A Little Light Fun

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You enter the bathroom, wearing a simple lightweight robe made of silk, draped over your shoulders, it is a hot evening and there is no need to tie it tight, you enter the bathroom, you are aware of the gentle aroma of roses, and there is hardly any light in there, apart from a candle or two in front of the mirror that give out a flickering glow. You hear the sound of a single violin playing from the stereo, as for a minute you stand in the doorway drinking in the intoxicating sensual experience of the whole ambiance. For a moment you drift as the music starts to take you, and you move slowly forward towards the gently running shower in front of you.

Moving forward, you are aware of another presence in the room, but somehow it is not threatening though you are uncertain who it is. As you move towards the shower, floating upon the sensual stimulation you feel two big hands gently laid upon your shoulders firmly taking hold of the robe. Continuing to move forward, you are strangely comforted by the strength of the presence, as you feel the hands very slowly and gently slide the robe from your shoulders. It drops to the floor. For a moment your nakedness touches you with a sensation of shyness, but then you feel the person come toward you and you feel the lightest of touches upon your neck with gentle kisses, and you are inexplicably reassured.

Stepping forward into the shower, you sense the person behind you, but tantalisingly just out of reach. You enter the mist of the water flow, and feel the first drops of water hitting your body as the warm water touches your expectant skin.

Moving further in, you start to feel the power of the water flow. It hits your skin with some force and you sense the almost electric pinpricks of the pressure upon your skin. Moving forward you get the first sensation of the jets hitting your breasts, and you suddenly shudder as it makes you start, the feeling is oddly exciting. As the jets of water play upon your breasts you feel the tingling increase, and for an exciting moment you linger, drinking in the sense of wonderment and joy as to how something so simple could be so thrilling!

You feel the water flow over your breasts, and as it momentarily clings to your nipples it leaves you feeling very warm. The rest of the water channels between your breasts bakırköy escort and down your body and produces a waterfall from your vagina; for a moment you look at it and it seems very funny as it looks like you are wetting yourself. You laugh out loud when suddenly you feel the presence close to you again, and realise that he is now kneeling in front of you.

You feel a strong firm pair of hands grasp your ankles and start to rub them gently but firmly. Slowly it dawns upon you that the hands are covered in soapy foam and that he is washing you. A sense of almost overwhelming excitement overcomes you with the anticipation of joys and sensations to come.

The hands slowly wander over your calves, kneading them and working the soap into the skin. It feels so tender, and yet so exciting that it is hard to contain your eagerness. You reach out toward him, but he looks up and shakes his head. For the first time, you see the deep dark brown eyes and the strong face, you realise that you cannot yet touch, and draw you hand back. He tells you to wait and you agree only because of joys promised.

Now, the hands are coming over your knees and up onto your thighs, there is a sensation building deep inside, the peak of which is still a long way off, but you can already feel it stirring. It is so strong and so powerful that you wonder how you will cope if it continues to grow! The hands are now travelling over your thighs and moving firmly up and down, pressing on the muscles.

You are surprised by the firmness that is also so gentle. It is not a sensation that you have ever experienced before. Now, as the hands get higher you tremble with anticipation as they approach your vagina, you move slightly to adjust your feet as the expectation makes you open your legs a little in readiness. After his fingers linger upon your vaginal lips a second, they move past, and for a moment you are disappointed as you feel let down, when suddenly you feel the heat of his breath upon your breasts and his whole mouth covers a nipple and draws it all into his mouth.

You are taken totally by surprise and take a huge breath in as you feel the breast drawn into his mouth. It hurts for a second, then slowly you feel a wave of sensation burst over you as the tingling becomes beşiktaş escort far more intense. As his mouth explores your breast, you feel his hands circle your body and take hold of your buttocks. He kneads them hard and again it makes you draw your breath in sharply; in that moment, he lifts you slightly and moves you closer to him. The water is still pouring over your body but now it is hitting his too, and as you are drawn closer you feel the first tantalising touches of his erection as it seems to seek you out.

You want to reach forward to take hold of it, but he won’t let you. His mouth is searching between your breasts now and his tongue is licking your breasts and nipples. You enjoy the sensation so much that you fail to notice that his hand has returned to your vagina, and the fingertips are tracing the edges of the lips up and down. You start to become overwhelmed with the sensation of the moment. His hands are on your breast and your vagina and his mouth is on your nipple and his erection is resting by your leg.

As the strength of the feeling inside starts to grow and you feel that you are about to burst, you feel his mouth leave your breast and you see him start to kneel down. His head moves down your body, and you can hardly contain yourself as the excitement builds for what you know is coming. His fingers are now slowly separating the lips of your vagina, opening it up in readiness for sensual stimulation you never dreamed possible. Now you feel the fingers slide in side you a little deeper and they expose the swollen clitoris that is desperate to be touched. Your legs start to give way for a moment, but you hold on just as his mouth moves closer to you, and you feel his tongue enter the outer reaches of your pleasure zone. Then, it is there and he is drawing your clitoris in with his lips and you are pushing forward as you desperately try to get him to take you deeper.

The sensation is almost overwhelming as he presses down upon you and pushes himself deeper inside you. As he presses in, you lean back against the wall and open your legs more to accommodate his searching tongue deeper inside. He is now licking and sucking you so strongly and so deeply that you cannot hold your head still as you feel wave after wave of sensation burst over you. beylikdüzü escort Deeper and deeper he goes in, faster and faster his tongue moves around until you feel an explosion deep inside of you. Your whole body tightens as you orgasm so hard that your legs lock around him and your back arches and straightens in spasms of ecstasy that you have never experienced before!

Over and over you spasm as the sensations overwhelm you, each lasting a short while but oh so intense! Finally after what seems to you like an age, you stop and start to relax. His mouth is now near your face, and he kisses you tenderly and very gently upon the lips. You start to relax and to lay back again against the wall, seeking to enjoy the post orgasmic glow. The jets of water fall upon your excited breasts when you feel his arms around you and he slowly raises you up and lifts you bodily of the ground. At first you think that he is planning to carry you out of the shower, but then as he kisses you and starts to move.

You realise that you are moving slowly down, and you feel the hardness of his erection as it touches your vaginal lips. You gasp in surprise, and he raises you up again and then lowers you down; you feel the length of his erection start to enter you. You move your arms around his neck and as he lowers you, your legs curl around him, pulling him yet closer to you. He is now deep inside you, and you gasp at the fullness that you feel, for a moment all is still and there is no movement. You wonder what is happening, when he suddenly starts to move you up and down on him.

You move with him and as you start to flow together, you increase the rhythm moving together and apart with increasing force and rate. You feel the sensation inside you building again as you move faster and faster, and he plunges deeper and deeper inside you. You move and flow and seek out each others’ mouths as you create sensations for each other, building more and more. Again you both explode into each other over and over again, and you both spasm as the ultimate expression of your desire is intermingled.

After what seems like an eternity, you and he relax and separate. You leave the shower and very slowly, you dry each other off, tenderly exploring the other’s body as you dry it. You both go to the living room together where you lie upon the rug in front of the fire and listen to some gentle music and drink a soft drink, as you are too intoxicated with each other to need alcohol. You lie there and fall asleep in each others’ arms listening to the music and drinking in the smells of the other’s body, relaxed at last.

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