a night out turns into something else

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The cool air of the spring night blew across Meg’s freshly waxed pussy and ass. This was a new thing for her being that since she started to get public hair she would only keep it nicely trimmed. Now walking out of the spa after getting a full brazilin wax with her usually pedicure and manicure; this was a totally new feeling for her mostly because Meg was no spring chicken anymore. She had just turned forty-seven last month and never dreamed that she would be acting like this in her life now. This was the first time that Meg would be going out since the divorce over a year ago; she wasn’t the skinny little thing she once was. After two kids her hips were a little wider now but she did love her big “D” natural tits that came after her first kid. She wasn’t a super model but she thought she still had a good figure.

As her very small short red dress that barely covered her naked ass cline to her body; all that was running through Meg’s head was that she was walking down the street with a short dress and no underwear on. Her heels clicked as she walked and Meg was catching a lot of men looking at her as she passing. She swears that she heard the woman that passed hit her man for turning his head back to look. Meg didn’t know how she was doing this but something deep in her liked the feeling.

Meg got to the restaurant and took a deep breath before walking in and beginning the second stage of the night. The hostess greeted her and after Meg gave the name the hostess led her to the back of the place to her table. The table was empty and the hostess helped Meg with her sit and this was the first time that Meg really felt how short her dress was. Meg’s ass was on the sit with her dress not even covering it; the coldness of the wood sent chills up her. The hostess handed her a menu and asked if she wanted a drink; Meg thanked the hostess and order a long island ice tea.

With the hostess gone Meg opened the menu to look it over since she had never been here before. The restaurant was way out of her price range so she was very excided that this was the place she was told to go. When Meg opened the menu a note dropped from it; a little puzzled Meg opened the note. Inside it read that she was to get a gift for her date and she had to have it by the time her date showed up. Meg was to find a woman at the restaurant that looked to be in her twenties or early thirties and get her to give Meg her panties. Meg couldn’t buy the panties off them but she could do anything else it took besides forcing them or stealing them from her.

Meg panned the room to find a girl to get her panties from. It was a Tuesday night and the place was quite. This was going to be hard for Meg with not a lot of people there how was she going to find someone. Her waiter came with the drink and asked if her guest would be joining them soon. Meg told the waiter that he was running late and would be there soon, but in fact she didn’t know where he was. She was told to be there at seven and to not be late. She hoped that he was running late because she still needed to get a pair of panties before he came.

Meg looked around trying not to make is know that she was looking at people as they eat their food. After what felt like a life time she spotted a young couple across the room. They looked to be in their late twenties and the blonde woman was sitting with her face towards Meg. She was very nice looking with shoulder length hair and wearing a black dress and black heels. Meg knew that this was going to be the only one that she would be able to get her panties from but she didn’t know how to go about it. Just then Meg thought about what if she wasn’t wearing any, she was sitting there with her bear ass on the chair because she wasn’t wearing any. Meg watched the girl eat and waited till she could see if she was wearing any. The woman sat there with her legs crossed and pulled in to her as she ate and Meg was getting doubts if she would even get the view she needed.

Just then as Meg looked over to see if there was a change in how the woman was sitting Meg watched as the she got up from the table and with uncrossing her legs Meg could see that she was wearing pink and white panties. Trying not to be notice Meg watched as she got up and headed to the restroom. Meg waited a few minutes before heading herself there to.

Meg entered the restroom to find that there were three toilets and a double sink with a big mirror behind it. The room smelled very nice and had soft music playing as she made her way to the middle stall where the blonde was. Meg stood in front of the door not knowing what she would say to this person to have her give up her panties. Meg saw that the woman had them down around her ankles and Meg wish that she could just reach in and grab them. Looking at the panties she also noticed that the blonde had a tattoo on top of her right foot that ran up her leg a little. Meg looked at the flower tattoo and wish she would had been able to get one, but the thought of needles creped her out.

As Meg was standing there thinking of what to do or say the silence was broking by a soft voice from inside the stall. The blonde on the toilet asked Meg what she was doing standing right outside the door and if she needed help with something; Meg panic and stepped back to the sink. With that the door open and out stepped the blonde pushing down her dress as she made her way to the sink. Meg could now see that the woman escort london was even sexier up close and all she could do was stair at her; just the way her hair laid on her shoulders and her bright red lips stick. The blonde asked again what Meg was doing and way she was standing outside the door. Meg turned to look at the woman in the mirror as the woman washed her hands. Doing so Meg saw through the open back dress that the blonde had a pair of wings tattooed to her back. The wings covered her whole back and ran so far down that the bottom of the dress was covering some of the wings. Meg swallowed hard and knew if she was going to do this that she needed to do it now.

Meg asked the woman that she needed something and didn’t know just how to ask for it. The blonde turned to Meg and asked what? Meg swallowed again and asked that she needed the woman’s panties. The woman just looked at Meg for a bit and then asked why. Meg said that she couldn’t say but if she could help her and would be very nice of her. The blonde reached down and pulled up her dress so that is was around her hips showing off her panties. She then hooked her thumbs in the waistband and turned totally around showing that it was a thong that ran up her ass crack. Meg saw that the woman was very tone in the ass and legs and found this a little sexy for her to be doing this.

Once the woman was facing Meg again she asked what was in it for her if she gave Meg her panties. Meg told the blonde that she couldn’t pay her for the panties and the woman told her that she didn’t want Meg’s money. The blonde bend down and removed her panties and stood back up and with standing up brought her right leg up and put her foot on the counter. Meg was now looking at the woman’s pussy that was wide open now. She had her clit and both lips pieced with silver rings. Her public was trimmed on the sides and had a thick strip of hair in the middle. She brought her hand down and grabbed the ring in her clit and pulled it a little as she licked her lips looking at Meg. She told Meg that she was to lick her pussy if she wanted her panties. All Meg could do was look at this woman’s pussy as she played with it pulling on the rings to open her pussy even more.

With no other choice Meg bent down and moved her mouth in to the blonde’s pussy. She could smell her juices and something inside herself made her pussy wet too. Meg hasn’t been with another girl since her college years, but she knew what she liked so she started there. Meg stuck out her tongue and licked the pieced clit of the woman and liked it. It didn’t take long for Meg to have her whole mouth on the woman’s pussy sucking and licking it. The juices in her own pussy were flowing out and down to her exposed ass. Meg was making a puddle on the floor under her as she sucked this woman’s pussy. Meg never was with a girl that had their pussy pierced so she didn’t know what to expect, but she quickly found out that when she used her teeth to pull on the piercings it drove the blonde crazy.

About ten minutes in the blonde had a hand full of Meg’s hair and was using it to pull Meg in deeper to her pussy. The woman was moaning a lot now and was biting down on her bottom lips to try and quite her self. Meg had her tongue as far up the blonde’s pussy as it would go when the woman pulled Meg back by the hair and turned around to give Meg her ass. The woman told Meg that she was close to cumming and that Meg was to eat out her ass till she did. Meg was in a sex high and didn’t think twice about it; she drove her tongue into the asshole of the blonde and licked and sucked with all she had. It was only a moment of second till the blonde came and it ran down her legs.

The woman turned back around and told Meg to clean up all the cum and she would get her panties. Meg did just that she ran her tongue up the blonde’s legs and sucked out the juices from her bush till there was no more cum. Meg stood up and could feel the last bit of her own cum run down her legs. The woman handed her panties to Meg and told her to give her a couple of seconds before leaving the restroom. The woman turned and headed out the door.

Meg stood looking into the mirror thinking of what just happen and how she liked these new feelings she was having. Meg washed her hands and left the restroom and headed back to her table. She noticed that the blonde was no longer at the table and thought that she must have left with the man she was with. Meg sat down at the table and noticed that there was another note at her place setting. She opened it to find that her bill was paid and it told her to take the panties and head home. She thought this was weird but knew that this morning the email told her that she had to do everything that she was told today.

Meg got up from the table and left the restaurant and headed home; since she was only a few blocks from home she decided to walk then get a cab. She turned to the sidewalk and started to walk home. Now with the sun set and the cold breeze her bear ass was feeling the chilliness of the night. As Meg was walking and thinking about how sexy and horny she was feeling this night and how she enjoyed the pussy eating she just did. She didn’t take notice that there was now a man following her. As Meg walked pass the one side street she felt a hand come up around her face and cover her mouth. There was another hand around her waist and before she knew it she was pulled off the escort service side walk and into the darkness of the night. There was something smelly about the hand but she couldn’t place it and within a couple seconds was out cold.

Meg came to and found herself on something soft. She couldn’t see anything and didn’t know where she was. Scared Meg called out for help but there was no answer. With tears running for her eyes making the blindfold wet Meg called out even louder for someone to help her. She couldn’t move her hands as they were tied behind her back. As she made her way to the edge of the soft thing she was on and found it to be a mattress on a floor. Before she could sing her feet around to get up she heard foot steps of heels clinking on the hard floor. Next there was a voice of a man telling her that if she did everything that was asked of her that she would be able to go free after they were done with her.

Meg thought to herself “they” how many were there and where was she. Meg was scared and visible shaken by what was going on. She jumped when a hand ran down her side and slapped her on the ass. Her dress was fully up by her hips with moving around on the mattress and she knew that her ass and pussy was in full view of whoever was there. She was told that her hands would be untied but she was not aloud at any time to remove her blindfold. With her hands free Meg was able to pull down her dress to try and cover herself. She asked where she was and why she was there, but was met with silence like she was just being watched. The man told her to remove her cloths and then get on her hands and knees. Meg pleaded with the man to let her go, but the man asked again a little louder this time and added that he would not asked three times.

In tears and sobbing Meg removed her dress to a red bra and her hairless pussy and ass. As she was reaching for the claps on the bra she felt hands running all over her body. It felt like about three pairs of hands and she was hoping that this meant that there were only three people there. One of the hands was very soft and smooth and as it ran down her back it changed from the finger tips to nails digging into her lower back. Meg just got the bra undone when it was ripped from her causing her big milky white saggy tits to bounce around as they fell out. Time and age didn’t work with Meg as her tits started to sag as she got older. This didn’t bother her because she wasn’t one to go with out a bra in her age.

Meg was pushed over to her hands and now had her ass up in the air. Her tits hung down like utters and she heard whispers but couldn’t make out what was being said. The last thing said was that this would do great. The man next asked Meg what she was thinking about right at that moment as he walked around her taking in her whole body exposed to them. Meg said that she was scared and hoping that she would be able to do everything right so she could go home. The man told her that she didn’t have to worry about that and that she would do just fine. The man next asked if she kept her pussy and ass this well kept always and Meg told him no that she was told to do this by a man she was seeing. Meg felt the soft hands again but this time spreading her ass cheeks apart as far as they would go. She knew that they were looking at her asshole now and how it looked with no hair around it. Even with Meg being scared she was getting a little horny being exposed and having these things happening to her. Her pussy was starting to get wet and with her mind racing with what would happen the fear was starting to leave her.

Meg was brought back to where she was when a hand slapped her ass hard. The male voice asked Meg why she was here and Meg answered back that she didn’t know why or where she was? She was asked why she was out by herself at night dressed like a slut. Meg told whoever was there that she wasn’t a slut and that she was on her way home from the restaurant when she was kidnapped. Meg told them how she got a divorce from her husband when he left her for an eighteen year old and moved across the country, and that this was her first date since then. The man asked then why she waxed herself for the guy if this was the first date and she wasn’t a slut. Meg replied by saying that she been talking to this guy for a couple of months and he convinced her to do it for their date tonight.

Another slap on her ass came and the man told Meg that even if she doesn’t want to admit it she was a slut and now she would be treated like on. With that again hands ran across her body and now they were pulling at her tits. The hands were going crazy rubbing, pulling, pinching everywhere on her body. She felt a finger go in her pussy as two hands pinched her nipples hard and pulled them to the side. Meg didn’t know what to do but stay there on all fours as the hands kept going. Then all the hands were pulled from her body and there was silence; with pussy juice running down her legs Meg waited for what would happen next.

The man asked Meg if she sucked cock and Meg said that’s all her ex-husband wanted in the end and that she hasn’t been laid in over five years. Meg was told that after tonight that would all change. She was told to open her mouth and before she had it all the way open Meg had a cock pushed into it. Now her ex had an average size cock about five and a half inches, and since she met him in high school Meg only been with three boys before escorts in london him. So when a massive cock was thrust into her mouth that made her gag this was not what Meg was thinking. Her mouth was spread so far that when the cock was being jammed into her mouth and man needed to use some force to get it all in.

The cock was pulled from Meg’s mouth and she could feel a lot of saliva come with it. There was no rest for Meg as the cock was again rammed into her mouth and this time down her throat. Meg felt a pair of hands latch on to her head and begin to push Meg’s head forward onto the cock as it was being pushed into her mouth. The hands were not in the place as if the man was holding her because the fingers where up towards her forehead. This meant that someone else was making her face fuck this huge cock, and the person was making sure that Meg got the whole cock in her mouth every time. By this time Meg could feel the surrounding area of her mouth was coated with her saliva as the cock fucked her mouth harder and harder. The balls were slapping her chin and soon found her head being held in place as the cock was fully in her mouth.

Meg has always been a reserve woman and sex was always nice and loving even in the end when all she did was suck on her ex-husband’s cock. Meg never did anything crazy and never dreamed that she would now be on her hands and knees as the biggest cock she has ever had was being held deep in her throat. She was by no choice of her own being used as a whore to a group of people she didn’t know or even see.

As Meg’s mouth was being attacked she didn’t felt that there was a set of hands back on her ass cheeks spreading them wide and now a tongue was licking her asshole. Her pussy was dripping wet and the group of people knew now if not before that Meg was horny with every thing that was happening to her. When the cock was pulled from her mouth Meg’s mind registered the tongue in her asshole and chills washed over her body.

Meg’s ex-husband never did anything out side the normal man on top woman on bottom sex. So having someone licking her asshole was not what she thought it would be. The feeling was wonderful even so much that Meg was pushing her ass back to get the tongue in deeper. After the cock was pulled from Meg’s mouth the hands let go of her hand for the time being and once again she felt fingers pinching and pulling on her saggy tits. She was in a different world with the tongue licking her asshole when she was brought back to what was really going on when the man asked if she every taking a cock to the ass, but before Meg could even get out the no the man rammed his huge cock into Meg’s tight asshole. Meg screamed out for the shear pain of this massive thing being driving deep into her virgin ass. The man pulled out so just the tip of his cock was at the rose bud of her ass and asked how was it? Meg begged for him to not put it back in but those plead were casted aside when he grabbed onto her hips and plunged his cock back into her ass. The man this time didn’t stop and just held on tight as he fuck Meg’s ass hard.

Meg was sobbing again from the abuse her asshole was taking from the huge cock in it, but soon found the pain going away as her asshole loosen up to take the cock in it easier. As the man fucked her harder and harder Meg felt someone move around in front of her and soon there was a pair of hands on her head pulling her down into a pussy. This pussy had no hair on it unlike the one that she eat out earlier and had a sweeter taste to it. Meg sucked the pussy more and more and soon the woman was cumming all over Meg’s face. The woman was grinding her pussy into Meg’s face as Meg licked up the cum till her climax was over.

There was no time to waste as Meg could heard the man fucking her ass getting ready to cum. He was really going at it now and the thrust were so hard that Meg was being pushed forward into the woman that was still lying in front of her. With that the man pulled from Meg’s ass and was gone, but she could feel more moving around her and the sounds of him jerking his cock. Meg’s hair was pulled so her face was up and the blindfold that was now soaked in old tears and sweat was ripped from her eyes. The light was strong and Meg couldn’t make out anything before she was hit in the face with the biggest load of cum ever. Her eyes where covered and made it like a new blindfold and more and more cum blanketed her face and hair. Soon the cum stopped and two tongues were licking the cum from Meg’s face as she scooped some in her mouth with her own tongue. Meg was then kissed by one of the people licking the cum off her and when the kiss broke and Meg could open her eyes and found her daughter sitting in front of her naked and behind her was Meg’s son.

Meg was stocked by this and sat back on her knees to find the blonde woman with the tattoo from the restaurant licking the cum off her finger. Meg couldn’t find words to ask what was going on and looking at her two children naked and the blonde from before; she wanted answers. The room started to spin and Meg got light head and soon Meg fell back on the mattress and blacked out.

Meg come to some time later and found herself in her own bed. Thinking if it was just a dream the pain from the ass fucking came back to her and she started to piece together what happen. She sat up in bed and found that she was still naked and her tits were still red and sore. As Meg pulled the covers back to leave the bed she found her naked daughter asleep next to her. Meg now knew that everything that happen was real and she was fucked by her children…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32