A Long Time Coming

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Sophie trudged sullenly through the rain. On a normal day in Portland, riding the bus wouldn’t be so bad but the normal liquid sunshine had become a full blown torrent and brought high winds along with it. Her raincoat did little to protect her slight frame; the wind constantly blowing her hood down and the rain pelted her at all angles. She’d only been off of the bus for a block and already all 5’3″ of her was soaked through. Her hair had begun to come loose from the low bun she’d put it in that morning making tendrils of her brown hair whip around her head in the wind. She stood at the crosswalk a few blocks from her apartment, waiting for the light to change. It had been a week from hell. Her boss, although sweet was incompetent and she’d spent the majority of the week cleaning up after her.

This wasn’t new of course but when it brought the VP down on their entire department and her boss decided to take the week off until things “blew over”, she had been left in charge, and been caught in the eye of the firestorm. She glanced up and readied to cross as the other light turned yellow. She’d taken a single step closer to the road when a car, trying to beat the light rushed around the corned, tearing through the large puddle near the curb and sending a deluge of muddy, oily water all over her. She felt the stirrings of anger raise a bit and her green eyes flashed for a moment but they sputtered out quickly, her emotions as soggy as the rest of her.

“Asshole,” she muttered numbly, more out of reflex than anger and heaved a big sigh. Two more blocks and the week would be over. By the time she reached her apartment she was shaking so hard she could barely fit the key in the lock. Her head was pounding and all she could think of was sinking into a nice hot bath. As she pushed the door open the wind caught it pulling it roughly from her hand and slamming it against the wall. Her cat, Cedar had been curled up on the couch but one look at her dripping owner and the feel of the cold wind had her nose lifting in derision as she stretched, leapt down from the couch and sauntered into the bedroom.

With effort Sophie managed to push the door closed and lock it. Without preamble she began peeling herself out of her wet clothes dropping them at the door to deal with later. Despite being out of the wind and successfully out of her wet clothes she was still trembling. Wrapping her arms around her middle she made her way to the bathroom and began to fill to tub, the tap turned to hot.

Her skin was clammy and covered in goosebumps, her nails tinged blue and when she looked in the mirror she could barely make out purplish lips as the glass fogged up with rising steam. She checked the temperature of the water and lowered it so the bath would be bearable. While she waited lists started forming in her head, things she needed to do, errands that needed to be run, groceries to pick up. When she realized what she was going she growled and buried her head in her hands.

“Just stop thinking, Sophie,” she told herself, “There’s plenty of time to get everything done.” She held back a whimper, just wishing to have a few days that she didn’t have to do anything, no responsibilities, maybe some pleasant company… She laughed bitterly at that thought; like that was likely.

She tested the temperature again and was slipping into the water a moment later, sinking below the surface and soaking up the heat. When she couldn’t hold her breath any longer she broke the surface and rested her head against the edge, closing her eyes and breathing out the week’s stress.

Lying back in the water did wonders for her pounding head, helping to loosen up the tight muscle in her shoulders and neck. Even with the bath she knew she’d have to pop some ibuprofen in order to get any sleep despite her state of physical and emotional exhaustion. She sank down again, running her hands through her long hair, contemplating yet again whether she should cut it, it was nearly down to her belly button now, having been over a year since her last trip to the salon, it was amazing you’re switch in priorities when you had no one to impress and not enough money in the bank account to spend time looking.

The bitter thoughts were surfacing again and because of her already bad mood she couldn’t find the strength to push them away again, why not wallow for a while, it wasn’t like she didn’t deserve it. It had been a year since Patrick had left her. A year since her boyfriend of nearly five years, the only relationship she’d ever been in, the only man she had ever dated, or kissed, or had sex with had told her he couldn’t do it anymore, he needed to live his own life and he didn’t see her as part of it.

This was the same man who talked about family and growing old together, and one day he walked through the door and quite literally said “I don’t love you anymore.” The finality of the statement, just remembering it, had Sophie on the verge of tears. She had been expecting a ring, what she got was a heartbreaking blindside.

There isveçbahis hadn’t been much to do after that, she’d pleaded with him of course, begged him to try counseling with her, to give her a chance to make things right, but by the end of the week he told her he wanted her out. By that point she didn’t even have the strength to argue that she had as much of a right to their apartment as he did, she knew she would barely be able to afford the rent on her own, she had only just finished school and was doing little more than entry level work. She couldn’t bear to go back to her parents, so her sister had offered her the guest room. She hadn’t been too sure if her sister’s place was any better; her happily married pregnant sister. There wasn’t much of a choice however, so with the help of her brother in law she moved her few things out that very weekend.

Her sister, Tasha had everything that Sophie wanted and although living there for six months and helping with her beautiful new niece had been amazing, just below the surface she felt like she was drowning. So she saved up her money and began searching for her own place.

About sixth months ago she’d found this simple one bedroom apartment, and for the first time in her life, she was living alone. She recognized pretty quickly that it was a good thing she’d spent half a year with her sister’s family, because the first week alone was terrible. Her sister and family had plans to come over for dinner on her first Friday night alone, but when Sophie answered the door with bloodshot eyes from crying and looking like she hadn’t eaten a thing all week, Tasha quickly sent her husband and daughter home and stayed the night with her sister, trying to help her through the worst of it.

Surprisingly that had turned out to be the worst. She quickly found a routine after that and stayed there, comfortable. It was just nights like these, when she was exhausted and emotionally wrung out from work that the morose feelings came back and she couldn’t help but indulge in a little self pity. At first she had missed the companionship of sharing a home with someone, but as time passed and she began to put Patrick behind her she realized what she missed now was touch. Besides her family she couldn’t name a single person in the last year that had given her more than a friendly hug. She just wasn’t very close with many people anymore.

Her time with Patrick had affected her other relationships in ways she hadn’t realized until he was gone. Slowly she’d lost contact with most of her friends, only a few did she still see and only when they could all find time in their schedules. The only person besides her family she could think of as a ‘close’ friend was Eric, a guy she hadn’t seen since she was fifteen. He lived on the other side of the country and their only contact consisted of emails, online chats, and the occasional phone call.

Sophie met Eric just before her sophomore year, they both attended the same summer camp and had stayed in contact ever since. It started off innocently enough, just simple correspondence back and forth but as high school progressed it turned into more. Despite the distance they began sharing more heated conversations. They started with the simple question and answer, have you ever, would you ever types. Sophie was nearly the definition of inexperience; sure she read and learned about sex and some of its intricacies on her own but she’d never even shared a kiss. Eric on the other hand, if his stories were true, was gaining experience by the day.

Question and answers turned into ‘what if’ scenarios, which became a give and take of what they would do to each other if given the chance. She left those chats so hot and wet, that even after getting herself off she often had difficulty getting to sleep. Eventually Eric even convinced Sophie to take a few pictures. No one had ever seen her nude before, and the thrill and terror of sharing that with someone was almost too much. But she did it, and for the first time in her life she felt beautiful, sexy, and desired.

Time passed and eventually she met Patrick. He was older, a charmer and so sweet. She was still inexperienced and Patrick took it upon himself to teach her what was involved in an adult relationship. She continued to keep in touch with Eric but their conversations returned to more neutral and friendly territory.

By the time Patrick had left her, Eric was busy continuing his schooling and their contact had dwindled to maybe once or twice a month. It had taken her three months after her break up to admit to him that she was alone, it hurt too much to bring it up. And although he hinted, he didn’t push her to start anything back up. Christmas arrived five months after her breakup and Eric surprised her with a package she felt rather inclined to hide from her hosts. The box included a beautiful and tasteful selection of lingerie and a new toy, the note that accompanied it claiming he sent them in the hopes they would help her feel like the sexy woman she was. isveçbahis giriş

The gift helped lift some of her melancholy and she felt good enough that she thanked him with a short video featuring both of his presents in use. A month later he had traveled to Portland for a project but tempting as it was to accept his invitation, she couldn’t bring herself to meet up with him, afraid of what could happen.

She wasn’t even sure what scared her more about meeting him in person after all these years; whether it was if the spark they felt while they shared written words wouldn’t be there, or if it would. Once she’d gotten her own place she and Eric had finally exchanged phone numbers, after nearly nine years they were actually speaking to one another. The first conversation was so uncomfortable it was comical but they quickly fell into a friendly give and take whenever they spoke. They still mostly kept up with each other online but every once in a while one of them would pick up the phone, even if it was just for a quick hello.

She thought back to her online chat with him on Monday, at the start of her grueling week.

M: I don’t know why you put up with her, you’ve basically been doing her job for the past year, if I were you I’d be telling the VP that, not kissing his ass.

S: Easy for you to say, you don’t have to work with these people. She may be an idiot but she’s a good person and generally looks out for her employees.

M: You are way too nice.

S: I’m not sure if that was a compliment or an insult :).

M: Maybe a little of both. You deserve better, and if she really is taking the week off like she said today, then I have a feeling you won’t need to say anything to the higher ups, they’ll see it for themselves.

S: I suppose so, but really I just want to make it through this week. I’m already stressed just thinking about it, I can feel my muscles knotting as I sit here.

M:Would you like me to relieve that for you? I can think of numerous ways to accomplish it, of course all of them involve you naked and preferably in my bed.

S:Tempting, but you do realize your bed is 2500 miles away right?

M:details, details.

She’d been in a playful mood despite the possibility of the week ahead and quickly snapped a shot of her bare 34B breasts pressed together and sent it his way. They weren’t the largest or most impressive out there but they were a good handful and nice and firm, with dusky pink nipples that begged for attention. Eric had expressed on multiple occasions just how much he wanted to get his hands on them. She’s only sent one other picture since her Christmas gift and so his response after going so long without any type of visual from her was priceless. He spent the next twenty minutes telling her exactly what he would do to her gorgeous body if he ever got his hands on her.

She thought of his words now as the water cooled around her, seeking the oblivion and emptiness that came after a great orgasm. She didn’t know why but Eric had a way of breaking down all her inhibitions and making her do things she thought she never could or would ever do, and damn did she get wet for him. Her hands moved down her body, trying her best to imagine they were his hands, stroking down her neck and shoulders, caressing her breasts. Her fingers pinched her nipples sharply and she moaned from the mix of pleasure and pain. She kept one hand moving between her breasts while the other traced down her side to the juncture between her thighs.

An image of Eric’s smiling face flashed in her mind as she brushed her clit with her finger; a shiver of delight sped up her back and she could feel that pleasurable ache of arousal growing in her core. Her fingers moved lower, feeling the obvious signs of her arousal. Slowly she pushed a finger inside and sighed at the sensation. Her thumb began circling her clit and as its pace increased so did her other fingers. She squeezed her tit as she brought herself closer and gasped for breath. She was right on the edge and it felt so good….and the phone rang.

She screeched in surprise at the sudden sound and water sloshed over the side of the tub, her climax now out of reach. “Fucking phone,” she growled as she pulled herself from the water and grabbed a towel. She looked longingly at the bath. “I’ll just have to continue later, I guess.”

Two hours later she was curled up on the couch, zoning out to mindless television. The phone call had been from her sister, checking up on her like she always did. She was able to get off the phone pretty quickly after the weekly run down of adorable niece stories but by then her stomach was loudly protesting the lack of food so she threw something together and claimed a spot on the couch. Miraculously her headache was nearly gone and as the television droned on her eyes and limbs grew heavy. She was contemplating turning in early when there was a knock on her door.

“Who in the world?” she wondered aloud as she unfolded herself from the sofa. She isveçbahis yeni giriş glanced out the window and realized the weather had settled and the clouds were breaking apart. Her door had no peep hole so when it opened she had to do a double take to make sure she was actually seeing who she thought, she nearly pinched herself, sure she had fallen asleep on the couch. “Eric?”

“Hey, sexy” he said with a wicked smile and his thick baritone voice. His eyes roved over her, taking in her appearance with obvious appreciation. She realized that just a tank top and shorts wasn’t much covering and despite their intimate moments she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around her waist in a protective gesture, Eric’s smile just grew bigger.

“What are you doing here?” she didn’t mean for it to come out as accusing as it did but instead of taking offense he just shrugged.

“There’s a conference in town and I’m presenting. I’m sorry to surprise you but I just couldn’t resist anymore.” He made no move to enter and his words seemed to sooth her a bit, her mind thought back to her bath and she couldn’t hide the blush on her fair features. She had to clear her throat before any sound would come out.

“I’m glad you did, um, would you like to come in?” She had no idea how to act, this tall, broad man before her knew some of her deepest secrets, her desires, and although she had thought about it she never really expected to ever see him again in person. Eric just smiled again.

“No thanks, I just wanted to stop by real quick.” The confusion was evident on Sophie’s face and he couldn’t help but laugh. But before she could question him he swooped down and pulled her against him, capturing her lips with his own. She held still in shock for just a moment before her eyes closed and she let his warmth envelope her. His tongue brushed against her lips and with a groan she opened for him. Her arms ran up his arms until she was on her toes with her arms wrapped around his neck. The passion he poured into the kiss was setting fires alight throughout her body and when he stood up to his full height he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her from the ground, his mouth never leaving hers. His hands worked their way under her shirt and ran along her bare back, their chill from the outside air a pleasant contrast to the heat she felt overtaking her.

She didn’t know how long they stood on her door step locked together but when he finally reined in his assault and gently placed her on her own two feet it took a few moments for her to regain her balance.

“Wow,” she couldn’t help but say and she lifted her fingers to her bruised lips.

“I couldn’t agree more,” he said, his voice deeper than before, and bent down for one more lingering kiss. “I’ll pick you up at five tomorrow, wear something that shows off that amazing body.” One more smug look as he took in her disheveled features and her nod of agreement and he turned on his heel and walked off.

Sophie watched as he left, waiting until he was out of sight before closing the door. She locked it and turned, pressing her back against the wood. Her legs gave out and she sank to the ground. Did that really just happen? She thought back to his words and wondered if she should be angry at his arrogant behavior, that he just assumed she would drop everything to follow his directions. But instead of anger all she could feel was a growing ache for his continued touch and the sound of his voice… and the stirrings of another headache. She pulled herself up from the ground with a groan and went into her room, stripping out of her clothes and climbing into bed. She needed rest, she would figure the rest out tomorrow.

The sun shining in her face woke her the next morning and she stretched, awareness coming back slowly. Cedar took that moment to jump up on the bed and demand attention. With a laugh, Sophie sat up and pulled the cat into her lap, offering a good morning rub before she climbed out of bed.

“You hungry?” she asked and at receiving the expected meow in return she headed to the kitchen to fill the food dish. It was about 7:30 which left ample time for her to get her work out in before heading out for groceries. She spent the next hour and a half working up a sweat before hopping in the shower. A hot shower after a strenuous workout had to be one of her favorite things. Just like the night before she began to make mental lists of everything she needed as the water pelted her skin.

By the time she was done she was pretty sure she could get everything done before lunch, leaving the afternoon free. With a smile she was grabbing a protein bar for the road and her purse. She pulled the door open and stepped out, taking a deep breath. After a heavy rain the air always seemed lighter, cleaner perhaps. As she reached to pull the door closed her eyes caught on an envelope taped to her door, her name scrawled across the front.

Gingerly she pulled it down and turned it over. There were no distinguishing marks, she knew it wasn’t from the apartment managers, they always left a full page with their letter head. Her finger slipped under the edge and pulled it open. The only thing inside was a single folded sheet of paper. Pulling it out she unfolded the sheet and read.

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