A Reunion with My Sexy Auntie Ch. 03

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Recap: After several years apart I’d gone to visit a lady I liked to call Auntie. She was a few years older than me and I’d got to know her when we worked at the same company when I was a teenager. I’d always wanted to fuck her, but never had the courage to ask her out. Now, as a young adult, I’d gone to stay with her for a few days and after a nervous start I’d convinced her the age gap between us was irrelevant, we’d started to get intimate, and eventually fucked each others’ brains out. Everything was going well until a telephone call from my company dragged me back to London.

After the telephone call…

Nicole took me back to her cottage to pick up my things, dropped me at the station and before I knew it I was back in London. I dropped my bags at my apartment, changed into a suit, and was back into the business world. It felt a million miles from the rural idyll I’d been in for the past few days. I was missing Auntie desperately, not just for the incredible sex, but because I’d enjoyed her company more than anybody else I’d ever been with. We had so much in common that there was never a moment when we didn’t have something to talk and laugh about.

Over the following days, while I was sorting out the problems with one of our major clients, we sent messages to each other regularly, and Face-timed each other at every opportunity. However, I couldn’t speak to her as much as I wanted to, because my work schedule and hers didn’t allow us both to have mutual free time.

Then an idea struck me. In a week’s time I was due to attend an industry awards dinner at a leading London hotel and I hadn’t arranged who was going to be my plus one.

So, that evening when we spoke: “I’m really missing you, and I’d like to make up for rushing off so quickly, so how about you come down to London? There’s an awards dinner next week at The Dorchester and I’d love it if you’d be my partner?”

“Oh, Simon, that’s come out of the blue. I’ll have to check my diary to see if I can spare the time.”

“Please, if you can move anything to free up your time it’ll be fantastic. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I bet you will – and I can imagine what you’ll have in mind for that . . .” she laughed.

“No, really. We can spend a couple of nights in London, eat out, and maybe take in a show. I’ll see if I can get some time off and we can travel back to your place together – what do you say? I’ll even book us into your favourite hotel . . .”

“Mmmm, that does sound lovely, but I’m not sure you can afford my favourite hotel.”

“I bet I can. We never got round to talking much about my career, so you don’t really know how far I’ve gone – or what I earn. So what are you going to tell me? The Ritz? The Lanesborough in Knightsbridge, or is it Claridges in Mayfair? None of those are a problem, so what is it?”

“Dukes in St James’s.”

“Wow, that did take me by surprise, although it shouldn’t have, should it? You’re a lady with style, so I should have known you’d choose a sophisticated, almost secretive hotel instead of somewhere that people go to be seen. I’ve taken clients to Dukes’ bar because it’s famous for it’s martinis – and a favourite of Ian Fleming where he came up with James Bond’s favourite drink. But, I’ve never stayed there, so you’ve got a deal Auntie. Come down for the awards dinner and I’ll book us into Dukes for a few nights.”

“I think you’ve clinched your deal young man.”


The following week I arrived at Dukes early afternoon to drop my bags at reception, however, our room was ready so I went up and left them in there. My tux was at work, but I wanted to make sure everything was ready for when Nicole arrived so I ordered a bottle of her favourite white wine to be delivered to the room after she’d checked in. Satisfied, I walked to my office, which was only 15 minutes away.

The afternoon seemed never-ending because I was so excited to be seeing Auntie again. I tried to get on with my work, but spent a lot of time just staring out of my window across St James’s Park to where aircraft lined the sky on their flight path to Heathrow.

By early evening everybody had started to leave the office. I changed into my dress shirt, trousers and bow tie in anticipation of Auntie arriving.

Eventually the phone rang and made me jump. It was reception: “Ms Bissette is here to see you, sir.”

“Good, thank you, send her up to the 14th, I’ll meet her outside the lift.”

Leaving my office I walked quickly round to the lifts, my heart beating frantically. I’d never been this nervous, or excited in my life.

A bell rang announcing that the lift had arrived. As the the doors opened Nicole was talking to our marketing director, who, seeing me waiting outside, smiled and bade her goodbye. She walked towards me out of the lift and I was tongue-tied. She was wearing a knee-length, black cocktail dress, thin straps across her shoulders, black stockings, patent leather, open-toed stilettos, and was carrying a black shawl and clutch bag.

“You look amazing,” güvenilir bahis I whispered as I kissed her cheek, conscious of the cameras trained on the lift lobby.

Taking her hand I led her around the corridor to my office. Once inside I shut the door, took her in my arms and kissed her deeply on the lips. I held her so tight and close to me, it was as though she was going to disappear at any minute.

“Oh, my, that was beautiful, but I need to breathe…”

“Mmm, I’ve missed you so much I couldn’t help myself.” I ran my hand down her back, the silky material of her dress felt so sensual under my fingers. I traced the line of a suspender down from her waist until I felt the button at her thigh where it attached to her stocking top.

“Oh, you don’t know how much I’ve thought about you since I left. I’ve dreamed about you standing in front of me in just your underwear and stockings.”

“I’ve missed you as well darling. Everything happened so fast from the moment you arrived at my house, I didn’t expect things to develop the way they did – or all of the sex we had.”

“I just want to keep kissing you and touch your gorgeous body.”

“Hey, we mustn’t get carried away, somebody might come in.”

“It’s OK. Everybody’s gone home, but I’ll lock the door to be on the safe side.”

“What about the window, somebody could still see us.”

“No, take a look, we’re well above the other buildings around, nobody can see into here.”

As she went over to the window I walked up behind and put my arms around her, pulling her close to me.

“The view from here is wonderful, you can see right across the park to Buckingham Palace, and right across London, it’s beautiful.”

“Mmmm, I never get bored with it, and I often sit and just stare out of the window. I’ve come up with some of my greatest ideas that way. Such as contacting you again – that’s the best one.”

Kissing the back of her neck, my hands ran up and down the front of her dress, touching the suspenders on her thighs. I slipped her dress up, feeling the soft silkiness of her stockings.

“I’ve missed your stockings Auntie. I’ve wanted to run my hands over them so much. I’ve been desperate to see your stocking tops and suspenders. I imagined what panties and suspender belt you’d wear, and to be able to see your nipples through a sheer bra.”

Gently pushing me away she turned, kissed me slowly on the lips, then moved across the office. Looking deeply into my eyes she slowly slipped one thin strap off her shoulder, then the other, and pushed the dress slowly down her body and let it fall to the floor.

I gasped: “Oh, Auntie, you’ve worn the basque we bought together. I’ve tried to visualise you wearing that, but looking at you now, my imagination was crap. I never got close to how stunning your body looks in that black lacy, see-through gorgeousness.”

Laughing, she turned for me to see her black panties, and the seams running up the backs of her black, fully fashioned stockings.

I spun her round kissing her roughly, gripping her buttocks, squeezing them through the silky flimsiness of her knickers.

I lifted her onto my desk, quickly clearing everything off it, lots of things fell onto the floor with a clatter.

“Lie back, I’ve been desperate to fuck you, I can’t wait any longer.”

Leaning back on her hands she watched as I franticly undid my trousers, pushed them down, my erect cock springing free from my pants. Taking hold of her legs I pulled them apart and buried my face between her thighs kissing and licking her panties, tasting her pussy lips through the silky material, my hands caressing her legs, running up and down her stockings, lingering over her stocking tops and suspenders. I sucked hungrily at her juices seeping through her panties.

Standing up I pulled her towards me, eased the front of her panties aside and stroked my eager cock against her pussy. My other hand pulled her head towards me, forcing my lips hungrily against hers, my tongue seeking out hers as I brushed my cock against her pussy, parting the lips slightly.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she murmured. “Put it in, don’t tease, I need it in me right now.”

Reaching behind me she pulled my hips hard towards her, forcing my cock to penetrate her pussy, the wet lips engulfed my cock as I frantically drove in and out of her. My hands gripped her silky buttocks, her legs wrapped around my waist as she gripped my shoulders.

“Oh, baby, I’ve missed you so much, fuck my pussy, yes, harder, harder.”

Letting go of my shoulders she laid back on my desk and raised her legs over my shoulders. I stroked her legs, running my fingers along her stockings, feeling the silky softness of the nylon against my cheeks.

My hips thrust faster driving my cock deeper into her wet pussy.

“I’m cumming Auntie, I’m going to cum right up inside your cunt . . .”

“Yes, yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee…”

Clutching each other, my cock jerked, shooting cum into her pussy as she pushed herself hard against me, shuddering.

“Oh god, yes, güvenilir bahis siteleri yes, I can fell your cock shooting it’s load inside me. Aaaaargh.”

We clung to each other as our orgasms took over our bodies.

Lowering herself slowly onto the desktop, breathing deeply, she lifted her legs from my shoulders as my cock slipped out of her wet pussy. Stepping back I leant against the wall, panting.

“You look gorgeous lying on my desk in your underwear and stockings.”

She smiled: “Do you think anybody heard us? I think we made a bit of a racket.”

“I don’t think anybody is still here. I’ll have a look in a minute, but I’m not really dressed for searching the office at the moment.”

“We’d both better get dressed or somebody’s definitely going to catch us, and maybe wonder why the door’s locked when they can hear us inside.”

Picking up her dress she stepped into it, wriggled it up her body and pulled the straps onto her shoulders.

“Where’s the ladies? I need to get cleaned up and fix my make-up and hair.”

“Follow the corridor round to the left and you’ll see the signs.”

As she left the room I zipped myself up, then tidied my desk, picking up the bits that had fallen onto the floor, then walked round to the gents to clean myself up.

Looking around the office as I walked through there was nobody in sight. However, a couple of doors were closed so it wasn’t easy to know if somebody was inside.

‘Too late,” I thought with a smile.

I got back to my office first and poured us both a scotch from the bottle I kept in my cabinet.

“That looks good,” she smiled walking back into the room.

“You look as sensational as the minute you walked out of the lift.”

“Thank you darling, I think that’s quite an achievement considering what’s happened since I arrived.”

“We need to get a cab, or we’re going to be late.”

I held the shawl for her to slip onto her shoulders then we walked to the lift.

While we waited for it to arrive I whispered: “There’s camera’s in all the lift lobbies so I have to keep my hands off you.”

“Uh huh.”

Outside of the building I hailed a passing cab and we settled into the back. I rested my hand on her knee, stroking her silky stocking, slipping her dress up a little.

“Cab drivers have very good rear view mirrors you know,” she whispered.

“I don’t think he’s got cats eyes, though, and it’s pretty dark in here, so I think we’ll be safe if I feel a bit higher.”

Covering my hand with her dress her eyes opened wide in mock anger as I ran my hand over her stocking tops, and fingered her suspenders, until I felt the cab slowing to a stop at our destination.

Entering through the ballroom entrance we made our way to the cloakroom, checked her shawl and my coat, then wandered towards the throng of people in the bar.

“Simon. Beginning to wonder where you’d got to.”

“Hi, bit of trouble finding a cab. Nicole, this is David, head of our division.”

Nicole flashed one of her dazzling smiles as David shook her hand.

“Lovely to meet you Nicole. Simon, you haven’t mentioned this lovely creature before – trying to keep her a secret? My dear let me get you a drink.”

Calling over a waiter he took two glasses of champagne off the tray and passed them to us.

“Cheers. Here’s to a delightful evening, and may all your hangovers be small ones.”

Laughing, we began to chat, then a booming voice made us all turn.

“Nicole my dear. How absolutely wonderful to see you. Where have you been hiding these past few years. Surely not been avoiding me have you?”

“Hello Rupert. No, I left the company a few years ago, I’m working for myself now.”

Taking Nicole in what looked like a bear hug he kissed her on the cheek, then a peck on her lips as his hand surreptitiously patted her bum.

“You haven’t changed a bit my lovely.”

“Neither have you Rupert, still in the same business?”

“Absolutely, in fact these fellows are keeping an eye on it for me now. Much prefer it if you were still around though, much prettier.” He roared with laughter as Nicole and I exchanged glances.

At this point we were called in to dinner and as we began to slowly move forward Rupert slipped his arm around Nicole’s waist and led her towards the tables.

“Ah, so this is ours. Nicole, you sit here next to me, the rest of you park yourselves next to somebody you don’t hate too much – ha ha.”

I quickly grabbed the chair next to Nicole, which was on the other side from Rupert.

“How do you know him? I whispered in her ear.

“His company used to be my client, about the same time that you came to work for us as a youngster. He’s always been an old letch, it was like fighting off an octopus at times.”

Then an arm came around Nicole’s shoulder and she was pulled away from me.

“So, my love, tell me what you’ve been up to since you last administered to my needs – ha, ha…”

I sulkily reached for the wine and poured myself a glass. ‘What the hell was going on? And what iddaa siteleri was this dirty old man doing with my Auntie?”

Throughout the meal I kept seeing Rupert’s hand slide under the table, then Nicole’s would follow soon after. ‘What were they up to?’

My mind raced with scenarios of Auntie and Rupert up to all sorts of fun that I thought should be reserved for me. By the time dessert arrived I was seething with jealousy.

As coffee was being served we pushed our chairs back to watch the comedian who was emcee for the night.

Rupert rested his hand on Nicole’s knee, then slowly moved it upwards, stroking her leg. I could see the outline of one of her suspenders through her dress as he began to fondle it. Gently he was sliding her dress up, revealing more and more of her stockinged legs, until Nicole picked up his hand and pushed it away.

“If you’ll excuse me Rupert, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“If you need some company my beauty, I’m at your service – eh? Ha, ha.” He roared.

“Thank you Rupert, but I can find it myself.”

As she walked towards the lobby I stood up and tried to casually follow. In the lobby I rushed to catch up with her.

“What’s going on between you and Rupert?”

“Nothing, what are you insinuating.”

“I’ve been watching you, what were you up to when your hands were under the table?”

Glaring daggers at me: “He was trying to get his hands up my dress – I was wrestling to fend him off. He kept whispering that he wanted to feel my stocking tops, and he’s not a man that easily takes no for an answer.”

“But why didn’t you just slap his face. He shouldn’t be touching you like that?”

“Well I’ll do just that when we get back, and I’m sure you’re boss won’t mind, when in a fit of humiliation, he dumps your company and takes his business elsewhere.”


“Yes – bloody oh. When I dealt with his business several years ago I was constantly fending off his advances. He’d come up behind me, put his hand up my skirt to squeeze my bum, or stroke my leg, trying to get my dress up, because he said he adored stroking ladies legs in stockings. I had to develop loads of techniques to avoid him, or make sure there was always something like a table between us.”

“I didn’t know. Why didn’t you report him?”

“Because his company’s business was worth millions to us. He knows he can push things as far as he wants. He’s got the power. Recognise that little scenario?”

Pushing open the door to the Ladies, she disappeared inside. I stood outside feeling like a naughty school kid who had just been told off by the principal. My jealousy had got the better of me and I had accused her of being a tart, prepared to let a rich womaniser grope her for his own sexual gratification.

Eventually the door opened, her face was like thunder.

“I’m so sorry. I got carried away. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“And that makes insulting me OK does it?”

“No it doesn’t. I was jealous. Please forgive me, I hated watching what was happening, my green eye stopped me thinking clearly.”

Without a word she began to walk back into the ballroom.

“Wait. Please.”

She slowed and I caught up with her.

“Let me go back before you. I’ll sit next to him and tell him I need to discuss something important. I’ll make it up – something about the awards. You know how vain he is, always wants to be the centre of attention.”

I quickly returned to the table and began massaging Rupert’s ego. Nicole returned and sat down in my former seat.

Before long the awards proper began and Rupert had the opportunity to be centre stage, literally, as his company picked up three awards in different categories. He was so busy talking to the media, and drinking copious glasses of champagne, he didn’t return to our table.

Nicole was talking animatedly to my boss, both of them laughing loudly. I sat, despondently reflecting on the hash I’d made of the evening, twirling a wine glass in my hand and wondering how I could repair the damage I’d done.

Eventually people started to make their goodbyes and leave.

“Are you ready to leave yet?” I asked nervously.

“OK. Let me go to the bathroom, then I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

We said goodbye to those left at our table, all of them expressing how much they hoped they’d see Nicole again, then I went to get our things from the cloakroom and waited in the lobby.

As she walked towards me I could still see anger in her eyes.

“Shall we walk? The hotel isn’t that far from here and it’s a lovely evening.”

Strolling along Park Lane there was awkward silence between us.

Nervously I tried to break the ice: “I don’t know what to say. I’ve insulted you and I’m so upset, because I’d never do that intentionally. You are the most sophisticated lady I know and I never knew the harassment you had to put up with. You’ve every right to be livid with me, I’ve been so dumb, I don’t deserve to be forgiven – but please – can you find it in your heart to accept my apology?”

“I don’t know. I’ve had to put up with the fumbling of randy, arrogant, self-entitled men, for years. I thought I’d left all that behind when I started my own company, because I was prepared to lose business if anybody tried it on and didn’t realise that no means no!”

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