A Nun’s Story Pt. 09

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Mother Mary had been pleased by the news from Claire. The assignment had started well. She already knew that Father Filippo was happy. He was a man before he was a priest and understood well the nature of the Gift shared by the Order of the Mount. Sweet young Sister Claire was just what the priest needed – a strong need to please and a willing embrace of the opportunities provided by her “unclean thoughts”. Filippo would provide a glowing report to the church once the assignment was concluded. Naturally he’d omit the details of Sister Claire sharing her body and giving all her holes for whatever form of fornication he desired.

More important was influencing the minds of the family that ruled the village. For the Order, securing approval for important renovations to the local church would bring much credit. Mary reminded herself of the wisdom of her selection. Claire had a wonderful mix of inexperience and curiosity that helped to make her irresistible to sinners. She would give her best to the woman who ruled such matters, making good use of her talents with the Gift.

Mary’s thoughts had turned quickly to her own appointment — sharing lurid sex play with a local married couple. Annie and Aaron Reed had come to her attention via a helpful ally and priest. The couple were deeply in love but had sought counsel about a difficult “mismatch”. Their sex life was not as it should be. While the church had ruled that sexual pleasure was not the aim of marital relations, still it brought stress to their relationship and they’d confided in a priest who knew how best to help them.

The nuns were not trained counsellors but Mother Mary had decided that the Reeds would benefit from ignoring the Church and learning more about the Gift. They were a nice couple in their early thirties. Mary quickly had guessed that their problem was that each of them was too passive. Both Aaron and Annie wished for the other to take charge in bed. After overcoming their initial shock, they’d embraced the Gift and learned about more intense and kinky pleasures. For Mother Mary, the trade-off was that they both worked in the finance industry and the Order had made good use of their expertise and their contacts.

Later that day, Mary welcomed them to her spacious apartment. It was one of the perks of the job and perfect for entertaining of the kind that was expected of the head of the Order of the Mount. Their first visit had been full of nerves. Aaron had been reluctant when ordered to kiss his wife in front of a nun. He’d refused when she’d told him to fondle his wife’s breasts. But the firm insistence of the experienced nun had done the trick. Mary had guessed correctly and each of them had begun to respond to her commands. Being dominated sexually had fired their lust. Annie had been especially happy when ordered to rub her husband’s penis through his trousers.

As usual, Mary stood inside her door, wearing full religious garb and with a leather collar in each hand. Annie and Aaron did not hesitate, disrobing in front of the nun and placing the collars around one another’s necks. They were plain-looking but in reasonable physical shape. Annie had slightly saggy B-cups but a bare cunt with long, protruding lips between her chunky thighs. Aaron had started working out but his body was still soft. Though Mary noted, of course, that his meaty cock was already half erect. Their shared submission was wicked but delicious.

“Follow me,” ordered the nun and the naked couple went to their hands and knees, crawling behind the Mary as she led them to her large bedroom.

They both knew what to do next. Mary bent forward over her bed and Annie carefully lifted her dress. Mother Mary was always in uniform for the Reeds but always without underwear. It was a delicious thrill each time the sweet Annie exposed her bare bottom and juicy cunt. The married couple were ready to worship her body. She was super horny but tried to relax as her bum cheeks were spread gently by the obedient Annie.

“Lick it,” was her firm instruction to Aaron, knowing that he was looking at her tight, brown hole.

The husband did not hesitate to run the tip of his tongue over the hairless anus. Once, Aaron would have been disgusted to imagine himself licking a woman’s arsehole. Mother Mary had been so expert and so careful in gradually bringing him to this point. He had to admit that the older woman still had a nice body, slim with bouncy boobs. There was no doubting that it turned him on to obey Mother Mary. And it was his own lovely wife who was exposing that naughty hole.

The dirty nun enjoyed it even more. She’d been grateful to be introduced to anal pleasures by her sister nuns. Butt play was almost preferable to being fucked in her cunt. And these two were learning to be good arse lickers. It was even more fun to have Annie at work back there.

“Now you,” she commanded the wife and sweet Annie took her place, eagerly tonguing the nun’s warm butt hole.

Annie was by far istanbul travesti the better at this task. As a woman, she had quickly understood the benefit of warming-up the nun by stimulating those nerve endings. And her smaller tongue was a better fit for the Mary’s tight backdoor. Annie found it more humiliating than her husband did to perform this act. She had learned quickly that she enjoyed it – all the more to have her husband watching.

“Now undress me,” commanded Mary, rising to her feet to stand before them.

The nun was an expert lover in a way that still shocked the married couple. But she had given an incalculable boost to their sex life. Slowly, they removed Mary’s dress and her habit so that she was naked along with them. Aaron felt his cock rise and harden at the sight of the nun’s naked body. He’d always assumed it was a sinful reaction. Mary had assured him that it was only natural. And she did so again, curling her hand around the thick shaft of the “very proper” banker.

“God only gives these pleasures because he wants us to enjoy them,” she said with a smile as she made Aaron even harder. “And I see you are ready to share the Gift.”

Her other hand went between Annie’s legs, where she found engorged lips that were beginning to open like the petals of a ripe flower. She had made them remove all their pubic hair. Annie especially was soft and clean. Mary herself had to fight to maintain her self-control as her own lust threatened to explode.

“Eat me,” she said firmly to Aaron with a firm yank on his collar. Then she instructed his spouse. “And you pleasure him like a good wife should.”

Annie had been stunned when she first realised what Mother Mary had been suggesting. Since that first time she had relished their play and the way the nun took control. She’d always been sheepish about performing fellatio, even for her husband. But the collar around her neck reminded Annie that she’d committed to obedience before Mother Mary. And Mary made her feel proud to suck her husband, as a good wife should. With Aaron between the nun’s thighs, she quickly climbed underneath and closed her lips around his hard shaft.

Mary lay with her legs wide and her cunt presented for Aaron. It was never a bad thing to have a man’s head between her thighs. Aaron needed to get into shape but his body was not unpleasant and he had surprising strength when fully aroused. His soft, brown hair was just long enough for Mary to grab and force him deeper into her cunt. Such easy dominance always made her clit extra sensitive and it was only moments before she was cumming all over Aaron’s face.

A good tonguing was an essential part of the Gift. And soon Mary wanted to feel a woman’s mouth on her. Annie was smaller, thinner. Her tits were just a little too large for her small frame and she had a lovely, soft holes. Annie was the better cunt licker of the couple. A woman knew how, after all. Mary had guessed the truth that Annie had a long held but secret craving for women — something that even now she kept from her husband.

Annie got on all fours between Mary’s thighs and pressed her mouth over the steaming cunt. Mary gave a tug on Aaron’s leather collar as continued to direct the action.

“Now you lick her butt,” she told the husband. “Make her ready.”

Mary was already pulling Annie’s hair, forcing the sweet face deeper into her steaming snatch. She moaned at the pleasure of a woman’s mouth on her sex. The wife was definitely improving her oral skills and the nun was already making the familiar moans of the Gift. Annie looked forward to pleasing Mother Mary, thrilled to experience another woman’s orgasms. The joy of her sweet husband sticking his tongue into her butt hole was eclipsed by the satisfaction of eating Mother Mary’s cunt.

Hearing the wife moaning as her husband lapped at her back door, Mary was eager for some real action.

“Fuck your wife,” she ordered Aaron. “She needs it good.”

Aaron had an average cock but it excited Mary’s to make the once timid couple fornicate in front of her. Having sex in front of another person had not come easily for them. But the nun took charge so casually and had given them a licence to experience many pleasures. She watched the husband slip his rampant dick into Annie’s bare cunt and groaned louder as the wife’s mouth was forced harder against her sex.

Aaron now had the confidence to really fuck his wife. And sweet Annie responded so much better with a hard cock pumping her married hole. Her small breasts swung underneath as the thrusting shoved her face into Mary’s cunt. The sounds of her orgasms added to the sensations for Mary. Making this sweet couple behave in such lewd ways caused the nun to cum even harder as she felt Annie respond to the vigorous fucking.

“Finger her bum while you fuck her,” Mary gasped to Aaron and the new sounds from Annie betrayed her enjoyment of anal play.

“Oh… I love that,” groaned Annie to them both. The istanbul travestileri husband pressed his finger deeper and Annie rejoiced in being filled. “Fuck me hard, my love.”

Watching them, seeing Annie’s reaction, Mary knew it was time for her own sphincters to be prepared.

“Finger my butt,” she rasped at Annie.

Annie did not hesitate to insert a finger into the nun’s tight, warm orifice. She’d been shocked that a nun would even know about anal pleasure. But there was no arguing that Annie had come to embrace the intense thrill of the new orgasms. With the stretching of her own rectum, the exquisite heat radiating from her bottom, Annie was eager to share the pleasure. Her finger slipped deep into Mary’s anus, making the nun cry out in ecstasy. The orgasmic sounds of the two women joined as one and Annie was so focused on the nun’s orgasms that she almost forgot about her husband ramming her cunt.

Mary craved being penetrated in her bottom. And Annie had the perfect sized finger to get her warmed-up. With her own heat rising to feverish levels, the nun was ready to administer more of the debauchery that they all enjoyed so much. As the string of orgasms subsided, Mary ordered Aaron onto all fours and grabbed her strap-on harness.

“Now you prepare him,” she said to Annie with a grin. “We know he enjoys taking a cock up his butt.”

It was more fun to make the Reeds do the work. Mary had long known about her dominant streak. It had helped her career, marking her out as a natural leader of the Order of the Mount. It pleased her that the same approach had been so successful in administering the Gift. She understood all about lust and the temptations of unclean thoughts. Being head of the Order allowed more liberties than the other nuns.

Not all the nuns enjoyed threesomes and group sex. But Mary had come to appreciate the many forms in which the Gift could be shared. It was pleasing to see the Reeds gradually embracing more of those forms. And there was a lascivious thrill in watching the timid Annie lapping at her husband’s backdoor.

Annie took a delicious thrill from her husband being fucked by the nun’s strap-on. It was so special and sexy to use her soft tongue to warm-up his hole. She eagerly pressed her tongue against his hairless anus.

“Yes, you filthy girl,” Mary grinned. “You love licking his arsehole.”

The husband always got a little nervous at this point. Aaron didn’t like to admit that he’d grown to enjoy being arse-fucked. Even after watching the enjoyment his wife and the nun took from such a depraved act, he’d been reluctant to have his butt invaded. It still felt weird and yet there was a special delight from the humiliation of being penetrated by the strong-willed nun. He made ready in the doggy position, trying to will his sphincters to relax.

Mary chose a small dildo for Aaron. She lubed it generously, knowing that the husband was the tightest of the three of them. Moving in behind his podgy, white body she put the tip of the dildo against him. She sensed his nervousness but there was no other way than to force the rubber dick into his tight hole. Aaron grunted quietly as the tip penetrated. But Mary wasn’t going to stop for a little discomfort on his part. She was already having too much fun for that.

“Swallow his cock,” she said to Annie, knowing that a little distraction would help.

The wife, always played her part, slid beneath Aaron in a 69-position ready to take his cock. Placed like that, her throat opened perfectly as her husband’s cock fed into her. The little wife unconsciously spread her legs as the hard meat of her husband began to push into her mouth. She had once thought of face-fucking as perverted. Now she relished the pleasure she provided her sweet husband. It was exciting to have his lovely penis jammed into her mouth by the nun’s thrusting. His hairless balls rubbed so nicely on her forehead as she did. And Aaron always hardened nicely in response to the dildo.

Aaron could not help his hips moving as Mother Mary began to penetrate him. Each thrust in his butt pressed his cock a little deeper into his wife’s throat. Annie gladly took as much of his six inches as possible.

“You’re a dirty pair,” the nun said, looking at Annie’s bare crotch with appreciation. “How perfect to fuck you both at the same time,” she sighed as more of the dildo disappeared.

Mary always started gently with him. A man has fewer nerve endings in his rectum compared to women. Careful thrusting soon teased his sphincters to relax and open for her fake dick.

The nun took a special delight from giving anal. How wonderful that a man like Aaron would submit willingly. Her arms were just long enough that she could grip his collar for added traction as she thrust. The husband enjoyed being penetrated more than he would admit. Some men would find their cocks shrivelling at the mere thought but that was not the case for Aaron. The feeling of humiliation travesti istanbul and depravity brought out the best in him. Mary would have insisted on fucking his bum in any event. She eventually found a nice rhythm in his bottom, thrilling at the sight of her rubber cock piercing the husband’s rear, his tight hole forced wide by her thrusting.

“Now me,” announced the nun. “Fuck my god-loving cunt.”

The married couple changed their positions as the nun discarded her dildo. Annie got into a 69 position again, this time underneath Mary and with the nun’s steaming cunt against her face. She’d done her best to keep secret her desire for women but there was no hiding her moans as she watched her loving husband guide his cock into the waiting snatch.

Mary knew that one day soon she would find a way to have Annie alone. It was such a turn-on to hear the arousal of the sweet wife.

“Fuck me,” Mary said urgently to Aaron, her cunt craving to be filled. “Do me hard as a bishop.”

It was an average-sized cock but rock-hard after the arse reaming. Mary enjoyed Aaron no matter his size. The Gift made all cocks feel delicious and Aaron always tried to ram her properly. Though it was more exquisite to have Annie’s tongue flicking at her clit.

The dirty nun loved group sex — threesome and moresomes. Sharing the Gift in that way made everything so intense and exciting. She couldn’t resist the sopping wet cunt in front of her, licking Annie’s gash and thrilling at the squeals of the little wife’s explosion. Mother Mary was expert cunt licker having been trained by some of her sister nuns. And she always enjoyed exploring Annie with her long, swollen labia and hard, erect clitoris. Almost as good as making Annie cum noisily was the thick coating of juices on the nun’s face.

Mary, too, was crying out with her orgasms, immersed in the depravity of their afternoon play.

“My bum,” Mary cried out to the husband behind her. “I need it. Stick it in my arse.”

Aaron did not need to be told twice. Anal sex had been a taboo before the tight warmth of the nun’s backdoor had convinced him otherwise. He’d learned that Annie enjoyed anal fucking and was now a dedicated arse man. Almost without breaking his rhythm, he forced the head of his cock into the nun’s tight hole. He knew he could be rough. Mary was always soft and it would take only a few moments till his shaft was buried in her bowels.

“Yes, do it,” cried out Mary. “Fuck my bum.’

She was already cumming from the sensation of the cock in her arsehole. And she was happy for Aaron to plough hard into her bottom. Mary knew that his cock was aching for some relief after having his bottom fucked. But she wanted to be stretched for something larger. Between her own soft explosions, the nun continued to eat Annie’s hot snatch, the unfurled labia against her face, while the husband stroked her backdoor.

And meantime the wife’s tongue kept lapping at Mary’s clit. The thrill of sharing illicit sex was guaranteed to excite Annie beyond her wildest dreams. It was delicious to be forced to lick a woman’s cunt. Even better was her pride at seeing her timid husband trying to jam his lovely dick into Mary’s hot backdoor. She knew enough to realise that the nun’s orgasms were as much due to the arse-fuck as to her own tongue. But it was heavenly to be trapped underneath as Mary and her husband fornicated in a most sinful way. Only one thing could make it better.

“Take your wife,” she rasped between strokes in her bum hole. “She wants her arse fucked.”

That was true — Annie had been waiting for Mary to decide it was the wife’s turn to be butt-fucked. In a flash she was on her hands and knees before her husband. A little more prep would have been ideal but Annie knew that she could take his cock in her arse without much trouble. And Mother Mary was helping, taking her turn to spread the little wife’s cheeks so that Aaron had a clear aim. Mary thrilled at the sight of Aaron beginning to penetrate his wife’s most intimate place. She slid one hand down over Annie’s slick cunt lips as Aaron forced the head of his haft past her sphincters. Satisfied by her delighted moans, Mary had a few moments to stroke Aaron’s hairless ballsack before he was fully buried in Annie’s backdoor.

“Oh, dear god,” Annie moaned, oblivious to her blasphemy.

It had been two weeks since Aaron had pierced her rectum. And the feeling of the leather collar around her neck somehow enhanced her pleasure at being screwed in her pert little bottom.

Mary had noted from the first that Aaron had good stamina. She wasn’t sure where that had come from — so many men seemed to think that marital sex was simply about emptying their balls.

Meanwhile, Mary needed more female fun and lay under Annie, fondling her hanging B-cups and running her fingers over Annie’s gushing snatch. The nun knew all too well the ecstasy of anal orgasms. She helped Annie along by rubbing her clit as Aaron rammed deep, helping the wife to explode in a powerful cascade of orgasms, screaming out as her passage opened wider to let his cock slam hard and deep into her bowels. The nun grinned with satisfaction at having introduced the once timid Annie to such dark pleasures.

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