A Hot Evening in Chilly New England

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Mark and Betsy had never visited the Slocum’s country home before; their previous interactions had all taken place at their plush city apartment where the spread of food and wine had always been overwhelming and their other dinner guests were wonderful conversationalists, physically beautiful or handsome, and the hosts always seemed to aggressively encourage flirting. Mark and Betsy needed no prompting in that area. Although they were otherwise happily married, they took advantage of vacations and parties to explore their options. As they drove up to the huge, impeccably restored colonial-era farmhouse with a dozen expensive cars parked in the heavily falling snow, they both silently hoped that they would find some sexual surprises waiting inside. As they padded through nearly a foot of new snow, they smelt the burning logs in the fireplace and heard the champagne-fueled laughter inside and realized they weren’t going to be disappointed.

Just before Sid Slocum opened the huge oak front door for them, Betsy grabbed Mark’s arm and swung him towards her. Before he could say anything she held his face in her small, still warm hands and kissed him deeply, her tongue immediately finding his. He loved being kissed so spontaneously and passionately by his wife, especially when she was wearing “Obsession” perfume. It reminded him of their first outings during college, when Betsy, barely 5-foot tall and blonde, would make the rounds at all the parties but always used that kiss to let Mark know it was time to go back to her off-campus apartment. On her it was such a sensual scent he could never resist whatever she’d ask after the accompanying kiss. But before she could say a word, Sid opened the door, flung his arms wide and enveloped Betsy happily, whisking her inside, while laughing over his shoulder, “Thanks for the terrific Christmas present, Mark!” Then they were lost in the crowd of partygoers dressed in tuxedos and fabulously expensive dresses.

By 2AM most of the guests had left, claiming the snow would make driving –especially after a few flutes of champagne– more dangerous than usual. The last Mark had seen of Sid he was standing on the middle of the sweeping staircase that led upstairs to the bedrooms. “Anyone who doesn’t feel like driving, and would like to risk spending the evening here, is welcome to claim a spare bedroom. In the meantime, I have business to attend…” and he turned and took the stairs two at a time. He’s after someone, Mark thought, I’d know that look of outright lust anywhere. And I wonder where my dear wife has hidden herself, almanbahis he wondered?

After a half-hour of fruitless searching he stood in the library doorway, watching the fireplace across the room in front of him, while a few couple chatted quietly. Suddenly a small hand reached out from behind the library door behind him and begins gently caressing his ass. Whoever owned that hand had snuck through the back halls of the big house and silently entered the darkened library from the other side. Mark smelled Obsession and decided that he would enjoy the moment, rather than squawking like the Christmas goose. His hands in his tuxedo pockets felt his cock growing steadily as the mystery hand slide down between his pants legs stealthily and gently found his balls.

Mark stared intently at the Christmas trees in the corner of the living room before him and the pile of presents beneath it. Ah, yes, his mind returned to a moment earlier in the evening when he’d unwrapped a present from Sid, and unconsciously stuffed the scarlet ribbon in his pocket. He felt it there now, and thought, How fortunate; just what I need!

Seeing that the few guests on the couches were mesmerized by the fire (and probably tired and more than slightly drunk) he knew no one would notice him leave. With that he swiveled around and with one step he was behind the library door, facing his molester. To his shock, it was not his Betsy, but rather Sid’s petite wife, Margo, who apparently also had a passion for Obsession. With a slightly tipsy grin on her face, Margo backed up into the darkness as Mark hesitated for a second. She wore a pale cashmere sweater and a single strand of pearls to match, a dark woolen tartan plaid skirt, and dark stockings. She’s lost her shoes somewhere and seemed incredibly small standing in Mark’s 6’4” shadow. With her pure white hair cut short she was an erotic Christmas elf incarnate.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something, Mark clamped one large hand over her mouth. Her eyes were suddenly wide and seemed to reflect the light from the other room. Obviously taken aback she stood perfectly still. Mark impulsively whispered, “Don’t make a sound. You started this and I’m in the mood to finish it. If I only had a little mistletoe…” As Margo began to giggle he took her face with both hands he leaned to kiss her. Margo simply tilted her head, and closed her eyes. At the last second he stopped and whispered, “Open your mouth, pet.” Without hesitation, she opened her mouth; he kissed her deeply, his tongue seeking hers immediately.

As almanbahis yeni giriş he continued to kiss her Mark released her face and brought them down to the tiny white buttons on her sweater, deftly popping one, then the next and the next, until it was open to just below her small breasts. He slipped his hand in and felt that her nipple was hard as a chestnut beneath the pale silk bra. As soon as he began to roll it and gently press it between his fingers, Margo stopped kissing him and moaned softly. Mark knew he’d found her sensitive spots, he continued more vigorously. Within seconds Margo was gripping his arms tightly as he pinched first one nipple, then the other. Her breathing became faster and deeper, she let her head roll to each side. “Mark, I’m going to cum,” she said in a deep voice, and then she seemed to slump forward to lean against him as he held both nipples tightly.

The door at the other side of the library began to open; a dim light from the back hall beyond filled the library. Mark and Margo instantly realized that someone was about to catch them partially undressed and very passionately entwined. Mark quickly pulled the closet door behind Margo open and pulled her in with him, quietly shutting the louvered door. Margo clutched her open sweater to her ravished breasts, trying to control her breathing. Together they peered through the wooden slates into the library, which was now dark again, as its new occupants had closed the hall door again.

Mark stared in silence as he watched Sid move quietly into the shadows he had just vacated. He held his breath; Margo seemed to be doing the same. Not aware that he was being watched, Sid kissed the woman who stood before him. They continued for several minutes, Sid running his hands over the woman who was becoming more passionate every second. Then she stopped kissing him and knelt in front of him, unzipping the front of his tuxedo trousers and prying out his stiff cock. “My goodness,” Margo giggled as she watched the woman take most of Sid’s eight-inches in her mouth. The scene was undoubtedly arousing Mark, too, and he reached around Margo and cupped her breasts again, drawing her body back against him as he continued to stare transfixed at the couple in the library. Somewhere upstairs, a woman’s voice sang, On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” Margo felt Mark’s hard cock pressing against her from behind. “That’s what I want for Christmas; give it to me, now, please…” she whispered.

Unzipping quickly, Mark pulled his cock out as Margo lifted almanbahis giriş he woolen skirt and leaned slightly forward, never taking her gaze off of the woman in the library outside the closet door whose head bobbed up and down on Sid’s cock. Sid reached down and guided her head, slowing its rhythm, groaning slightly as he enjoyed her sweet sucking. Mark slid his fingers beneath the elastic of Margo’s black pantyhose and panties, pulling them down to mid-thigh in one motion. As he moved forward Margo felt the heat of his engorged cock slip between her legs; she hummed with pleasure and leaned further forward. Mark held her hips, guiding her position so that the tip of his cock slid between her warm, slick labia.

Just as he was about to push up into Margo’s pussy the woman kneeling before Sid let out a long moan. Mark and Margo quickly peeked out to see her holding his cock with both her small hands and letting his stream of cum jet into her mouth as she leaned her head back slightly. To Mark’s shock he recognized Betsy’s face, her eyes closed in ecstasy. The thought of Betsy sucking Sid’s cock momentarily infuriated him, but his anger was short-lived as he became even more aroused at the sight of her with another man. His reverie was broken by Margo whispering, “Mark, please, fuck me…”

With the remains of his irritation and his rekindled lust, Mark shifted Margo once more, the pre-cum wetness at the end of his cock now positioned between her ass cheeks. “Mark, what are you…?” Margo nearly aloud. Not wanting to be discovered by the couple just ten feet from their hiding spot, he quickly placed his hand back over Margo’s mouth, simultaneously pulling her hard back against him so that his cock slide quickly into her ass. He thought he’d cum immediately, but he didn’t. Margo stiffened, then relaxed and he felt her breath come hissing warmly from her nose onto his hand. She enjoying this, too, Mark thought, we’re all having a Merry Christmas here, aren’t we? He began to slowly pump her ass with one hand over her open mouth and the other pinching her hardened nipple. But Margo didn’t have the ability to control herself as she did; the pressure on her nipple was too much to bear and Mark felt her cumming again. With that he pushed hard into her, his cock shooting a hot load deep up into her.

In the library, Sid was laughing quietly while Betsy wiped the last of his cum from her lips with a cocktail napkin. Then he took her by the hand and led her back into the hallway and upstairs. In the dark and warm closet Betsy straightened up and pulled up her hose. “Well, it looks like we all got what we wanted for Christmas,” she said softly, “Shall we go find an empty bedroom before they’re all taken?” Mark opened the closet door and sniffed Obsession. I know what I want for Christmas, he thought.

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