A Sister Fantasy Fufilled

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I was thankful to see my extended family leave. The holidays were great and I loved seeing my cousins, aunts and uncles but my liver just can’t keep up with amount of alcohol consumed in a long holiday weekend.

Despite the new tradition of heading up to Colorado and renting a couple of cabins to alleviate one family getting stuck with hosting duties I found myself cleaning up my cabin after most of the family left to go to bed early in order to get up at ungodly hour to shop for random Black Friday deals.

I was picking up cups, empty plates, board games and ads that my they had scoured to find the best deals. A knock on the door interrupted my cleaning. With a huff I dropped the bag and opened the door.

“Oh thank God. Do you know I have knocked on 3 strangers’ doors to get the right cabin?” My brother stumbled into the foyer. “None of them had a case of Miller light they were willing to part with. Selfish bastards.”

“I am guessing that being woken up by some 6 foot drunk begging for beer at 1 in the morning didn’t exactly put them in a giving mood.”

“Oh shut up Claire. Do you have any more beer or not?”

“If you are going to be a dick you can go back to begging somewhere else.”

“Fine, Claire do have any more drinks or not please?”

“Oh for fucksake Joe, just get in here and help me clean up and then you can have the vodka I have stashed under my bed.”

His blue eyes perked up as the mention of vodka fueled his desire to help me. It took nearly an hour to finish cleaning. The entire time he complained of his buzz wearing off. By the time we had finished cleaning he was back in the realms of sobriety.

Nearly exhausted we plopped down on the couch in front of the fire place and I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. “I love the family, but I am glad they are gone.”

“Agreed. Although I was promised vodka for helping you. Or was that just a tease to get me help?”

Nodding I put my feet up. “I may or not have been lying. Either way I am not sharing with you. You will drink it all and leave me with nothing.”

We sat for a second before he silently stood up and walked toward my room. “You said something about it being under your bed didn’t you?”

I sprang out of the chair and ran after him, “Joe I swear I will tell mom that you were the one who dented the van if you touch my vodka.”

Catching up with him in the hall, we both were running toward my room. I jumped on his back and he continued toward my room without slowly down. When did he get to be so damn strong? As I tried to wrestle him down to the ground he grabbed the hidden bottle and waved it in just out of my arms reach. Pinching him he dropped the bottle and I staggered to the ground and grabbed it. But it was too late. He had recovered and had me pinned down.

“Mmmm, I am going to love drinking all your vodka Claire,” he klasbahis güvenilirmi taunted. “Oooo it is so yummy!”

“You are such a beast. Let me up.”

“Not unless you promise to behave.”

We argued back and forth until I pinky promised I would share the vodka and not pinch him anymore. We split the last half of the bottle and were a bit tipsy. Leaning against the bed he had a smile on his face.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked.

“Do you remember that time I caught you blowing Alex in the in the back of dad’s truck?”

“Ugh, fuck. Yes. Why?”

“If you tell mom about the van I will tell her about your oral escapades.”


He smiled triumphantly and poured the last dribbles of vodka. “I am exhausted. I am glad I am not getting up to go shopping with those crazies in the morning.”

I nodded agreeing and leaned my head back. Before I knew it I was nodding off. I felt light headed and dizzy and above all…tired. As I felt myself drifting I also felt my body heave upward. I tried to open my eyes but just saw Joe lifting me into bed. He mumbled something about sleep and I drifted back off.

I felt like I had slept for hours before I looked at the clock and saw it had only been a few hours. Joe curled up next to me in bed breathing lightly. I assumed he was asleep and so I rolled to my back and opted to try and fall back asleep. I was nearly drifting again when I felt something softly running against my neck.

My eyes popped open and saw Joe looking at me. He didn’t say a word, he simply stroked my neck and then trailed his fingers to my collar bone.

I looked at him quizzically but he just gave me a small smile and he continued tracing my neck, collar bone and started to move father downward.

I jerked upward and grabbed his hand away from my tit. Before I could ask what he was doing he pressed his lips onto mine. For some reason it didn’t feel weird or wrong as I guessed it would. In fact it made my lips part and my body to become submissive.

His fingers started to trail past my top and slide the straps barely holding my chest in off my shoulders. As he continued running his lips against mine and slowly grasping my tongue with his, I leaned in for more. I was kissing my brother. I was liking it. I could tell that my body was enjoying it just by the wet feeling that had take over my pussy.

As he pulled on my top more my left tit popped out of it’s confinement and my nipple was instantly hard with excitement. I wanted him to run his mouth across it. I wanted my brother to nibble it between his teeth and lick it into a mountain of eager pleasure.

“Please,” I panted breathlessly. His smile had been replaced my hunger and he went straight to work on licking my breast and taking them both into his hands. As he moved across my body I felt my pussy lips part klasbahis yeni giriş in welcomed anticipation. My clit swelled and popped out from between the folds.

“Joe,” I panted again. I and looked down and saw that my pussy was starting to soak a wet ring into my thin cotton pj bottoms.

He looked pleased and slid his t-shirt off and pressed his bare skin against mine. The heat from his body transferred into mine and created a fire that ran across my entire body and seemed to linger in deep inside my puss.

I ran my hands down his back and grabbed two handfuls of his ass. I never paid much attention to it before, but it was muscular and full. I dug my fingernails in and pulled him toward me.

He let his hand purposefully slide down to anticipating pussy. I arched myself toward him as he let his fingers run over me with only a thin barrier of wet cotton between his fingers and my swelling clit.

“You are so wet,” he stated even more turned on as I could feel his dick grow harder against my nearly bare body. I every inch of my skin was begging to be touched by him, my own brother.

He slowly slid his fingers under the cloth of my bottoms and reached inch by inch toward my pussy before sinking one finger across my clit and into me then back across my clit. I began rocking my hips as my body begged for more.

“Slow down Claire,” Joe whispered. “I will make you cum when I am ready to see you explode. I want to savor this.”

I pulled at his jeans and wanted him to be as hard and horny as I was wet and wanting him inside me. As I nimbly unzipped his pants his dick sprang out already hard and huge. It was at least 8 inches and had the slightest curve upward. This would hit my g-spot easily and I became even more wet at the thought of his enormity inside me. I wanted to make him wait him to explode. Sibling rivalry had take a new form. I pushed him to his back and hopped on top of him. I held his arms above his head and sank my teeth into his neck. I drip of cum started oozing from the tip of his dick.

Joe wasn’t allowing me to win so easily. He flipped me to my back again pressed my thighs down and open. He hesitated for a moment and then looked at me. We both knew it was wrong in a right way. He blew lightly on my pussy as it was on fire. The cold air just made the fire pump my clit into a swollen and plump button of hunger. Looking me in the eye he slide his tongue into my puss and slowly dragged it across my entrance between my lips and over my clit in one big lick.

The entire stroke of his tongue I fought an orgasm back, not wanting be defeated. I sat up a little and he quickly buried his face into me. My brother’s head of dark brown curls wiggled, licked, sucked as I flopped back in pleasure that exploded over my entire body. It wasn’t enough. More, I wanted more.

As I panted and moaned his klasbahis giriş name with every wave of orgasm, he smiled from between my legs. “Where is that purple dildo you love so much? I know you brought it with you.”

“How did you-?”

“Oh I have listened to gasp and heard it hum while you masturbate at home. Now I want to see it in action.”

I wasn’t shocked but more turned on that he had listened to me pleasuring myself and get turned on. Our bedrooms were right next to each other and I never assumed he could hear despite my knowledge of paper thin walls. Perhaps subconsciously I knew. So without further question I pulled out the purple cock from my bag. I pulled up a chair and squatted over it so he had a good view of it sliding in and out of me.

He watched from the bed completely naked and his jaw slumping in amazement of my cunt riding the vibrating hum of the dildo. I slid it in and out of my pussy as his eyes never left the sight of my pussy lips swallowing the toy. He was mesmerized by the sight he had only be able to hear in the past.

“Are you going to cum?” he asked raising an eyebrow playfully.

I tried riding it harder and tiny beads of sweat and frustration began to ripple across my chest and back. Tired of the game, I looked at him longingly. “Please Joe, I can’t do it alone.”

“Then let big brother help you,” he said as he stood, walked over and picked me up so my legs straddled him. He licked my neck and nibbled my lips as we plopped back onto the bed.

Rasping his tongue back over my nipples and rubbing his face in my tits greedily I was instantly sloppy with wetness again. He finally slid the head of his cock just into the entrance of my puss. I bit back an orgasm as his head teased me. My cunt eagerly pulsed trying to grab the rest of his dick and pull him in.

“I bet I can make you explode with one thrust.”

To prove it he gave one slow and powerful thrust and my legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him into me deeper as I felt my pussy pulse around his dick.

He let out a gasp as my body arched against his. He then started thrusting slow to start. I was right the ever so slight upward curve ran against my g-spot easily with every stroke. He started thrusting faster and faster as I rode every pulse giving me one orgasm followed by another. I could hear the sound of my wet pussy slapping against his cock along with our unabashed moans and panting.

As I felt his cock starting throb inside me he started panting my name. He pulled his dick out in one fluid movement and pearly strings of cum shot out of him and landed on my chest and tits. We were both breathing rapidly and watching his prick jump and continue to leak more drops of jizz.

He was still hard and hadn’t rested one moment before rested his forehead against mine.

“I have been fantasizing about this for years…” Listening to you make yourself cum and catching you blowing Alex….it has all made me claw at the walls in wanting to see my dick in you.

“Then we better make it worth all that time,” I replied as I grabbed his dick and started squeezing and licking the rest of the cum from his still hard cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32