A series of circumstances 2

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The circumstances have changes.

This is the second of the Cathy series.

It was Sunday and although I had been fucked good the night before by my son and his best friend I was having second thoughts about becoming a cum bucket.
Brian ate dinner and went to his room, he had fucked me twice that afternoon and it was great. Again he insisted I put panties back on to keep the cum in, which I did.

I went up stairs and walked into his room, the computer was showing a woman being fucked by a huge cock, oh my god it Teddy’s cock I said out loud. Brian looked at me and said yes and that’s Alan’s mom Sylvia There was no mistaking she was enjoying the hell out of it. Sylvia was a small woman 5”1” maybe 100 lbs with 34c cups and red hair. At that moment she let out a moan and said fuck me good Teddy, I’m cumming.
Telephone rang and it was Jerome, one of their few black friends the boys had. Yeah she is hot, no she really love to suck cock. Here mom talk to him. I took the phone and said hi Jerome, what’s up Mrs J I saw the video of you getting fuck last night and was wondering if I could get my cock sucked tonight? Tomorrow is school will your parents allow it? I’ll tell them I’m helping Brian with his math, well I guess it. Great see you in about 30 minutes, the phone went dead. My god I just agreed to fuck another one of the friends.
Brian I have to get cleaned up. Yeah mom and wear something sexy Jerome loves that.
I took a shower, did my hair put on makeup and went to find something to ware. I’ve got it a white thong and white bra, a long t-shirt and I was ready.
The door bell rang and Brian said he’ll get it. I took a deep breath as I had been fucked more it the last two days then in five years and now I was about to fuck a black kid I only knew to say hello.
I heard voices on the stairs and went to Brian’s room there was Brian, Jerome and Tyrell. I was flustered as I was expecting only Jerome but. Mom this is Jerome and Tyrell hello I said and they both said you are a milf alright, thank you. Jerome walked over to me grabbed the hem of my t shirt and off it came, wow great bod they both said. Thanks Tyrell started rubbing my clit through the panties while Jerome had me out of my bra in a flash and started sucking my already hard nipples. They moved me over to his bed and I laid down, neither boy stopped doing what he was doing. Brian laughed and said I have homework I’ll be up later and walked out.
They put two pillows under my head and Tyrell removed my panties. I reached down and felt the bulges in there pants and said lets get these off. Tyrell was first to show his cock to me it wasn’t a big as Teddy’s but it was as big as Brian’s and somewhat thicker, Jerome was the same size. I love your bush Mrs J but we’ve never has a squirter before so were going to see you do it first I wasn’t sure what to say but next thing I new they had a clit bullet out and it was on my clit in an instant, god that feels great guys.
Jerome stood up and put the large black cock in my mouth, all I could do was gage as he pushed it really far down and my eyes were watering with saliva running out of my month
The bullet was have a great effect as I knew I was going to cum soon if that thing kept going and I didn’t want to take the cock out of my mouth so I moaned in appreciation.
I felt a twinge between my legs and swallowed the escort izmit cock so far I had his pubic hair in my nose. Oh my god was all I could thing as I came and squirted all over as I shuttered I continued to squirt and then Jerome cock twitched and cum spewed out, the first blast went right in my belly I pulled it out and held his cock in my open mouth so they could see me swallow all the cum. Jerome stepped off the bed and Tyrell was getting between my legs.
It wasn’t going to take much for me to cum again and as the large black dick went in and out I actually watched and thought they can cum for hours. Tyrell stopped and told me to get on top of him which was fine with me.
As I was pushing the cock in and out he grabbed me and pulled me down so he could suck my breasts. That’s when I felt Jerome put a finger in my ass, no not my ass I said but it was already to late. The big black cock went in half way before he backed it out put more lube on it and then went all the way. I have never had anyone use my ass before and frankly the sensation of both dicks moving in and out at the same time was causing me to flow I knew they were both going to blow loads and I was sure so was I Jerome started to come first, which caused Tyrell to cum which started me Oh god fuck me fuck me fuck me was all I could say. They rolled off me and quickly started taking pictures, cum was leaking from everywhere. I was leaking from my ass and pussy. I had cum on my face, in my hair and on my tits.
Once again they asked me to put my panties on so the stuff would stay where they had put it. Since the thong wasn’t going to do the trick I told them to tell Brian to get me a pair. 30 seconds later Brian arrived with a pair of French cut panties in green, I put them on and both boys sat on the bed smiling. Did you like that Mrs J? Well yes I never had it done before but it was great. Mrs J would you walk around the room so we can see the wet stains we’ve made? If that’s what you want I can do it for you. As I walked around the room I realized I was leaking from both holes an I do mean leaking, Tyrell stood up and grabbed the waistband of my panties ,he pulled the out and with his hand scooped out three finger of cum, say ah Mrs J I opened my mouth and the large glop of cum was in my mouth, Tyrell went behind and another three finger of cum which was placed in my mouth.
I smiled and swallowed then opened my mouth to show them it was swallowed.
I realized there cocks were getting hard again is there any more cum in your nut sacks? One more good load was their response, great how would you like me to get the cum out ? a blow job? Or would you like to double fuck me again. The next instant Jerome was on the bed pulling me on and no sooner had he stuffed his cock in my pussy then Tyrell was stuffing my ass.. Since they had both cum a few moments ago this lasted a go long time. I came twice before the were ready and when they were ready so was I, fuck me fuck me fuck me was all I could say. We laid there for a moment and then I quickly got up and put the panties on, they both smiled and I knew they really like it.
Brian came into the room, wow mom you look hot, thanks hon but Jerome and Tyrell are the one who deserve the credit for the way I look, I could get use to this look How about you?.
With that they started getting dressed and said we’ll be seeing her soon.
I thought izmit escort two days ago I was horny now I’m well fucked and my ass is no longer a virgin.
I realized my panties were soaked and cum was oozing down my leg. Since I like the taste of cum. I started scooping it up and putting it in mouth. Brian came into the room and smiled, you look great mom, full of cum and well fucked. Thanks do you like the look? Yes whenever some of my friends fuck you have panties to keep the cum in placed and when they leave walk around in just those panties for me.

Brian will your friends be fucking me a lot. Oh yes at least twice a week and all weekend. There will be times when we’ll go over to say Teddy’s houses and you and Teddy’s mom will fuck and suck all night long. Oh, but the four of you will run out of cum in a couple of hours.
Not to worry we have a lot of friends. Brian I’m not sure. Mom watch this. There on the screen was Tyrell holding the clit bullet on me while Jerome feed me cum and then I saw myself squirt all over his bed.
Brian I, mom get down on your knees and blow me. I was on my knees sucking like a champ, is my babies nut sack full? Only for a short time now he replies. He came and once again I had to swallow three times before he was done.
As I sat up and saw the look of contentment on his face he said.
You are going to be very popular for the next month or so. If you say so. You need to go out and get panties and bra’s, next Saturday were going to Jerome’s, Teddy’s mom and you have a full night. I’m a bit sore hon. Mom you can rest when you have your period until then it’s fuck time. Now walk around for me and let me see the great wet spot.

Saturday evening Brian and I drove over to Teddy’s. I had a small over night suitcase as Brian explained beyond panties and bra’s that was pretty much all I’d need.
When we walked in Teddy, Jerome, Tyrell and Alan were already there. They came up to me and mauled my tits and crouch. My moms upstairs Teddy said. I took the suitcase and went upstairs.
Hi I’m Cathy I said as I entered the bedroom, Hi I’m Silvia nice to meet you. Silvia smiled lets get sexed up as they want us down there at 8 PM. OK I can’t decide what to wear. It’s only 7 PM so we have an hour to decide.
I looked at Silvia as I was changing and said, I’m not sure I like this idea Silvia, Brian told me that there was going to be a bunch of guys that I’ve never met. Well Cathy, I’ve been to one of these Saturday nights with Sandra one of the new guys mom and she feels the same way. She told me she gave 25 blow jobs over the weekend. My god Silvia is cum fattening? No, and she said she been laid about 50 time. I’m not happy with the photos and videos, well it’s too late now, lets get finished up.
I chose a green bra with matching boy shorts and black high heels. How do I look sil? Great they’ll love it, Silvia had on a white thong, white bra and white heels.
It was 8 and we came down stairs to 8 young men all standing around, they all cheered as we made our appearance.
Silvia first me behind her, Teddy took my hand with three boys I didn’t know in tow to a sofa where we sat down.
Mrs J This is Jim, Frank and Alan, Hi guys. Alan looked at me and told me, Jim and I have cocks as big as Teddy, Franks is your sons size. Well, was all I could say as they started fondling my breasts and rubbing izmit kendi evi olan escort my clit.
Silvia was heading up stairs with four of them and she had already lost her bra. Teddy unhooked my bra and as it was removed my nipples were and inch long and rock hard, two sets of lips started sucking them and I spread my legs wide as the clit rubbing was getting me hot. I looked up and realized Alan, Jim and Frank had there cocks out and were already oozing precum.
Is there another bedroom, yeah lets go Teddy said, before I stood up I grabbed Teddy’s cock and gave it a wet kiss on the fat head getting all the precum off. Alan was next then Jim and Al.
No sooner were we in the bedroom with the door closed and Teddy asked me to pull my panties down, as I did they all complimented me on my bush. Teddy took me to the bed and laid down, get on it Mrs J. I rubbed the huge cock slowly on my clit and lips so my juices were flowing and then pushed the head in, oh god Teddy it feels great. Teddy moved his hips and I wiggled my ass as I continued to push down.
Alan came up in front of me and put the large cock in my mouth, I pushed down and the monster was completely in me. This feels great, then to my surprise I felt a cock at my ass hole, In it went and it was huge I froze trying to adjust myself to the two huge cocks fucking me when I realized the cock in my mouth was beginning to twitch, the next thing cum filled my throat and I started to swallow, as I was swallowing large amounts of cum I felt an orgasm building as both cocks kept up the constant pumping. I swallowed four big loads and as the cock plopped out of me moth I said oh god I’m cumming.
The two cocks in me went as deep as they could and I felt the cum pouring out of there cocks and in me. I have never cum that hard. As the two cocks started to deflate they were replace but two more and another in my mouth. The entire scene was repeated with me once again, it took four swallows to get all the cum down and my bowels and pussy were flooded again.
As they pulled out of me I laid on the bed my elbows under my chin and said . Thanks guys you were great. I got up found my panties and put them on. Alan turned to Teddy and said look at what we’ve done. Sure enough there was a giant stain on both the front and back of my panties. There was cum everywhere, I really looked like a cum bucket.
Since there were now seven guys in the room with me I smiled and asked if anyone was going to do something about the cum oozing out of me. Teddy put his hand in my panties got a big handful looked at me and said say Ah Mrs J, I swallowed and they all cheered. Alan got a big glob and I turned and said for me? Sure is, open wide. I felt a large glob in my mouth, I made sure they all saw then I swallowed and said god it taste good.
Alan said let see Silvia’ rooms. We entered and Silvia was standing there with seven guys all laughing and joking. She was covered with cum just as I was panties on and two large stains. Hi Sil ,Hi Cathy well Sil there’s no denying we are definitely Cum Bucket Milfs.
One of the boys near her scooped a glob of cum and said open wide. She opened wide smiles and swallowed. Sil I’ve been laid four times and given two blow jobs and the evening just getting started, same for me.
Sil my pussy and ass feel great.

The door bell rang and we all started to head downstairs, more fresh cock sil, I know.

You know Cathy we look great topless with wet panties covered in cum before I could say anything Brian said and that’s how we plan on keeping you.

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