A House Wife’s Secret

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Chapter 1

A realisation

The Guardian newspaper was resting on the big oak kitchen table. The table was littered with years of burns and coffee rings telling a tale of a family life gone by. It was quieter now, and the table had fewer stories to tell. The newspaper, however, was open on an article that had been read by all the family that weekend. The education system was at breaking point. Exam stress was a major part of young people’s poor mental health. Mental health was a big discussion point with many professionals and interested parties being interviewed in relation to their experience. The was one particular interview with a very prominent TV personality who has been struggling with various mental health issues for years, yet his ‘act’ on TV was one of optimism and joy. The reality was far from the truth in his personal life. The article did not make for fun reading, but it did pull a few threads of thought from its readers on this particular morning. The news throughout the paper was pretty gloomy, but one may also notice the date, 20th January 2017. The date when lots of things changed forever, particularly in the suburban home of 23 Poplar Terrace, Exeter.

Stephanie Burton was a 46 years old and had been married to Giles for 23 years. Their relationship was born out of young love as they met at Essex University. Giles was studying Mathematics while Stephanie studied English. Stephanie had transferred from Manchester University after her first year. It was this Manchester connection that first got them talking. It seemed simple, back then, in 1991. People were encouraged to eat their 5-a-day for a better and more healthy lifestyle. There was some amazing music like the debut album of ‘Gish’ by the Smashing Pumpkins; and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana; And some iconic films like ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ – excellent!!

OK. 1991. It was the time for youth rebellion, Nirvana and other decade defining music, films, TV shows, and events. Let’s not forget the various wars that maintain both weekly and global news coverage. It was also the year Giles asked Stephanie to marry him. They were incredibly happy. They lived in a lovely rented flat in the centre of Chelmsford, Essex, above a lovely authentic Italian Restaurant. In the early years the two of them ate out at the Italian Restaurant most nights due to a friendly ‘loyalty discount’ the owners had given them. Giles had just secured a job at Black & Brookes Accountancy Firm as a junior accountant learning to specialise in tax accountancy. Giles was an ambitious and energetic man who played sports. He was a midfielder for a Sunday league football team. In the Summer he opened the batting for the local cricket team. And he thoroughly enjoyed a game of tennis with his eventual best man Keith.

In 1994, Stephanie and Giles married in a lovely country hotel just outside Exeter where 30 of their closest friends and family came to celebrate with them. They vowed that this was where they would raise their children. Life for them had been, to this point as close to perfect as ever. She had started to become successful as a Primary School Teacher and had a natural compassion and interest for her children. She had ambitions to work with children who had additional needs, and vulnerable young people. She vowed to protect them and nurture them, helping them to realise their potential in a ruthless world. Stephanie believed that in every young person there was a talent screaming to come out. She wanted to help unlock these talents, and she loved her job with all her heart.

On May 26th 1999, at about 9:15pm, Stephanie went into labour with their first child. She was already 2 weeks late and the timing was less than ideal. Giles, a desperate Manchester United fan, was watching, albeit from behind his hands, the European Cup Final against Bayern Munich. They were 1-0 down to a Mario Basler free kick early in the first half. Manchester United threw the kitchen sink at Bayern’s goal, but it would not go in. A win for United would secure a historic moment as they clinch the allusive Treble having already won the Premier League and FA Cup in recent weeks. The timing of Stephanie’s labour, from Giles’s point of view, couldn’t be worse. After a 9 hour labour Stephanie gave birth to Sally Felicity Burton. The new family could not be happier. Giles had even managed to avoid hearing the result of the game, and so he could watch it on his video recording when he got home, but this time he had a sleeping baby in his arms.

The Burton family, now four of them – Sally, 4 and James, 2 – moved, as they always intended, to Exeter. Giles had secured a senior accountancy role in a new firm in Exeter called KRS Accountants and was focused very hard on a career path to senior partnership. Stephanie had given up her job in teaching, for the time being, while she stayed home to look after the children. The salary Giles now earned was more than enough to pay for the isveçbahis house, bills, and holidays.

As time moved on, and with Stephanie now entering her 40’s, the family grew content with their lives. Giles was now a Senior Partner. A focused determination to see his career grow over the years had meant that Stephanie didn’t need to go back to work. Instead she supported her family and worked voluntarily for a local vulnerable children’s charity. She was happy to be able to follow her school progression into working with vulnerable young people, although she missed her teaching. Her children were becoming strong and independent young people who seemed well adjusted, considerate, and academic.

Stephanie realised now, though, that the passion that drove hers and Giles’s love, over 10 years ago, had long since past. She knew she loved him, but the romance had gone, and the physical attraction was waning. Stephanie knew that her more reckless, carefree self in her youth was replaced by someone more careful, measured and sensible. She knew that her and her husband would need to experience some form of change in order to rekindle the love and passion they once had. Stephanie hadn’t considered what these changes needed to be. Occasionally she thought about counselling, but never thought about the changes that were destined for her. Without them knowing, the 20th January 2017 was about to become the most significant time in all their lives.

Chapter 2

Her reckless past

Stephanie looked at the invitation on the fridge. She checks the details of the time and location. This weekend she is going to Helena’s hen party in Tiverton. Helena gets married in 3 weeks, and 11 of her closest friends are heading off for some special wine tasting and outdoor activities around Devon. She has to leave in a couple of hours. Stephanie looks at the kitchen clock, she still has time to do a few house jobs and to pack before she has to leave. Sitting at the table Stephanie writes a note for her two boys, Giles and James. Sally was back at Uni now so it will just be a boys weekend. She wonders what state the house will be in when she gets back. There’s a pizza in the freezer for dinner and the boys can have a take-away for another meal. Giles is pretty useful in the house, and actually she is only away for a few days, so she doesn’t worry too much. Whatever state her home is in when she gets back, she just deal with it then.

Stephanie put a package on the table and opened it. It was labelled, “open on the morning of the hen weekend. This is your special hen pack.” She pulled out a treasure map for their first activity, an itinerary of their weekend, and a sash to wear on their night out. Laying the sash out on the table Stephanie read her Little Miss character. “Little Miss Careful”. She stared at it and tried to consider how she had become ‘Little Miss Careful’. Had she always been like that, or could she remember a time where she had been less, sensible? She has certainly been working on her reputation as a more careful and sensible person for sometime now. Stephanie reflected on how, or when she had evolved into her character. But she couldn’t quite remember. Was there something in her past that made her change?

Moving about the house, putting things away, she considered what a waste of time this particular activity was. It would never look this neat when she got home. Stephanie decided to put on a quick load of washing. She had enough time. The clothes that needed washing in hers and Giles’s room was already organised due to their divided wash basket. Sometimes she needed to check. Giles had a history of being a little careless and let a stray coloured sock or pair of pants infiltrate the white washing section. Stephanie remembers trying to encourage James to embrace this level of organisation. He, however, rejected the idea and just filled up both sides of the washing basket. That was, of course, if he put the dirty washing in there at all.

She didn’t normally go in his room when he wasn’t there, but Stephanie needed some more dirty washing for a coloured load. There was a slight musty teenage smell about his room. The curtains were always closed and it was dark and hazy. Maybe, if the windows were open the wind would help the room smell better. But he would know she was there, and he doesn’t like that. Stephanie started to pick up dirty clothes from the floor when she found a magazine on the floor. It was an old publication of FHM, For Him Magazine from 2013. Was it still in publication? She doesn’t remember seeing it on the shelves in shops any more. Stephanie picked it up and flicked through it. Absentmindedly she sat back on his bed and turned to the funny readers stories at the back of the magazine. She scanned the titles of each story and found one she wanted to read. “He never knew I thought like that” it read.

As Stephanie read the story, she became aware of an awakening. Her hand drifted towards isveçbahis giriş her groin. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand inside. Gently her fingers wandered over her pants. She stroked her groin and felt how nice and tingly she made herself feel. Stephanie became aware of how rarely she pleases herself, and how Giles never tries to make love to her anymore. He used to try it on with her. Romantic meals, new underwear, and sexy texts. It was a pain when she was tired, but she secretly liked being wanted. Now he doesn’t even try. They still love each other, but the physical love has gone. As she read the story she gently used the material of pants to stimulate herself. Her mouth parted slightly, she moistens her lips with her tongue, and her chest visibly raises and lowers while her breathing becomes more pronounced.

The story was about a couple who discovered there inner fantasies. She bought him some kinky toys and wanted him to use them on her. As she was having sex with him, she told him her threesome fantasies with another girl. She told him all her detailed secret fantasies. Stephanie’s fingers made their way under her pants to her moistening vagina. She enjoyed reading this story, especially as the couple began to explore their fantasies further.

As she read, Stephanie remembered reading a story in this same magazine many years ago. It was in her first year of University, in Manchester. She closed her eyes and recalled her memory to her mind. All her flat mates had gone home for the weekend, except one, Steven. Before she had left for Uni, Stephanie had heard a lot about the dirty on-goings and drunkenness of University life and was excited by the prospect. In the flat Stephanie woke and went to the kitchen to get a drink. She wandered around the flat in her towelling pyjamas and jumper. Steven was watching Football Focus on his beanbag in the communal lounge. They had no sofas or chairs so they had to bring in their own beanbags or cushions in from their rooms. Steven was also reading his magazine. ‘For Him Magazine’. He was wearing his tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt as he sat reading. Stephanie came in and saw him. “What you reading?” she asked. Taking the magazine from him she sat on his lap. Immediate she could feel a slight growing under her bottom. She read a few stories while he continued to watch TV. Suddenly she giggled and said, “Listen to this one, Steven.” Stephanie read a story about a boy who’s girlfriend surprised him by wanting anal sex. She had brought creams and oils. She had laid them out on the bed as he came home from work. As Stephanie read the story about this eventually disastrous event she could feel Steven’s erection under her bottom. She adjusted her position so that his stiffening penis was resting in the crevice between her buttocks. Stephanie read another story about secret fantasies woman want men to do in the bedroom. Her bottom occasionally moved up and down along Steven’s erection. He breathed deeply and more audibly. Stephanie was getting quite turned on by his reaction also. This weekend, she thought, may not be as boring as she first thought.

Without warning Stephanie pushed her hand hand inside Steven’s tracksuit bottoms. Was she imagining it? Stephanie turned to look. His penis must have been at least 8 inches long, and quite thick. As if under some sort of spell, Stephanie started to stroke his shaft in the palm of her hand. Her own groin was tingling with excitement. She knew she wanted him, and wanted to experience taking an 8 inch penis inside her.

After a few moments of teasing him with her fingers, and reading more of the stories, she pulled her own pyjamas down and rested his throbbing head against the opening of her vagina. Stephanie felt an urge to plunge herself down onto him, feeling his large cock enter deep inside her. She kept thinking about how it might feel to be completely filled by him. Teasing him for longer she built anticipation in herself before she finally lowered herself down onto him, inserting his cock fully into her. For several minutes Stephanie controlled the pace, depth and intensity of their sex. Steven held her hips and pulled her down strongly onto him. She could feel his entire length in her, pressing places in her previous boyfriends could never get to. She rocked her hips on him and started to feel the build up of her first orgasm. She felt her orgasm wash over her body with great force.

“Don’t cum yet” she told him. “We’re not yet done.” With his strong rugby playing arms he swept her up and placed her, on her back, onto the beanbag. His fingers explored her groin sending shimmers of pleasure through Stephanie’s body. He slipped two fingers into her causing her to gasp. Within moments Stephanie’s body had become rigid and tense with the build up of ecstasy. Her leg started to shake uncontrollably, her body tense, and her groans stifled as she came.

Steven put his thumbs behind her knees, and with isveçbahis yeni giriş his palms he pushed her legs back. He knelt up in front of her as he thrust himself deeply into her. She accepted him completed and appeared on the brink of another orgasm within seconds. Once she had cum again he pulled out and turned her over. Steven spanked her bottom, hard. Stephanie was shocked, she had never been spanked before, but after the shock, she loved the sensation. The feeling, and sensations she felt over her body were unimaginable. She had never imagined that this experience would be this good. He spanked her, hard, 10 times on each cheek before reentering her. The hot sensations were tremendous. This had been a good decision, one of the few reckless choices she had made that actually turned out well.

Steven grabbed Stephanie’s bottom and pulled her against him with force. She cried out in pleasure, and pain as he fucked her deep and hard. He started to groan and Stephanie could feel his penis getting thicker. This was it, he was going to come inside her. She didn’t intend for that to happen. She thought it would be like the magazine where he would pull out and come on her. She was on the pill, she remembered. It will be alright. As Steven came Stephanie felt his hot ejaculation deep inside her. He fell on her, spent. Her pussy was hot and tingling. She was tired, but excited by the sensations this sex had on her. The rest of the weekend, she remembered, followed a similar theme.

Back in James’s room Stephanie was busy pleasuring herself to the memory. She felt a rush of pleasure and adrenaline as she climaxed. As she recovered her breathing she recognised where she was. Fingering yourself on your son’s bed, reading his magazine was not the behaviour of a sensible and careful person.

Later, after she had put the washing on and folded the clean and dried clothes, Stephanie was packing her suitcase. As she pulled out a pair of clean pyjamas from the draw she remembered what happened after that weekend. Steven had a girlfriend. He had been using the two of them for months. Stephanie was the fuck at Uni. Jessica was the future fiancé at home. She doubted that his relationship with Jessica would ever last that long. He had a mouth like most boys. Their mothers always told them, ‘kiss, but don’t tell’. A warning that says, ‘what goes on between two people sexually, should stay between them’. Not in this case. As far as Stephanie could tell, the whole campus know what a dirty girl Stephanie was. She was called some very nasty names and it became clear that life for her in Manchester University was now over. She moved for the start of year two to Essex University to complete her studies. She decided that she was never going to be the reckless person ever again. That was when she met Giles. It was over 7 months into their dating when they finally had sex. Stephanie was now much more careful.

Chapter 3

The weekend away – a strangers version

‘The stranger’s version’

It was Saturday night, around a few minutes to midnight. I walked into the club to find my friends. The place was busy with young people, and a lot of middle aged ladies out enjoying themselves, but I couldn’t see any of my friends. I was about to turn and head to the Twifford Arms when you caught my eye. You were sat at a table on a tall stool just a few metres from the bar. It was a busy and modern bar. Soft lighting illuminated the walls from behind the rows of spirits, and a strip of light under lit the bar surface. The bar was made of strong frosted glass designed to capture the faces of the customers and bar attendants. It was this kind of up lighting that illuminated you, casting you in an aura of light much like an angel. You had drinks at your table that matched your pink cocktail complete with umbrella, pineapple, and cherry. It didn’t look like this was your drink of choice, but you continued to sip at it absentmindedly through a twisty straw.

You were wearing a black satin style dress that hung from your shoulders by the straps and followed the contours of your body to your waist. From here the dress flared out a little over your thighs. In addition to this you were decorated by a lightly pinked sash that said “Little Miss Careful.” I looked around the club and saw another 10 or so women with similar sashes. It was clear that you were a member of a hen party, made clearer by “Little Miss Bride” walking past me to the toilet. She looked like she may have had a few more of those pink cocktails than you had. She was nervously and quickly followed by “Little Miss Bridesmaid” who had a look of guilt and worry about her.

What captured my attention about you was everything in the way your hair fell over your shoulder, the way your dress complimented every part of you, and from my brief observations, even your persona. It was even in the way the light lit you up and framed your gentle movements. You looked like an angel – albeit a bored one.

I plucked up my courage, a shot of rum and ice, and walked towards you. ‘What do I say?’, ‘do I walk past you?’, ‘why am I doing this again?’, ‘Oh, shit! I’ve been standing in front of you saying nothing for too long.’

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