A Plugged Surprise

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I look at my watch for the umpteenth time. Why was time moving so slowly today…? Tom’s plane had landed almost two hours ago and he should have been here by now… Then, finally, I can hear our front door open.

“Hanna! I’m home!” he shouts, and a huge smile spreads across my face. Oh, how I’ve missed him these past three weeks…!

I rush to greet him and he pulls me into a tight hug, crushing my face against his body.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispers into my ear.

“I’ve missed you, too,” I mumble against his chest. “Please don’t ever go away without me for that long again…!”

“Next time you should come with me. My family would love to finally meet you!” he teases.

“Well maybe next time you shouldn’t plan a trip to visit them in the middle of one of my most important work projects,” I retort, pushing myself away from him a little to be able to look up into his face. Damn, I’d almost forgotten how cute he was when he smiled…

Tom laughs, bends down and finally kisses me hello properly.

“Did you remember?” I ask, when he lets go of me to take off his shoes and jacket. He reaches into his bag and pulls out two large packs of my favorite brand of toasted corn nuts.

“You’re the best!” I exclaim.

“Want to open them right know?” he asks.

“Later…,” I shake my head, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the bedroom.

I push him onto the bed on his back and we kiss for a long time, holding each other close. My hand slides under his t-shirt and starts caressing his skin all over, occasionally squeezing his nipples lightly. After a while he just takes off the t-shirt completely, I straddle him and continue caressing his chest with my hands and mouth. I start flicking his nipples with my tongue and it makes me smile to hear a stifled grunt, every time I do this.

“Wait,” he breathes eventually, “this isn’t fair! How come you’re still completely clothed?”

I stop teasing his nipples and sit up to take off my top as well. Underneath I’m wearing my new pink bra. Tom had only seen it on some hot pictures I’d sent him during his three weeks away. Now he looks at it appreciatively for a moment, his hands cupping the perfect round curves and rubbing his thumbs slightly over my nipples.

“Hmmm… Beautiful…!” he purrs, sliding his hands around my back to unhook my bra. He slowly peels it off and my large breasts tumble out. Again, he pauses and just looks at them for a moment with a hungry expression on his face. Then he pounces, grabbing each with one hand, burying his face in them. He turns his face towards my left breast and covers my nipple with his soft lips, slowly starting to tease it forward, while his other hand searches for and finds my right nipple. I give off low moans, as jolts of pleasure run through my body straight from my nipples, one now being flicked by his tongue and the other squeezed between his forefinger and thumb. I can feel my clit starting to tingle and my pussy to get wet in response.

After sucking both of my nipples until they are stiff and wet, Tom slowly starts to move downwards, caressing my soft belly and my love handles with almanbahis şikayet his lips and hands, until he reaches the waistband of my skinny jeans. He unbuttons them and opens the zipper. I lift my hips to help him get them over my butt, but there is no way he can get them off my legs without getting up, they are just too tight.

“Ah, babes, why did you have to wear such impractical jeans,” he grumbles, while getting up from the bed to remove them.

“Well, I didn’t hear you complain before, when they made my ass look all tight and luscious,” I laugh.

After he finally gets them off he starts laughing as well.

“Well, since I’m already up, I’d better get rid of these as well,” Tom says, opening his pants and dropping them to the floor. But before he can pull down his boxer briefs, I sit up on the bed, grab his ass and pull him closer to me. His crotch is now just centimeters from my face. I can see his dick twitching and start to kiss it through the fabric. I close my mouth over its head and slowly breathe out hot air then inhale his musky scent. Finally and slowly I pull down his briefs. His dick is beautiful and hard and right in front of me. I quickly close my lips over its head and start sucking. One of my hands finds his balls and starts playing with them gently, while the other massages his butt cheek. I close my lips tighter and start to slide my mouth down his shaft. On my way upwards I let my tongue glide from side to side until I reach the tip. There I rest for a while, flicking my tongue around the head and again rubbing it on the underside of the tip. I can hear him moan lightly and feel his hands on the back of my head slowly guiding me down again. My pussy gets wetter as I contentedly lick and suck his gorgeous dick.

Unexpectedly Tom pulls out and pushes me back onto the bed. “You’re amazing, Hanna, but if you continue like this, I will come too quickly,” he says, slightly out of breath. I scoot up on the bed and open my legs to display the damp and dark spot on my pink panties. He kneels in between my legs and pulls them down, revealing my glistening and swollen pussy. Throwing the panties aside, he lies on top of me, kissing me passionately, before slowly working his way down my neck towards my breasts, kissing, nibbling and biting gently. He pauses his descent for a moment to give special attention to my nipples once more, then continues along my belly and down, quickly kissing the inside of my thighs, before finally arriving right in front of my pussy.

I moan slightly in anticipation. He slowly inserts his tongue in between my lips, opening me up. I grunt, as he starts licking all the way up to my clit, sliding his tongue all over my entrance and my inner lips, then closing his soft lips over my clit, gently sucking on it for a few seconds. I reach down with my hands and spread my lips to give him even better access. He starts to repeat the process from before, licking my pussy, my entrance, my lips even more slowly and thoroughly. I really want to enjoy his mouth for a moment — or actually forever — but I have something else in mind. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Tom reaches underneath almanbahis canlı casino me, grabbing my butt cheeks and lifting my hips slightly. He starts massaging my ass, while he continues to lick my pussy. His fingers slide ever closer to my butthole. ‘Soon,’ I think, concentrating hard… Then his fingers touch something hard and cold.

“What the…!” he suddenly exclaims, removing his mouth from my pussy and looking extremely confused.

I can’t hold back any more and start laughing out loud: “Surprise! How do you like my cute steel butt plug…?”

Tom’s eyes widen: “Turn around immediately! Please!”

I am happy to oblige and get on all fours, to give him a better view of my ass. He starts playing with my plug; excitedly pulling it out and gently pushing it back in again.

“This is fun,” I say after a while, “but it won’t help stretch me enough for your dick. Let’s try something else.” With this I reach towards the end of the bed and pull a bigger butt plug and some lube from underneath the pillow, where I’d hidden them previously. I don’t need to tell him twice — he instantly gets to work. I lay my head on the pillow and start to play with my clit, while Tom slowly inserts the bigger plug into my ass, gently stretching me more bit by bit. After no time at all, I can take the plug without trouble. Tom kisses and massages my ass cheeks, while the big black plug is completely inserted.

“Let’s go for it,” I pant, still fingering my clit and pussy.

Tom removes the plug for a final time, turns me around again and kneels on the bed with his legs slightly apart. He pulls my ass onto his lap and strokes his dick a few times. Not that it was necessary, playing with my butt has made him rock hard already. He massages some more lube around my asshole and places himself at the entrance. Then he looks at me — I nod, and he gently starts pushing. I breathe deeply and relax, allowing him to slide all the way in.

“Fuuuuck, that’s tight!” Tom gasps. He looks down and marvels at his dick, balls’ deep in my ass. Then he looks at my wide-open and empty pussy right in front of him.

“This begs to be filled with something,” he ponders. I laugh, reach up behind me once more and pull my vibrating Ben Wa balls from underneath the pillow. I switch them on and tease my clit with the vibrations for a second, before inserting them into my pussy. While Tom slowly starts to thrust, I continue playing with the Ben Wa balls, pulling them out slightly and letting them slide in again. All the while my palm rubs my clit. I start to suck the fingers of my other hand and caress my lips while looking at Tom.

The feeling of fullness in my ass is amazing, but what really turns me on the most is Tom’s eyes, dark with lust. I can see in his face that he is trying hard to go slow, but within minutes he can’t hold back anymore. He grabs my hips tighter and starts to pump quicker. I can feel his dick starting to contract and he erupts with a loud moan and shudder, thrusting a few times more, before collapsing onto me and kissing me deeply.

“Wow, that was… wonderful…” he pants, still trying to catch his almanbahis casino breath. “Sorry, babes, I wanted you to come as well, but… it was just so amazing…”

“No worries, I’ll get my orgasms in the next round…” I say, as I kiss him back, remove the Ben Wa balls from my pussy and switch them off.

We cuddle up against each other and kiss for a long time. Tom starts playing absentmindedly with my clit and pussy, sliding a finger in and out while his lips and tongue explore mine. Although his fingers keep me wet and turned on, his touch is too delicate and light for me to come even close to an orgasm. I don’t mind — it feels wonderful to be close to him again after these long weeks on my own.

After a shorter time than usual I can feel his erection growing against my body once more.

“Someone seems to be even more excited than usual,” I tease. “Wanna go again?” What a question — of course he does.

“Wait a second,” I say, getting up from the bed and walking over to the chest, where we keep our toys. “Just making sure of my orgasm this time,” I wink, as I remove my magic wand and my big pink dildo from a drawer. “Do you want to try a different position?” I ask, before getting onto the bed again.

“No, I love looking at your face when I’m inside of you,” he replies and pulls my ass onto his lap again. He starts to massage my asshole with his fingers, but it is still soft from before and he enters me again, pushing his hard dick deep into me. As soon as he is comfortable in my ass, I slowly start to insert my big pink dildo into my pussy. I didn’t expect it to slide in so easily, but then I’ve been wet for a long time now. It feels so intense to be stretched to the extreme by his dick and by the dildo at the same time. I savor it for a moment and I am not sure that I can take more stimulation. But I want to. I switch on my magic wand and press it against my clit, while starting to fuck myself with the dildo.

“Fuck, babes, I can feel the vibrations and the movement of the dildo against my dick!” Tom exclaims. He starts to pick up the pace, pushing himself in and out of my ass. Within moments the combined sensations do the trick. I can feel an orgasm starting to build in me and I give in to it, coming intensely, with my pussy and ass squeezing involuntarily. I quickly lift the wand to give my oversensitive clit a break for a moment, but Tom keeps up his thrusting at an admirably steady pace. After breathing for a few seconds, I press down the wand again and keep pushing the dildo deeper and harder into my pussy. Again, it doesn’t take long and my second orgasm is even more powerful. I give myself a moment to recover once more and then I go again. Wand against my clit, dildo in my pussy, his hard dick pumping up my ass. I turn the vibrations up a gear and this time I come so hard I almost black out.

When I’m finally done twitching and shuddering, I realize that Tom has stopped thrusting and has pulled out from me. I look up at him. He grins down at me.

“What…?” I ask confused. “What happened…? Did I miss you coming again?”

“Well, yes, it was quite a show,” he replies, before kissing me once more. “If that’s the sort of welcome I get, I should leave you on your own more often…”

“Don’t you dare!” I retort and punch him lightly on the shoulder before hugging him tightly once more. “But now I could really use some of those snacks you brought me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32