A Hot Day At The Beach

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It was so hot out, well over ninety degrees, and I could feel beads of cold sweat trickling down between my breasts as I lay gazing at the clear water. I needed to feel its coolness. I stepped into the blue water and a shiver ran through my entire body. I walked slowly down the incline, savoring the feeling of wetness moving steadily up my legs, the water sweeping gently between my thighs until it reached above my waist with its soothing coolness. I couldn’t stand it any longer and dove under, letting the water soak my burning skin.

I didn’t pay much attention to where I swam; all I cared about was the intoxicating feeling of the water welcoming my entire body into its cool embrace. I lay on my back gliding along, my breasts exposed above the water’s surface with tiny waves lapping up against them. My body in a near state of ecstasy, I couldn’t help but take a brief moment to reach down and caress my yearning clitoris, pleasure washing over my entire body just as the water had. Almost reluctantly I resumed my backstroke, swimming parallel to the beach. Then suddenly I ran into a solid chest. I choked and sputtered trying to get my feet under me. A pair of strong arms pulled me easily into a standing position, but I still felt off balance.

I steadied myself against the man’s muscular shoulders. He brushed my hair back and I looked up into the most gorgeous face. His skin was a caramel tan. His dark eyes were warm and friendly and his lips were turned up in a sexy smile that showed off the dimples in his cheeks. His hands, which had been wrapped firmly around my waist, slipped down around my ass as he pulled me closer to steady me.

“Careful.” he whispered.

My breath caught in my throat as I absentmindedly let my hands slip down to his rock hard chest. I could feel his nipples like small stones under the softness of my palm. His chest was bare and smooth. Suddenly self-conscious, I quickly removed my hands from this man’s chest, and not knowing what to do with them now I grasped his forearms near my waist.

I couldn’t tear my gaze away from his face, and the smooth lines of his luscious lips. His muscular thigh rubbed against my own smooth legs creating a slight friction from the skin to skin contact that made me shudder. I could feel warmth enveloping me that had nothing to do with the sun, and everything to do with my own building passion. I looked up into his eyes and found a look of desire there that mirrored the passion I was feeling for him. We held a gaze for what seemed like an eternity, but one that could never last long enough.

He moved his head toward mine with confidence. My heartbeat sped up as he kissed me softly, my lips tingling with the caress of his. He tasted of salt water, a cool mint, and something indescribably male. I could feel his flaccid penis pressing into the softness of my stomach as he drew me in even closer, its very presence making the blood rush from my head. I wondered to myself what it might be like to touch it, knowing inside that it was a ridiculous fantasy. It had been several months since I had felt any man’s penis in my hand, or anywhere else for that matter, and I missed that feeling desperately. I knew deep down that this was just a brief kiss and would likely end in just a moment with us saying something awkward and embarrassing and quickly parting ways.

As we embraced my breasts smashed lightly into the lower part of his chest, wishing they were free from the bikini top that held them prisoner. I pressed them closer, feeling the steady and rhythmic beat of his heart, never wanting this moment to end. As we kissed I moved my breasts ever so slightly from side to side, rubbing them across his muscular chest, making me dizzy with desire. I began to notice a reaction to this from him as well, feeling a more pronounced bulge pressing urgently into my stomach. God it felt so good. I wanted this man’s body right then and there. I intentionally leaned more of my weight pendik escort into him, pressing my stomach forcefully into the bulge of his growing cock, as my kissing took on more urgency and passion. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know his name, my body knew what it wanted and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Almost reluctantly he pulled away from me and stared into my eyes with a half-smile formed by his lips; a look that made me melt as though I were made of butter. The water lapped at my breasts, teasing my nipples. I suddenly realized that I wasn’t breathing. I made a conscious effort to take a quick breath in, only partially relieving me from my state of breathlessness. I brought my hands back up to his chest to feel it once again, caressing it as though I were giving him a massage. His gaze left mine and moved down to my hands, watching as they slowly meandered over his muscular torso. I couldn’t hold back as my fingers inevitably moved down to his waistline. I ran the tip of an index finger between the elastic waistband of his trunks and his smooth skin as he lowered his head to kiss my neck. His mouth on my body was like fire on ice. I don’t think I’d ever experienced such passion and desire. Slowly and cautiously I placed another finger just inside his waistband, and then another, pulling it slightly away from the skin of his stomach, all the while waiting for him to reel back and let me know I had gone too far. But to my surprise it never happened, his kisses on my neck and shoulder almost inviting me continue on.

I nuzzled my face into his neck and gently nibbled on the skin there. Throwing caution to the wind, I slowly slid my hand further down through the waistband of his trunks until I felt the tip of his hardening cock straining upward to meet my touch. My fingertips lightly traced around the ridge of the head of his cock. The head was big and very well defined. I carefully ran my fingers up and down its length and around the big mushroom-like head, noting the differences in skin texture and loving the warmth. I moved my hand slowly down, from the tip to the base of his cock, making a mental note of its considerable size. I slid my hand up and down its length as I envisioned every inch sliding smoothly through the opening of my pussy and far into the depths beyond.

“Careful,” he whispered in a strained voice, “You may get more than you want.” I looked into his eyes and we both smiled.

I knew that there was no stopping myself now. Holding his thickness in my hand was making my passion uncontrollable, and I desperately wanted to feel his thick cock inside my tight canal. I tightened my grip midway down his shaft to let him know just how much I ached for it. He reached down and cupped my left breast in his right hand and I could feel a rush of heat building in the core of my body. As he tickled and tweaked my rigid nipple I couldn’t help but gasp, gripping his pulsating cock even harder as I began to stroke up and down its length, feeling its veins straining at the surface as though they might burst.

My breath came in shallow gasps as he slipped his fingers under my bikini and into my hot pussy. He caressed my folds lightly with his fingers; gently pushing a finger in and then pulling it out. I began to tremble as his fingers rubbed my clit, harder and faster. He pinched my tiny nub between his thumb and forefinger, rolling and tugging it lightly.

I arched my hips into him desperately trying to increase the pressure of his fingers on my clit, as my hand moved over his cock with increasing speed. My legs felt weak as a wave of ecstasy washed over me. I felt like crying out with pleasure, but before I could, his mouth covered my own in a deep and sexy kiss. The shudders that ran through my body shook me to my very core. But the burning desire was still there. I wanted and needed to feel his big hard cock inside of me.

Still holding onto his kartal escort cock with one hand, I slowly pulled his trunks down with the other; first pulling the back down to just below his fantastic ass, and then the front, freeing his cock into the open water with my hand still gripping it tightly. I strained my eyes to get a first look at his cock as it lay well below the surface of the water, but the water hid the details that I so craved to see. Almost in desperation I put my face down into the water and opened my eyes. Now into better view came my hand and this mans beautiful cock. I had to take my hand away just to get an unobstructed view of this magnificent tool. I couldn’t help but stare. Grabbing around his swollen shaft once again, I came up for a breath of air, almost gasping because I’d been underwater longer than I thought. As I began to stroke his cock once again, I looked up at him with a crooked smile and a sparkle in my eye.

Taking a deep breath I plunged my head down into the water once again. Grabbing the base of his cock with both hands I used it to pull myself down deeper into the water, bringing my lips to his dick. I did my best to keep water out of my mouth as I carefully slid my lips over the head of that big cock My heart was beating fast with the excitement and I was already feeling the need to take another breath, but I didn’t want to stop just yet. The head of his cock was so big that it alone nearly filled my mouth. Its softness felt exquisite as I sucked down on it hard, feeling it distort from the suction to the shape of the inside of my mouth. The urge to breath growing stronger now, I began to aggressively run my tongue all over the swollen head while sucking on it. There was an immediate reaction to this by him, and I’m sure he was moaning a bit though I couldn’t hear it under the water. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer – I carefully pulled my mouth off of his swollen cock and shot to the surface for air as I gasped and desperately drew in a couple of breaths. After regaining my composure I looked into his eyes and gave him a wicked grin.

As if reading my mind he grabbed me at my hips and lifted me up so that I could wrap my legs around his waist, his throbbing cock below me nestled comfortably between the cheeks of my ass. I placed my hands around his neck and let my fingers sink into the rich thickness of his hair. With me holding on around his neck, his hands were free to do anything he wanted with my body hanging from his. Both his hands moved to my breasts and caressed them, neither of us wanting him to stop. I did what I could in this awkward position to grind my clit into his stomach in an attempt to somehow find more pleasure. I could feel his big cock pressing up insistently into the crack of my ass. I reached behind and under me with my left hand and rubbed the underside of his cock-head with my fingers. God it felt so damn good. When he finally sensed that I could take it no more, he reached his hands down and pulled my bikini bottom to the side, exposing my aching pussy for what was to come. He briefly ran his thumb up to my clit and massaged it, causing me to twitch and jump a little from the intense pleasure. I let out a soft moan as his thumb applied more pressure.

“Please” I barely managed to say, as I looked at him with eyes glazed over with unbearable passion.

With an almost practiced ease he grabbed me at the waist and lifted my body up enough to position me over his vertical cock, the head teasing my pussy lips and clit as he maneuvered it around trying to find entry. Finally the swollen head found the entrance to my waiting canal, and I instinctively lowered my weight onto it. Oh My God!! A wave of pleasure came over me as I felt the huge engorged head push through my lips and enter into me. As his cock slid smoothly into my wet pussy I let out an audible groan that I could not hold back. I looked into his eyes as he penetrated maltepe escort me deeper and deeper, his returning gaze causing me to lose my breath once again. He slowly continued pushing his cock deeper into me until finally I could feel my clitoris nestled into his pubic hair. I marveled at the thought of all of his thick cock being penetrated inside me. I could feel the pressure of his big cock deep inside pressing against my cervix. I felt as though every corner of my pussy was filled up completely.

Reaching down with one hand, I pressed into my lower stomach to see if I could feel him in there from the outside, but I couldn’t. I estimated that the head of his cock was only a couple of inches below the level of my belly button. Amazing!! For a few moments we both remained still, savoring the feeling of his cock fully enveloped inside of me. I ran my fingers down the side of his cheek over his light stubble. He caught my middle finger in his mouth and sucked lightly and a shiver of ecstasy ran through my body. I was in heaven.

With him supporting me and holding me up from underneath I began rocking my pelvis back and forth against his body and used his neck to pull myself up and down the length of his swollen shaft. Each time I lowered myself back down on him I could clearly feel that big cock-head pushing through and spreading my inner walls apart deep inside. The water was lapping at us as our movements became more intense. We were grinding and pulling against each other in a frenzy. I no longer cared if anyone noticed.

His cock felt incredible as it thrust in and out of me repeatedly, the ridge of his swollen head sending shudders through my body. It was only a matter of time until I had a massive orgasm. I could feel it building up inside me as his hips slammed into me again and again…faster…harder….his cock withdrawing almost entirely after each thrust, only to be buried once again inside the soft walls of my pussy. His intensity increased as he drove himself closer and closer to the edge, his hips moving in perfect rhythm with mine. The water churned all around us as I frantically pulled myself up and down on his big cock.

He made it clear to me that he was about to cum and then tried to withdraw his twitching and pulsating cock from my pussy, but I was having none of that. I clamped my legs around his waist in a near death grip, preventing any possibility of his withdrawal. As I did this his cock pushed far into me one last time. He grunted heavily and I felt him ejaculate forcefully deep inside me, the rhythmic contractions of his spurting cock causing my body to shake with the spasms of its own sweet release. I shook as I reached my orgasm, every muscle in my body seeming to tense with wave after wave of intensity. I wasn’t breathing, the pleasure overwhelming my whole body. As the tornado of sensation began to subside I held onto his body tightly. He was also breathing heavily, almost panting from the effort and the pleasure. Deep inside of me I could feel his cock still pulsing and twitching in the aftermath of his orgasm.

He left his subsiding cock inside my velvet tunnel as he moved in for another very passionate kiss. I could feel the mass of his cock melting away as the blood slowly left it. The feeling of fullness inside me seemed to drift away, but I loved the thought of all that cum being left deep within. It was as though he was leaving a wonderful part of himself with me. We stayed in this embrace for several minutes, neither wanting to move.

We pulled apart; he withdrew his now-flaccid penis from me and lowered me down carefully until my feet touched the cool sandy bottom. I embraced him once again and we kissed. I didn’t want it to be over yet. Still close to one another, I looked up into his eyes and saw the he too still wanted more. I began kissing his neck and ears as he took my breast in his hand, running his thumb over the hard nipple still concealed by the bikini top. I absentmindedly let my hand drift down once again to fondle his penis, lightly exploring its shape with my fingertips. Even soft it felt wonderful in my hand.

He bent to kiss my lips and whispered, “Careful, you may start something again.”

And that was just fine with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32