A Tale on the Trail

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A while back Tom, a co-worker, was sharing his pictures with us from a recent trip to Glacier National Park. I enjoy the great outdoors and his trip appealed to me. One thing he emphasized was the need to make room reservations at least a year in advance due to the short season there. Seeing no need to reinvent the wheel, I visited with Tom and literally duplicated his trip. There was one big difference; mine was not a family trip but a wonderful opportunity to find a special woman.

My first stop was St. Mary, which is on the east side of the park. A highly recommended hike was “Highline Trail at Logan Pass”. The first half was pretty easy but the last part was not only a steady incline but a trail of rocks. The difficult part becomes apparent when you are walking along a rocky ledge and looking at incredible drop offs.

It was near the spot where the trails divided and you begin the uphill leg of the trip that I met Barbara. It certainly was not under the best of circumstances that our paths crossed, however. I found her sitting on the path with skinned hands and knees.

I don’t believe she heard my approach because I startled her when I said, “Hello there. May I be of some assistance.”

“I’m ok. I didn’t watch what I was doing and tripped.”

“I have a first aid kit handy that you’re more than welcome to use.”

At first she wanted to decline, but after looking at the damage, she acquiesced. I handed her my kit and together we did a pretty good job of administering first aid even though the damage was just some scrapes. We were both grateful that it wasn’t more than that.

Her name was Barbara and she had just flown in the day before from Bartlesville, Oklahoma for a week’s vacation in the park, primarily to hike. She was an attractive woman, I guessed to be around my age, dark hair, fierily green eyes, and nice looking legs, even with skinned knees. When I pulled her to her feet, she came to my shoulders and the S in the OSU logo on her the tee shirt was nicely emphasized.

She didn’t object to my joining her on the hike especially since we were headed to the same lake. During that time, we chatted about our work and a bit about ourselves, too. She was divorced, no children, and what I found interesting, a mechanical engineer with one of the large petroleum companies in Bartlesville. I knew the company well and remarked that one of the founders was not only an alumnus of my college, but we both were members of the same engineering fraternity. Barbara got a big kick out of that and for a long time we talked shop.

Part of the trail is wide enough to walk side by side, while other sections are narrow so I happily let Barbara lead the way. Her shorts were just that and looking at her from behind was definitely a pleasure. I let her set the pace and was pleased that she hiked at a comfortable speed. Normally, I usually stop only long enough for a sip of water but in this case I was able to persuade her to let me take pictures of her along the way with her camera. The trail has several scenic vistas with flowering plants along the way and she soon was in the spirit of it all and was really enjoying herself.

I was surprised and pleased at her willingness to chat. We talked about a lot of subjects but nothing too personal. We were in total agreement over the current political climate, especially as it affected her industry. When I inquired how she happened to be here, she paused a bit and I could see she was searching for an answer. After a few moments, she said, “I love the mountains and this is a good place to take a break, clear my head, and do some thinking. How about you?”

“I’ve never been to this park and a co-worker was here last year and highly recommended it. He was not wrong in his praise of how beautiful it is here. I’m literally duplicating the places he and his family stayed and most of the trails. He thought Highline Trail would be a good warm up hike for me.”

I thought about her answer and concluded that the problem she is working on must be pretty serious to take off for a week and travel to Montana. Sometimes you need some time and space to think, and hiking around in the mountains can give you that.

My goal in hiking was to reach my destination around lunch time and we arrived just before noon. We shared our lunch, such as it was; protein bars and fruit. We laughed at how similar our choices were. I surprised her with my dessert, cheddar with horseradish cheese. She had never tried that kind of cheese and really enjoyed it. “It’s a favorite of mine and in the evening usually I have a glass of Malbec with it.” I said.

After shooting several scenic pictures, we headed back. Going downhill on a mountain trail is actually more difficult than going up. It’s important to watch your footing and often there are steps that can be a challenge. I was pleased that Barb accepted my hand for assistance and there were even times she probably didn’t need it, but she took it anyway.

We got into a pleasant discussion about things we would like to do. Travel and more hiking tuzla bayan escortlar were a mutual item on our bucket lists. After a few minutes, she said, “I want a cabin by the lake, a dock, and a pontoon boat so I can go fishing. Believe it or not, I like to fish.”

“I like it, too. I’ve gone bass fishing many times with friends.” She looked at me and just smiled.

“Anything you don’t like to do,” she asked?

“Snow skiing. I once had a girlfriend who was really into it. As for me, I never liked going downhill on the brink of being out of control, not to mention I really don’t like cold weather that much.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Give me warm weather and a beach anytime.”

Now it was my turn to smile. Suddenly the distance between her home and mine didn’t seem very far. I’m not a fan of long distance relationships, but in this case, I’d definitely reconsider my position.

We reached the parking lot and I walked with Barb to her car. My heart was pounding and I wanted to spend more time with her. It was now or never and as I held the door open, I asked if she had any dinner plans.

“No I don’t. Do you have any recommendations?”

“My friend Tom said there was a place that has a great chicken special just inside the park. Where are you staying?”

“St. Mary’s Lodge.”

“Me too,” I said with a laugh. “Care to join me?”

“I’d like that very much.”

The restaurant was a popular place and judging from the prices and quantity of food, I could see why. Tom had advised me to get there early and I was glad we did because we got the last table. It was like an old fashioned café, complete with red and white checkered tablecloths. The menu wasn’t large but everything looked good and we both selected the chicken special and a glass of their house wine.

Barb was very interested in what my intended itinerary was.

I gave her a rundown of the places I was visiting and staying that included Many Glaciers, the Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton, Canada, and ended in Whitefish before flying home.

“It sounds like we are starting out and staying in the same place for a few days. Could I interest you in hiking with me tomorrow? I’ll do my best not to fall down again.”

“I’d be delighted to join you.”

We clinked our wine glasses and I said, “To happy trails.”

“I bet you know the words and the song,” she said with a grin.

“Ah yes, many is the time I’ve sung along with Roy and Dale at the end of their show.”

This time when we got back to the lodge I walked Barb to her door and gave her a quick kiss before we parted for the night.

Over breakfast, we chatted about the various hikes in the park and she suggested we visit the ranger station to see if there were some ranger-led hikes we could join. I told her that was a great idea and we flipped a coin to see whose car we would take. She won.

I took Barb by the hand and we headed to the ranger station. Luck was with us and we found a ranger-led tour that specialized in both flowers and geology. The fact that she never let go of my hand was very encouraging and it warmed my heart.

The tour was very interesting and informative. We were fascinated with the theory of the rock and algae formations that had occurred thousands of years ago. Barb asked a lot of questions and later whispered to me, “Leave it to an engineer to be interested in old rocks.”

I kissed her on the forehead and smiled.

The guided talk with the ranger lasted a little over an hour and at its conclusion, we could either go back to the station with her or continue on to the falls. There was only one trail leading to the falls and we were already on it. Barb suggested we continue on and have our lunch there.”

After taking several more pictures, we found a place to sit and we set out our lunch. No surprise that our lunch menu was a repeat of yesterday’s. This time however, I brought more cheese to share. She got a big kick out of it and asked, “Where’s the wine.”

I laughed and said, “Sitting in my room waiting to be opened. You’re welcome to join me after we get back to the hotel.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned into me. We sat in silence enjoying the view for several minutes when she said, “I have a confession to make. I told you I’m here on vacation, which is true, but I’m here primarily to get away from a situation of a personal matter. I needed some time to clear my head and do some soul searching.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“You already have.”

She smiled at my puzzled look and said, “I recently broke up with my boyfriend and he has been trying to make amends and get back together. Being with you has confirmed that there were things lacking in our relationship that I desired and I’ve realized those qualities are important to me. I’ve been with my boyfriend almost a year and even came close to moving in with him. My gut kept telling me he is a good person but the wrong one for me. We had a ‘conversation’ that became rather escort tuzla bayanlar heated and it resulted in me ending our relationship.”

“What did I do that helped?

“It became clear to me how self-centered he had become. In the beginning, we did things together. But in the last few months, we were doing only what he wanted to do and on his schedule. I just let it go and ignored my feelings. Now I feel great. It’s like a weight has been removed and now I can really enjoy my week here.”

I reached over, took her hand and kissed it. “I’m happy for you.”

“Is that offer of wine and cheese still good?”


The next moment we were holding each other tightly and our kissing was full of passion. There was no denying my growing erection and I was very sure she could feel it, too. We were interrupted by some hikers and the break of the moment provided an opportunity for us to catch our breath.

Barb spotted a narrow path that led up to the top of the falls and suggested we head in that direction. The trail was steep with lots of steps so we exchanged being breathless from our kissing to breathing hard from our climb. The view there was even more spectacular and I stood behind her and held her close. She placed her arms on top of mine and pulled me even tighter.

After a few minutes, we sat near the stream above the falls and Barb told me of the relationship with her now former boyfriend. In the beginning he was kind and considerate but looking back she was more of trophy to brag about with his friends. At first it was flattering but over time he was spending more time with his guy friends than with her. Their time together was ok but as she stated earlier, it was on his schedule. It took her awhile to see that it had run its course and getting away was the right thing to do. I liked the part where she said she was very happy meeting me.

We sat there for quite a while and I was surprised when I looked at my watch that it was already mid-afternoon. It would take close to two hours to hike back and drive to our lodge. We did kind of lengthen the hike back by stopping for a few kisses along the way. I couldn’t help but notice that she liked to pull my butt in close when we kissed. I could certainly feel my erection pressing against her.

We headed to our respective rooms and I really needed the shower; hot to get clean and cold to cool off. It helped a little with my hard-on but when I thought of her and the way she kissed, it got hard all over again.

We met for dinner at the lodge and she was radiant as she walked into the lobby. Other men noticed her too, and from their looks I knew they were thinking I was a lucky guy. She was wearing a nice dark skirt and white blouse. She wore just a little makeup and a silver chain necklace. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples pushing against her bra and making their presence known as she walked toward me.

After dinner, we adjourned to my room for the promised wine and cheese. While I opened the wine, she turned off a few lights and created a nice romantic mood. We sat close together and enjoyed the ambiance for a few minutes before I set our glasses aside and took her in my arms.

Our kisses were deep and passionate, hungry with desire. When I cupped her breast, she responded with a sigh and pulled me closer. A few moments later our hands were exploring and clothes were dropping to the floor.

The bed was only a few feet away and we were there in a flash. Any romance was forgotten; it was pure lust as she spread her legs wide and pulled my hard cock to the entrance of her love hole. I lacked the will power to go slow and I quickly filled her to the hilt.

I paused for several seconds just to savor the sensation of my cock in her warm and wet cunt. She looked up at me and smiled. I felt her vaginal muscles flexing around my hard member and she said, “Oh yes, you feel wonderful.”

I began my thrusts slowly and took long strokes. She matched each thrust with her hips, allowing me to drive deep. Her breathing quickened with my tempo and soon she was panting. Suddenly her body tensed and she held me tight as her orgasm came in waves. I paused for a few moments and as she began to relax, I resumed my slow and long strokes. My cock was rock hard and my balls were begging for relief. Soon our bodies were slamming hard against each other and when she cried out from her next climax, I added my cum with hers.

I collapsed in her arms and we kissed in the afterglow of great sex. We kissed and touched and made small talk for several minutes when suddenly she looked me straight in the eyes and with a big grin pushed me onto my back. She kissed me on the mouth and then proceeded to kiss her way down to my dick. She took it all and the magic of her tongue all over it soon had it growing in her mouth. I was sighing with delight as she licked and cleaned our cum from my cock and balls. I loved the feeling of my hard cock in her hands and mouth but I didn’t want to cum again before I had the pleasure gebze escort of eating her pussy.

I pulled her up and kissed her and our tongues began their intimate dance. The taste of our cum was erotic and exciting. It was my turn to push her onto her back and I kissed my way down to her pussy with some time spent on each nipple on the way. I kissed and licked all around where her legs joined then slowly worked my way to her pussy. She sighed, lifted her hips and pulled her legs wide apart. I licked all around her love opening before driving it in deep and fucked her with my tongue. Hearing her moan and sigh with pleasure was like sweet music.

I slowly licked my way up between her pussy lips and softly brushed my tongue across her clit. She gasped and sighed and slightly tilted her pelvis. I moved my tongue all around her swollen button and she began to move her hips to try and put my mouth directly on it. I teased her for a few more moments and when I moved my tongue to her clit, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and placed them on her G-spot. The effect was immediate as she gasped and pulled my head harder into her. I licked and sucked her clit and fingered her to a beautiful orgasm. This time I did not let her recover as I continued my stimulation. Within minutes her whole body shook from another climax.

She pulled me up to lay beside her and she kissed me hard, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. It took several minutes laying in my arms before her breathing was back to normal.

“Wow! I’ve never experienced two such intense orgasms. That was mind blowing to say the least.”

“It was my pleasure, sweetheart.”

“My turn.”

My cock was hard from the delightful bliss of eating her pussy and feeling her climax. She knelt between my legs and took it in her mouth. With her hand and mouth locked together, she fucked her mouth with my throbbing dick. All the previous sexual activity had me so worked up that it wasn’t long before I could feel my own climax begin to build. I was breathing hard and my hips were matching her movements and soon I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to pump my dick until she had milked every last drop.

I pulled her into my arms and held her close. We lay in silence for a few minutes and she whispered, “Any more wine left?”

I gave a little chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was thinking that in all the wine tasting parties I’ve attended, no one talked about the pairing of cum with a dry red wine.”

She laughed and said, “And don’t forget the cheese.”

Much to our delight, the wine tasted even better, and I think, so did the cheese.

“I like our kind of wine and cheese party.”

After we finished off the wine, we dressed and strolled along the path behind the lodge. It was a loop that bordered along either side of the stream. It was a beautiful evening as we walked hand in hand, expressing how much we enjoyed each other’s company and our recent activity. Somewhere along the path, Barb stopped and held me in her arms. After a few moments, she squeezed my hand and looked me into my eyed. She told me that her former boyfriend rarely gave her oral sex and until now, she didn’t realize just how wonderful it could be. Then she said, “Tomorrow night I have a treat for you. Bring the wine and cheese and your pajamas.”

“I don’t wear pajamas.”

“Neither do I.”

When she walked into the lobby to meet me for breakfast, she was radiant. Just seeing her and I was grinning from ear to ear not to mention a growing erection. When she saw me, a big smile spread across her face and her nipples made their presence known.

“Did you sleep well,” I asked?

“I was a little restless. How about you?”

“The same. I couldn’t get last night out of my mind.”

She smiled and said, “That was my problem, too.”

“Any regrets?”

She took me in her arms, kissed me hard and fucked my mouth with her tongue for several seconds, then said, “That answer your question?”

That took my breath away and after I recovered, I replied, “You’ve made me very happy.”

She pulled me closer, pressing hard enough to feel my growing erection and said, “Looks like I made someone else happy, too.”

I just sighed and smiled.

It was a beautiful day and we discussed various places to hike. Our desire was for a trail that was more than a couple of miles long and difficult enough to have few people on it. We wanted some good elevation gain plus some degree of difficulty. That made the selection easy and the one we chose would allow us to return to the lodge around mid-afternoon.

At the front desk, we looked at the forecast and it was to be a warm and sunny day. “Looks like a tee shirt and shorts kind of day,” Barbara stated. “I need to change.”

“Me too. I’ll meet you at the car.”

I stood by the car and watched her walk toward me. Her change in clothes had my full attention. Short shorts, lovely legs, and then there was something that made my heart skip a beat; she was braless. Watching the movement of her breasts under that shirt made me reach into my pocket and adjust my shorts to make room for my erection. I felt pretty sure she wasn’t going braless just to tease me and I hoped there would be an opportunity to find out on the trail. Otherwise, it would be a very long day for my friend to find some relief.

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