A Nice Surprised

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Josh was excited surprise his mom, Laurel, for her birthday. His gift was a framed photo of the family a few years back, during one of their trip. He knew she would love it. He had told her already that he would not be able to make it.

He walked in, dropped his bag, and slowly walked towards the living room where he heard the TV running.

“Josh!” Laurel said nervously and surprised as he walked in. She had an awkward facial expression.

Josh saw his mom on the couch between the two handsome looking guys with her hands gripping their thighs. He was surprised at how she was dressed. She was wearing a low cut shirt showing plenty of cleavage, her tits poking out, with tight jeans and black boot heels. Josh was amazed at how different she looked, “like a milf” he thought, quickly pushing that thought out of his mind.

Each of the guys had one arm tucked in between Laurel and the sofa. Josh thought maybe the couch was just a bit too crowded. He questioned himself why no one sat on the other couch. Josh thought this was a very odd sight, and felt uneasy, but didn’t jump to any conclusion. They were all casually watching TV looking normal.

One guy had his hand, behind Laurel, in her pants with his two fingers digging in her asshole maneuvering deep in her. Laurel was sitting on the other guys hand, as it reached around her round ass to tickle her pussy and clit. Laurel was getting hornier being touched in front of her son.

Laurel stood up and walked towards Josh smiling, thinking about those fingers in her ass. Her jeans clearly showed wetness around her crotch and ass. The guys were awing, ogling her big ass as it swayed side to side. Josh saw them staring, and gave them an angry look. His heart began racing, thinking the unthinkable.

“Josh!” Laurel gave Josh a big hug pressing his head down to her chest. He could hear her heart beat abnormally fast as Laurel turned her head and looked at the guys mouthing the word “Stop” unable to hold a sinister smile, a look that said “you dirty boys, my son is standing right here.”

“What a surprise! What are you doing here?” Laurel said as she released him.

Josh felt her hard nipples against his check. This gave his cock an unwanted pulse, feeling it begin to rise in his pants. He stepped back quickly.

“I came home early to surprise you.” Josh said nervously, unable to look her in the eyes, and handing her the framed photo. “Happy birthday Mom!”

“Awe look at us!” Laurel went in for another hug. “Thank you Josh. You’re too sweet.” Then gave him a peck on his forehead, “I love it. But you didn’t need to come all the back home just for me.”

“I wouldn’t miss your 45th.” Josh said in glee.

“Oh! How rude of me, Josh this is David and Andrew, David, Andrew, this is my son Josh.” Laurel turned to introduced the two men on the couch. “They are interns at my office.” Then mouthing to them “And boy toys!” Exchanging smiles with them.

“They have also been such great help around the house ever since your dad sprained his ankle.” Licking lordbahis güvenilirmi around her lip. “I figured they would stay for my cake… The least I could do.”

They couldn’t have been too much older than Josh. Maybe barely out of college or something around 23 or 24 years old Josh had guessed.

“Hey Josh nice to meet you, your mom is always going on about you.” David said. Even though his name has never even been brought up.

Andrew joined in complimenting on how beautiful she looked. The compliments moved away from her personality to her looks. “She had a smoking hot body.” Andrew said jokingly as he looked at Laurel with desire.

Laurel knew what they were teasing her and it was driving her crazy, “So taboo,” she thought but she couldn’t help being aroused. Laurel returned the compliment with a wink and a smirk, making sure Josh wouldn’t see.

“Oh stop it” Laurel said playfully, flapping her hands. She began going back to her spot between them. She placed the frame on the coffee table. Her hands on their thigh giving them a tight squeeze before being fully being seated. They discreetly moved their hands beneath her ass.

Josh didn’t know what to do. He just let them continue complimenting his mom, just letting it all soak in. He had no reply to give them blushing on the spot in embarrassment.

Then they began telling office stories and Josh interrupted them “I’m gonna drop my bags off in my room I’ll be back down.” He picked up his bag began to his room. He heard mumblings from his mom as was going up the stairs.

Right when Josh was out of sight Laurel slid her hand up their legs, unbuttoned and unzipped the two boys pants simultaneously, and pulled out their big erect cocks. “You boys were being VERY NAUGHTY” she told them in a sexy motherly tone, rocking them side to side from the base.

Laurel leaned over one cock and drooled a thick chunk of saliva and began stroking it and did the same to the other. She took turns staring straight into their eyes biting her lower lip, thinking about them ravaging her.

Josh stopped, and knocked on his parents room door.

“Hey dad.” Josh greeted as he opened the door. John was on the computer wearing headphone. “Hey dad.” Josh said louder.

“Oh. Hey Josh,” John said taking off his headphones, pleasantly surprised. “You decided to come for your mother’s birthday, huh?”

“Yeah.” He paused, “Hey dad, you know those the guys downstairs?”

“David and Andrew? John paused “They are still here?”

Josh nodded his head.

“Yeah, they uhhhh… helped with the gutters earlier today. Great kids.” John complimented them.

“Oh, okay. Yeah they are staying for mom’s birthday apparently.” Josh began to feel at ease, disregarding what he thought earlier.

“That’s nice. They deserve something.”

Josh continued to his room.

“Oh my god.” The boys moaned quietly, each groping one of her breasts. She was stroking their cocks slowly with a loose grip edging the boys. They thrust lordbahis yeni giriş their hips trying to get her to go faster but Laurel kept her pace teasing the boys, getting them back from earlier.

Giving them a teasing smile, giggling, “uh-uh-uh” shaking her head no. It took all her restraint to not jump on one of the cocks, or just gobbling one up. Her pussy was dripping wet.

Andrew couldn’t take it anymore, stood up grabbed Laurel’s head (Laurel playfully laughing) and thrust his cock viciously in her mouth. She began to gag, saliva drooping down to her chest. She uncontrollably began stroking David’s cock faster, gathering the thick saliva she was producing as lube.

David stood up as well. Laurel pulled his cock to her face, forcing it to slap her cheeks. She made the heads of the cocks kiss and slid her tongue and mouth along both cocks. She pushed them together, and they both grabbed her head and thrusted repeatedly as she gagged and spat out.

Then they heard a door open and immediately scrambled trying to get in a reasonable position. Josh was making his way back down the stairs. David was able to put his cock back in his pants, and look normal. Laurel was wiping her wet face against the sofa trying to dry up, her shirt soaked. Andrew was able to pull up his jeans but didn’t have time to zip and button them up. The three laughed as Josh entered the living room.

“What’s so funny” Josh said trying to read the room. His mom looked tired. Andrew was locked on the TV. And David grabbed out his phone. Josh felt uneasy again.

Andrew’s hand slid down Laurel’s ass as he gave them a nice tight squeeze. Groping her as Josh is standing there in the silence. David pointed his phone to Laurel playing a video of them fucking.

“Nothing.” Laurel said breaking a long awkward silence, smiling, “It was just a joke on the TV.” The boys smiled laughing insincerely.

Josh held his concerns and replied “Okay.”

Josh continued to the kitchen to get some water. As he turned away Laurel shook her head, knowing how messed this was. She leaned into David and gave him a sloppy wet kiss on the lips while massaging his crotch. And then did the same to Andrew.

Laurel then pulled out their cocks once again, and began stroking them, making out with David.

Laurel looked at David smiling, “Hey son?” Laurel called out.

She bent over and popped David’s cock in her mouth. The boys shared a smile between them.

“Yeah mom!” Josh answered.

“Could you pick up the cake at the bakery?” Laurel asked releasing her suckulent lips off David’s cock.

“Yeah I suppose.” As he began to wash his glass at the sink.

Laurel pulled away from the boys cocks just before Josh reentered the room. Their cocks still erect and out in the open.

As Josh passed them, Laurel thanked him.

Josh took a quick glance at her and said, “no problem,” not noticing anything continuing ahead.

Laurel looked at the boys in shock, silently laughing, mouthing “Oh my lordbahis giriş god.” The boys cocks throbbing up and down catching her attention. She reached down and resumed jerking them as Josh fiddled with his keys turning the corner.

“Alright I will be right back.” Josh said opening the door.

Before the door even closed Laurel already pulled her pants down to her ankle and positioned herself to sit on David’s cock.

Then the door closed, and Laurel began bouncing on his cock, her ass slapping his thighs, and passionately kissing him.

“You are crazy.” David groaned. “I can’t believe what is happening.”

“I’m a whore. A Horny Slut” Laurel in disbelief at her immense pleasure.

“CALL ME MOMMY!” Laurel ecstatically demanded.

“Mom. MOm. MOM. Oh Mommy!” David grunted with every thrust.

Laurel screamed, “Ahhhhhhhh haha ha mah Gaahh, fuck me baby,” her body shaking from the nonstop orgasm, riding faster on David.

“Keep going! Keep Going!” Laurel encouraged as she reached over and pulled Andrew by his cock, standing him up. “Fuck my ass!” Laurel begging.

“Oh Mom! Fuck me mom!” David repeated feeling his cum build up.

Andrew stripped off her jeans throwing it down to the ground. In one solid motion Andrew pushed his whole thing in her ass and kept a fast pace.

“You like it in the ass mom?” Andrew teased while taking off her shirt as David began to suck her tits.

“Yeah Joshy! Fuck my ASS!” Laurel moaned, drooling all over her body.

“I Want IT!! GIve it to ME!” Begging them to fuck her harder, thrusting back, forcing them deep inside her.

“Cock. COCKS! Give me your COCK!” Laurel belligerently repeatedly screamed as Andrew slaps her ass ramming her as hard and fast as he could.

“I’m gonna cum” David said trying his hardest to hold. “Cum inside me! Cum!” Laurel told him enthusiastically. David spurted inside her pussy while she was still bouncing, her body convulsing as she came as well.

“I’m gonna cum too Mom!” Andrew screamed. And with a grunt he pumped her ass with cum, relaxing his heavy breathing, falling back down onto the couch.

“Oh my god.” The boys said in relief as their adrenalynn fell. Laurel giggling “Mmmmmm, That was insane.” Rolling in between the boys again slowing her breathing, petting their cocks, swirling her fingers around the wet heads.

“How was that boys?” Laurel teased.

“Amazing” both said in unison.

Laurel laughed, and gave them a smile. They slouched on the couch there letting the moment sink in.

Then with a long sigh, Laurel got up. “I should go change.” Cum was began to flow out of her holes tickling her inner thigh, and dripping a trail from the sofa to the carpet floor as she went to get her jeans.

She jumped into her jeans, bouncing trying to get them over her ass. She walked over to the boys, her bare tits bouncing, catching the boys attention. Their cocks began throbbing again and rising. She looked at them and smiled.

Laurel went towards the Andrew’s cock slowly,leaned over, and gave it a peck watching it rock back and forth, and then swiftly swiped her shirt and got up.

“I’ll be right back” Laurel said teasingly, heading upstairs, unnecessarily swaying her ass back and forth, hypnotizing the boys, giving the boys something to look forward to.

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