A Hot Summer’s Night Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This story continues from A Hot Summer’s Night Part 1, start there if you are just getting in to this series.


Just a week ago things changed quite a bit for my wife Jaime and I, when I fucked my sister. More specifically, when my wife and sister conspired to let me fuck her. I know my sister hadn’t had the most active sex life with her husband, but prior to that day there was no scenario in my mind where I would have ended up with my dick inside my sister. None. Now that it has happened the days following have been interesting between my wife and me. She, being the very possessive type, went way out of character to allow the tryst to happen with my sister, so the discussions about the details have been surprisingly playful, and maybe a hint of jealous, I wasn’t quite sure.

“So, who has better tits?” She asked one morning, getting dressed for work and standing provocatively in the morning sunlight seeping through the window.

Knowing this for the trap it ways, I tried to be diplomatic. “I love your tits, babe. You know that. She has beautiful breasts as well, I think that is obvious, but I couldn’t live without getting to fondle your amazing breasts every morning,” I said, walking up to her and cupping a breast in my hand, lightly teasing a nipple and leaning in for a kiss. I do tend to fondle her most mornings, so that was all true.

“You’d better say that, I saw how you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them,” she added, referring to the day they hatched their plan to seduce me.

“Hey, that was your idea,” I meekly tried to defend myself.

“Uh-huh, right. As I remember, you fought tooth and nail against it,” she added with a mischievous grin.

“What can I say, I am a naughty boy,” I admitted truthfully.

“Well, don’t get used to the idea. It was probably a one-time thing,” she replied, but not with a lot of conviction and I noted the use of the word “probably”.

“Look, I enjoyed it. I really did, but you are my wife and you are all that I need….honest,” I gave her a hug to re-assure her. My mind wasn’t convinced though, as I had thought about if there would be a next time and how the dynamic might change between my sister and I, and if she was even up for another encounter.

“Good Answer,” she answered kissing my softly on the lips.

She finished getting dressed and gathered up all her daily gear, placing everything in the bag of lost items called her purse. It was at that point, she dropped the bomb.

“That’s good too, as she is coming down again this weekend,” she added as she walked to the kitchen, not waiting for my reaction, though I am sure she could picture it.

“What?” I responded trying to not sound excited, so it came out as almost a squeak. How quickly I return to the gutter. I am such a bad boy.

“Yep, apparently Gary is headed out to deal with a big trip in Washington, so she is once again flying solo. Imagine my surprise when she asked if she can come down again,” my wife continued, dripping with sarcasm. Again, I thought I detected some playfulness in her voice, but I wasn’t going to risk trying to pull that lever right now.

I had to reach down and stuff my hardening cock into my waistband as I didn’t want my body to betray my thoughts. Another weekend with my wife and sister with who knows what potential it could offer? Yes, please. I chose to remain as non-committal as possible, “Well, hopefully the weather will be nice, so you guys can get some sun.” That was a stupid line, she would see right through that.

I joined her in the kitchen by this point, and Jaime was putting the finishing touches on her lunch. My wife turned to me and gave me a look that told me she didn’t buy what I was selling. “Look, I know that I opened a can of worms here, but I expect that all three of us can be adults about it. I know you are not running out on me, but I also know you and your naughty mind, which I love by the way,” she began. “I am sure she has been in more than a few fantasies of yours, but don’t go thinking you have free reign here,” Jaime finished.

Now, I noted she said, “Free Reign” and not a complete “No Chance”, but again, I knew this wasn’t the time to talk about semantics.

“Love, I get it. No worries. Besides, maybe she has designs on you this weekend. She was a little experimental in college, or so I heard,” I deflected.

Jaime scoffed at that, “You know that I am a cock girl, through and through. I can appreciate a beautiful woman, but I am not into pussy…at all.”

“So, just let her go down on you,” I offered helpfully, and stupidly

Jaime just cocked her head in mock offense.

“So, your saying there’s a chance,” I countered the look.

“You are so bad,” she broke the mood quickly before kissing me on the cheek. “See you later, love you,” and out the door she went. I checked out her ass as she went. What can I say, I love my wife.

In reflection, I noted there was no straight out rejection of the ideas, and perhaps she even left some hiltonbet giriş openings. Was there a chance? Or, am I just hoping there was an opening and inventing the possibility? And just like that, my mind was off.

I think it goes without saying that my wife was dead on about my sister, my dreams were filled with very unwholesome thoughts. Not that I am a wholesome person, mind you, but still, having your sister and wife doing very naughty things to you in your dreams is a bit off the normal path. Oh well, I am who I am, what can I do?

The week had shifted for me quite a bit as I had gone from some uncertainty about how the next gathering would go to being on right the precipice of that very thing. It was Friday, my sister was coming down today for the weekend, the only question left would be if she would arrive first, and if so, would it be awkward or something else altogether? What was she thinking?

I didn’t have long to wait, as about 3:30 I heard a car in the driveway and knew that it was too soon for my wife to be home, so that must have been my sister. Now was the moment of truth, I will find out how things will possibly go this weekend. I was nervous as I got up from my desk and by the time I headed downstairs, my sister was at the front door. I opened the door just as she walked up and seeing her through the glass of the storm door, she looked amazing. She once again decided against her normal conservative dress, which was a good sign. She had on a pair of mid-length shorts and a tee shirt that accentuated her ample breasts. She offered a genuine smile through the door as I opened it for her.

“Hey Brad,” was all she managed.

“Val,” I responded, still trying to assess her body language and reaction.

“Jaime not here yet?” She asked looking around, as I closed the door behind her.

“Nope,” I answered and turned to face her.

“Good!” She said as she dropped her bags.

She immediately through her arms around me, pulling me to her as she kissed me deeply on the lips. Not a sisterly kiss either, a deep, wet, tongue kiss. Her large breasts pressed against me and I could feel their soft, fullness against me as her tongue continued to probe my mouth. I kissed her back as my cock immediately hardened and I reached around her pulling her ass against me, so my cock pressed into her body. After what seemed like minutes, we broke the kiss and she stood apart from me, looking at me as she licked the remainder of the kiss off her lips.

“Hi, I wanted to give you a proper greeting,” was all she offered.

“Hi, I’m glad you did,” I responded in kind.

“I can tell your happy to see me,” she lightened the mood, glancing at the hard bulge in my shorts.

“Well, maybe you were on my mind a bit this week,” I admitted, trying to adjust it so it wasn’t sticking out so much.

“Me, too,” she added with a smile and another soft kiss on my lips.

“Not to spoil the mood or anything, but I did promise Jackie that this wouldn’t become a normal occurrence,” I offered a weak rebuke, trying to gather the remains of my honor into a reasonable defense.

“I know,” Val responded thoughtfully, as if considering options in her own mind. “It doesn’t mean I don’t want to, last weekend was more enjoyable than I care to admit,” added with a smile.

“I know. I wasn’t really sure how you would react and was getting quite nervous about what you might feel,” I began. “Jaime and I have had a number of discussions about it, and she has been surprisingly playful about things. I am glad to hear how you feel now,” I continued.

“But, in our discussions I didn’t exactly get a direct no for us, she kinda left an opening on how she said certain things, but I caught her meaning plain enough. She doesn’t want us just going at it on any occasion.” I offered a bit of hope, tempered with a dash of responsibility.

“What does that mean?” Val asked as she wandered to the guest room and dropped her bag onto the bed.

“I really don’t know exactly. Maybe she was turned on by the idea and it’s on her mind? I guess the hall pass I gave her on girl’s nights opened her eyes? I really can’t be sure,” I answered, honestly unsure about how to read the discussions.

“Yea, she told me about that, you are a lot different than I thought. Never imagined you were so, opened minded I guess,” my sister mused.

“You have no idea,” I countered.

“So, what should we do?” She asked.

“I would say we somehow stack the deck and setup a threesome and then see how it goes. The problem is she really isn’t in to girls. She finds women attractive, just not physically interested in everything going on down there,” I motioned to my sister’s crotch.

“Well, maybe I can do most of the work go down on her, you did mention she loves it, and it has been a while since I did it. Not something I am against doing,” Val offered thoughtfully.

“Well, I was more thinking that we have a strapon, maybe we can both take her at the same time, hiltonbet yeni giriş and then figure how to work on each other?” I asked.

My sister was looking at me with a confused expression. “What the fuck do you have a strapon for?” She asked.

I looked a bit sheepish and offered a shrug in response, not wanting to open that particular box.

“NO. FUCKING. WAY?” Val responded with astonishment.

“What?” I asked looking away.

“Holy Shit, I never would have imagined. That’s hot!” She slapped me on the arm.

“That’s a conversation for another time, what are we going to do now?” I deflected.

“Well, I want you to fuck me right now, but I guess that is off the table….for the moment. We are going to have to seduce Jaime and get her in on it, so I can get me some of this,” Val offered, cupping my crotch with her hand.

I didn’t hear much past ‘Fuck Me’, so I just sat there staring at her tits.

“My eyes are up here,” my sister admonished backing away playfully. God, I am an awful brother.

I looked up at my sister and she gave me a knowing smile. She reached down under her shirt and bra and started lifting slowly until finally both of her breasts released from their enclosures and gravity took over in the sexiest breast drop. They playfully bounced on her chest, nipples hard as my sister ran her hands over her soft flesh.

“Is this what you have been thinking about, brother?” She asked seductively, pinching her nipples and pressing her breasts together seductively, creating a deep cavern of flesh.

“Maybe,” I replied, trying to keep some semblance of composure.

She quickly pulled her bra and shirt back down over her breasts, “Well, you can’t have them until you have permission. I am going to go get changed,” and with that she bounded off to the guest room, leaving me standing there with my thoughts and a very hard dick. I am such an easily manipulated guy, I laughed to myself.

My wife came home fifteen minutes later, and I greeted her at the door with a warm kiss.

“That was nice,” my wife smiled.

“Hi Love!” I gave her a hug.

“I see Val’s here,” she continued, eyeing me suspiciously.

“What? Nothing happened!” I replied in defense of her look. I swear I almost thought she expected us to have fucked or something.

“I’m sure,” Jaime countered, but I didn’t detect any real anger there, though I am pretty sure she could read my mind.

As if summoned, my sister reappeared from the guest room, and she didn’t really help matters. She was wearing a barely-there bikini that revealed, side-boob, bottom-boob, cleavage, the works. My eyes were drawn to her, but it was a serious act of will not to stare like a sex-crazed dog.

“Hey Val,” my wife said to my sister. “Uhm, why bother wearing anything at all!?”

“Is that what you prefer Jaime!” My sister answered lightly and came up and gave my wife a hug and kiss on the cheek, though probably closer to the lips than cheek, being sure to press both breasts into her more closely than just a friendly hug. I know what that feels like, and I am sure my wife could feel it too, though her expression gave nothing away.

My wife turned to look at me with a bemused, accusatory look. Behind her, my sister gave me a wink and the ‘OK” sign with her fingers.

“What?” I said again, as if command of the English language had suddenly left me and that was the only word I knew. I found myself tongue tied in the presence of these two gorgeous women, both of whom I have had intimate relations with in the past week and would like to again.

“Let’s go get you changed,” my sister said breaking the moment. “I want to get some sun.” Val grabbed my wife by the arm and led her upstairs.

I sighed in relief, but my thoughts were betraying me at every step. I wasn’t sure how the next few hours would go, but I know what I wanted. Carnal thoughts were running through my head, so of course it took control of my decision-making process as I found myself quietly sneaking upstairs to see if I could eaves drop on their conversation.

Creeping down the hall to my own bedroom door, I pressed an ear close to see if I could pick up on any conversation. I was instantly rewarded as I clearly overheard my sister say, “You have great tits, Jaime.” To which my wife responded, “They aren’t as big as yours, but Brad seems to love them.” My cock once again got instantly hard, as I pictured my wife standing there naked, trying on bathing suits in front of my sister, knowing that my sister is actively trying to seduce her.

“Stop,” my sister encouraged, “You are beautiful. He loves you to death, that’s obvious,” she continued. “He is a very lucky guy,” she finished.

“Well, you are gorgeous Val,” my wife responded. “Brad was obviously excited about last weekend.”

“Yes, well that was a great weekend, and for sure I needed it,” Val answered. “I appreciate you letting me work out some frustration with him. It’s not exactly a normal thing. hiltonbet güvenilirmi I was starting to worry I was getting old and my tits were starting to sag.” I imagined her grabbing her own breasts as she said that.

“Don’t be silly. I am older than you and I will sag before you do. Yours are amazing,” my wife tried to be encouraging.

“You don’t think so?” Val asked. “Feel them and tell me if they are getting soft.” Oh Val, you naughty girl, I see what you did there.

After a moment, my wife finally responded, “They feel pretty firm to me.” I pictured my wife feeling up my sister’s big tits, so erotic, I subconsciously started rubbing my hard cock. I am such a bad person.

“OK, I guess that answers that,” my sister answered, “This is turning me on a bit too much. Just put on the blue bathing suit and let’s catch some sun.”

I heard my wife laugh at that last comment and I knew my time was up. I crept away from the door and back downstairs to try and get my mind off what was going on and be natural, if possible. I heard the girls come out a couple of minutes later and for the second time in a week, was greeted by the sight of my wife and sister in very revealing bikinis.

“It’s déjà vu,” I admitted as they came down.

“Does that mean you like what you see,” my wife gave me a flirtatious smile and provocative turn of the hips.

“Maybe,” I offered in weak response.

“Come on Jaime, let’s not put Brad through the same bit this weekend, thought I did enjoy it. I think he’s earned a reprieve after last week,” my sister said as she put her had around my wife and helped usher her out towards the patio. Val gave a quick turn of her head and a smile as they moved towards the door, both wearing thong type bathing suits, so basically they were bare-assed. It was a nice view.

The patio that the girls were on is private, so the fact that they were wearing some revealing bikinis was not an issue for any prying neighbor eyes. I spent the next hour or so playing bartender and go-for, which I didn’t mind as the view was quite nice. Each time I would come out they would be in a different situation. At one point whispering close, another laughing together, my sisters hand on my wife’s leg, laying back in the sun next to each other on the lounge chairs. I couldn’t say for sure, but I would say my sister’s ‘seduction’ was working, as my wife looked relaxed, comfortable even. There was no way Jaime would ever go full ‘Bi”, but if my sister could lower her guard enough to make the plan work, then we can see where that leads.

I got a glimpse of that potential about 30 minutes later when coming out to refresh their drinks. They were both laying flat on their backs, topless, breasts fully exposed to the sun, and to me. The fact that my wife didn’t even make mention that I was looking at her and my sister gave me some hope. They both propped themselves up on their elbows when I came over and gave me a smile, gravity pulling their breasts down and slightly to the sides of their chests, a very sexy sight.

“Can I get you ladies anything else,” I asked trying not to let their display get the better of me, though my mind was struggling to keep it under control.

“I can think of a few things I want,” my sister said, a bit brazenly, looking at me.

“I am sure you could,” my wife answered with a smile. “How about you, Babe, do you see anything you want?” She added.

I just stood there, mouth opening and closing for a few seconds, not exactly sure how I should respond.

“Very eloquent,” my sister chided me with a smile.

My wife stood up, still making no effort to cover herself. “I need to shower, the heat is getting to me a bit,” she reached over to help Val up from the chair.

“Together?” I asked with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Jaime turned to me with a sarcastic grin, “I bet you would love that!”

“Uh, yea, of course I would,” I offered, as if the question was silly.

“No, Babe. Not together,” she turned, grabbing the sunscreen and her top. “I am going first, Val, if that is ok,” my wife said over her shoulder, heading in to the house, leaving me with my half-naked sister.

Val looked at me hungrily and responded, “Sure, just leave me some hot water.” My sister’s large tits bounced and swayed as she stood up and then walked in front of me towards the house, as if following my wife. She turned towards me and gave me a ‘come here’ motion with her fingers as she reached the door to the house. I followed, much like a dog obediently follows their master.

As soon as I entered the house, my sister turned and jumped me, throwing her arms around me, pressing her fantastic breasts into my chest and pulling me down for a passionate kiss. She drove her tongue into my mouth for the second time today and I had to muster all my will to push her back for a moment, breathing “Jaime?”

“She’s upstairs already in the shower,” my sister moved in to kiss me again. I couldn’t resist her this time, and kissed her back, my hands immediately molding to her breasts, her long, thick nipples rock hard in my fingers. Breaking the kiss again, I dropped my mouth down to her breast, taking her nipple into my mouth, tasting her sunscreen. She hissed with pleasure, whispering, “Yes, suck on my tits! That feels so good!”

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