A Love Shared Between Step-sisters

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Deborah sighed and rested her head against him for a moment. They were finally home, after a long day at the office, and she just wanted to enjoy those few minutes of quiet and calm, before she went inside, where Barbara was certainly still waiting for her. Sometimes, her step-sister irritated her, always keeping an eye on everything she was doing. For a moment she was lost in his glow, the deep, amber glow, that she found so reassuring, her fingertips were running across warm, soft skin that she leaned on. She wondered: Was anyone watching? Would they think her strange, to feel so sensual, almost right in public? Sure, it was late at night, and the street was dark and quiet, but… what if someone was watching her?

And why did that arouse her so much? She wrestled with the feeling, while her red fingernails dug themselves harder into the soft skin. It wouldn’t hurt, would it, she thought. Just a kiss. Just a slight little touch of her lips. And before she knew it, her mouth already touched his smooth, sensually curved… mmmmh…

He tasted like more. Like a whole lot more, and her hand wandered to her chest, almost by itself, and started to open the buttons of her coat, lightly touching her breasts as she did so. This must be a tease, he was teasing with her, with his presence, his strong, silent, comfortable presence, and of course, his handsome body. A body, she was not ashamed to admit, she had dreamt of many times, and which she touched, longingly, once more. How her breasts would feel against it, she wondered. Throwing a brief glance around, she hastily unbuttoned her blouse as well, until the bullet-shaped bra that held her breasts in place came into view.

Looking down at herself, she was pleased, once more, at how much more shape it gave her otherwise rather flaccid and unshapely breasts. Unlike Barbara’s, she thought, remembering the few times she had seen her undressed, and marvelling at the full and heavy set of tits that were still bouncy and firm, even without support. She envied her, and maybe wished a little bit to be able to touch her, just as she was touching him. The feeling confused her. Deborah, she’s your step-sister, she told herself. Step-sisters don’t touch like that!

Calmly, she stripped off the cone-shaped cups, until her breasts hung down freely, grabbing them with both hands and running her nipples against him. She shuddered, as she slowly traced his lines, in the cool, dark night, right there in the streets, feeling warmth still radiating from him. Crawling on top of him, she suddenly began to lick, carefully, along his most prominent features, while she felt his wing between her legs. And oh, did it feel good there. So good, she thought, that she wanted to feel more of it. Much more.

Her skirt slid up and she finally felt him stronger escort london against her panties, pressing her pelvis hard against the line of the wing, and began to rub on it, back and forth, her breasts pressed against his smooth side. She began to curse the girdle that was keeping them in place, making it hard for her to take them off in the position she was in. But maybe that was a blessing, as she was already revealing much too much, in too risky a place.

Washing, she thought. I would love to wash him, give him a special treat, just from me. And without further hesitation, she relaxed her bladder and let her pee run down between her legs, all over the wing, still rubbing back and forth to make sure to cover it all. When she felt empty, she turned over and began to lap at the wetness that was running down his sides, slurping up her own warm water, enjoying every drop of it. You’re lewd, Deborah, she told herself. Lewd and strange and queer, and one day, you’ll be found out, but until then, you’re going to enjoy this.

“Deborah, you’re so lewd,” she heard a low voice behind her. Startled, she turned and looked straight into Barbara’s eyes, which pierced her through the cat-eye glasses she was wearing, her arms akimbo and her lips pursed. “So this is why it takes you so long to come inside,” she continued with a sound of reproach. “Here I am, waiting late for you to finally come home, and then my little sis just spends her time outside being lewd with my car!”

“I… I didn’t… I’m sorry, I swear I will never…” Debora stammered, looking down in shame. The moment of truth had arrived sooner than she had hoped.

“Well, let’s clean this up and then you’ll have to make some amends, I tell you,” Barbara said, and immediately continued her step-sister’s work and started licking up the rest of the stains off her Chevrolet’s trunk. Deborah watched perplexed for a moment, her eyes following her pink tongue that darted out between her ruby red lips, lapping at her urine like a cat would lap up milk. “Mmmh,” Barbara purred, “you taste even better than I thought you would.”

She leaned over and softly pressed her lips on Deborah’s mouth, kissing her cautiously, sharing the taste with her, mixed with the taste of her own saliva. The younger woman was overwhelmed with the situation, a million thoughts and feelings running through her head, but her older lover seemed to take it all in stride and began to guide her up on top of the wide trunk of her car, where she made her spread her legs wide between the comfortable wings. And just when Deborah was wondering how two women would ever make love like this, Barbara had already torn her panties with her sharp fingernails and a decisive jerk, and buried her face inside her moist, warm muff.

The tongue now licked right escort service across her sex, that place that she barely even dared to touch herself, now open and spread wide for her step-sibling to explore freely. She liked to believe that she was completely at the mercy of the older and more experienced woman, but something inside told her that she enjoyed this too damn much to even want to resist it anyway.

Two fingers entered her, stopping short of her hymen. Barbara looked up at her with a wistful smile, licking the slimy juices off her fingertips. “So you’re still sealed up, huh?” she remarked with a sultry voice. “I think I’ve got just the thing to pop your cork, then.” Grabbing her younger step-sister by the hand, she pulled her off the trunk and back inside the car, where she put the gear shift lever into position right between the young woman’s legs. “Since you’ve started with the Biscayne, I think it’s only fitting for him to be the first inside you, dont’cha think?”

Deborah nodded, a little afraid, but so aroused she was practically aching to feel something inside her again, deeper, stronger, harder, and the knob on that shift looked so… Cautiously, she lowered her hips down onto the thick, bulbous head, feeling it spread her wide and tear at her hymen. She stopped, afraid of the pain, and whatever would come after, while her pussy dripped down the sides of the shift stick, lubricating it.

Barbara crawled inside in front of her, arching backwards over the white leather seat and pushing her crotch out towards the young woman. As if Deborah had needed any more hints, her older lover pulled up the skirt of her bottle green dress, revealing… nothing. She wore nothing at all underneath, and her bushy, brunette pussy was right in front of the young woman’s mouth. Eagerly, she latched on, sucking on those red, swollen labia like she was starved. And she was, starved for sex, hungry for her first taste of another woman’s pussy.

It was musty, and salty, and very very wet, even more than herself, and she enjoyed every bit of it, munching on the fleshy folds of the brunette woman’s twat, while holding her legs up over her shoulders. And then, suddenly, Barbara pushed her down hard, and the gear knob split her open and ran all the way up into her cunt.

She shrieked, mostly from surprise, but a little bit from the pain that was tearing at her insides, and which was quickly taken over by another feeling – the feeling of elation, the feeling of freedom, of finally not being a virgin anymore. The stick ran up deep inside her, fucking her so very good, and she went back onto Barbara’s pussy hard, licking, sucking and slurping at her juices as if her life depended on it. The older woman gasped and moaned, steadying herself on the back bench while she tried escorts in london to push her pelvis further against the willing mouth of her younger lover. And then, she just let it run.

Warm fluid filled Deborah’s mouth, tasting very similar to her own juices that she had just licked off the back of the car earlier, and she began to drink, greedily, enjoying the taste, but more than that, enjoying the feeling of shared lewdness, shared sex. Who would’ve thought her prim sibling was even dirtier than she was?

“Oh yes, suck my dirty cunt,” Barbara groaned, as if she could read her thoughts. “You filthy little pig, you’re fucking my car with that stupid little virgin twat of yours, huh?”

“Yes,” Deborah whispered quietly, in between gulps, the pussy in front of her spraying all over her face and tits.

“Yes what?” Barbara asked demandingly, as the trickle from her pussy suddenly subsided.

“Yes, I am a filthy little pig,” Deborah admitted meekily.

“And do you like sucking my cunt, pig?” her lover asked, not letting her off the hook that easily.

“Y-yes,” the young woman said reluctantly. “Yes, I like s-sucking your…” She paused, now gathering her thoughts and building up her resolve to play along in this game. “I like sucking on your sloppy old cunt, you nasty harlot,” she finally continued with a determined sound to her voice.

“Oh yes,” Barbara groaned, seemingly aroused from the dirty words of her younger lover. “So you want more of it?”

Deborah nodded. “Much more,” she replied. “I want to have it all.”

Gasping for air, the woman on the back bench swallowed hard. “Beg for it,” she finally croaked hoarsely.

Figuring out what it was that her step-sister wanted, Deborah smiled. “Please,” she begged in a sultry voice. “May I lick all over your slimy, dirty twat and suck all of its juices out from between your loose, sloppy folds? May I taste anything and everything you have to offer, and fuck and be fucked by you at all times?”

“Oh shit, yes,” Barbara exclaimed, reaching down between her legs and rubbing frantically across her pussy, until it erupted with force, squirting warm, wet juices all over Deborah’s head. The young woman gasped and sputtered, but tried her best to lick and swallow it all, while rocking herself on the shift, faster and faster, aroused by her own words and the effect they had on her lover, until finally, slowly, she felt it. A warm, tense feeling from between her legs, that spread throughout her crotch and carried her for a while, getting stronger and weaker in waves, until finally, it left her filled with a fuzzy, blithesome feeling of bliss.

She leaned forward and began to hug her step-sister across the seat, resting her head against her belly, while the gearshift dropped out of her gaping gash with a smacking noise. Happy, Deborah thought. She was happy, finally having found peace and comfort, and a lover who was just as lewd as she was. 1961 was going to be a great year.

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