A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 04

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This is a story of incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


Saturday evening, after work, Rick told Edna about the tryst Mrs. Gaffney had set up for Sunday afternoon.

“That’s great, Rick,” Edna told him. “I’m very happy that she wants to see you again. It’s a good day for a visit with her, too; Carol and Lucy are busy all weekend.”

Carol had called Edna to tell her she was patching things up with Lucy. She thought that setting Lucy up with Rick should wait a while.

Sunday, after church services, Mrs. Gaffney made it a point to once again greet Rick and his mother. She was very friendly to Edna and complimented her for having such a fine son.

Edna sent Rick off after he had his lunch. He walked to Mrs. Gaffney’s. Cynthia, now. He stepped through the back gate. It was secluded so it was unlikely anyone saw him. He tapped on the back door; Cynthia opened it clad in a very sheer negligee. When she had closed the door behind him she turned with open arms. Before he stepped into her embrace he looked at her. The shadows of her areolas and her nest of pubic hair were visible through the diaphanous fabric. Her legs were nylon clad with high heels on her feet. An enticing sight to Rick’s young libido.

He let her hug him then and returned the embrace. She turned her face up to him and he bent his head to kiss her. It was a soft kiss, warm. Rick had learned from his mother. Start slow and soft.

“We have all afternoon and, I hope, a good part of the evening, Rick,” Cynthia told him.

She led him to her bedroom. She had already prepared for his visit. Dark drapes were drawn. There was enough dim light to see, she had tried to make it just right.

She undressed him down to his briefs. She sat on the edge of the bed with him in front of her. She smiled as she rubbed the bulge of his hard cock. She pushed the waist band over his dick and let the briefs slide to the floor.

Cynthia leaned forward to kiss his cock standing hard and erect in front of him. “He is so nice,” she murmured. “Such a nice size.”

She opened the sash of her negligee and exposed her tits and pussy. She spread her legs lewdly as an invitation. An invitation that Rick could not resist; did not want to resist. He fell to his knees between the parted thighs. His entire focus on her hot, wet cunt.

Her pussy lips were glistening with the dewy drops of her juices. They were puffy with desire and gapping enough to show the red of her inner pussy. Her hands on his head pushed him to her heat. He went willingly. His tongue flicking at her labia and tasting her juices. Her heels on his back, her nylons rubbing against his face and her hands twisted in his hair; all aroused him even further. His cock was hard and throbbing as he lapped up her nectar and sucked at her clit.

He ate her until she was cumming almost constantly. He ate her expertly as he had been taught. She gasped out her pleasure and reveled in the thrills he was giving her. Her cum flowed onto his face and even his chest. He, like the woman whose cunt he ate, was in his own heaven. Nothing mattered, nothing but the pussy he ate and the wonderful orgasms she was experiencing.

Cynthia had to rest afterward. He laid beside her and she told him how wonderful he had made her feel. She stroked his cock as she talked. Stroked him softly and slowly she didn’t want him to cum, not yet.

Cynthia regained her strength and found herself torn between two desires. Her mouth hungered for his cock, as did her pussy. She wished it could be both places. She knew the answer, though. She knelt beside him and leaned over to take his cock between her lips. It was his turn to gasp with pleasure.

As she sucked him she pushed her hand between his legs and fondled his balls. She knew she didn’t have much time to do what she wanted. What she had prepared herself for. He was young, horny and close to cumming.

She let her fingers dance over the crack of his ass, and slid her finger into him, pushing it through the pucker of his anus. He gasped with surprise but did not object. In fact it was a somewhat pleasant feeling. He lifted his hips to her. To her sucking lips. To her probing finger.

She found his prostrate and rubbed at it with the skill learned from past experience. His gasp was like a cry of pleasure. She was enjoying this, his response excited her. When he came it was like an explosion. His cum gushed into her mouth and overflowed her lips. He was repeating over and over. “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

She milked his cock with her lips and withdrew her finger from his ass. She kissed him with her mouth full of his cum and shared it with him. She drew back to look at him. He smiled up at her. He opened his mouth to show her the creamy cum she had given him, he smiled again. She laughed happily.

She had left soapy cloths, in a dish, and alcohol on the bedside table. She hiltonbet giriş cleaned the finger she had put in his ass. She recalled the anticipation she had felt when she had trimmed her fingernail extra short before he arrived. She would teach him more today.

She turned back to Rick and kissed him again. “Did you like that?” She asked.

“Oh my God yes,” he replied.

“Good. I’ll want you to do the same to me sometimes. I’ll show you how and when.”

“Okay, Cynthia, Will it make you feel as good as you did me?”

“Probably,” she answered. “Yes, definitely.”

They rested together. Both dozed off, but not for long. Cynthia woke snuggled up to Rick with her hand resting near his cock. She sensed that it was half hard.

I feel like a young girl. she thought.This young man is doing wonderful things for me. And to me. She smiled and snuggled closer. Her hand started fondling Rick’s cock.

Rick’s eyes opened and he looked at her.

“Let’s fuck,” she whispered. “But make me nice and wet first.”

Her words were enough to completely arouse Rick. He slid down to her pussy and sucked her clit between his lips. He had something to show her, maybe, if it worked.

He pushed his finger into her pussy feeling for the tiny spot of flesh he had found in Carol’s pussy. It didn’t take long. When he rubbed it Cynthia shrieked with pleasure and bucked her hips up into his face.

“Ooh,” he heard. “Don’t stop.” Such words were honey to his ears. They drove him to ever higher planes of arousal.

She was soon cumming almost constantly. Screaming out her joy as waves of pure bliss ripped through her body.

Even after she gasped out “Please stop,” he continued. She weakly pushed his head back from her clit and he withdrew his finger.

Her body was weak. She was totally satiated, replete.

“I have never felt anything like that.” she said weakly.

Rick too was content. Still horny? Yes. Still hard? Yes. But he had learned to enjoy the feeling of a hot woman cumming on his face. He had come to truly enjoy eating pussy.

He would cum soon, he knew it. She would make it happen.

Cynthia took a while to recover.

“What did you do to me, Rick?”

“It’s a secret spot I discovered,” Rick said with a smile.

“I always suspected there was something like that. Sometimes my husband would hit it and it would send flashes of pure pleasure through me. But we could never do it consistently.”

“I loved it, but I’m not sure if I’d want it every time, or not.” Cynthia mused. “The pleasure is so overwhelming that it makes everything else seem tame. There are many pleasures to be had. We should enjoy them all.”

“OK, Cynthia, I’ll only do it when you want me to.”

“I am already thinking of how and when, so we can both enjoy it.” Cynthia told him.

Cynthia pulled his head to her tit. She held him like a suckling child as he sucked her tit and played with her pussy keeping her wet.

She pulled him on top of her between her splayed legs and guided his cock into her hot, wet cunt. Her legs looped over his and her arms held him tight.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she whispered hoarsely.

She lifted her hips to him so he could fuck her deeper. She cried out in ecstasy as his cock thrust into her eager cunt.

She came and came again. She had made him cum earlier. Now he would last for her; thrust his hard cock into her, fill her empty belly longer and bring her to more glorious orgasms.

Even as she was riding the crest of a wave of orgasmic pleasure she felt him rising to join her. His hot, creamy seed poured into her; filling her cunt.

He cried out in his passion. “Oh, Mom,” he never realized he’d said it. But Cynthia heard.

She held him tight and covered his face with kisses; not releasing him until he had softened to the point he couldn’t stay inside her.

She kissed him with open mouth and released him to roll off her. He laid beside her.

“That was so good,” he told her. “So good.”

“It was,” she agreed.

She had much more planned for the afternoon, but she had been so well satisfied already that she didn’t know how much more she could take. She thought they should rest a while, a short while. Rick was ready for a rest too. Fucking without a rubber had given him a great orgasm. He felt totally relaxed.

They snuggled together. Cynthia with thoughts of his beautiful cock. He with memories of her delicious scents and tastes.

They woke and talked for a little while. Rick asked Cynthia why she hadn’t made him wear a rubber. She laughed.

“I’m well past child bearing age,” she explained. “But luckily I still enjoy sex. A lot of women don’t at my age.”

“It’s nice for me, that you still enjoy it,” Rick smiled.

The conversation turned to Rick. Cynthia asked him about his plans for the future. He told her of his hopes for a couple of years of college. The state university had a two year agricultural program. After that he hiltonbet yeni giriş hoped to take over the farm they still owned. They had been renting it since his father’s death.

“I’ll be working for the farmer who has been renting the land for the next two summers,” he told her.

“So you’ll be quitting your job come summertime?”

“Yes, after I graduate, but that would be time to quit it anyway, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, unless you intend to spend your life as a grocery clerk. You’re better than that.

“I hope you won’t quit me,” Cynthia told him, flirting a little.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t quit me,” he echoed and leaned over to kiss her.

It started out as a soft touch to her lips, but Cynthia put her hand behind his head and drew him in for a longer kiss.

They necked for a while then the conversation resumed.

“I’ll be home for vacations,” Rick told her.

“That will be nice, Rick. I hope you’ll see me then.”

The talk got back to the farm. Rick told her that there was a house on the land. It was sound, but needed some fixing up and had to be wired for electricity. (Many rural areas of the country did not have electricity until after WWII. Often until the 1950s.) Rick would have to buy machinery too. He hoped he could get the bank to loan him the money.

Cynthia asked him if he was getting hungry. He told her he was starting to. They got up. She put on her negligee and found him a robe of her husband’s that she had in a closet. It was only a little too big.

She made him a sandwich and asked if he’d like a glass of wine. He did drink some at home on occasion so he said yes. She poured for them and they had their dinner at the kitchen table.

She asked him more about his plans for the future. If he planned to marry.

“That might be nice,” he told her. “But I owe my mother, and it is really half her farm. I need to make sure she is cared for first.”

“That’s a nice attitude,” Cynthia told him. “I think you’ll find room for a wife if you want one.”

“I may not need one,” Rick said.

Cynthia noted his words. It could have been another slip on his part. She let the subject drop. She didn’t want to embarrass Rick by coming too close to his secrets.

They went back to the bedroom. The room was redolent with the scent of sex. Both of them found the aroma to be arousing. They were ready to make love again. Relaxed and rested; their libidos were recharged.

Cynthia knew what she wanted. They fondled each other. Rick’s finger in Cynthia’s pussy getting her juices running and rubbing her clit sensuously. His mouth on her tit sucked and nibbled her hard nipple.

She stroked his cock and balls, bringing him rapidly to rigid hardness.

Cynthia pushed him onto his back. She straddled his chest and lifted her pussy over his face.

“Make me nice and juicy,” her voice was husky with desire. “I want something special, and it will be nice for you too.”

Rick didn’t need any urging to eat her pussy. It was something he wanted.

She came once before she lifted herself from his face and moved back to impale her cunt on his hard cock.

She sighed as his shaft slid into her welcoming pussy. She knelt upright over him, his cock balls deep inside her. She took his hand and led it to her pussy. She took his fingers and rubbed them in the juices flowing from her. She wanted them slick with her juices.

She leaned forward feeding him her tit and positioning her clit so it rubbed delightfully against his steely hardness.

They kissed, he sucked her tit. Neither knew which they liked best. She took his hand and put it on her ass.

“Play with me there,” her voice sultry, wanting.

He did as she had done. His fingers danced in the crack of her ass. He pressed a finger against the pucker of her anus. It slid into her and he paused.

“More,” she said. He slid it further into her ass. He could feel himself as she rode his cock.

She moaned. “Fuck me, Rick.”

Her words were a stimulus to both of them. They were kissing with wide open, wet mouths.

Cynthia broke the kiss long enough to tell Rick. “Another finger. Put another in me.”

Her tits pressed into his chest as she felt the fullness in her ass. The comfortable, and erotic feeling as he slid another finger into her beside the first. She kissed him again. Wet, sloppy, mindless kisses. Their mouths wide as if to devour the other. She felt so marvelous as orgasms chased each other through her body. She rose to a glorious crest and for a time it was as if she would stay there forever.

Both of them mouthed inarticulate phrases against the other’s lips. Both were at a height of sexual enjoyment seldom reached. The world did not exist for them only the other; only the flesh pressing against their own.

She knew he was cumming, she sensed it. He had fucked her long and well. He had filled her body. He had sent orgasms, great mighty surges of pure pleasure, surging through her. She hiltonbet güvenilirmi felt joy as his cum; his hot, thick cum, gushed into her welcoming cunt. She lay on top of him squeezing her pussy on his cock. He thrust again, and again as she continued to milk him with the muscles of her pussy.

She lay on top of him, she wasn’t done. Not quite yet. She needed to recover just a little. She put her hand on his that was at her ass.

“Keep them there,” she said softly in his ear. “For just a little while.”

After several minutes her panting became deep breaths. She was ready.

His cock was softening in her pussy. She pulled her body forward and he fell out of her. She knelt up straight. She slid her body over his. His cum, blended with the juices of her lust, leaked from her pussy onto his flesh. She smeared it on his body rubbing her pussy over him as she worked her way to his face. His fingers worked in her ass as if fucking her. He eagerly raised himself to her cunt to eat the mingled cums seeping from her. The delicious melding of their juices, the blending of their passion.

She was euphoric as she came once again and again after that.

She was replete. She collapsed in his arms. Then roused herself long enough to show him the soapy cloths and the alcohol and helped him clean his fingers.

She knew he would have to leave soon. She decided to give him a ride home. But first she rested, as did he.

She roused herself and shook him awake. She stood and went to the closet for a dress. She put it over her head without bothering with undergarments. A pair of flat shoes and she was ready enough to drive.

He was dressed by the time she was. Just to be sure she led him to her bathroom and both washed their hands thoroughly. Especially the fingers that had been in the other’s ass. Cynthia was not a hygiene freak when it came to sex, but in this particular case she was, if anything, overcautious.

They kissed before going to her car. The heat of their lust was gone. There was a warmth between them now. A glow diffused through both their bodies.

Her garage attached to her kitchen she told Rick to get in the car and she opened the door. After she backed out she got out to close it again. She drove Rick home. He slid as low as he could on the seat so he wouldn’t be seen easily. He suggested that she drop him off a block, or so away. They kissed again before he got out of the car. Another warm kiss, full of promise.

Edna was waiting for him. She wore a filmy nightgown with nothing underneath. She thought she looked hot, and she did. The shadow of her pubic hair showed through as did the dark circles of her areolas. Her nipples were hard and stiff; they poked through the gauzy fabric of the nightgown like bullets.

She had been lying on the couch in dim light, the radio playing soft music. Her thoughts wandered. She thought of the beautiful sex with Rick; of the exciting afternoon with Carol.

She licked her lips as she thought of the sensuous juices and scents that Cynthia would have anointed Rick with. Maybe she fucked him. That would leave his lovely dick coated with her most savory essences.

She remembered the taste of Carol when she licked the other women’s pussy. It had been so delicious. The mere act of forbidden Sapphic sex lending an exotic flavor. She hoped they could have a repeat. Perhaps after Carol had reconciled with Lucy.

She wondered about herself. Could it be that she was actually a lesbian? Or maybe she was bi. Did it matter? She definitely loved Rick and the sex she had with him. He was Carol’s lover too. Looked at it from that point of view what happened between her and Carol made perfect sense. She could love Carol because Carol loved Rick. It made it perfectly moral too, but that had never been in question.

She heard Rick come in. She stood to greet him. To him she looked lovely in the dim light. He felt arousal creeping into his cock as he anticipated what was to come.

Edna had never told him not to wash the juices of another woman off. He had realized very early that she wanted to taste them on him. Probably sooner than she realized it herself.

She led him to the bedroom. He undressed and laid beside her. She pushed her nightgown off her shoulders and bared the almost flat mounds that were her breasts and the large and sensitive nipples.

They kissed like long lost lovers. She tasted Cynthia in his mouth, on his tongue. He began to tell her all that had happened. She felt her pussy flowing as she listened to the narrative. She licked the nectar from his face as he continued his story. As he told her how Cynthia had put her finger in his ass Edna felt the flow from her pussy increase even more.

As she ate the abundant residue of mixed cum from his chest and belly he told her of finding Cynthia’s secret spot. In her heat she would let her saliva wet the dried residue and moisten it. She would then lick it off him, savoring every taste. Sometimes when there was a thicker deposit she scraped it up with her teeth and let it dissolve in her mouth like candy. Delicious candy made with his and hers cum. So exotic. So very erotic.

She came without any external stimulus a lovely spasm ripped through her body and she squeezed her legs together as if to keep it inside her.

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