine did not cover me with the cloth the first time he fucked me in public. Don’t be embarrassed. You were not noticed except by a few and they have already left. Now don’t leave your master for long, he is waiting for you.” I hear the door close as she leaves.

I finish up and walk out to you. You look so wonderful standing by the register. I walk to your side and you take my hand. I glance back at our waitress and mouth “thank you” to her. She nods.

We walk to the car and this time no display but I do get a perfect and completely satisfying kiss. You open the door to the car and again I slide in. This time not uncomfortable but I am so completely happy.

“Are we going someplace else my master?”

“No Jane, we have an ear of corn waiting to be used.”

My body shivers at those words and I cuddle into your body. Knowing how my mouth will pleasure you when we return to the room and how the corn will pleasure me.

“Hurry please my master!” is my only reply.

written by Jane

June 7, 2003

(I hope you liked this part. Look for section two … back at the hotel. It is called ‘Exploring His Body’ found in anal. PS: did you vote on my story for me?)

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