A Moist Canvas

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I poured a glass of chardonnay, Gabriel Yard played softly from somewhere in the house, the wood floor beneath my feet is cold, glancing at the clock , I still have plenty of time. I walked to the bathroom, reaching over I start to fill the old claw foot tub, lighting several white pillar candles, I placed them around the tub, adding a few drops of rosemary oil to the water. Letting the short white silk robe fall to the floor, I flicked off the lights, letting the candles light my way.

Slowly stepping in to the warm water with anticipation, dunking down – soaking my long hair, smoothing it away from my face, closing my eyes and resting my head back against the cool porcelain. A lazy smile tugs at the corner of my mouth as I let a wet finger trace the outline of my lips – following again with the tip of my tongue. Caressing my neck – sliding my hand over my right breast, my nipples hardening beneath my touch, straining. Moaning softly, both hands cascading down my flat belly, praising the long hours of dedicated work outs the last several months. Over my thighs, gently gripping between them – massaging – feeling the tense knots soften and relax. My hand rests between my legs, my finger teasing the outline of my lips, throbbing inside.

An intense ache beginning to build up. A fire smoldering. Trickling throughout my body. Tingling. Quivering. A heat crashing down to the pit of my stomach. istanbul escort Gently trailing a finger over my swollen clit. “Ohhhh…” biting down on my bottom lip. I tremble from somewhere lost in side. From partially opened eyes I watch my breasts peaking out from under the water, cutting the surface. Begging to be sucked on, teased. Tortured. Hands slick from the bath oil I grasp both breasts, rising slightly out of the warm silky water, back arched. With a flip of my head I toss my long hair behind me – drips of water pour onto the cool floor. Resting my head back, holding a tit in each hand, pinching my perky nipples, enjoying the fullness. Hands expertly circling each one, savoring the firm roundness. Reaching for my abandoned glass of wine, taking a sip and then another.

Rolling the chilled wine throughout my mouth. Dining on hints of oak & butter that lingers. I let my hand return to my clitoris, amazed at the size it has swollen to. Sliding a finger inside my lips. So wet. Even in the warmth of the bath I can feel how hot my juices have become. Letting my legs rest against the sides of the tub, I toy with this heated spot. My body begging for its release. I prop one foot up on the edge of the tub. Plunging one finger inside and then two. My thumb making small calculated circles of my swollen nubbin.

From somewhere avcılar escort in the house, past the music, past the sound of water gently rocking and splashing against the tub, and my own muffled moans I hear something. A slight noises. Something in the air. As I inhale I catch the distinct smell if something raw. Something salty even. Something very male. Eyes fluttering open, the candle light flickering around the room casting shadows about. Steam paints over the wall tiles and mirrors, covering its canvas in a moist blanket of dew. And I see you. Your body rigid, leaning against the door. Your shirt lays at a puddle next to your bare feet. You still have your jeans on from work, the top button is undone. My eyes skim over your stomach. From here I can see the rise and fall of your chest as your breath quickens and then becomes shallow.

Licking my lips, my eyes move even higher now past your firm jaw, your wet lips, settling on your dark eyes. The dancing candle light in them. A smile plays on your lips, I return it. Running the tip of my tongue over my teeth, deeply inhaling your presence in the room. Breathing you. Taking your scent inside. I watch as your hand presses firmly down on the growing bulge in your jeans. Watching as it press even more against the worn material. I rise out of the tub, standing before you, beads of water rolling down my skin. şirinevler escort I press my self against your chest, your skin is so hot. Leaning in, licking your lips, nibbling at your bottom lip.

Wrapping my arms around your neck, snaking a damp leg around your hips. With your hands on my waist you raise me up, wrapping my legs around your hips, my hands tangled in your hair. You slam us against them tile wall, taking the brunt of the force with your forearm. You cup my ass in your hands, your head bending down to take my mouth. Nipping. A wicked grin on your face shows through your actions. Softly your tongue enters my mouth, dancing with mine. Tasting the wine. I wiggle in your embrace, pressing down on your cock..

“damn you …” you whisper.

I slide out of your arms, down your body, enjoying each hard contact I make on my descendent. Giggling , I unbutton you jeans, stripping down your legs, pulling your jockeys down. Your cock bounces free. Taking you in my hand, licking the tip. Sucking, just the tip. Pulling away, I taking your hand, leading you down the hall & to the front door.

Opening it just a little, looking out into the darkness. Turning back to you , you smile at me with amusement, raising your eyebrows in curiosity. Grabbing your hand firmly I pull you out side into the night, close to me. Walking down to the lake and into the water. Locking my legs around your waist I let my upper body float in the water, my hair trailing behind me, a throaty laugh escapes my lips. From under the water I find you , pressing the head of your cock inside my lips, my heels pressing into your ass, pulling you deep inside. I hear your quick intake of breath and your voice calling out my name.

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