A Servant to the Goddess

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Felicia approached the Goddess Demileigh as confidently as she could.

It was a short walk to the woman’s throne. Several half-naked girls sat in twos or threes on marble benches at regular intervals. Sweet, high giggles sounded around Felicia as she felt a hot flush rising on her neck and cheeks. Felicia tried not to look at the girls cuddling each other. She kept her eyes level and made eye contact with the Goddess. The woman was sitting lazily on her throne, wearing a gown of translucent blue silk. Felicia felt another flush as her eyes were involuntarily drawn to the Goddess’s round breasts. Big, pink nipples were visible through the gown, hard and poking into the fabric.

Demileigh smirked. “I see you are our new servant, girl?” she said in a deep, melodious voice, an appraising look on her face. Eyes of blue ice bore into Felicia. The gaze was unflinching.

“That’s correct,” Felicia said quietly. She had to strain to keep the composure in her voice.

“I think,” the Goddess began, brushing her white-blonde hair as she talked, “that some of my girls will be very pleased to welcome you personally. We have been awaiting a new arrival for quite some time. As you may know already, I am Divine Goddess Demileigh.” Demileigh stood, casting a golden brush to one side, and descended the marble steps of her throne toward Felicia. One of the girls quickly collected the brush as if it were a treasured heirloom, and went back to the arms of the girl she’d been sitting with. “Do you know what I am the Goddess of, perchance?” Demileigh asked.

Felicia shook her head.

The Goddess approached, standing so close now that Felicia could feel radiating warmth from her body. Demileigh smiled coyly and continued. “Unlike my fellow Divines, I care not for boring things like crafting or fighting.” She said the words as if she felt disgusted by the mere act of holding them on her tongue. “Instead, my time is devoted to fucking. There is great artistry to making love, but I believe that the highest art is only possible during the coupling of women. It is… Divine.”

Felicia felt a cold shiver as Demileigh’s fingers brushed gently against her cheek.

“Girls are the Divine’s most beautiful creations,” the Goddess went on. “They’re delicate, pretty things. Their bodies are tested and changed during childbirth, used as things instead of being worshipped for their simple beauty. Do not mistake me, there is nobility in motherhood, but…”

Demileigh’s face was very close to Felicia’s now, just inches away. Plump pink lips broke apart to reveal perfect white teeth. The Goddess leaned in further, her eyes of blue ice wide in front of Felicia’s own. Demileigh spoke in barely a whisper.

“Some girls are made to be fucked by other women. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Felicia was finding it difficult think. She wanted to protest. She had been sold, unwillingly into this Goddess’s service. Her life had been ripped from under her. But, as Felicia looked into the Goddess’s eyes, these thoughts dissipated as if hit by a strong breeze.

“Do you want to kiss me, girl?” the Goddess asked.

Despite herself, Felicia nodded.

Demileigh slapped her.

Felicia craned, trying not to fall over. Her mouth dropped open in shock, her cheek and jaw aching like fire. What-

“Foolish girl,” Demileigh said, walking away from her. Blonde curls tumbled down her back, coming to the base of her spine, above a very wide and curvy set of hips. Felicia stared in shock at the Goddess’s round, firm buttocks as Demileigh strutted away.

“What was that for?” Felicia spluttered.

“You must earn the right to kiss your Goddess,” she said, turning back, and sitting in her throne. “After all, only my favourites receive the honour of kissing me. You must earn that. You must prove yourself a worthy lover before you may warm my bed.”

Felicia went pale. It had felt as if a spell had been taken off of her. She still found the Goddess incredibly attractive, but her anger at the slap made her feel defiant. She would not do what this woman wanted, Goddess or no.

“I won’t,” Felicia said. “I won’t warm your bed. I’ll-“

But at that moment, two pairs of arms grabbed Felicia’s shoulders firmly, forcing her to the floor. Green vines sprouted from the seams of the marble, wrapping themselves around Felicia’s arms and legs. She knelt, unable to move.

“Girls?” Demileigh called playfully. “Make sure she enjoys every second of it. Betha, Laurien, Chace – would you kindly welcome Felicia to my Pantheon? Remember not to stop until she begs.”

“Yes, Goddess,” one of the girls said confidently. “Don’t worry, I’ll make her into a good little girl for you. Would you like that Felicia?”

“No,” Felicia breathed. “Please, I-“

One of the girls placed her index finger against Felicia’s lips, shushing her. All of a sudden, Felicia found she couldn’t speak. The girl cocked her head in interest as she drew her finger away.

“Please, istanbul travesti try to relax. I’m Laurien, by the way,” one of the other girls said brightly. “I think you’ll be fine once you get the hang of things. Now, sit quietly and don’t speak unless spoken to. Do you like girls?”

Felicia could’ve sworn she shouted ‘No!’, but instead she said: “Yes, I like girls.”

Betha and Chace were stripping each other’s clothes off in front of her. Laurien sat beside Felicia, putting an arm over her shoulder. “That’s good,” Laurien said. “You’ll fit right in!” Then she gestured to Betha and Chace and said: “Do you like looking at them?”

Again, Felicia willed herself to say ‘No!’, but all that came out of her mouth was a soft “Yes, they’re pretty.” Her eyes looked at Chace’s curves. Chace was petite, with curly brown hair and a lightly freckled face.

She looked at Felicia and smiled. “Would you want to fuck me?” she asked, playfully.

“Yes,” Felicia said, biting her lip. What was happening? Why was her mouth refusing to say what she wanted? Had Betha put a spell on her when she touched Felicia’s lips?

Laurien seemed to read her eyes. “Oh, don’t worry!” she said in her high voice. “Betha did put a spell on you; it’s the first step of your transformation. The Goddess’s magic allows your mind to reaffirm everything you need to feel and believe in order to serve her. I promise that after a few minutes, you won’t even be thinking of anything else at all.”

Felicia struggled against the vines holding her. She was scared. She had been scared when she was sold into service, but she never thought that this would be how she would be serving. The fear made her want to protest even more, but she found herself looking at Chace’s cute butt.

“Shall we fuck?” Chace said casually to Betha.

“Of course, darling,” Betha grinned. “Let’s fuck.”

Chace kissed Betha lovingly on the lips. Within minutes, Felicia could see a wetness glistening from between Betha’s legs. Chace flicked her fingers across it, causing Betha to moan.

“Do you like watching them?” Laurien asked in Felicia’s ear. “Does watching girls fuck excite you?”

“Yes,” Felicia moaned. “They look so good!”

The passion between the two women was growing rapidly. They kissed ever more frantically, lips smacking softly against each other, as Chace’s finger slipped again and again over Betha’s clit.

Laurien whispered breathlessly in her ear again: “Don’t you just want to eat her up? They say whenever two women make love, their passion feeds the Goddess. Do you want to feed the Goddess? Do you want to be a good servant?”

“I want to be a good servant,” Felicia said. “I want to make the Goddess feel good.” It was growing harder and harder for her to resist. Felicia almost wanted to believe that this was her new purpose.

And then, Chace gently but firmly pushed Betha to the floor. Betha crawled backwards toward Felicia. The vines which bound Felicia opened and pulsated around her limbs, shifting her into a sitting position and spreading her legs. Felicia could feel how wet she was. As much as she hated to obey, watching the girls gave her a hot throbbing in her temples.

Betha settled between Felicia’s legs and leaned back against her. She spread her legs and Chace lay on her tummy, sliding into the space.

Felicia let out a moan as Chace started licking Betha’s pussy. She could feel Betha’s soft skin against her. Betha’s deep brown hair brushed against Felicia’s breasts as she writhed around Chace’s tongue. Felicia watched the curve of Chace’s ass rise and fall as she ate Betha’s pussy. The fat on her butt jiggled gently as she shook it. Her eyes stayed locked on Felicia’s eyes as she lapped, licked and sucked the girl’s pussy. Betha’s moans were growing louder.

“Do you want to feel what she feels?” Laurien asked.

Felicia felt like she was about to burst. “Yes!” she whimpered.

“You can join when you beg,” Chace said, looking up at Felicia from between Betha’s thick thighs, fingers still pumping in and out of the girl. “I’m not letting her come until you beg.”

“Do you want her to come, Felicia?” Laurien asked. “Do you want to be a good girl and let Betha come all over Chace’s lips? Look how pretty those lips are.”

In that moment, Felicia knew Laurien had taken Betha’s spell away. She could say whatever she pleased. But as Felicia sat there feeling Betha’s hips, hearing the soft sucking noises coming from Chace’s tongue edging Betha’s pussy, only one, resounding thought stabbed through her mind.

“I want to please women!” she cried, breathlessly. “I want to make other girls feel good. Please, Laurien, I want Betha to come. I want to see Chace lap up everything. Can I serve the Goddess? Please? I want to be a good girl.”

Chace grinned as she buried her face in Betha’s pussy. Betha’s thighs responded by gripping hard against Chace’s head, messing up istanbul travestileri the girl’s pretty curls. As Betha’s moans rent the air, she turned and kissed Felicia passionately on the lips. Her lips were wet and full, and so deliciously soft. Felicia felt the heat in her face build and build. This was her purpose. She wanted it so badly. If only she could feel the same pleasure that Betha just felt…

But then, Felicia blacked out.

When she awoke, she was no longer in the throne room. Felicia was sitting in a large bedroom. Luxurious decorations covered the walls and floors. The bedsheets were a deep crimson, trimmed with fur. On the bed sat the Goddess Demileigh, reading a book. She was no longer wearing the dress she wore earlier. Instead, she had put on a deep blue gown, tied tightly about her waist. Even with her body covered, Felicia could still see the strong feminine curves that outlined the Goddess. Her chest threatened to burst out from the gown at any moment. Her thick, slender thighs were folded, revealing long legs with bare, muscular calves.

“What happened?” Felicia asked.

“You kissed one of my girls,” Demileigh said calmly, without looking up.

Felicia remembered everything. But she hadn’t felt the pleasure that Betha had. She had been made to watch, until Betha reached her orgasm, with no stimulation for herself at all.

“She kissed me,” Felicia said, after a long pause.

The corner of Demileigh’s lip curled into a smile. “And, did you enjoy it?”

“Y-yes, Goddess.”

“Did you beg to feel what Betha felt?”

“I did.”

“Do you want to serve me? Prove yourself a good girl?”

“More than anything, my Goddess,” Felicia said. “Can I, please?”

Demileigh put her book down. “Utter rubbish,” she said, angrily, tossing it to the floor. “Yes, now that I think of it, I could use a more… pleasurable distraction.” She beckoned Felicia with a finger. Felicia obeyed.

“I want you to show me what you learned from my girls,” Demileigh continued, sliding back onto the bed and slowly untying her gown. The rope about her waist slipped softly through the hole at the side and her gown parted. Felicia gaped as the Goddess’s chest felt out of the gown.

“Do you like looking at them?” Demileigh asked.

“Yes, Goddess,” Felicia responded.

“You may touch.”

Felicia gasped as her hands touched the smooth skin. She fondled Demileigh’s breasts, fingers flicking over the hard pink nipples. She admired the weight in her hands as she moved them around. “Goddess, they’re so big!”

Demileigh laughed. “Do you want to learn how to please another woman, Felicia?”

Those ice blue eyes bored into her yet again. “Do you know what you must learn to use if you want to be my lover?”

Felicia shook her head.

“A woman’s most powerful tool to give pleasure is her mouth. I want you to use your mouth to give me pleasure, girl. If you succeed, I will make you come.”

Felicia’s pussy throbbed from how close she had been to orgasm. She desperately needed stimulation. “I’ll do anything, Goddess.”

“Anything? Good, you may kiss my breasts. Show me how you would please one of my girls.”

Brimming with desire, Felica kneaded the Goddess’s breasts, planting soft little kisses over their surface. Tentatively, she put her tongue out and brushed it over Demileigh’s nipple. She wanted so desperately to please this woman. Not just for the promise of pleasure, but it simply felt right to give her body to the Goddess. She kissed Demileigh’s nipples, licking and biting them as she grew bolder. As she sucked, she thought about how good it would feel to make love with the Goddess. She wanted to drink in her curves, let the woman use her. Felicia thought about her body no longer belonging to her, and the desire drove her on.

“Stop,” Demileigh commanded.

Felicia looked up at her, wide-eyed.

“You have done well, I think,” Demileigh said. “But I’d like to feel your tongue somewhere else… Open your mouth and stick it out for me.”

Felicia complied. Demileigh responded by spitting on her tongue. “Good girl,” she said, an intense look in her eyes. “Keep that on your tongue. You’ll need it.”

Felicia struggled to keep Demileigh’s saliva cupped inside her tongue.

“Now,” Demileigh went on. “Would you mind…?”

The Goddess sat up and turned around, bending over the bed. Obediently, Felicia pulled Demileigh’s robes over the curve of her ass.

“Do you like looking at my bum, dear?” Demileigh asked. “Was that a little gasp I heard just now? Oh, you’re such a sweet thing. Do you want to kiss my pussy?”

“Yes, Goddess.” Felicia tripped over the syllables as she held her tongue out, trying not to spill anything.

“Say it. Say: ‘I want to kiss your pussy, Goddess’.”

“I want to kiss your pussy, Goddess.”

Demileigh laughed again. “Well, you’ll have to earn that too. I have something else in travesti istanbul mind. Somewhere to train your tongue so that you know exactly what I like when you lick my pussy. Kiss my bum.”

Felicia felt so dirty as she spread the Goddess’s cheeks and planted a big wet kiss over her asshole, lathering Demileigh’s saliva around wetly with her tongue.

To her surprise, the Goddess giggled. “You’re not good enough to lick my pussy, so I want you to lick my bum instead, sweet thing. Don’t worry, I bathe several times a day. You can put your tongue inside. Yes, like that! Good fucking girl.”

Felicia was licking Demileigh’s ass like a slut. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it inside the tight circle in front of her. She felt the muscles relax and widen to allow her tongue to slip deeper.

And then, Demileigh actually moaned.

“Good girl,” she breathed. “Does that feel dirty? Licking another woman’s bum? But you like it, don’t you?” she added after Felicia nodded, face buried in Demileigh’s rear. “You’re not worthy of licking my pussy. Does it feel good to be degraded? To be forced to lick my bum because I won’t let you lick anywhere else?” She wiggled her butt in front of Felicia’s face, bouncing the toned flesh against her cheeks. “Does it feel good to serve, like the good little lesbian you are? Say it.”

“I’m a good little lesbian slut,” Felicia moaned into Demileigh’s ass. “I’m a good little lesbian slut. I’m a good little lesbian slut.”

“Keep licking! Push your tongue deeper. Yes, like that. Good girl. I want you to imagine my soft wet pussy slapping against your face as I ride you, giving you this view of my perfect bum. You know you exist only to give me pleasure.” The Goddess was playing with her pussy, her slender fingers twisting beneath her as she pleasured herself. “You will lick my bum until you’re good enough to lick my pussy. Imagine my wetness on your tongue, smeared around your mouth and trickling down your throat. Fuck me, yes! Yes! Yesssss!”

Demileigh’s hips bucked as she came powerfully. She collapsed on the bed, moaning in pure ecstasy. She lay there, stupidly for a moment before she got up and cupped Felicia’s chin.

“The other thing you need to learn about being a girl-pleasing-girl, is that they can fuck you as many times as they like. Now, again, but this time between my legs as I lie on my back. Know that I will punish you if you lick an inch up from where I’ve told you. Think how great a priviledge you have to clean my bum for me.”

Felicia licked for what felt like hours. Her tongue didn’t tire, however. Instead, the more she licked, the more lust she felt.

“Please, Goddess, let me lick your pussy. Please?” Felicia asked, again and again.

“Your tongue isn’t ready, Felicia,” Demileigh would say, again and again.

“But, Goddess, I need to come. I need to have my first lesbian orgasm. Can it be you? Can you take me?”

Eventually, the Goddess caved. She took Felicia’s hand after her sixth orgasm. “I will give you a gift, for your obedience, Felicia. I will give you something that will bind you to me forever. After our coupling, you will crave me for eternity. Do you accept?”

Felicia looked at her, stunned. “I already crave you, Goddess. Please, take me. Take my body. Bind me to you.”

Gently, the Goddess laid Felicia down on her bed and spread her legs. Felicia thought Demileigh was going to do to her what Chace had done to Betha, but instead of putting her head between Felicia’s willing thighs, Demileigh climbed on top of her and mounted her pussy.

The second Felicia felt the hot wetness against her clit, she cried out in tears. It was the most pleasureable thing she’d ever felt in her life. Demileigh’s thick thighs locked against Felicia’s, and she thrust her wide hips with a confidant dominance, as calmly as if she were riding a horse. Their clits rubbed against each other, slapping softly as Demileigh fucked Felicia into the bed.

Felicia grabbed Demileigh’s butt with her hand and held the Goddes’s Divine body against her, moaning even louder than Betha had earlier. Sweat trickled down her temples, her hair flying in a mess as she lay back and let the Goddess fuck her. She stared at the Goddess’s breasts, bouncing beautifully with regular motions. Curls of the luscious white-blonde hair fell around Demileigh’s breasts and tickled Felicia’s chest and tummy.

Felicia was entranced by the Goddess’s big blue eyes, her perfect face, her delicious lips. She writhed and moaned as Demileigh thrust her hips over and over, unable to take her eyes away. She should have came the instant she felt anything. Her pussy had been soaking wet, but it was as if the Goddess could control Felicia’s orgasms.

“Swear to serve me,” Demileigh moaned.

“I swear I will serve you, Goddess. My body is yours. Please, let me come!”

The Goddess granted Felicia’s wish. The pleasure was so high that it had felt like one continuous climax the entire time, but Felicia knew when her orgasm finally hit her. She lay there, being repeatedly fucked into the bed, her nails digging in to the flesh of Demileigh’s butt, and cried tears of relief and joy to finally have been granted the priviledge of serving Divine Goddess Demileigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32