A Kristian Goddess

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I woke up early in the morning knowing that you were driving in sometime today, but not knowing for sure when you’d get here. I had to work at the restaurant, so I gave you the number and told you how to get there, but didn’t convince myself that you’d actually show up there. Boy, was I wrong. I wore some Wranglers with a cute lil tan blouse and had my hair up in a matching ball cap.

Lunch run was just starting to get busy, when I, from the back of the restaurant, seen someone walk in that I knew hadn’t been there before. She quietly sat down at an empty table with her back to me. She was beautiful and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was sure that my mouth was wide open. I collected myself and grabbed a menu to take to this Goddess who had suddenly captured my thoughts. Little did I know I was in for the surprise of my life! I finally arrived at the table when she looked up and said with a smile, “Hey, baby girl.”

“Oh my God!!” I exclaim. “You’re here!! I can’t believe you’re here, Kristian.” You quickly got up to hug me. I thought for a moment you were going to kiss me right then and there, but you held back and I let out a soft whimper as you sat back down. I sat with you every chance I got, holding your hand, and whispering “sweet nothings” in your ear, not caring if anyone saw me or not. You were the only person that mattered in this moment in time to me.

Finally, my shift was over and I was free to leave with you. I grabbed your hand and pulled you along behind me as I hurriedly left the building… clearing a spot for you to sit next to me in my truck. We sped off not knowing where to go from here. I just kept driving. Your hand on my thigh gently squeezing it softly whenever I got going too fast. Somehow, we wound up at the small lake nearby. You seen a semi-secluded area and told me to stop in there, so we could talk. I didn’t put up any arguments to that… a chance to really calm down and relax and talk to you was just what I needed. You turned the music up a lil bit as one of your favorite songs came on the radio. “Shiver.” I flashed a devilish smile, but said not a word. You had been sending me shivers since the first time I had laid eyes on you back at the restaurant, and you knew it! You gently caressed my face with your hands while singing the song. I was bahis şirketleri melting in your hands.

You leaned in and whispered, “Can I kiss you?” I didn’t have to say a word… you knew I wanted it more than anything. You kissed me softly at first. Then you parted my lips with your tongue. I met it with my own tongue. The world seemed to stop around us. Everything was a blur. But it didn’t matter because I finally had you in my arms. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a couple minutes. The passionate kiss finally broke and we were both breathless and were eager to do more. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had, Kris. Wow! I love you so much!”

“I love you, more, baby girl. Now! Let’s get outta here and go somewhere a lil more… roomy,” you say. “I’ve already got a motel room for us, baby. Made the arrangements earlier today,” I say with a proud grin.

The motel was only about 15 minutes away, but that was too long for us. I found it extremely hard to drive and not keep a watchful eye on the love of my life. You, too, found it hard to keep your hands to yourself. We wanted in each other’s clothes and couldn’t wait till we got to the motel. You wanted to have me NOW! Your hands fiddled with my jean button and zipper until you got them unfastened. You urged me to tilt the steering wheel up and I did so without hesitation. I was beyond wet right now and wanted you on me. The romantic side of me urged you to stop, but the more animalistic side of me urged you to never quit.

You pulled down on my thighs hinting at me to slouch down a little bit so you could have easier access to my awaiting love button. You began kissing, sucking, and licking on my neck while forcing a hand down the front of my thong. I gasped and had to hold on tight to the steering wheel. You giggled softly in my ear knowing that you were driving me crazy and driving me close to the edge. “Hold on tight, boo,” you coo in my ear. Then your lips left my neck in an instant and found their way to my heaving stomach… I let out a small moan… then you move lower… onto my awaiting and pulsing clit. Your hand deep inside my panties still, partaking in my love juices. My body jumps and twitches to your every touch. The vibes I felt before with you over the computer were nothing bahis firmaları compared to what I was feeling now. I was in heaven. You ran your tongue under the waistband of my thong. I was having a very hard time driving now and you sensed this. “Be careful, baby. Don’t wreck us before I get to taste you,” you say with a sly grin. That was enuff to send me over the edge. My body shook as I came on your hand with a loud moan. “Oh, babyyyyy… I’m cumming.” I yell. This wasn’t enuff for you tho. You wanted more. I had to slow down because of a stop light ahead. You took this small amount of time to pull my jeans down further. Then you attacked my dripping wet puss with your glorious mouth licking up my slit and swallowing my cum.

“OH… MY… GOD!” I scream, oblivious to anyone around me, and to the fact that light had now turned green. I open my eyes to see the green light and punch the gas pedal which in turn forces your mouth further onto me. “I can’t handle this, baby… You gotta stop… please!” I plead with you. But you wouldn’t. I was at your mercy. Your tongue felt wonderful on me and combined with your fingers along my slit and deep in my canal… it wasn’t long before I was cumming again right as we pulled into the parking lot of the motel. “Oh my God, baby. I gotta recover before we get out. I’ve never cum with anyone before, let alone twice!!” I say breathless as I pull your head up gently with my hands. Your face is shiny with my love juices. I kiss you gently on the lips tasting my own juices in your mouth still. I finally catch my breath and get out of the truck, grabbing your hand to help you out behind me. Never letting it go until we reach the door to the motel room.

By now, the sun was just below the horizon and the sky was beautifully colored with purples, yellows, reds, pinks, oranges, and blues. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss you while we were standing at the door. You were so beautiful and I was falling deeper in love with you with each passing second. I couldn’t believe that I was holding you… finally.

I opened the door to the room and walked in with you right behind me. As you walked in the room, I closed the door fast and grabbed your arm… pinning you against the door… holding your arms above your head. I tossed my cap off my head and pulled kaçak bahis siteleri my hair dilly out… allowing my hair to flow freely. I pressed my whole body against yours to feel you hold your breath in. I leaned in to kiss your lips passionately.

Our tongues danced together. You moaned in my mouth and I repaid the compliment by moaning back. I kissed your neck… your ears… your forehead… then I slowly lifted your shirt above your head. I stood back a second to admire your beautiful breasts before I undid your bra and tossed it behind me. I cupped your right boob in my hand as I began licking your nipple. Your whole body tensed up. It was then that you noticed the room. You were taken by surprise when I gave you the “door kiss,” and didn’t have a chance to look inside. “Sweetie… when did you do all this?” you ask softly. I stop what I’m doing to allow you to look around the room. There were white roses and sunflowers everywhere and a nicely wrapped gift for you on a shelf. “I had the flowers delivered here this afternoon after I seen you. When I felt the sparks between you and I at the restaurant, I knew right then that things were gonna work out this way,” I proclaim.

You walk back up to me with them “I wanna make love to you” eyes. You take a page outta my book and push me against the wall and smile. “I love you,” you whisper. “I love you more!” I say back as I kiss your lips tenderly. Then I walk you backwards towards the bed. We’re both stripping our clothes off as we go. I break the kiss just for an instant and try to speak but before I can, you place a finger over my lips. You know exactly what I’m gonna say before I say it. “I know, hun.” You wanna take it nice and slow, too. “I’m not going anywhere and we have all night.”

We lay down on the bed next to each… just caressing each others body’s… cuddling and whispering words of love and devotion to each other. We both know this relationship is going to be a long and very happy one. We make love to each other all night long. You bring me to many more climaxes. I seem to know exactly what to do and have you moaning in pleasure all night long as well. Even had you squirt once on me much to my delight. Our bodies finally collapse around morning time. I snuggle up to you and kiss you hand softly. “I don’t ever wanna leave this room, Kristian. I wanna live like this forever. I want you to stay with me for the rest of our lives.”

“I want that, too, Melissa.” We fall asleep in each others arms dreaming of the perfect love we just made!

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