A Melbourne Morning

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He sat in the lounge, waiting for her; this posh hotel that she had booked the weekend before. A last minute decision, “I’ll fly down for the weekend,” he had said. Well it wasn’t really the whole weekend, the red-eye from Darwin on Friday night which got in on Saturday morning, and she had got the Monday off work, so now they had 36 hours to fill with Melbourne memories.

She had called him, “Public transport isn’t co-operating, I’ll be a few minutes,” and so now he waited. From his vantage point behind the newspaper he could see the lobby. He waited for her, wondered what she would be wearing, what shoes she would have on, she did love her shoes. Anxiousness began to flutter in his stomach, what if she didn’t show, what if she wasn’t what he remembered?

He needed have worried, for there she was, heels and all, bag in tow. A tight black top that threatened to expose her nipples, flared skirt kidding her sexy heart-shaped arse; and stockings. They wrapped around her legs, decorating them like wrapping paper might. His heart misses a beat when she finally sees him, she smiles, fondly remembering their previous time together, anticipating what might lay waiting for her. Two lovers embrace in the lobby, lips locked, bodies pressed tight. There is no awkwardness. “Hi there,” his voice is deep in her ear, so warm and masculine.

“Hey yourself,” she whispers, her lips moving against his skin, that sweet spot just below his ear. He shivers, takes her bag and leads her to the elevators. His body presses hers against the mirrored wall, music plays in the background and either notice. His hands find their way down her back, circling around her hips, over her arse and then under her skirt. A groan escapes halkalı escort him when he reaches exposed skin, the stops of her lacy stockings giving way to an expanse of warmth.

They run to the room, desperate to be truly alone with each other. She is the first woman he has touched in months, and his blood simmers under his skin at the mere thought of her. Having her here, in actual reality and not just his dreams is almost too much. A king size bed faces the floor to ceiling windows, they over look the city, the cathedral and all that is below. Bags are dropped and she finds himself in his arms, his scent filling her senses.

She is unsure where to go from here, so she turns from him, to the view. It’s gorgeous, it’s of her city and she sighs at the sheer pleasure coursing through her veins. He moves behind her, pulling her tight to him, she can feel his cock against the small of her back. She leans back into him, enjoying the feeling of kisses falling like rain against her skin. Hands slide down her body, catching her top and pulling it free, exposing her perfect breasts wrapped in a blue lacy bra. Electric blue, his favourite colour; how did she know?

Her skirt follows the way of her top, revealing a g-string matching her bra and her lacy stocking tops. His shirt and pants disappear under the touches of her little hands, caressing his skin as she goes. He carries her to the bed, kissing her with a passion. She sighs into his kiss, and he revels in the way her skin is so silky beneath his. His underwear is tugged down, releasing his throbbing cock, desperate to be stroked and touched. The favour is returned and her taksim escort bra finds its way to the floor.

He cannot wait, does not want to wait, and he clamps his mouth over a nipple, flicking and sucking, causing her to gasp and moan, writhing under him. Not playing favourites, he switches between the two and her moans increase. She loses his grip on his cock and gasps unhappily. He smiles as he is rolled over and marvels at the view as she sits on him, reverse cowgirl, before bending over to give a soft welcome to his cock. He pulls her panties down and she shifts for a moment to get them off fully before returning to his cock..

The view above him is so perfect, so picturesque. He buries his face in her pussy, licking her all over. He finds her hard little clit and kisses it hello, she gaps with his cock in her mouth and a shiver wracks his body. He is enthralled by the woman above him, her soaking wet pussy begging to be played with. He slips two fingers inside and curls them against her spot, then again, and again. Over and over as she half gasps half cries in pleasure over his cock. A finger slips back and circles her arsehole, gently pressing in, its passage made easier by the fact the she is soaking wet.

His cock is forgotten as she pushes back against his fingers, crying out has he sucks on her clit again, softly biting and licking until she cums all over his face. How he missed her taste, her smell, the feel of her body against his; he sighs in pleasure, he loves making this woman cum. She wants more, so much more and moves around, straddling him, kissing his wet lips, enjoying the taste of herself on his tongue. His cock is huge in her small hands, brushing şişli escort gently against her wetness, her softness, her heat.

The tip slips inside, just enough to be held there. She leans forward, bracing against his chest and impales herself upon his shaft quick and hard, in one smooth glorious movement. Moans of ecstasy fill the air. She savours this first moment, her tight pussy completely filled, his cock touching all the right places, stretching her. She begins to move, hard, fast, bouncing her arse on top of him. She is so wet, so ready. His hands find her breasts and squeeze, flicking her nipples, enjoying how soft and firm she feels under his hands.

His mouth follows his hands, biting, sucking, marking her skin. She cries out in pleasure, gasping at the feel of his cock, his hands, his mouth. Her hands are tangled in his hair, holding him to her, desperate for him to continue, to make her cum again. His hands slip from her breasts, over the swell of her hips and back further, cradling her arse. A finger snakes inwards, seeking her rosebud, he finds it and she quickly thrusts herself backwards upon him. A cry escapes her; she is rocking in orgasmic pleasure, so wet and warm. He cannot hold off any longer, and as she begins to pant his name, he finds her lips with his. Growling her name in a kiss, he cums.

He groans as hot cum shoots from his cock deep inside her; she tightens further, milking him, cuming all over again at the feel of his orgasm. Her nails dig into his chest, ignorant in bliss; he is no better, gripping her arse tightly, his finger still buried to the last knuckle.

He returns to the world, a woman in his arms, shaking softly, sighing in delight. His cock is buried inside her still, not yet soft. He holds her tight, kissing her hair, her face, her lips. Their clothes are strewn about the room; they lay on the still- made bed. Lifting her trembling form, he pulls back the covers and curls up behind her. The Melbourne view is spectacular, but the view beside him is so much better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32