A Mother’s Conflict Ch. 08

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A few days had passed and Joaquin was still racking his brain at the identity of the woman in the grainy video he was sent. It wasn’t exactly taking over his days, but it did annoy him as there was a familiarity in her voice, so every now and then it’d float at the front of his mind as he did his hero work. What did plague his mind, however, was the identity of the person who sent him the clip in the first place.

What kind of person anonymously sends me low quality porn like that? Is that some kind of teasing or something? Couldn’t have been Laina since..heh.

While his mind would usually fleet under any other circumstances, this kept him focused. His patrol was finally over for the day and he made his way back to his studio apartment to take a load off. As he relaxed, ideas of possible suspects began swimming through his mind. At first, he thought it was his friend, Kayrina, who frequently made sex jokes around him and shared porn very regularly, but she was very picky with the kinds of porn she sent. Most of what she would send him was gay or three way, so he ruled her out.

The next person he thought of was an old friend of his, Raul, but quickly ruled that out as he was he was very openly gay and never watched porn as it did nothing for him like it used to. He pulled out his phone and watched the clip again, paying close attention, trying to see if he could make out the background objects to give him a clue. All he really noticed was a cheap looking dresser and what looked like white sheets which really brought out the dark skin of the woman as she wailed out the only line in the entire clip.

The voice reminded him of an ex of his and he began thinking it was a clip sent by his ex-girlfriend, Christina, as a way to taunt him. It was obvious it wasn’t her though, since the woman had dark skin, similar to his own.


He started focusing hard on the figure, noticing more hair than his younger sister, ruling out that possibility. A sigh of relief relaxed him for a moment, but he soon realized that it could only be one other person, but he refused to believe it.

Heh..nah, that’s not ma, I know it’s not. It’s not, right?! Ma?!

Studying the clip, he finally came to the conclusion that his mother, Selena, was the one being violated and made to say the awful things he heard. The issue was, that’s what he told himself. Through denial, he convinced himself that what she was doing in the clip was completely against her will, but the more sensible side of him knew she meant what she was saying.

“…I’ll be anything you want me to be just fuck me now and make me cum!..”

What wasn’t bothering him in the slightest before now permeated his mind. He had to know who sent the clip to him, so he checked the contact information once more, hoping he could find something that would incriminate the culprit, but his efforts were fruitless.

Ok, the guy has light skin, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out! For fuck’s sake!

The first thing he thought of was whether or not any of her enemies could’ve found out her identity and put her through some kind of torture. It definitely seemed like that kind of video, but her enemies wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of putting her on a bed. If one of them were to apprehend and molest her, they wouldn’t make it a comfortable experience. He racked his brain until, by chance, he got a text from Alan.

Ugh! What does this guy want with me?! I told you I quit, you dumbass!

He promptly ignored the text as he continued racking his brain, hoping to come to a conclusion before the day ended as it began driving him mad. After all, any normal son would react this way if he were sent a low quality video of his own mother bonus veren siteler in a sex act, saying the things she was saying. To him, that was only his mother in body and appearance; the woman he knew would never submit to anybody, let alone audibly confess that.

Y’know what? That’s not her. Yeah, it’s just a lookalike, that’s it. I-it’s not like ma wouldn’t tell me things like this.

Over and over, he came up with one excuse after the other, convincing himself that the woman in the clip wasn’t his mother.

I’ll go hang with Laina today. Maybe that’ll distract me from this.

He went to get changed and made sure to close out of every single app that drained his phone battery. As he shuffled around for a shirt, he sent Laina a text, letting her know he was on his way over. Unlike before, there was no immediate answer, though he was far too busy struggling his pants over his large hips. Once he was dressed, he grabbed his phone and headed out the window, blasting off towards Laina’s Lot.

Would it be awkward if I told Laina what I was feeling about this? Like, what would she even say to something like this? She’d probably think I had an Oedipus Complex or some shit.

We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, so it’s not like I can confide in her stuff like this. Ugh! I hate this!

He became so lost in his own mind that he hadn’t realized he passed Laina’s Lot and quickly flew back towards it. He landed near the garage and saw Laina working on an engine. He approached her, knocking on the vehicle to grab her attention, wearing a soft smile.

“Hey Laina.”

“Hiya Jojo, you’re a little early, honey. I still got loads of work to do before I can do ‘nother date night.”

“That’s actually perfect because I need a distraction. What can I do to help out?”

“Well, if ya gotta help out, why don’t ya clean the inside of the shop? She’s a bit messy and I’d appreciate it bein’ spic and span by the time I’m finished.”

“That’s fine with me, Laina. Talk to you when you’re finished?”

“You bet, darlin’.”

With a smile, he let her be and went to do what was asked of him. The entire time he could only think about the possible culprit. Ironically, coming to see Laina made the thoughts worse, but he already said he’d clean, so he was stuck there come hell or high water. Taking advantage of his demonic power, he sped up the cleaning process, reorganizing the papers, magazines, and dusted every bit of the room. He found his rhythm and achieved the distraction he’d come there for in the first place.

While he was cleaning, Laina got a visit from Alan. Unlike with Joaquin, she didn’t stop what she was doing.

“Hey mom, missed you.”

She rolled her eyes at him and shut the hood of the hover car she’d been working on in frustration.

“Alan, what’re you here for? Come to ask me for another favor? You sure as shit ain’t come here just to tell me that.”

“Can’t get anything past you, can I?”

She was clearly displeased at his disingenuous nature and moved on to the next vehicle, grabbing a heavy duty wrench on her way.

“Come on, quit being such a bitch, mom. I just want you to fix-“

“Don’t even try your shit today, Alan. If you busted up your car again, you pay for repairs just like everybody else.” She interrupted, clearly in no mood for bullshit.

“Mom, I’m not ‘everybody else’ ok? What happened to the Rucka family discount?”

“Love how you’re still usin’ that bullshit argument at your age, Alan. Real mature of ya askin’ mommy to just make your problems go away. I don’t give a shit if you’re family; I put in the work and I expect to be compensated for my work.”

Joaquin heard commotion in the garage and went to go check, bedava bahis catching Alan through the window as he continued arguing with his mom. He wanted to interject and maybe help Laina out, but he really was in no mood for Alan, so he returned to cleaning.

Back in the garage, Alan and Laina continued their family squabble.

“Y’know, I bet dad would’ve hooked me up with free repairs!”

“Alan, your daddy wouldn’t have done shit except piss and moan about gettin’ dirty and made all kinda excuses like the little bitch he is.”

“Why do you always gotta talk that way about him, mom?!”

“Oh Alan, don’t make me go through this bullshit again. I done told you a million times that your daddy wasn’t a real man. Hell, he ain’t even a he anymore.”

“Goddamnit! You lying bitch!”

“Don’t shoot the messenger, honey.”

Their spat lasted a long while before Alan stormed off. As he left, she couldn’t help but feel sad. He was her only son and she loved him as much as a mother should, but he still turned out the way he did. She felt as if she’d failed as a mother, but she didn’t want to waste even more time pondering on it while she was on the clock.

Back inside, Joaquin had been listening in on their exchange and the revelations he heard made him feel a bit bad for Alan. Despite the years of bullying, Joaquin still cared enough for Alan to see when he was struggling to come to terms with something. Still, it was never right the way he was treated all throughout high school. As he stood alone with those thoughts, he remembered something Laina said during her argument with Alan.

Wait a second, what did she mean by Alan’s dad not being a man anymore?

Suddenly a slew of new thoughts entered his mind, pushing out any inkling of the clip he was sent. Most of them centered around Alan’s father and the possible rift between them that could’ve caused the drastic shift in attitude. Regardless, he still had to finish his job and got right back to work. He realized a bit of a parallel with his current situation. He used to work for Alan doing this exact same stuff, except his mother was the one in charge and she didn’t force him into anything. A smile adorned his features as he reflected on that.

Once he finished, he met Laina out in the garage; who looked to be finishing up herself.

“That was some argument earlier.” said Joaquin in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Laina turned to face him as she wiped her hands with a towel.

“Yep, Alan was just comin’ by askin’ for favors.”

“That’s what that whole thing was started by? Does he think he gets free passes just because you’re his mom?”

She nodded, putting the towel down as she slowly approached him. “I tell ya, I sometimes feel like I failed as a mama.”

He wanted to agree with her since Alan had turned out to be someone he deemed quite miserable, he also understood that the fault didn’t lie with only her.

“Well, don’t blame yourself too much, Laina. The lack of a father figure has a weird effect on some guys.”

Scoffing, she immediately retorted, “Jojo, Alan’s daddy wanted nothin’ to do with him. He was far too busy dressin’ in drag and layin’ with other men to even think about raisin’ his boy.”

Stunned by this revelation, Joaquin came to her and gave her a hug, feeling she needed it. She reciprocated, wrapping her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest.

“I did my best, Jojo. I really tried…”

He stroked along her back, doing his damndest to relax her, but it seems a floodgate opened and she maintained her tight grip on him. In silence they stood until Joaquin spoke up.

“Wanna head back to my place? I’ll wash you up and you can just relax.”

Smiling, deneme bonus she accepted his offer and jumped up, wrapping her legs around him.

“Don’t keep me waitin’, big boy~”

For the rest of the day, Joaquin took care of Laina and brought her mind away from her argument with her son. Unlike every encounter they’d had before, this one didn’t turn sexual. Instead, Laina enjoyed spending time with Joaquin; adoring how willing he was to rub her shoulders when she needed, shower her with the affection desired, and actually listening to what she had to say.

Come nightfall, Laina was fast asleep on Joaquin’s lap as he played with her hair while the TV illuminated the room. The day was beginning to wind down and Joaquin had fully forgotten about the clip that plagued his mind; finally convincing himself that it was a non issue. Suddenly, his phone went off again.

At first, he ignored it as he was much too busy comforting Laina, but his phone went off again. He fished his phone from his pocket and saw two new messages from Alan.

What the hell does he want with me at this time of night?

Upon opening his messages, he was greeted to a picture message and an accompanying text.

“Can Jolene Rex come out to play?”

An uncomfortable chill ran down Joaquin’s spine as he read the message and saw a picture of his mother asleep in her Mamacita outfit. In a rush, he slid his leg from under Laina’s head and replaced it with a fluffy pillow. There was no time left, he put a comforter over her body and flew right out the window, blasting off towards Alan’s apartment.

What the fuck?! What the fuck?! What the fuck?!

That was the only phrase on his mind as he came to a realization that the clip was sent by Alan. What made it worse was the assumption he’d taken advantage of his mother and found out her secret and, by extension, his own. The only thing that mattered was his mother being safe and sound, so he picked up speed to the point that his shirt tore from the razor sharp wind. Arriving at Alan’s apartment complex, he found the exact window to his room and punched his way in.

Nobody was there to greet him in the main room, but he did find a black box on the couch with money spilled out of it.

…That’s my rainy day box!

Suddenly, he heard thumping coming from one of the nearby rooms and stormed towards it, balling his fist as his demonic energy began coursing through his body. The door was shut and he had no intention of letting that stop him, so he blasted down the door by giving it a swift kick.

Being a hero, Joaquin was used to a hero falling and needing to be rescued. Because of this, he’s witnessed his fair share of friends in horrific situations which left mental scars on both the person and himself. He’d seen it so much that he’d grown accustomed to it; not letting similar situations affect him. Despite the years of armor formed, he found himself horrified at the sight before him.

As if expecting his arrival, Alan had Selena on his lap, her hero suit torn at the sensitive spaces as his arms hooked under her legs. His thick member sliding in and out of her now gaping anus as pearly, white cum spilled out. Her face was twisted in pleasure, almost willingly submitting to the feeling. Her eyes were nearly white from how far into her skull she rolled them. Unbecoming of a heroine, she drooled profusely as her tongue hung from her mouth like an animal. Everything became a blur for Joaquin, but the one thing that came into focus first were Alan’s hands which had his middle fingers extended.

“Nice of you to join us, faggot!”

Joaquin couldn’t form words. His skin became pale as his eyes began to well up with tears. His fist clenched hard to where his nails pierced the skin. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t scream, he couldn’t even breathe properly. The sight of the one woman who was supposed to give him unconditional love appearing to willingly give herself to the guy who made his life hell seemingly broke him.

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