A Son Forced Pt. 04

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All characters are over 18+


“Tell me Jason have you eaten yet,” Beverley asked, feeling her lips moistening picturing the young man, before her between her shapely legs. Scowling when her hand could only go to his upper thigh. “Sweetheart do you mind driving us home,” she asked her daughter, as her hand hovered over the door handle.

“Not at all mom,” Mary said, with a sneaky smile. Knowing how her mother wanted this as much as she did, watching as her mother slowly slid out of her seat. Noting how her skirt became taut showing that she wore no panties underneath. Straddling the console facing Jason as her mother slid into the back seat. “Jason have you ever seen a pussy before,” she asked, as her hands fidgeted with the hem of her own skirt. Smiling at the thought, of how she and her mother thought alike.

“Not if you mean in person no,” Jason said slyly. He had known since he had told her who he really was that this would happen. Jason had seen the look she had, it was the same with his mother and sister. So it wasn’t a surprise that this was going to happen. He just wondered how he could use this against his mother.

“Would you like to see mine,” Mary said, inching up her skirt. Watching as his eyes drank in her naked snatch, she had shaved it just for this special occasion. “Jason I can’t wait to have you in me,” she moaned as her fingers moved along her lips. “Let me see it Jason,” Mary said, licking her lip noting the bulge in his pants. Seeing her mother nodding in agreement watching him squirm underneath their gaze. Unaware, that this was all going occurring to his plan, to irk his mother and the other’s that lived in that house of theirs.

“Mmm my Jason that is a fine cock you have,” Beverley purred as her skirt rode up her thigh. Exposing her tan toned thighs, the white gather belt straps, that were attached her black silk stockings. “Jason,” she said, lustfully as her hand ran up his thigh, inching closer to his hardened rod. “Have you ever had sex before,” Beverley asked, her eyes burning like a cougar, ready to pounce on her prey when he shook his head. “Baby drive we don’t want to give your school a show,” she said, her hand taking hold of his cock.

“Then let me be the first one to taste this cock,” Beverley said, leaning forward her hot breath flowing over Jason’s twitching cock.

“Mom make sure you leave some for me,” Mary said, winking at Jason in the rearview mirror, as she watched her mother’s tongue running along the back of his cock.

“Oh baby you know I will,” Beverley said, before engulfing his rod into her greedy mouth.

“Ah fuckkk,” Jason groaned as his had thumped against the head rest, as she swallowed him to the base. Her tongue teasing his balls as she held him deep within her throat. Jason’s hands held her down, as her throat muscles worked his cock for dear life.

“Did you like that,” Beverley asked coming up for air. “Its been to long since I’ve had a nice hard cock,” she said, beating his cock against her cheek. “You don’t mind if we use this fine tool of yours for our own purposes,” Beverley asked with a wicked smile.

“Not at all Beverley just as long as you show me that pussy you’re playing with so selfishly, ” Jason said, looking down at her, as her tongue teased tip of his head.

“Oh I can do better then that!” Beverley moaned as his fingers plunged into her throbbing canal. “Fuck!” She moaned coating his exploring fingers in her juices as his thumb rubbed along her clit. “Naughty boy,” Beverley cooed, before returning his cock to her awaiting mouth.

“God that feel’s soooo good,” Jason moaned peering down, watching her eye’s light up as he found her g-spot. “I’m going to cum,” he warned feeling the tightening of his balls. Beverley didn’t need any more encouragement, bobbing up and down on his pole in a blur, thinking she was about to drink his virgin cum. “Drink it all you dirty girl,” Jason growled rubbing her clit with a vigour. Feeling her folds clamping down on his slick fingers as she swallowed the last of his seed. Those blue eyes looking up at him was the tip of his cock left her soft lips.

“So I take it you learned something’s from your book’s,” Beverley said, licking up the remainder of his seed from engorged head.

“I picked up a few thing’s from my research but never actually put it in practice.”

“Mom do you want to stop and get something to eat or order in when we get home,” Mary asked, jealous that she wasn’t the one in the backseat. With that hard cock sliding between her lips, drinking down that salty seed that she was all to willing to swallow.

“Hmm let’s stop somewhere, I think he’s going to need his energy,” Beverley said, sitting up in her seat straightening out her attire. “That way you can have your fun,” she said, whispering into her daughter’s ear while playing with her tit. Her eyes flaring was she watched as cock lurched at the sight, eager to see if that lovely rod was as versatile as it a peered to be. lordbahis güvenilirmi “Well baby it seems he’s already for you,” Beverley said, pinching her daughter’s nipple.

“Good,” Mary moaned, pulling into the local Arbys restaurant.

“Here I’ll run in and get us some sandwiches, you don’t tire him out to much sweetheart,” Beverage said, as she exited the car as her daughter parked away from the restaurant. Jason feigned innocent’s pushing himself into the corner of the seat as Mary slid in beside him.

“Jason,” Mary said, looking at him with those predatory eyes as she crawled across the seat. Swing his legs across the seat, her hand running along the length of his shaft feeling his rapid pulse. “There’s no need to be nervous,” she said, leaning forward her lips brushing along his. Savoring their softness, their yearning, as her tongue darted into his welcoming mouth. “I’m going to take good care of you,” Mary said, smiling at his glossy eye’s. “Mmm he’s just so adorable, ” she thought to herself as she positioned his member at her awaiting entrance. Mary had been longing for this moment since that moment on the park bench. “Mmm Jason do you like how my pussy is welcoming you in,” Mary said, looking into those pleasure filled eyes.

“God yes Mary,” Jason moaned, biting his lip watching her sinking further down onto his cock.

“Just wait until we get to my house,” Mary said, through ragged breath’s as her pace quickened. “We just couldn’t wait to have a taste,” she said, smiling sweetly at him. Mary was a little surprised as his hips thrust upward sending his cock deep into her twat. “Fuck yes! Harder Jason fuck me harder,” Mary moaned, collapsing forward bracing herself against the door. Her breast dangling in his face as she felt his cock gliding through her folds. “That’s it Jason make my cunt cum on that cock,” slamming her hips down in time with his thrust. “Cum in me Jason,” Mary said breathlessly. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill just fucking fill me with that virgin cum,” she screamed as her womb flooded, forcing her orgasm to explode around his cock.

Beverley’s car rolled to a stop along the crub in front of his home. Mary kissed Jason deeply before he could exit the car cupping his cock before she would let him leave.

“You don’t mind if we do this again,” Mary asked him with wonder lust eyes. Hoping that she could deepen their budding relationship. While the sex they had shared was great, she had only done it for her mother. Mary wanted Jason for herself not for his fame or the money she could only assume he had. Because she had felt something forming in between them she hoped he to felt the same way. “I promise we won’t be so rough next time,” Mary said, shooting glances at her mother.

“Sure you got my number,” Jason said, looking pass her seeing his fuming mother standing in the door to his home. Smiling inwardly as he kissed Mary passionately making sure his mother saw everything. Jason stood on the sidewalk waving as they pulled away not letting on that he knew his mother fumed behind him.

“Jason!” Mara growled behind him, it took all her will not to drag him out of that car. “Do you have any idea how late it is,” she said, spinning him around, there was something brewing behind those amber eyes of his. “You were told!” Mara shouted her finger wagging an inch from his face. “That you were only allowed to leave if I or your sister were the one’s that picked you up from school.”

“How many times do I have to say it Mara,” Jason said as calmly as he could. He needed to keep clear headed so he could keep to his plan. “I’m eighteen you can’t do a damn thing who and what I spend my time on is my business!”

“Boy!” Jason could see the vein throbbing in her forehead threatening to explode. He didn’t think his mother was use to someone so forceful stand his or her ground against her. “Do you think I’ll allow some slut to take you away from me,” she said, taking him by the arm. Jason winced as her gripped tightened around his arm as she dragged him roughly into the house. “Did you fuck that whore!” Mara yelled as she slammed the front door closed.

“Mom what’s going on, did Jason come home?” Margret asked, bounding down the stairs eager to spend her night with her Master. Stopping in her tracks as she saw the storm brewing between the two.

“That’s my business Mara,” Jason said with a smug smirk. Jason’s head rocked to the left then to the right as his mother’s slap resounded throughout the house.

“Did you fuck her,” Jasons body wanted to slink back yet he held his ground, as his mother’s evil glare brunt into his hide. Jason remained silent, however as much as his face stung he had to remain stalwart. “Scarlet!” Mara yelled up the stairs never taking her eyes off her rebellious son.

“Yes Dear,” her voice drifting down from their bedroom.

“Have you prepared the basement yet?”

“Of course Mara,” Scarlet said, walking down the stairs in a black corset and a leather mini lordbahis yeni giriş skirt. Knowing how her mound was peeking out from the hem of her dress as she descend stairs. She wanted her Master to see her willingness to be ready at any moment if he ever needed to relieve his itch. “You know it was the first thing to go in once I moved in.”

“Good,” Mara smiled wickedly pushing him into their awaiting arm’s. “Take the boy,” Mara drew out the word. “Down to the dungeon while I slip into something more suitable.”

“Jason,” Margret whispered as they led him to the basement. “What did you do,” she asked, as Scarlet opened the basement door. Yet Jason remained silent as the darkness of the stairwell shrouded him as he descended into the earth. However, once he reached the basement, Jason began to fear that he had over played his hand. The cold metal frame dominated the center of the room. Half and a foot long chains were attached to leather shackles that dangled from the top rail of the device and along the side rails. Assorted whip’s, paddles, lined the right wall of the converted basement. Rubber replicas of the male organ, from double ended, suckun cup, and strap on’s. Along with a wide assortment of plug’s dotted the shelves that hung along the left wall. Masks and hoods gave Jason an eerie feeling as they sat in the shadow of the far wall. Cold fear surged through Jason’s limbs wondering just what he had just got himself into.

“Strip that boy he isn’t worthy to wear clothing in my house!” Mara yelled down from the top floor of their home. Studying herself in the full length mirror that hung along the inside of her closet door. The black crushed velvet knee length waist coat felt a little to tight, reaching behind her loosening the grey braided cord. To allow her bosom to remain tight against the fabric. The soft fabric stopped just centimeters above her navel giving everyone a clear view of her snatch as she pulled on her black boy shorts. White piping edged along the translucent grey lace that hung along the cuffs of the sleeves, as well between the tail’s of the coat connecting the two separated piece’s. Spinning around giggling to herself how she loved that outfit. She had planned on revealing it to Jason tomorrow night when they could spend the weekend together. Yet as she reached for the cat o’ nine tails, that hung on the hook in her closet, it wonder appear she must punish her Master. Jason needed to learn that only they were needed to service him whenever and wherever he wished. Mara just couldn’t comprehend, why he just couldn’t see that. Smiling as the whip sang through the air, she just hoped he would answer her before she needed to use it.

“Is he ready?” Mara asked as she approached the stairs to the basement.

“Yes Mistress, ” Margret answered her eyes falling on her naked brother. She knew this was going to be painful for him, Margret tried to get him to answer before this got out of hand. Yet either he couldn’t or he wanted this she had no clue what was running through her brother’s head. The chains rattled clinking against the metal frame as soft footfalls kissed along the wooden steps. “Jason its not to late to answer her,” Margret said rushing to up to him. “Please,” her fingers running down his cheek. “I don’t want to see you in pain.”

“That will be enough Margret,” Scarlet said, pulling her niece to the side. Eyeing her sister as she stepped into the dungeon, her eyes darting between her and the whip in her hand. “Mara?” Yet her eyes told her this was going to happen, they could either stay or leave. There was no point in stopping her the events had already been set in motion.

“I see the bonage whore has finally shown herself,” Jason spat all the while trying not to view the whip in hand. Noticing the twitching cheek how he loved to watch it dance.

“Jason,” Mara said steadying her breathing. “Son all you need to do is tell me everything that transpired between you and that slut,” she said with a sneer. “I understand your young and horny,” Mara said, walking gracefully across the marble floor. Watching as his member remained soft wondering if that whore had drained what was rightfully hers. “If you tell me how that girl abused you all will be forgiven,” she cooed as her hand ran up her chest.

“Which one are you referring to Mara,” Jason asked trying not to allow his body to respond to the heat of her body.

“What! What do you mean which one,” Scarlet screamed into his ear as as she stood at his left side. “Surely you wouldn’t do such a thing when we are here always willing to please you?”

“Tell me its a lie Jason, please brother you wouldn’t, ” Margret whispered her lip quivering.

“Well answer your submissive’s Jason,” Mara growled narrowing her eyes.

“Why don’t get on your knees and tell me how they taste upon my cock Mara,” Jason said, thrusting his face into hers as much as the restraints would allow. The rage he saw in his mother’s hazel eyes chilled him to the core.

“Are lordbahis giriş you tell me you allowed them to fuck this cock?” Mara asked cupping his cock and testicals in her hand. “The cock that is only for us here, that belongs in each of our hungry cunts.”

“Pretty much,” Jason said with a smirk. “They sucked me and fucked me in ways that even you would admire, and you know what its going to happen again and again,” Jason gasped in pain as her grip became painful.

“No it won’t Jason,” Mara said coldly. “Once I’m done with you, you won’t be going back to that school,” she said, looking down at his chest in disgust. “Why would I allow you to return to that place with that slut there, so you can sneak off and fuck that whore every time you want. No you’ll be home school from now on. Magret remind me in the morning to call Charlotte,” Mara said, pressing her body closer, so he could feel her rage washing over his naked form. She had met Charlotte at an s&m gathering a few year’s before she had taken her daughter. She was as the one that had informed her of the delight’s of incest could bring her. So Mara wasn’t concerned about their lifestyle being spread around town.

“Scarlet fetch the first aid kit he’ll be needing it once I’m done with him,” Mara said as the whip thumped against her leg. “Margret find out what form’s I’ll need to fill out to remove Jason from that school. Also go to his room and remove everything that he doesn’t need for his work, school, and clothing. If and I say if you behave yourself then you just might get your item’s back.” It would seem to Mara that she could no longer leave her son to his own device’s. She had thought that with them sharing his bed Jason would have grown to except them, yet it seems she needed to bind them altogether so he could never leave them. She knew the perfect person to call upon for that, however first Jason needed to learn his lesson.

“Jason if you apologize right now your punishment wouldn’t be so severe,” Mara said, walking around him watching the other’s as they drifted up the stairs.

“Fuck you Mara…” Jason’s voice became still as the whip struck his naked back. Hot shearing pain screamed out in his mind as his nerve endings were on fire as Jason bit down on his lip to keep himself from screaming out. His body shuddered as he listened as the whip flew through the air readying to mar his virgin flesh. Mara studied the twenty seven angry welts noting the faint traces of blood that began to bead along the wound’s. She didn’t want her son to suffer yet she couldn’t be lenient with him. He had to see the error of his ways and they weren’t going to be second fiddle to some two bit teenage slut.

“Jason have you learned your lesson that only we are to be the only ones that can please you,” Mara asked her hand running along the tail’s of the whip.

“Is that the best you can do Mara,” Jason said, looking over her shoulder. “That didn’t even tickle,” he chuckled yet Jason dreaded what was to come. He couldn’t believe his own mother would go this far just because he wouldn’t fuck them like they wanted. Mara’s anger flared her arm moving on its own before she knew it her son hung limply in the restraints falling unconscious from the pain.

“Mara what have you done!” Scarlet screamed upon seeing the limp body of her nephew. She knew Mara was angry with him yet if she knew she was going to be this harsh she wouldn’t have left her alone. Then she saw the realization finally reach Mara’s eyes as her anger subsided.

“Jason baby answer me,” Mara pleaded lightly smacking his face while Scarlet saw to his back. “Come on baby wake up you need to wake up,” fear spreading through her body the longer he remained silent.

“Well Mara you didn’t cause to much damage to his body,” Scarlet said shooting her a cold glance. “It be a few days maybe a week before his back is healed,” her own anger at her sister waning when she saw the worried look in her hazel eyes. “Here hold him while I get him out of this,” Scarlet said watching as her sister simply nodded.

Jason didn’t waken until noon the next day his back was stiff and on fire. Wondering how he had got to his room and into his bed. The last thing he could remember was taunting his mother then nothing. Wincing as he tried to ease himself off the bed that was when he saw her.

“You hungry,” Mara said as she sat in his desk chair. How those amber eyes narrowed at the sight of her she knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Mara hoped he could forgive her it was her own weakness that put her son in such a state. “Jason I’m sorry it wasn’t meant to get out of hand baby,” she said, starting to rise only to see him scurrying off his bed as quickly as his wounds would allow. Sinking back into the chair to ease his mind her lip trembled wondering how she was ever going to repair the damage. “Listen I know your angry I understand that but you hurt me and the other’s. Don’t you see that we care about you, how we want nothing more then to see you succeed!”

“Right I’ve been doing that long before you even cared,” Jason spat feeling something wet running down his back. Reaching behind him pulling back his hand noting the blood that coated the tip’s of his fingers. “Is this want someone that suppose to love me does,” he said holding out his hand.

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