A Lustful Vignette

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“God, he’s got such a tight little ass,” Megan thought, watching her neighbor Dylan wash his car. His jeans hugged his lean body – she dreamt of his firm butt, his thrusting power. “Fucking and sucking, fucking and sucking,” the words spun around in Megan’s head with the glorious images she’d been watching on adult Web sites.

“I have to stop this,” she told herself. The 29-year-old single mom didn’t believe in denial, though – she was honest with herself. “I want some cock so much,” she thought.

Megan turned sharply from the window and went to her computer. She logged on to one of her favorite adult sites. She knew this wouldn’t ease her aching pussy, but she couldn’t resist – she didn’t want to. Megan clicked on a threesomes gallery and looked hungrily at images of two men fucking an eager housewife, her cunt filled with a strong, rigid cock, her mouth covering another cock with her soft mouth and undulating tongue, making the shaft glisten with her saliva.

She heard a knock at the back door; quickly, she signed off and stepped into the kitchen. It was Dylan. He held out a set of car keys. “These yours,” he asked, “I found them outside in the grass.” Megan thanked him and moved back into the living room to deposit the keys on a table.

“You’ve been watching me,” Dylan said. Embarrassed, Megan mumbled, “What?” – “It’s okay,” Dylan said. “I don’t mind if a pretty woman watches me.”

“Me?” Megan responded, anadolu yakası escort smiling. “Not me.”

– “You’ve got a great body,” Dylan said. “And a beautiful ass.”

Megan’s smile disappeared. She looked into Dylan’s eyes. Her breathing became heavy and pronounced; her lips parted, her mouth opened slightly. She began searching his face. Dylan touched Megan’s waist and she lunged forward, wrapping her tongue around his.

Megan was breathless as she threw her arms around his neck. Dylan held her waist tightly, and Megan backed through the door to her bedroom. She unbuttoned her jeans then pulled her tee-shirt over her head. Her plain, white bra held her large, creamy pale breasts, nicely displayed in a low cut, showing her pretty and generous cleavage. She helped Dylan off with his shirt and jeans; his hard cock straining through the material of his boxer briefs. He pulled them down and kicked them free.

Dylan helped Megan slip out of her jeans, revealing a simple cotton thong. He knelt down, gripped Megan’s thong with his fingertips and slipped it down her smooth legs. “Oh, god,” he said as he held Megan’s hips and began to kiss her full, round beautiful ass.

The two exchanged no words as Dylan unhooked Megan’s bra. It slipped over her shoulders, catching briefly on her erect nipples before dropping to the floor. She could feel Dylan’s hard cock and smooth, ataşehir escort bare balls press against her. Megan turned to face him. Her pubic lips were shaved and plump. Only a neatly trimmed narrow strip of hair led up from the top of her pussy.

The windows of her bedroom were open; the blinds were closed, but the sun filled the room with light. She fell back onto her bed, and Dylan reached under her thighs – his mouth moved toward her beautifully naked pussy, the tip of his tongue outlined her swollen mound then split her lips, finding her prominent clit.

Dylan licked and sucked Megan’s clit as she massaged her breasts and sensitive, excited nipples. Her wetness covered Dylan’s lips and chin. He loved the feeling of her gentle soft folds on his tongue, knowing the eagerness of her tight, wondrously horny pussy – he loved her taste, her scent. He loved her desperate, lustful craving.

“God, yes, hun,” she moaned. Not one who was used to talking explicitly, Megan found herself freely expressing her uninhibited lust. “Eat my pussy, babe” she called quietly to Dylan. “Fuck, yeah, eat my pussy.”

Eager now to please Dylan, she pulled him up onto the bed and gently pushed him onto his back. She wrapped her tongue around the engorged head of his proud, hard, beautiful cock. She sucked his long rigid shaft, occasionally running her tongue slowly over his smooth balls, taking them ümraniye escort into her mouth while stroking his straining, throbbing baton. Megan straddled his legs then slid up, spreading her thighs and easing Dylan’s saliva coated cock into her pussy. She rode his stiff tool with squirming abandoned. He rubbed Megan’s legs and ass and reached up to gently squeeze her erect nipples, standing upward from large areola.

“Slap my tits, babe,” she breathed. “Go on, slap my tits.” Dylan slapped Megan’s breasts, first from one side then the other, sending them bouncing in an erotic ballet. “Fuck me, Dylan,” Megan pleaded, “fuck me, hun; god yes, fuck me.”

The two rolled over, Megan quickly on her back, and Dylan pounded Megan’s pussy as she furiously rubbed her clit. Megan’s smooth thighs hugged Dylan’s waist before she raised her legs, resting her calves high upon her shoulders, the bottoms of her feet pointing toward the ceiling.

Megan threw her arms back and gripped the rails of the brass headboard, inviting Dylan’s cock to penetrate her slick pussy, taking the length of his shaft with a delightfully strenuous pleasure. Megan’s hips started to buck wildly as her eyes rolled back. The pressure of Dylan’s tight balls shot cum into Megan’s hot tunnel, his thrusts pushing her ass into the mattress. He pumped her pussy in a spasm of muscle-tightening pleasure. Megan had never told any man, but she thought it was “so hot” to have steaming cum shoot into her waiting pussy.

“Oh, god. Fucking and sucking,” Megan thought. She urged Dylan on for the rest of the afternoon. She realized she had abandoned all inhibitions, that, possibly she had given herself to the pursuit of pure lustful pleasure.

Megan smiled; she felt no guilt …

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