A Headmaster’s Lesson Pt. 01

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Greetings! Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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Please read the disclaimers at the end before leaving negative comments on the themes or content. This *is* a dark, twisted story. Apologies in advance.


The only thing worse than growing up in a wealthy religious family was being sent to boarding school.

The only thing worse than that, however, was when your family was personally in debt to the Headmaster.

Headmaster Davis was a middle aged man, fit for his age, always wearing a black suit and a dark blue tie. At first glance, as the average student wandering the halls, and if you believed the rumors, Headmaster Davis seemed to always don the same ties. But if you saw his tie up close and personal because you visited his office every afternoon, you would see that it was simply the same color. How he managed to come upon the same color tie in every fabric and knit imaginable was unimaginable. But like everything else about this man, it was incredible.

Sadie actually kind of liked Headmaster Davis. Not in a healthy way, but in the way that a teenager deprived of sexual education but permitted on an unrestricted internet might like an older male authority figure. He was fit, filled out the shoulders of his suit well, and his hair was peppered on the sides. He was the perfect Daddy figure that older women wrote about wanting. She imagined him “taking her cherry” and even though she was 18 and a senior, and though she’d read mildly risqué titles in her secret Amazon account, she wasn’t quite sure what it entailed. But oh, she did like him.

Everyday when she arrived at his office, she’d examine his tie to see if she could remember if he’d worn it before and when; an odd game of Memory, and instead of cards on a table, they were ties on a mental calendar and she never quite knew if she was right. How frustrating…

When she arrived, there was a small booklet on a desk facing the wall shared by the door, so that her back was to his desk. She would sit and write lines. The lines he had her writing, as punishment for being the daughter of the family who owed him money, would vary day to day. She already had 2 full composition notebooks full of lines. Today, at the top of the page, was a simple line: Sadie is a bad girl.

Sadie knew that this whole arrangement was strange to say the least. And she noticed that the lines became ever stranger each day she returned. This was by far the most direct and personal to Sadie, suggesting that she bore the responsibility of her family’s debt. But as all children suffered for the choices of Adam and Eve in the beginning of time, so she must bear her families sins. And so, for the next hour, she wrote the lines, hearing typing on the computer behind her.

Headmaster Davis would have to dismiss her, and often did after one hour. But today she found herself writing “Sadie is a bad girl” for three hours. She shifted in her seat, hungry, her rear aching, hand cramping, and her stomach rumbling. He stood behind her then, placing a firm hand on her shoulder, and looked at her notebook, examining her handwriting for mistakes. “That is enough, Sadie. You may go. Straight to your room, now, you won’t be having dinner today.”

Sadie nodded with a “Yes Sir” and picked up her bag and left the room. Her stomach ached, but she accepted her Headmasters punishment. She wondered what happened for the sudden changes.

This new routine remained the same for the next week. She sat in Headmaster Davis’ office for 3 hours, and was sent to bed without dinner. She didn’t dare sneak a snack. She was obedient to a fault, especially for Headmaster Davis. As they weren’t allowed extra for breakfast or lunch, she was always very hungry when she crawled into bed those nights.

On Saturday, she entered Headmaster Davis’ office at noon instead of after classes as usual. But her desk was moved to the middle of the room and the notebook and chair were gone. David stood. “Sadie. Welcome. Come.” He waved her towards his desk. “Sadie, you’re a big girl now, a young woman, yes? So I believe that I can be honest with you about this change of pace lately.”

Sadie nodded, shifting in her shoes.

“Sadie, your family hasn’t been making their payments on time. That is why you’ve been writing so many extra lines. And just yesterday, I found that they won’t be making next week’s payments either. Now, I punish you everyday to give you motivation to pray for your family to bring them wealth. But Sadie, that doesn’t seem to be working.”

He stood, walked around his desk, and leaned against the edge in front of her. “I am sorry to say we have to take this a step further.” He paused, his eyes running down he petite frame. “Sadie, I will need you to drop your skirt and panties, and bend over the desk for me, please.”

Sadie’s eyes widened. This was a sudden turn in events. She couldn’t believe her family continued to fail güvenilir bahis Headmaster Davis. If they disappointed him, she by extension disappointed him. And she wanted him to like her. She turned slowly and unzipped her skirt, her hands shaking as she pushed it down over her full hips. “I am sorry for my families disobedience, Headmaster. Please don’t think badly of me because of my family.”

Sadie felt a hand on her upper back push her over the desk and she laid her cheek on the hard wood surface. She has never been so exposed, usually physical punishment was done over the clothing. She trembled, wondering how much it may hurt without the protection.

Davis nodded out of her view. “Well Sadie, we carry the sins of our parents.” He said, laying a hand on the bare flesh of her rear. “I would like to help you cleans yourself of that sin.” He raised a bare palm, and it came down hard on the tops of her thighs. She jumped and cried out, whimpering as her flesh stung from the strike. But he smoothed his hand over her ass, easing the discomfort. She felt well cared for. Another smack, harder, and her knees trembled. He continued the assault, raining blows all over her cheeks and upper thighs, making her pretty petite body jiggle and dance on the spot.

She was sobbing after a barrage of spankings, which had turned her arse bright red. His hand print was outlined several times in pale flesh. A bruise began to form at the top of her left thigh where his fingertips often collided.

“Please, mercy headmaster!” She cried, gripping the desk with white knuckles. Her knees jittered, and the desk legs squealed on the floor and she moved atop it.

Headmaster Davis paused, looking down at his handiwork. “This has appeased my frustrations with your family, for now girl.” He said. He pointed to the corner of his room where the desk usually stood. “Kneel there.” He said, and she stood upright, sobbing, and hobbled to the corner. She kneel on the hard flagged stone floor with her skirt and panties still around her ankles. He placed her hands atop her head. “Now, recite your lines from last night.”

Sadie sniffed, crossing her fingers together stop her head, leaning into the corner. She was quickly corrected by a yank on her ponytail, and she knelt up straight. “S-Sadie is a b-bad girl.” She said with a hiccup, shaking slightly. She paused, but he encouraged her to continue. For the next hour, with her bare ass exposed, she repeated that line. She felt shame, guilt, and blame well in her chest and make it hard to speak. She was a bad girl for not helping her family more before they sent her away. Just her being in boarding school put her family further in debt to the Headmaster, when all he was trying to do was help. “Sadie is a bad g-girl.” She said for the 34th time. This, she thought, was much more effective than lines.

At the end of the hour, he told her to go. “And no supper, Sadie.” He said as she pulled her skirt up over her delicate rear and zipped it into place.

Sadie spent the next hour in the chapel and the rest of the afternoon in her room, studying, her head hurting, and her belly aching. Her mouth was also incredibly dry, obedient to a fault.

Sadie returned to her lines Monday through Friday, and found the desk back in the middle of the office on Saturday. She did not need to be prompted; she knew she had to be punished. If not, Headmaster would not forgive her and she could not atone for her family. She moved to the desk so her back was to the Headmaster, who was still seated, and dropped her skirt and panties. Sadie laid over the desk, gripping the edge, and waited.

Davis stood, picking up a switch he’d plucked from the apple tree in the courtyard. He looked at her form, noticing her to be slightly more slender than when he met her the first day of school. His food restriction was working. He swished the switch through the air, letting her hear he whistle. She flinched.

Raising his hand, he delivered 15 swats in quick, brutal succession. She was hysterical by lash 5, and so he laid an arm across her back and placed a foot behind hers to keep her from moving. Her thrashing by the end was causing the desk to squeal loudly against the floor, a noise matched only by her screams.

He allowed her to stand and move to the corner, where she knelt in years. “This time, recite, thank you Headmaster, Sadie’s bad behavior deserved to be punished.”

Sadie spent the next hour reciting this line. By time she was dismissed, she was distraught. “H-headmaster D-Davis please, if there is anything I may do…” She trailed off, pulled her skirt up over her tender bottom.

Davis looked up at her from his work and waved her around the desk. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close, placing a hand just above her knee. We will see next weekend. After your lines.”

Sadie spent the week in a Haze. Her grades suffered, she was always hungry. Her clothes became lose and she could see that stress güvenilir bahis siteleri in her eyes in the girls bathroom mirror. It is for her family, she thought. If they were safe and happy, so was she. The lines were different this week; Sadie would like to please Headmaster Davis. It was true, and so she wrote this over and over through the week.

Saturday arrived, and she entered Headmaster Davis’ office without knocking. She instantly regretted it. Headmaster Davis had one of her teachers against his desk, a hand at her throat, and was whispering quickly in her ear as she gripped his arm, her face turning red. The teacher jerked when she saw Sadie and Sadie froze, but Headmaster didn’t acknowledge her, though he could see her from his angle.

He paused in his whispers, and turned to Sadie quite suddenly. “Sadie, tell Ms Pella here that you are here to do some favors for me, as you wish to make up for your behavior.”

Sadie knew this was a tense situation, but she felt no desire to stick up for her teacher. “I am making some things up for Headmaster Davis.” She said obediently. She looked at the teacher, wondering what she had done to make Headmaster Davis angry. Headmaster Davis looked at the older woman’s reddening face and spat on it, making Sadie jump. Then she released her and the woman scrambled from the room.

Davis nodded for Sadie to close the door and approach him. “Last week we spoke about you doing some things to make everything up to me.” He said, cupping Sadie on her hips. Already a petite girl when they met, she had lost a bit of weight. He stood, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “Why don’t you come to my home, my wife is making meatloaf.”

Sadie’s stomach rumbled, but he pretended not to hear. Sadie nodded. She’d had nothing but oatmeal and plain cold cut sandwiches for 2 weeks, and nothing for dinner. She was desperate for a good home cooked meal, something she hadn’t had in a year; the schools food seemed processed.

Sadie followed the Headmaster into the parking lot like a desperate puppy. She climbed into the front seat of his car beside him and buckled herself in. She settled, and he put the car into gear, got them on the road, and casually placed a hand above her knee. They rode in silence, traveling past nicer and nicer homes until they pulled up to a grand wrought iron gate. He put in the pin, and he pulled into the gated community, parking in his drive.

Sadie was nervous, but she was also lightheaded and nauseous. She was so hungry. His hand on her knee during the ride was a stabilizer. He made her feel protected and cared for. She glanced at him sheepishly, wondering what sort of task he had for her, grateful that it wouldn’t be a beating. She stumbled slightly as she climbed out of the car, and followed him into the home.

Looking around the foyer, she was led into the dining room where a woman was setting the table. She was slender, thin, even bony. She looked at the Headmaster nervously when she noticed Sadie. “S-sweetie, wh-who is this?”

Headmaster Davis sat down at the head of the table. “Sadie, this is my wife, Lana. Lana has finished dinner, correct? Bring another plate setting.” He pretended as if she hadn’t spoken. Lana left and returned with a large plate of meatloaf and a large bowl of potatoes and greens. She placed it in the center of the table. Then she left and returned with a bowl of salad, and a third place setting. She placed a small serving of salad in each of the place settings where the women sat, and served her husband a serving of the hot foods. She moved to take a seat beside him, but he shook his head. “Move to the second seat, Sadie will be joining my side.” Lana looked down, but said nothing, sitting one seat further away from her husband where the third place setting was placed. Sadie hesitated, but settled on the right side closest to Headmaster Davis. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t mean… to…” she looked down at the plain greens in her bowl. She was disappointed, she was looking forward to meatloaf.

Sadie took a bite, at least appreciating the food in her belly. The women ate slowly as the Headmaster told his wife about his day. When Sadie looked up during a moment of Headmaster Davis’ silence, and saw him holding up his fork with warm steaming meatloaf on the end. She smiled, and leaned forward, more than eager to taste. She took the bite, and she smiled, “It is very good! Very good, Mrs Davis!” she said, and it hit her mostly empty belly with a pang. She wanted more. Mrs Davis smiled, but it lacked emotion. Sadie looked back at Headmaster Davis, who offered her another bite. he offered a third, and did not feed her again through the meal. She finished her salad, and the women waited, seated, watching as Headmaster Davis ate his fill. This was a strange arrangement they had, Sadie thought, but at this point she just wanted Headmaster Davis’ approval.

The headmaster nodded to his wife on the other side of Sadie, and she stood to take all the dishes iddaa siteleri and leftover food to the kitchen. Then they all moved to the sitting room, where Lana knelt down by her husband and helped him out of his shoes and socks, pulled off his tie, and took his jacket.

“So Sadie.” he said, leaning forward and tossing firewood onto the low flame. It sparked. His wife returned and sat in an armchair, and Sadie settled onto the sofa. “About that favor. You see, my wife and I, we’ve been in a bit of a predicament. I want children.” he paused, and his wife looked down at her hands in her lap. “And my wife, well, she’s unable to conceive.”

Sadie glanced between them, feeling awkward. She wasn’t sure what do say. “Lana is unable to bear my children but you, dear, just a few months shy of your 19th birthday, so healthy and fertile.” his eyes raked her body. “Such a favor would erase your families debts and sins, in my eyes anyway.”

Sadie perked, leaning forward. “W-what do you want me to do?” she asked, nervous.

“Sadie.” he said, leaning forward, placing a hand on her knee, sliding his hand upward until his pinkie brushed her panties. “I wanted you to bear my children.”

Sadie turned as red as her ass had been last Saturday. She looked down at her hands, shaking her head. “B-but I’d n-never…”

“Shhh…” Headmaster Davis whispered. “That is good. I want that. I want you to be virginal and new. I want to mold you into the perfect vessel for my children.” he said.

Children, he said. Plural. She blushed, and moved to look at Lana, but Headmaster Davis grabbed her chin. “Lana agrees. It is her will for me to have children. Her body is too frail to handle my molding, and she cannot bear my children. but you… you are obedient, you take my… teachings… with dignity. You willingly offered your services to me and my dear, this is what I require.”

Sadie looked him in his clear blue eyes. Wasn’t this what she wanted? Sure, it was strange but, she would earn his praise. She nodded slowly. “W-when?” She asked, her voice trembling with her bottom lip.

Headmaster Davis stood, and held out his hand. “Lana, will you clean up in the kitchen, and then run a bath? Sadie and I must talk further in private.”

Sadie was led up the stairs and into the master bedroom. This is where Headmaster Davis and Lana slept. “Sadie, I wish you to strip like we do in the office but this time, all of it.” Sadie hesitated, watching Headmaster cross in front of her. Suddenly, he slapped her, her head jerking to the side. She held her cheek and gasped. “I will not ask twice. Quickly.” she nodded and stripped in a hurry then, the cool air kissing her skin. He reached up and cupped her modest breast above ribs that were beginning to show. He rolled her nipple in his fingers, which stood at attention. “I want you to place your front against that bed post, and hold it as high up as you can.” She did as he commanded, and he kicked her feet apart. She felt exposed, but excited. This would beg his forgiveness, and he would like her, and her family would be forgiven.

Davis unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his waist. There was no warning when it cracked across her backside and she nearly collapsed. “Stand, Sadie.” he said over her yelp of surprise. She nodded, and did so. She should have expected this; he’d given her a beating the last two times. This one, however, much much gentler. When she was told to move onto the bed, she noticed something different. His crotch was visibly tented, and pointed straight towards her. She looked up to his eyes, and he smiled, throwing her legs open. “It does not just excite me then.” he said, touching her pussy callously. She yelped and tried to close her legs, but he held them open. “This is mine, Sadie.” he said. “This is our marriage. You will be bound to me until I tire of you, as my wife is. You are not to deny your husband.” he slid his fingers down her slit. “You seem to like the beating as well… Sadie, you do not know what this is, do you?”

Sadie shook her head. His fingers glistened; she read about women becoming wet but never quite understood.

“This, Sadie, is your desire for me. It makes my passage into you smooth. You seem to enjoy my lessons.” He pushed his pants down and shed them from his legs. Propping between her legs, he raised his brow. “Do you understand that women can derive pleasure from intercourse?” he asked. She nodded. “But this is a sin.” he said. “Let me show you.” he touched the little button that had come so bravely from its hiding place. She dropped her chin, open mouthed and her eyes rolled back slightly as he stroked her clitoris. “Do you feel how it makes you weak?” he asked, intentionally continuing to make it difficult for her to answer. Her head lolled and her legs twitched, a virginal orgasm about to overtake her. Not a thought existed in her mind as her body began to shake. He allowed her to orgasm, showing her what he would not allow her to have again. She lost a moment of time while she felt bliss, and slowly returned to his bed.

Her knees were still shaking, and her pussy clenched, feeling as it it were on fire. “P-please… c-can you do that again?” she asked, forgetting her place.

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