A Hectic Day

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It was an especially hectic day, as you were attempting to finish everything at work so you could enjoy the weekend. While you had nothing in particular planned for the weekend; you were anticipating a call from your new lover, a man you had met through surfing the Internet. You had never actually “met” him, as he lived in another city, but you already thought of him as a lover because of the way that you had grown to know him. The first few messages were friendly, chatty, revealing a thoughtful man who was as interested in your mind as your body. Before long, you felt comfortable enough to broach the topic of sex, and you found that he talked a pretty mean game. It brought up feelings you had forced into a dormant state, and you found yourself wanting this man, even without the benefit of ever having seen him. He lived in a city far away from yours, so you felt comfortable in releasing these pent up emotions, and it was very satisfying, but you wanted more. So he had promised a phone call when you were at home, in the later hours, so that you two could explore something other than online chat, or email stories. It surprised you to discover that you were eagerly anticipating some phone sex with this man. A new venture for you.

And why not? It had been a long time since you had allowed yourself to be driven primarily by gut lust. He had unlocked this lust by unlocking your friendship first. He had reminded you of a lover of long ago, the man who gave you your first orgasm. You were young then, and probably in love, but this guy brought up the same passion. Yeah, this time you aren’t “in love” with him, but you really think you want him. The thought of spending some time on the phone with him had you in a distracted, unfocused mood. At times you would notice that you were unexpectedly wet, and tingly… and it would surprise you that you were in a state of constant arousal. It occurred to you that were he to show up in your office, you would probably fuck him right there.

But, you had two hours of solid work left before you, and you chased such thoughts away with a fierce concentration on your paperwork. All things in good time, you said.

As the clock crept toward 4 O’clock, you began to wind down, realizing that you had accomplished most of your work. Only a few phone calls remained, and you might even hit the rush hour a little early. You reached over to the phone, but before you could pick it up, it rang. You answered quickly, and you heard a somewhat familiar voice on the line “well, THAT was quick. Did you know I was in town?”

Your heart nearly stopped. Could he be in the city? Where? How?

“Where are you?” you manage to stutter… thinking…. That bastard! How could he just SHOW UP?

“I have a particularly demanding client here, and I had to make a last-minute trip this morning. The meeting has gone on all day, but I am now free from it. I had hoped that I would catch you before you left for home. You will have to pardon me, but I sorta wanted to surprise you.”

“Mission accomplished.” You could tell that you sounded breathless and eager, but on the other hand, you were still flustered mainly by the fact that you weren’t sure you were READY to meet this man yet. What if he didn’t like you in person? What if he found you unattractive? What if HE was unattractive? So many thoughts racing through your head… and he knew it.

“I know it’s a frightening imposition, because we’ve never met. And I have a return flight that I can catch in two hours, if you are simply unsure. But, if you are interested, I could meet you for coffee somewhere and we could make it very safe for both of us.”

Interested? Safe? You were nearly dizzy with confusion. Interested? Yes! Safe? Maybe not! But he was right… a safe place to meet was the wise thing to do. So, you pulled your thoughts together in ten seconds, and finally came up with an idea.

“There is a Starbucks I know near my building. Let’s meet there in … what…. Where are you?”

“I’m in bakırköy escort the car, near downtown. I can be there in..”

“… Five minutes” you interrupted, giving him directions, saying goodbye.

You ran to the bathroom and gave yourself a quick look. The day hadn’t been hard on your looks, even if you had thought you were tired. That was five minutes ago. Now you felt like your body was hooked up to a substation, 500,000 volts shooting through it. Thank GOD you had worn this outfit…. What on EARTH possessed you to put on a silk blouse and a slit skirt today? Are the gods looking after you?

Or are they looking after HIM?

Makeup all checked, you go back to your office, grab your bag, and head down the elevator. You had told no one where you were going, and while that violated one of your personal rules, you felt strangely free and even naughty for doing it. Somehow you trusted this man. It felt like high school, sneaking out of the house to go drinking with friends. It was exhilarating.

And, when you arrived at the Starbucks, a stranger opened the door for you. He was tall, dark, with graying temples, and a wide smile behind his dark beard. It was he! And, you found yourself smiling back, and your fears were melting as fast as your libido was rising. And your body language gave away your feelings. You sat across the table from him, and at times you realized that you were leaning over the table in a way where he was able to see that you were braless, and excited. He managed to maintain his composure, but you could see him shifting in his chair with slight discomfort… as though he was trying to manipulate his erection without bringing attention to it.

While it was small talk over a cup of coffee, it was filled with sexual tension and energy. You glanced at your watch and saw it was only 4:30…. And you needed to get back to the office before you left for the day. So, taking a chance, you suggested that he come with you, and then the two of you could go out later for more intimate conversation. He agreed enthusiastically, and stood up to hold your chair, brushing against your nipple as you stood up. Almost inadvertently, you reached up to touch his face, and he leaned over to kiss your cheek. His face was warm, and soft. Your face was hot and flushed. Wow, you were hot.

He walked beside you as you reentered your building and got on an unoccupied elevator. As the doors shut, he turned to you and said, “You are as beautiful as I had imagined. I love what you are wearing, and your perfume is intoxicating.” With that word, he leaned in to nuzzle your neck… and your excitement was intensified by the knowledge that you were less than 10 seconds from entering your private office.

As the door to the elevator opened, you led him into your lobby, and thought at first about just going to your office to close it and come back to get him, but a wicked thought occurred to you, and you told him to come with you. He followed you through the corridor, casually nodding at the staff that generally disregarded his existence. Once in your office, you closed and locked the door, and walked to the window, and turned around to face him. You were happy to find that he had followed you there; giving you the embrace you so wanted on the elevator.

You took off his suit jacket, and undid his tie, throwing them on the chair next to your desk, and you felt his body through his shirt…. His hands roamed your back and sides, giving hints of wandering to more delicate places, but hesitant to break the tension. You leaned toward him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, which he returned in kind… a meeting of two souls, through a touch of the lips. He moved closer and opened his mouth against yours and you invited his tongue to dance with yours. He delicately moved closer to your face and kissed you with more intensity… and boy could he kiss! Gentle and delicate would give way to passionate and urgent, and back to gentle, with nibbles beşiktaş escort on the nose and lips, sucking your tongue. He was always delicate, even when he was driven with passion. You were melting even more in his arms…

And, you realized that you absolutely needed him right then. You were feeling much more brazen and bold than ever before, and as your hands roamed around his body, you reached down to feel the steel between his legs. You were not disappointed as you felt it through his slacks… it felt long and not too wide… the perfect size for you. He sighed softly as you stroked it through his pants… you could feel yourself getting wetter by the moment as you felt it get harder and throb a bit in your hand. All the while he was still kissing you, but now his hands had found their way to your breasts, and he had found your nerve centers, gently rubbing his fingers through the silk fabric, making your nipples hard, to the point of near aching.

Knowing the door was locked, yet knowing that your coworkers were milling about, gathering their things to leave for the weekend, you were shaky with the chaos that your mind was experiencing. And you did something you never thought you would ever do in your own office… you fell to your knees, and unzipped your lover’s pants, and reached in to find that he too had the naughty idea that this might have happened, as his hard cock nearly fell out of his pants, unencumbered by any underwear. (Damn, you’ll have to wait to find out the answer to the boxers versus briefs debate.) It was as you thought… nice length, not too big, and beautifully shaped. A tiny droplet of pre-cum formed on the tip, and you instinctively reached up with your tongue to taste it. You held it in your hand and looked up to find his dreamlike gaze, and your passion turned up one more notch… and you licked the head while keeping his eyes locked in with yours… licking it like an ice cream cone, feeling it throb and harden in your hand, tasting the droplets as they fell out of him… and then sucking the head into your mouth and watching his head drop back as he lost himself in the pleasure…

He tasted good, very strong and masculine, without rushing your movements or making you feel abrupt… you sucked him gently and slowly, getting his cock wet with your saliva and running your hands along the shaft while you teased the head with your talented tongue. One thing you knew about yourself was that you knew you were good at sucking cock. You wished that you were at home with him, in your shower, feeling the water fall around him and taking him in your mouth so he could fuck your head and explode in your mouth. But, hey… this was almost as good!

He looked down at you and said “you’re going to make me come if you keep doing that” and while you thought that wouldn’t be so bad, you knew what he meant… and you reluctantly released his cock from your mouth (with a very satisfying “pop”) and let him reach down to stand you up… wondering what was on his mind. Suddenly he turned you around with your back to him, and he undid the three buttons of your blouse, and reached his hands inside to hold your breasts. He didn’t start pinching your nipples or going immediately for them at first, like most of your other clumsy lovers would do, but he was different… he HELD your breasts, as though he was memorizing their shape, their weight, their contours… he loved your breasts, as though he wanted to take them home with him. He didn’t ignore your nipples; he just allowed them to be a facet of the whole experience. You knew your breasts were sensitive, but you never knew how exciting it could feel to have the undersides of them held and stroked. You were becoming dizzy again, holding on to him for support, and loving every moment of his attention.

You barely noticed when his hands strayed down to your skirt and opened the snap that held it up, and as it fell to the floor, you realized that you were standing in the window beylikdüzü escort facing the street below, with your breasts exposed, and now your lower body completely naked, you felt more free and alive than ever before in your life. And your instinct to make him stop was quieted by your desire to make him finish. You sensed an orgasm beginning to build in your body, and you had not even been touched yet….

All that was set to change as his hands began to roam the front of your body, getting closer and closer to the center of your universe. Nothing mattered at all except for the urgency of your wetness. You could actually feel your clit standing at attention, begging to be touched. In all of the movement and lust, you had not even noticed that your hand had instinctively returned to stroke his cock, which was behind you…. You could feel it pressing against your ass as your hand moved it up and down in rhythm to his hands playing with your belly, your breasts, your hips, and your ass…. And as the circle he made got closer and closer to your pussy, you could sense his need too…

Finally his left hand found your clit and you stiffened as a micro-orgasm hit you. It was such a shock to feel the pleasure so suddenly; you loosened your grip on his cock and reached in front of you to hold the windowsill. No matter, he had moved in closer and he pressed his hands into you and felt your sopping cunt. You spread your legs to give him better access and surprised yourself at the ease in which his fingers were able to move into your hole. His right hand was manipulating the button in your hair, and his left hand was opening up your pussy, welcoming his touch and his skill. You rode small wave after small wave, each one getting bigger…. Your moans were guttural and as quiet as possible, but you could not help yourself….

Then you heard him open his pants…

God, you wanted him.

Yet, he still asked, “May I?”

You reached behind yourself, and guided his cock to your opening, and then pressed backwards impaling yourself on him.

And you came instantly…. Almost with a whistle of air, and a tiny shriek… you came all over his cock. His fingers were still doing their dance on your clit, and it was almost too much. You couldn’t even fuck him back; you were so lost in the passion and the pleasure. Yet he was smoothly and gracefully moving in and out of you…. Fucking you deeply and quietly… only his ragged breath telling you that he was as lost in the moment as you.

You came again while he began to speed up a little… pressing deeper into you, and finally you found your rhythm to fuck him back… and you pushed his hand away from your over sensitized clit and turned to look at him. His cock popped free from you as you turned around, and sat him down in a chair, returning to your knees to taste yourself on him… rising up after hardening him again, straddling his legs, and settling down on him again.

He let you fuck him for YOUR pleasure. He let you know that you were beautiful, sexy, sexual, sensual, sensuous, and desirable. He moved up into you, and let you grind your clit against him. Another surge of electricity raced through you as you had another massive orgasm… collapsing into his arms as he held your body and loved it. He knew ALL of the buttons to push, and you were sure that he could go all night…

But, you wanted him. And you spoke your first words…. “Please come for me.”

As though by magic, he heaved up into your body and released himself, unleashing a torrent of hot come and trying not to scream through grit teeth…. You tweaked his nipples when you felt him reach his fever pitch, and it almost made him yowl! He relaxed back into the chair, and brought you with him, and as his cock began to soften inside of you, you reached down with your tongue and tasted the sweat that beaded up on his nose…

And his smile told you that he felt the same way.

His cock fell out of you and you could feel his come draining down onto the chair, but you didn’t care… he reached down between your legs, and caught some of it, and brought it to his mouth to taste, and then kissed you to share it.

It was lovely.

And you knew that you would probably not be getting much sleep that night… and that was just fine with you.

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