A New Bra for Hitomi

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Finally! Finally, she found the solution! Or at least some hope. Hitomi stared on the screen.

She had no idea how she ended up on that website, maybe her search terms weren’t that bad. “Big tits, bra sucks, going bra-less without embarrassment”. She chuckled. The website was about all kinds of scientific projects. Quite some weird stuff on there, too. But this specific project definitely caught her attention.

“The invisible bra – using nano technology to help well-endowed women bearing the burden.” The project page read like a revelation. Seemed that science was much farther ahead than she ever thought.

The researchers claimed that a thin layer of nano machines, injected into the deeper skin layers of a woman’s breast, would be enough to keep those wobbling orbs in shape. And women wouldn’t need to wear those uncomfortable garments ever again. Hitomi wondered if that could be the solution for her problems. She noted down the contact details and decided to give it a shot.

“Excuse me, I’d like to talk with Dr. Globe or Dr. Wobbler from the nano-tech department.” she told the guard at the security check.

“Your name? Do you have an appointment?” asked the guard.

“Uh… no appointment. My name is Hitomi Tanaka, and I am sure the doctor will be happy to see me.”

The guard stared at her openly, checking her out. He grinned, “Guess so. Please take a seat.”

Hitomi seated herself, taking care that her straining shirt and her short dress didn’t reveal too much.

“Dr. Globe? A young lady named Hitomi Tanaka is looking for you. I must say, she has quite spectacular globes, so to speak.” Hitomi’s face glowed red. “Sure I’ll send her up.”

“Miss? You may enter, please wear this badge at all times. And you must leave your phone and other electronic equipment here at security.”

Hitomi nodded, “Sure!” She handed over her purse, clipped the visitor tag on, and went into the main building.

“Are you the visitor, Hitomi Tanaka?” The young girl at the reception seemed to be barely out of college. “The doctor awaits you in the lab, third floor to the right.”

Hitomi thanked her and headed to the elevator. The meeting room was small, white and empty. A small table and three chairs, nothing else. People in white coats were busily walking around. Finally, a tall guy entered the room. “Mrs Tanaka? What can I do for you?”

“Dr Globe? I am so glad that you are available for a short meeting. I had a look at your project website, and I want to volunteer for the Nanite-Bra project.”

“Nanite-Bra? Cute name.” he grinned. “Unfortunately, the project is still in a rather early stage, and we don’t have permission yet for conducting tests on humans. But I see that you would obviously benefit from such a device, wouldn’t you?”

Hitomi laughed nervously, “Indeed, I would. Actually, my boobs are really a pain in the neck, and I would have opted for a breast reduction some time ago. But I need them for my job.”

“Your job?”

“Uhmm. Yes, I am a model. Or porn star. Whatever. People watch my videos because they want to see my huge tits bounce around. And I guess nobody would watch them, if my tits wouldn’t be as big as they are. So yes, I need them.”

Dr Globe grinned. “A perfect test subject indeed.”

Suddenly, the door bust open and a shapely young woman ran into the room. “We did it! Dr. Globe, we did it! We got the approval for an initial test! For both projects, the T and the C one!”

Globe grinned, “Just in time, I guess. Ms Tanaka, you want to volunteer for the breast project, right?”

“Indeed, yes.”

“There is one problem though. As you just heard, we can only have one test subject at this time. But we have to conduct two trials, one on the upper female body, one on the lower parts. And we need to test both at the same time.

“Dr. Wobbler will explain you the details. Unless you volunteer for both, we will need to look for another subject. Wobbler, could you take over?” The woman nodded. “Ok, sweeties, see you later. I have some preparations to do.”

When the door closed again, the young doctor looked closely at Hitomi. “So you’re a porn star, eh?”

“Yes, madam.”

“And you want to have the invisible bra?”


“Ok, so let me explain to you what this is all about. We have invented a special kind of nano machine that can operate within the human body. It can bond to other machines, communicate over radio frequency, and do some pretty fancy stuff.

“The first application we want to use it for is indeed the ‘invisible bra’. So what we want to do is to have a colony of these machines on a woman’s breasts and shape them so they won’t wobble around. Just like a bra would.

“The nano machines can bond to each other, and the bonding configuration is quite flexible. So it is quite easy to find a configuration for the desired shape.

“This is the first project. The second one is a bit more intimate. It’s basically the same thing, but this time within the sex of a female. The idea is to exercise those muscles automatically, bahis siteleri and also to help with child birth and menstrual cramps.

“And another thing we hope to achieve, maybe the most important one, is to gain energy for the other nano machine colonies on the body. However, as the nano machines need to adjust to each person’s blood and body signature, there is only one shot for the colonization.

“We observed in animal testing that a second colonization wave is very problematic. In fact, the nanite are attacking each other with quite harmful effects. So the only chance is to do the colonization in one step.”

Hitomi listened carefully.

“The colonization process is quite simple. The machines are in some kind of gel that will be applied to the different body parts. The application area needs to be as big as possible, and the parts that are not targeted need to stay clean.”

“So what does this mean for me?” asked Hitomi carefully.

“Well, it will not be comfortable. Let me show you some drawings. This device will be used to colonize the breast tissue. You see these rings, and those vacuum tubes? What basically happens is that the surface area of each breast is maximized by stretching and by constricting at the same time.

“Your boobs will balloon up, and they will look quite horrible. But the stretching goes away quickly once the vacuum is released. And in your sex, we will insert an inflatable probe that will stretch you out as far as humanly possible. Unfortunately, there is no other solution.”

“Aww.. that looks quite painful!” Hitomi whispered.

“Indeed. No doubt about it. So are you still willing?”

Hitomi looked at her encased boobs, thought about the possibilities, about all the trouble she had with her twins.

“Well, it’s only temporary. The pain. Right?”

“Yes it is.”

“And it’s my only chance to get that invisible bra thing. Ever.”


“Well, ok. I’ll do it.”

“Great! Welcome to the team! I’ll inform Globe and get the paperwork ready. When can you start?”

“Well, if possible, right now?”

“Ok, I’ll check!”

She left the room and Hitomi was alone again. The drawings were still on the table, and she examined them closely. Those tit-things looked horrible. Like they would tear her boobs apart in no time. She sighed.

“Great to have you on the team, Hitomi. You’ll need to sign these documents before we get started. It’s about liability and stuff. Legal requires that. So I’ll prepare the colonization. Join us in he lab next door when you have the stuff signed.”

The contract was huge! All those little details they addressed in there!

“You are not allowed to disclose any technical details about this experiment.”

“No liability whatsoever.”

“Permanent pain may result from the experiment.”

Yadda, yadda. She didn’t bother to read all, just signed off and gave the contract to the assistant. Then she entered the lab.

“Wow, what’s that?”

Hitomi stared at the metallic contraption formed like an X.

“Well, we’ll strap you on this once you’re naked.” Globe laughed.

“And then we’ll let our machines go wild on you!”

Hitomi grinned. “Sounds like a plan. So I guess I need to strip now?”

“Yes, in a few moments. We are still preparing the nanites, programming them and so on. Oh, there they come.”

A young scientist rolled in a huge tank and hooked it up to some machinery.

“Ok, so let’s get started. Hitomi, please remove your clothes and lie on this cross.”

Hitomi started to remove her clothes and put them on a neat staple on some desk. All eyes were on her, admiring her curves. And when she removed her heavy-duty bra, everybody cheered.

“Perfect, just perfect!” Globe beamed,

“Your boobs are just made for our invisible bra!”

Hitomi laughed, “Can’t wait for it, so now on this cross?”

She walked to the contraption and laid down. “Uh, it’s cold!” Her breasts wobbled, dropped to her sides.

“No worries, we’ll turn up the heat a bit. Dr. Wobbler, please fasten the straps around her. Our test subject needs to be secured properly.”

Leather straps were tightened around her feet, knees, arms and hands. Her waist was secured, as well as her head. Suddenly the table moved, shifted upward and flipped. Hitomi cried out, as her body suddenly was hanging upside down, her huge boobs dangling downwards.

“Cute!” Globe grinned, his hands grabbing a tit. He playfully pulled at her nipple and laughed, “You are just perfect, girl. Now, get me the rubber bands, guys!”

Globe started to wrap heavy duty rubber bands around her dangling boobs, one at the base of each tit, one just below the tip, and two in between. He pulled at her hurting flesh, slapped his hands against her twins, and chuckled “Finally some fun during work!”

Hitomi cried silently, her hooters already hurting like hell.

“We need another layer of bands, this isn’t enough! The breast needs to be compressed as tightly as possible. Give me the tighter canlı bahis siteleri bands, for god’s sake!”

And then a second layer of bands went over the first one, ballooning her up even more. Finally, the scientist seemed satisfied.

“Ok, grease her up and get the tubes running! And where’s the dildo?”

Hitomi felt something enter her dry pussy, or rather trying to enter.

“No way, we need lube!” somebody shouted. Then some heavy glass cylinders slipped over her disfigured breasts, a hissing sound filled the room.

Hitomi panicked, struggled in her bonds, crying like a banshee. But the straps held her in place. Her tits ballooned, expanded within the glass tubes.

“Look at this, see how her boobs grow? I knew, this is the right thing to expand the application area. Now, if only that expander would go in her twat already! Let me do this.”

He rudely slapped the other guys on their arms and got to work between the girl’s legs. Her sex was already lubed up and ready. Globe positioned the huge expander at her tiny entrance. With a twist and a push, he jammed the thing in her, ignoring her curses.

“See that was easy, right? Seems I can push it further inside.”

The huge thing slipped into her cavern until it hit her cervix. Globe, finally content, began to turn some screws to expand the instrument slowly and steadily.

After some twists, he said, “Seems she is all tensed up. Let’s have a break, maybe she is more relaxed in a few minutes.”

Suddenly, Hitomi was alone again. She was hanging upside down from the metal cross, with her boobs being grossly pulled out of shape, and a huge object in her cunt.

She cried, tears streaming down her cute face. Did she dare too much? How would this horrible experiment end? She sobbed, tried to relax, tried to enjoy the feeling of her sexuality being handled so roughly. But she couldn’t.

Few minutes later, the staff was back at work. Globe still was not satisfied and asked for a relaxant.

“We need to increase the application area, this is definitely not enough. Wobbler, just give her a shot of relaxant. That should do the trick.”

Indeed, it did. Hitomi suddenly barely felt anything down below. And Globe was happily expanding the instrument more and more within her cavern.

“That’s about it. The expander won’t budge anymore. Get those nanites going!”

Wobbler and the rest of the staff began to flood the vacuum tubes with the greenish nanite slime. Globe himself stuffed a hose into Hitomi’s wide-open sex and sprayed her insides thoroughly. Hitomi cringed, but thanks to the relaxant she only felt what was going on at tit-level.

“Alright-y. Someone stuff her pussy, so the nanites won’t drool out. And then let her rest a bit. Three hours should be fine. After that, we’ll do a first check. Guess we’ll need to do some exercising of the application area. Hitomi, are you ok?”

Hitomi sobbed. Well, her situation definitely could be better. Those contraptions around her tits were really annoying. The constant suction was pure hell, her humongous boobs expanded even further every second! Hitomi wasn’t sure that she made the right decision in the first place.

She winced, “When will we be done? This is really not so pleasant!”

Globe grinned, “Now it’s too late, I guess. Our little machines will do their magic, and you should be ok in no time. But we need to run some tests, and the colonization phase also takes some time and will be quite … an experience … for you. Now relax. We’ll be back in a few hours. Unfortunately, you’ll need to stay here, in this hanging position, but I can switch on some music if you like.”

Hitomi tried to focus on the music the Doc switched on, but it was tough to ignore her ballooning boobs. Her twins just hurt like pure hell. Thank god they gave her the relaxant for her pussy, but even there, she felt waves of pain crashing over her.

She wondered how her life would be with the Nanite Bra, and how she would be able to control them. Her fans wouldn’t be too pleased, if her boobs wouldn’t jiggle anymore. So there certainly need to be multiple configurations. Like ‘bra on’ and ‘bra off’ or something. As she pondered over these things she slowly drifted into sleep.

“Hey, Test Subject 1! Ms Porn-star! Hey, BigTits! Time to wake up!”

The girl was out cold, sleeping in the lab, boobs swaying below. Dr Globe slapped her tit. Hard. Hitomi grunted, stirred.

“Wha… where am I?”

“Finally. Can’t believe you can sleep with those tits pumped up like this! Anyway, we’re almost ready. The nanites are settled, and we can start the tests soon.”

“Eh, Doc? How will I control the shape of my boobs?”

“Why would you need to control them?” the man chuckled.

“Because of my job? They need to be squishy and soft for my movies…”

“Ah, right. Forgot that you’re a pro. Good question though. Guess we can preconfigure some shapes and let you cycle through them by slapping your boobs. How’s that?”

“Slapping my boobs?”

“Yes, the nanites canlı bahis can detect such an event and change configuration. Don’t know about any other method to trigger them, unless you want to come here for every change.”

“Uh, ok. Better than nothing, I guess. And… down there?”

“Either we link the configuration, so that a change in your boobs trigger also a change in your twat, or you’ll need to slap that one, too.”


“Clit or inside. Your choice.”

“Uhm… They smack my clit all the time during the recordings. But they also fuck me… so the changes would happen way too often!”

“We can put the trigger area real deep into your pussy. Like, just before your womb. And make it a healthy smack, so it won’t set off too easily.”

“Sounds like a plan. What kind of configurations will be available?”

“Dr. Wobbler is working on that already. Originally, we planned to use them only during testing, but we can let you trigger them, too.”

“I’ll need at least a setting to switch the nanites off…”

“Won’t happen, unfortunately. These guys are always active, but we can let them relax as much as possible.”

“And maybe some weird configs would be good, too, I guess. Like one boob ballooning and the other normal. My fans would certainly love it!”

“I think, we can be creative. And I guess with your job… the more the merrier. I’ll ask Dr. Wobbler to prepare the data.

“But we need to set the configs before we start testing. This generation of nanites can only be programmed once.

“Alright, I’ll let her know in a minute. But you’ll then need to wait a bit longer for the tests. Anyway, I’ll get you out of this machine now.”

Dr. Wobbler couldn’t believe her ears. “What? Weird configs, huh? That bitch has some nerve! Alright, I’ll surprise her. No worries. Give me an hour.”

Hitomi was finally released from the machine. Dr. Globe explained her that she would need to wait for about an hour until all the data is prepared. Dr. Wobbler would then inform her when everything was ready. She could put on that paper dress and get her a coffee, if she wanted to.

Hitomi was glad, the worst part was over. Now they’ll just need to program the nanites, do their tests and she would be ready to go. She wondered how that bondage shoot tomorrow would turn out. The crew certainly would be surprised about her new capabilities!

“Ms Tanaka, please proceed to testing room 4!” the PA crackled. It took her a bit to find that damn room, and when she finally entered, an angry Dr. Wobbler was awaiting her.

“So you finally could make it? I don’t have all day, you know?”

“I’m sorry, I got lost.”

“Sure. And it was your idea to request ‘weird’ tit configurations, too?”

“Yes.” Hitomi whispered.

“To entertain your porn watchers?”


“So, essentially, you caused more work for me and on top of that you made me wait?”

“I wasn’t intending to…”

“Oh shut up. Strip and put your melons on the plate over there. Let’s get over with this.”

“Sure, Madam.”

“And hope that I made no mistakes because of the unnecessary hurry!”

Hitomi felt bad for the Doc. She screwed up. Again.

“Now get yourself naked and put your tits on the plate, dammit!”

Hitomi did just that. Shivering, she waited for Dr. Wobbler’s orders.

“Alright. I’ll need to examine your breasts now. After that, you’ll lie on that bench and let your boobs dangle through the gap.”

Hitomi felt the cold hands grabbing her assets and giving her a mighty squeeze. She wept silently.

“Oh come on. You’re a freaking porn star. A little squeeze surely is nothing extraordinary for you!”


“Stop with that. Don’t say sorry all the time. Now let’s get those tits in shape!”

The Doc smeared some gel on Hitomi’s boobs and stuck two huge glass cylinders over her dangling tits. A small rubber sleeve sealed the cylinders at her ribs.

A hissing sound signaled that the air pump started. Hitomi’s huge boobies started to expand slowly. The girl panted.

“I’m afraid, we need to blow your tits up as far as they go. I know this will hurt but that’s the only way we can prepare the nanites.”

Hitomi creaked, “Sure… but my boobs feel like they’ll explode any minute!”

“Naaa… they’re stretchy and soft, they’ll cope with that. Look, how they slowly fill the containers! Sure they’re a bit red and puffy, but they’ll fill out these cylinders soon. Now let’s prepare your twat.”

Hitomi felt something cold between her legs. Something big was shoved into her. The Doc grinned, “That was easy. Now brace yourself! I’m going to expand your little hole quite a bit now.”

Hitomi squealed, as the angry Doc pumped air into the already sizable dildo. Dr. Wobbler seemed to enjoy her job. Grinning widely, she laughed “Almost there, sweetie. Now I’ll hook you up for the programming. Ok. Ready to go.”

Hitomi heard some beeps as the configuration data was uploaded into the nanite network. “Alright, now some tests.”

Suddenly, Hitomi’s bust expanded, her boobies pressing against the cold surface of the glass containers. At the same time her chute expanded, too, sucking in the huge fake cock and swallowing it with a wet plopping sound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32